Where I Grew Up: Dolly Pitcher, St. David’s, St. George’s Parish

The Second World War brought change to the whole of Bermuda but nowhere was this truer than in St. David’s. Destroying part of the coastline to create landfill and building the American base, complete with airport, not only irrevocably chan...


Beans, Carrots, Tomatoes: Your July Crop

The incoming heat of the summer means that July allows for the smallest number of vegetables to be planted in Bermuda. While in many places planting too early poses a risk that delicate seeds will not survive the frost, in Bermuda, planting in t...

Our Bermuda

Family Fun in the Sun: Water Activities

You can't properly enjoy summertime in Bermuda without adventures on and in the water, so this summer, dedicate yourself and your family to experiencing Bermuda's picturesque waters in new ways. If you've never seen the glow worms light themselv...


Bermuda Beasts: 7 Facts About Lionfish

Where might you meet them? Throughout Bermuda's waters, from shallow reefs, to up to 300m below the surface. Lionfish are native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and are often kept as aquarium pets. Lionfish were introduced to the Atlan...


The Man Who Foiled a Jamestown Massacre

In his newly released book, author David Edmund Pace reveals the remarkable early history of Bermuda’s role in the founding of America. This well-researched, cradle-to-grave account of the life of one man will be of great interest to Bermud...

Home & Garden

Take Cover from the Summer Sun

With summer comes the heat, not to mention the sun’s intense glare and increasingly strong UV rays. As it’s so important to stay out of Bermuda’s extreme summer climate, a proper shade solution is a must. Whether you’re looking for sun p...

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