My Favourite Room: Cedar House Lobby by Vanessa Bean, OBMI

Completed in 2016, the Cedar House lobby was a deeply personal project for interior designer Vanessa Bean who remembers visiting the building as a child when her mother worked there some 25 years ago. “This space means a lot to me—it represe...

Our Bermuda

Tourist In Your Own Town: Natural Wonders to Discover

No matter how long you've lived in Bermuda, there's still plenty to discover, or rediscover if you are a consummate Bermudian and have actually done it all before. The beauty in seeing your own home in a way you haven't before is found in steppi...

STYLE by Rachel

Style by Rachel: Go WILD with Leopard Print!

Leopard print has been, and will be, my favourite print. It is not a print that is for the meek or faint of heart: A pop of leopard can transform an outfit from average to eye-catching, and a leopard printed piece can show the world your boldnes...


11 Things With Ashley Stephens

My name is Ashley Brittany Stephens and I am 15 years old. I am the owner of Ashley’s Lemonade Stand. I started Ashley’s Lemonade when I was 7. I am the youngest out of four siblings. I’m a vegetarian and I am home-schooled. One of my favo...


Clean Water: Aqua Care Ltd. aims to enhance the standard of water in Bermuda, one glass at a time

In an era where taking control of your personal health is becoming more of a central talking point in Bermuda, the general public is constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of what they put into their bodies. Aqua Care Limited, a new busi...

Where to Eat

Where to Eat: Swizzle Inn

For traditional pub fare and comfort food that highlights both American and island-inspired classics, nothing beats Swizzle Inn. Aside from the staples – loaded pizzas, juicy burgers and baskets of homemade onion rings to name just a few- ther...

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