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The Bermudian

They may not be the biggest grocer or even have the most stores, but Lindo’s, which started as a small butcher shop over 50 years ago, has grown into the most successful and popular grocery chain on the island. Lindo’s Family Foods in Warwick and Lindo’s Market in Devonshire are recognized consistently for their exceptional customer service, cleanliness, family atmosphere and wide variety of quality products, produce, meats and more. Aside from what they offer their loyal customers, what they offer the community at large makes Lindo’s worthy of an award of excellence. They support the Bermuda Diabetes Association with their annual and very popular Lindo’s to Lindo’s Race. They encourage healthy lifestyles with their walking club as well as the large selection of organic and natural products in store. Most recently, Lindo’s partnered with football star David Bascome to encourage youngsters to score goals instead of guns and drugs through Bascome’s Hope4Life motivational programme. It’s clear that everyone at Lindo’s, from the president, Giorgio Zanol, to the packers, cares about community and family. And in turn, we believe they deserve recognition for it.

Great Gifts
For the hopeless procrastinators among us (you know who you are), a bit of shopping serendipity goes a long way—especially when you’re floundering about for that perfect special-occasion gift. With the fresh and creative merchandise at Brown & Co. (3 Reid Street, Hamilton, 295-3838), you’re guaranteed to find something unique to delight any friend, coworker or in-law on your list. You can get the card and wrapping paper, too, for one-stop shopping. 

Music Store
Along with their large selection, friendly staff and special-order service, Music World (Bermudiana Arcade, 27 Queen Street, Hamilton, 292-8785) got the thumbs up for consistently providing local music lovers with timely releases and old classics.

Sure, other bookstores in Bermuda might have a larger selection, but none has the passion of the staff at Bermuda Bookstore (3 Queen Street, Hamilton, 295-3698). Book browsers can be swept up in aisle after aisle of classics and current bestsellers, but just let the impressively knowledgeable staff know what you’re looking for, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Toy Store
According to our judges, it’s their attention to detail that sets Little People’s Toys (People’s Pharmacy, 62 Victoria Street, Hamilton, 292-7527, and 42 Union Street) apart from other local toy stores. Buyer Tamara Richardson is always on the hunt for the hottest new playthings from Barbie to Hot Wheels, Star Wars and Zhu Zhu pets. Anyone on the hunt for a good bargain should check out People’s Too outlet store on Union Street, behind Heritage Worship Centre.

Art Gallery
Bermuda’s first purpose-built museum is awardworthy for more than their extensive collection of Bermuda-inspired artwork by such greats as Georgia O’Keefe and Winslow Homer. Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art (Botanical Gardens, Paget, 236-2950) now offers art-storage facilities, classrooms for their popular youth-art programmes and gallery space for local art exhibitions, including the popular annual Charman Prize exhibition.

Greeting Cards
Hands down, the largest selection of all-occasion greeting cards in Bermuda can be found at Brown & Co. (3 Reid Street, Hamilton, 295-3838). Whatever you need to acknowledge, Brown & Co. has a card for it.

Fresh Flowers
Unless they’re dead (or dyed), we welcome almost any flowers that come our way—which is why it takes a really special florist to go beyond pretty to pretty damn amazing. Flowers by GiMi (1 Northcourt Ave., Pembroke, 297-4464, flowersbygimi.com) has quickly developed a reputation for delivering beautiful and innovative bouquets that are fresh enough to last at least a week. Once employed as a floral designer for the Royal family in London, Michelle Geary produces special bouquets that will make you feel like royalty, too.

Gardening Gear
Whether you’re an old pro or a new convert, Sousa’s Gardens (2 Camp Hill Rd., Southampton, 238-1797, sousaslandscape.com) carries all the green-thumb accessories you’ll need to make your garden grow.

Place to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth
Everything is a treat at Treats of Bermuda (7 Reid Street, Hamilton, 296-1123), where sweet, sour, chocolate and sugar-covered confections delight young and old alike.

It’s amazing how, year after year, there isn’t even a discussion about the best pharmacy. Our judges have once again unanimously chosen People’s Pharmacy (62 Victoria Street, Hamilton, 292-7527, peoplespharmacy.bm)—for the eleventh year in a row. Perhaps our longest-running award recipient will face some competition next year. Nah, with free parking, efficient and knowledgeable pharmacists and all the goods, gifts and treats in store, probably not.

Pet Pampering/Supplies
Fido the dog, Fluffy the cat, Oscar the fish and Bobby the horse can all be fed, groomed, de-fleaed and generally spoiled to the extreme at the animal emporium known to all pet lovers as Noah’s Ark Feed & Supply (3 Marsh Lane, Middle Road, Devonshire, 236-1533). The family-owned business is always well stocked, well managed and, well, simply a pleasure to shop in. We’re sure Fido agrees—he’s as welcome in store as his two-legged companions are.

Kids Camp
The worst part about the Bermuda Zoological Society’s annual Aqua Camps (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo, 40 North Shore Rd., Flatts, 293-2727) is that they’re only a week long and fill up almost as soon as they’re announced! Offering behind-the-scenes adventures with animals plus field trips, arts, crafts and more, these camps are the highlight of the summer for lucky participants (who must be members of BAMZ).

Grocery Store
Picture this: customer comes in to Lindo’s looking for rosemary. Alas, none is on the shelf, so she asks the manager if there’s any rosemary out back. He answers, “Continue shopping, I’ll come find you.” Fifteen minutes later, manager returns with a handful of fresh, fragrant rosemary. “Thanks,” says the customer, “but where did this come from?” “My garden,” replies the manager. And that kind of customer service is the reason that Lindo’s grocery stores (Family Foods, 128 Middle Rd., Warwick, 236-1344, and Lindo’s Market, 4 Watlington Rd. East, Devonshire, 236-5623) win this award year after year.

Warehouse-style Shopping
All major warehouse-shopping facilities carry extra-large supplies of diapers, detergents, dog food, etc., but Hunts Food & Supplies (5 Quarry Lane, Khyber Pass, Warwick, 236-6343) carries all that while delivering excellent service. In these budget-conscious times, customers want to save where they can, but they’ll return to the place they’re treated well—and where they get 5 percent off every Tuesday!

Getting into the tiny space is still a squeeze and getting out without purchasing something is still a miracle at Bermuda’s favourite chefs shop, International Imports (Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton, 292-1661). They stock everything from  coveted Le Creuset Dutch ovens and super-sharp, professional-quality knives to all the gizmos and thingamabobs the Iron Chef wannabe needs to create a masterpiece.

Sports Equipment
It’s their enormous selection of sneakers, workout wear, fitness equipment, balls, bats and more for every possible sport that makes Sports ‘R’ Us (61 Church Street East, Hamilton, 292-1891) the top choice this year.

Helpful Hardware Store
Don’t know the difference between a Phillips head and a flat head? And what’s this about a screw? When hardware terminology leaves you a bit perplexed, let the helpful staff at Gorham’s (62 St. John’s Road, Pembroke, 295-1550) make sense of it. For more experienced DIYers, check their website—www.gorhams-ltd.com—for helpful tips from Henry Durham, who can teach you step-by-step how to install new ceiling tiles or repair a leaking faucet.

Bed, Bath and Beyond
Sometimes we just want to go home and pull the covers over our heads, so they might as well be gorgeous, 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton. Find them at the one-stop shop for all your bed-and-bath needs—Gibbons Company (Reid Street, Hamilton, 295-0022).

Computer Sales
The knowledgeable sales staff at The Complete Office (Kenwood Building, 17 Reid Street, Hamilton, 292-4333) makes that expensive computer purchase a little less painful. They have the latest Macs and PCs in stock at the most competitive prices, and our judges highly recommend you head there first.

Computer Service
For the hapless computer owner, they have Bermuda’s very own Geek Squad to fix your broken Mac. Braver customers are welcome to attend one of their many workshops and become a Mac genius. Either way, you can count on the iStore (46 Reid Street, Hamilton, 296-4622, istorebermuda.com) to get your beloved Mac back on track.

Furniture Store
Whether you’re outfitting a new house, setting up a child’s bedroom or just finally replacing dad’s old chair, our judges recommend Island Living (129 Front Street, Hamilton, 296-8578) for their excellent customer service, beautiful in-stock items and ability to custom order to your heart’s desire.

Gas Station
You can fill up (your tank and your belly) at our favourite Esso Collector’s Hill Tigermarket (65 South Road, Devonshire, 236-6574). They are fast, friendly and always ready to help (where does the windshield wiper fluid go, again?).

Anyone can cut your grass and trim your hedges, but Sousa’s Landscape Management Co. (2 Camp Hill Rd., Southampton, 238-1797, sousaslandscape.com) has the best landscape architects, designers and engineers to turn your measly backyard into a lush, green masterpiece filled with flowering plants, tall trees, bubbling fountains and even a gazebo or two. And DIYers can pick up seasonal tips at Sousa’s free workshops held throughout the year.

The Yellow Pages are crammed with ads for electricians, and, no doubt, there are a number of quality ones out there, but when it comes to fast, efficient service catering to both residential and commercial customers, our judges recommend Sea-M Electric (104 Reid St., Hamilton, 295-2323).

Boat Repair
Bermudians just love being on the water come summertime, in a tiny dinghy or a luxury yacht or, more likely, something in between. When your boat is not floating the way it’s supposed to, sail it over to Offshore Yachting & Maintenance Ltd. (The Boat Yard, 83 Harbour Road, Red Hole, Paget, 236-9464). They’ll get you back on the water in no time.

Leaky faucet? Overflowing toilet? Whatever the emergency, call the Batmobile stat! Rest assured, C. F. Batson Swan (18 Happy Valley Rd., Pembroke, 292-4754) will save the day. Started in 1963, the company now employs 18 staff, speeds to your rescue in one of their 10 Batmobiles and provides plumbing and heating services islandwide, 24 hours a day. No need for the illuminated bat signal. A simple phone call will do.

Water-trucking Service
Oh, that wretched sound of pipes sucking air instead of glorious rainwater is the bane of all Bermudian homeowners. A couple of weeks without rain leaves us all a bit nervous, but when we’ve got James Water Service (Warwick, 238-0046/238-0311) on speed dial, we can count on quick delivery, day or night.

Car Mechanic
With over 60 years in business, you can trust general manager Mark Sousa and his team at Cardoza’s Garage (25 Mission Road, Paget, 236-1221) with everything from a simple oil change to full bodywork and TCD service.

Bike Mechanic
They handle all makes and models and even have a pickup service, so you’re never stranded when your not-so-trustworthy motorcycle dies on the side of the road. That’s why our judges say Ambrosio Cycles Ltd. (6 Market Lane, Pembroke, 292-2205) is the first one to call when you need a tune up.

You can trust the staff at Ainslie’s Interior Décor (1 Tee Street, Middle Road, Devonshire, 236-9993) to reupholster your prized possessions to perfection. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Ainslie’s also custom-creates soft and hard window treatments, slipcovers and decorative cushions, and they sell a wide variety of fabrics, finials, tiebacks and more.

Interior Designer/Decorator
Founder and designer of Beth MacDonald Interior Decorating Ltd. (Warwick, 236-9459), decorator extraordinaire Beth MacDonald specializes in spectacular residential interior design and now even has her own carpet, tile and fabric showroom offering high-end collections. Along with the new showroom, BMID has recently added two other designers and is busy working on commercial and hospitality projects. Hard working and progressive? That makes a winner in our books.

Health & Fitness Club
Squash enthusiasts are already well aware of the new Court House Squash & Wellness Club (Victoria Place, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton, 292-8357, courthouse.bm). For those not so familiar, the new fitness centre located in Bermuda’s first true “green” building is also a fully-equipped gym, offering state-of-the-art equipment, spinning classes and personal trainers along with their three available squash courts.

New Local Ad
“Just hilarious!” is how our judges described the zany Lindo’s (Lindo’s Family Foods, 128 Middle Rd., Warwick, 236-1344, and Lindo’s Market, 4 Watlington Rd. East, Devonshire, 236-5623) Olympic campaign ads that ran during the winter Olympics this year. we cracked up at the well-produced ads, which featured Giorgio “skiing” down a water catchment and a bobsled team that crashed in the aisles. 

Local Website
Planning an outdoor barbecue this weekend? Is that hurricane heading east or west? When you need to know if the sun is shining or the storm is coming, our judges say they never leave home without first checking www.weather.bm.

Private Party Charter
Take your sweetheart, your staff or your entire family aboard luxury yacht the Venetian (295-3503, venetian.bm), and no one will be disappointed. The 100-foot, specially commissioned yacht can accommodate sit-down dinners for 26 or cocktails for up to 60. There simply is no better way to enjoy the water—and the company. 

Diligent Real Estate Agency
It was impossible to choose just one of the 60-plus, excellent real-estate agents at Bermuda’s biggest firm, Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty (292-1793, bermudarealty.com). Therefore, our judges chose to award them all!

Investment Advice
Last year it was “put it all under your mattress.” This year our judges recommend you take your battered and bruised portfolio to the experts at Bermuda Investment Advisory Services (BIAS) (4th Floor, Vallis Building, 58 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton, 292-4292), who will nurse your assets back to life.

Need your ears lifted? The talented stylists at Dodd’s Hairdressing for Men (Washington Mall, Church Street, Hamilton, 292-2720) are tried and true… and still terrific!

Hair Salon
“Just a little trim today” or “how about magenta highlights”—whatever the request, the hairdressers at Bang Bang Hair (53 Reid Street, Hamilton, 292-2051) have the talent and the passion to make you look your best, whether you fancy classic or cutting edge.

Healthcare Professionals
Dr. Valerie James, Dr. Louise White, Dr. Anna Neilson, Dr. Nicola Terceira and Dr. Catherine Wakely of the Family Practice Group (7 The Lane, Paget, 236-0001) are getting all the love from our judges this year. Besides the stellar doctors, the practice gets kudos for its great opening hours (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.), making it easy to get an appointment when that annoying rash or persistent cold (is it pneumonia? bronchitis?) just won’t go away.

You can never go wrong hiring Flying Chef Catering Service (54 North Street, Hamilton, 295-1595) for your party, no matter how large or small. Their extensive menus cover every event from cocktails to banquets, and they also have bartenders, waiters, chefs, tents, table, linens and more—everything guaranteed to make your event the talk of the town!

Government Service
If you haven’t experienced the joy of travelling to town on the spacious fast ferry yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. No more bumper-to-bumper traffic crawling down East Broadway raising your pressure with every passing minute. Just enjoy the smooth ride across the harbour and take in the stunning views while sipping your coffee and reading the newspaper. Just try not to chuckle at the poor saps stuck in their cars on Harbour Road.

Best Place for a Mani/Pedi
If you haven’t experienced the new spa at The Reefs—La Serena Spa (The Reefs, 56 South Shore Rd., Southampton, 238-0222)—we recommend you book an appointment today! Open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., the spa caters to harried customers—who can book an express manicure ($49) or pedicure ($69)—as well as those with more time on their, a-hem, hands. Indulge in a signature deluxe mani or pedi, adding a paraffin aromatherapy infusion, lava-shell foot massage or detoxifying footbath, while relaxing overlooking the stunning South Shore.

Day Spa
Gather your girlfriends and head to Willow Stream (Fairmont Southampton Resort, South Shore Rd., Southampton, 239-6924) for a day of pampering you won’t soon forget—but you’ll soon want to repeat. With 15 treatment rooms, three lounges, indoor heated pool, salon and fitness centre, you can get a workout, take a shower, do a few laps, relax in the Jacuzzi, have a massage, get your hair and makeup done, and then, take on the world!

Travel Agency
Book your airplane ticket, car rental, hotel stay, cruise or safari either in house, online or over the phone with any one of C-Travel’s (27 Queen Street, Hamilton, 292-3033) experienced agents, and you’ll be assured your trip will be a memorable one.

Taxi Driver
She’s got personality and professionalism—two traits that make taxi driver Olney Bean (734-7872) the best in our books.

Friendliest Customer Service
Perhaps it’s because they take the time to get to know our kids’ names. Maybe it’s how they make an effort to say hello whether or not they’re our waiter. Or it could be their infectious smiles that keep us coming back to La Trattoria Restaurant & Pizzeria (22 Washington Lane, Hamilton, 295-1877) over and over (and over and over) again.


Bill Davidson, special projects officer, Freisenbruch-Meyer Group

Sandra Burrowes, consultant, Troncossi Public Relations

Sandra DeSilva, managing director and senior software engineer, Nova Ltd.

Sharon Gibson, accounts manager, Bermuda Sun

Giovanna Easton, co-owner Speciality Inn and Speciality Cinema & Grill


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