It’s Superbia

While Bermuda’s entertainment scene boasts a plethora of discernible talent across all performance mediums, anyone who recalls the island’s heyday will tell you that it’s nowhere near as booming as it used to be. Decreased population numbe...


I Remember

When I was born, Admiral Sir Ralph Leatham was governor of Bermuda, Harry S. Truman was president of the United States, Clement Attlee was the prime minister of the United Kingdom, bread was 14 cents a loaf, gas was 26 cents a gallon and “I’...


10 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use

There's no doubt about, despite its benefits, plastic is an enemy and we as a collective body of human beings use far too much of it. If reducing plastic use was a resolution for you in 2019, you're not alone - a record number of people have res...


Bermuda Beasts: 7 Facts About The Portuguese Man O’ War

Where can you spot them? Anywhere on the surface of the ocean in Bermuda. If you see one, get out of the water immediately, as their tentacles can reach far further than you may think. You may also see them washed up on the beach, but be careful...

Our Bermuda

The Bermudian’s Almanac: Dr. Francis Landy Patton

This article was taken from our archives. It first appeared in the April 2003 issue of The Bermudian. It appears here exactly as it did originally.    Looking Back... Dr. Francis Landy Patton, a Bermudian theologian and philosopher ...


The Queen & The Bermudian

In honour of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II's 93rd birthday, we share with you a collection of photographs published in The Bermudian magazine following each of the Queen's royal visits in 1954 and 1975.     ...

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