Spring has Sprung: Our Favourite Spring Finds

Winter is finally behind us! That means lets do a little spring-cleaning. Time to put those black booties and comfy sweaters into storage and make room for some bright, bold spring outfits to spice up your wardrobe. Here are a few ideas to help ...


A New Vehicle Tests Bermuda’s Waters: Clio, an autonomous robot, is designed for speed and efficiency when sampling far below the ocean surface

BIOS oceanographer Rod Johnson is the chief scientist on board a cruise this month offshore Bermuda using a new underwater vehicle designed to reduce costs and improve science efficiency at sea, while gathering samples for biological and chemica...

Clean Eat Kates

Almond Butter Bonbons

Some nights, it can be extremely difficult to ignore the sweet tooth that kicks-in about an hour after dinnertime. A couple squares of dark chocolate will often scratch this itch; however, I like to keep some treats in the freezer for when I’m...


Say Hello To Migratory Sharks With OCEARCH

The waters around Bermuda are teeming with sharks. We forget about them because they seldom travel within the reef line, but occasionally a few little ones will venture through. In July 2014, two snorkelers spotted a four foot long reef shark of...


5 Migratory Birds You Might See This Spring

During the spring, visiting birds passing through Bermuda on migratory routes are sporting wonderful breeding plumage. Though few breed here, many different species can be seen passing through, especially at places like Spittle Pond. Besides mig...

Our Bermuda

Vintage Bermudian: Ag Show Spreads

As well as having an extensive loose photo collection, The Bermudian also used to publish regular features about the annual agricultural show! Take a look at these magazine spreads from years past and compare it to the exhibition you might have ...

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