Paws, Claws, Feathers and Fur: Signs Your Dog is Overheating

Bermuda summers come with long sunny days spent eating watermelon and leaping in and out of the ocean. As the kites go up for Easter, and May 24th passes, temperatures rise as much as our excitement levels do in anticipation of Cup Match raft up...

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Tourist In Your Own Town

Fort Albert, St. George This off-the-beaten path site, on the fork between Government Hill Road and Old Military Road, has a rich history in Bermuda’s military and cultural past. The large fort was carved from limestone at great expense to ...

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1990’s Swimwear Ads

This May 24th holiday weekend is often the first time many Bermudians take their first swim of the year. Check out what the ladies were wearing for their holiday swim in these 90's swimwear ads. [gallery size="large" columns="2" type="columns...

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Vintage Bermudian: In The Swim

Draw some inspiration from these Bermudian models in time for this May 24th! (more…)


10 Things the Quintessential Bermudian Has in Their Closet

Bermuda shorts How could any Bermudian survive without a pair of classy shorts they can wear in both casual and professional settings? Pair with knee high socks of a complimentary colour to complete the look. Head over to TABS for your cosmop...

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Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby, 80s Style

The Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby has been a great event to participate in as well as spectate for 109 years! These photos are of runners that participated in the derby in the 1980's.    

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