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The Bermudian

In need of retail therapy? Check out our list of winners for inspiration. From suits and swimwear to diamonds and dry cleaners, here’s what’s tops in the shops.



Daisy and Mac is a happy place, filled with childhood cheer and excitement. With an abundance of variety in both American and British toys and games for all ages, its overnight success is a no-brainer. Our judges had no problem choosing Daisy and Mac as the Award of Excellence recipient, noting that in the short time they’ve been open, they’ve managed to evolve and expand, even in a bad economy. Their new location on Queen Street looks like a toy store in the middle of Manhattan, leaving little doubt that Daisy and Mac is the new sheriff in town.


The English Sports Shop (49 Front St., Hamilton, 295-2672) masters the art of the men’s suit, which makes it an obvious first choice in this category. Whether you’re hurriedly looking for a sleek, cutting-edge suit to wear to a last-minute business meeting or searching for the perfect tailor-made one-of-a-kind ensemble for a special occasion, The English Sports Shop has it all. You’ll be surprised by the all-inclusive selection, which incorporates everything from the elaborate and most fashion-forward to the traditional and most conservative suits, just shy of the Beefeater costume.


Bermudian men are known for dressing well, especially when they’re decked out in business wear fit for a CEO. Whether you’re a Bermuda-shorts-and-knee-socks kind of guy or more of a fashionisto who seeks the latest trends, Gibbons Company (Reid St., Hamilton, 295-0022) is your one-stop shop for the best in men’s business, casual.


Bermuda neckties characterize Bermudian culture perfectly. They are steeped in tradition and accomplishment, demanding to be taken seriously, yet at the same time they exude playfulness and charm through their bold colours and patterns. For the very best in tie selection, Gibbons Company (Reid St., Hamilton, 295-0022) reigns supreme.


For over 100 years, A. S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd. (59 Front St., Hamilton, 295-3961) have been experts in providing the best clothing options in a variety sure to please every woman. Their expertise shines in their ability to modernize and provide Bermudian women with the latest trends at competitive prices. A recently opened a third floor dedicated to women’s wear is an exciting venture for shopaholics islandwide!


Marks & Spencer (17 Reid St., Hamilton, 295-0031) has been a little-known treasure trove for many Bermudian women looking for trendy office wear that won’t break the bank. Alas, the secret is out! For the most stylish and affordable pieces in trendy colours and cuts, Marks & Spencer allows us all to be fashion forward, head to toe.


Have you ever walked past the storefront windows of French Connection (15 Reid St., Hamilton, 295-2112) and said to yourself, what on earth is that? only for it to be the hottest trend six months later? If that’s an indication that our international friends are one step ahead, we’ve got the message loud and clear!


Teenagers are perhaps the most difficult age group to shop for. We can all think back to that time when we were in the midst of developing our own style and found it personally insulting when great-aunts and uncles presented us with the most ridiculously childish outfits, usually adorned with rainbows and unicorns. If only A.S. Cooper’s Express (Washington Mall, Reid St., Hamilton, 296-6526) had been around in those days to outfit us in the trendiest and most affordable fashions.


Out of the hustle and bustle of Hamilton, Size-Wise (61 South Shore Rd., Paget, 236-0237) provides the best in specialty sized clothing. The full-figured fashionista need look no further for trendy, budget-friendly and curve-enhancing finds.


For the most stylish and sophisticated hats, head to Genora’s (12 Brunswick St., Hamilton, 295-0298). It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a bold and colourful church hat or a small and simple Kate Middletonesque fascinator; Genora’s has it all!


Exquisite cocktail dresses in beautiful floral prints are the focal point of Boutique CC’s (1 Front St., Hamilton 295-3935) storefront windows, inviting you in and leaving you with no questions about why our judges chose it as Bermuda’s best boutique. Year round, you can find the very best in everything from to-die-for LBDs to exceptional pantsuits, making it a favourite of both locals and visitors.


Move over Suri Cruise, there’s a new kid on the block! Long gone are the days of basic and dull kids’ clothes, because Daisy & Mac (Queen St., Hamilton, 295-7477) are all about the hip and trendy. With the most stylish selection for boys and girls, your kids will be the essence of sophistication. Have we mentioned the Juicy Couture booties for newborns?


When it comes to finding workout wear that is stylish, comfortable and conventional (in that order), The Booth (Washington Mall III, Hamilton, 292-5455) offers brands and styles never seen before in Bermuda. Whether you’re on the hunt for yoga pants, skateboards or surf wear, you’re guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised—what you find at The Booth is better than what you had in mind!


Laundry and ironing are so over for the modern woman who has too much to do to focus on the (nitty) gritty. Paget Dry Cleaners (2 Lover’s Lane, Paget, 236-5142) allows fashionistas time to enjoy their beautiful clothes instead of taking a crash course in stain removal. Quality assurance, friendly staff and a convenient out-of-town location leave little doubt why our judges chose it as Bermuda’s best dry cleaners.


If you’ve visited The Body Shop Bermuda (Washington Mall, 7 Reid St., Hamilton, 292-5329) recently, you’re well aware of why our judges chose it as the best place to purchase cosmetics. Admist the endless shades of eye shadow, the creamy foundations to match any skin colour and the tools and tidbits to help you perfect your face, you’ll find the helpful staff ready to assist in creating your signature look.


Women don’t always need a special occasion to shop for beautiful lingerie, nor do we wish to be seen by anyone and everyone when we do so. Eve’s Garden (Emporium Building, 69 Front St., Hamilton, 296-2671) has every little goodie you could imagine, and its discreet location makes it the best in Bermuda for lingerie.


Got a couple of barking dogs? Our judges chose Trends (22 Reid St., Hamilton, 295-6420) as Bermuda’s best shoe shore for their excellent variety in everything from dazzling pumps to comfortable and stylish sneakers. Trends is Bermuda’s one-stop shop for the very best in footwear!


For the tiniest tootsies, not just any shoe will do! Kids are just as aware of the importance of style and comfort as we are, which is why our judges unanimously chose Boyle’s (31 Queen St., Hamilton, 295-1887) as this year’s winner for the best place to pick up the perfect pair of mini Manolos.


In Hollywood films where fashion is the focal point (The Devil Wears Prada, anyone?), the beautifully over-the-top handbag always makes its entrance before the leading lady, proving that the real star is the vintage crème leather Prada and not Meryl Streep. As the leading lady in your own life, it’s a necessity to splurge on a decent handbag once in a while, especially if you’re like most other women and carry everything but the kitchen sink around with you. Lusso (51 Front St., Hamilton, 295-6734) is undeniably the best at providing Bermudian women with the most stylish and enviable luxury handbags.


It is vitally important for women to have a handbag packed and ready to go in a moment’s notice. Of course, only the bare necessities dwell within our purses, things like loose change, a low-battery iPod, five shades of lip gloss, an empty mascara, a raffle ticket from last year’s MSA fair and other important items for emergencies that never seem to happen. It takes a well-structured and stylish handbag to house all of our junk, one that goes with everything and never, repeat never, collapses under the pressure of the contents of our lives. The best place to find workhorse handbags is Gibbons Company (Reid St., Hamilton, 295-0022), where style and budget-friendly prices coexist.


Super-stylish sunglasses have long been a key accessory in creating the perfect look. The tiniest hint of tortoise shell and a designer name can transform a look from drab to fab. At Sovereign (13 Reid St., Hamilton, 292-7933) you’ll find the best in Ray Ban, Prada, Versace, Tom Ford and more! The biggest help? The fact that the sales staff are brutally honest, which we all have to admit is a necessity when accessorizing your face.


Looking to add some pizzazz to your hair without a change in cut or colour? Hair accessories are a hot trend that allows you to switch up your look without permanent measures. Headbands, rhinestone-adorned clips and tie-in flowers are perfect for the summer months, and A. S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd, Harbourside (59 Front St., Hamilton, 295-3961) hits the nail on the head (excuse the pun) when it comes to accessorizing your tresses.


Diamonds have the power to transform, changing single women into brides, young girls into keepers of the family heirloom and long-standing couples into examples to emulate. Mark your next milestone and transform yourself with diamonds from Crisson Jewellers (55 Front St., Hamilton, 295-2351).


For fashionistas on a budget, the trendiest and least-expensive jewellery is found at Luxury for Less (Queen St., Hamilton, 295-9128). Our judges praised its great prices, selection and quality, a hard-to-find trio when shopping modestly.


What time is it? Time for you to get down to Sovereign (13 Reid St., Hamilton, 292-7933) and purchase a new watch! Style and sophistication are necessities when choosing the perfect watch and Sovereign’s have you covered! With the best in names like Movado, Tag Heuer and ICE, you’re sure to be telling time in style!


Perfume is a great gift for all ages. Whether it’s a petite princess ready for her first fragrance or your mother-in-law looking for her long-time favourite, the staff at Gibbons Company (Reid St., Hamilton, 295-0022) knows how to accommodate everyone’s personal scent preference. Did we mention shopping online and having it gift-wrapped and delivered? It’s always a pleasant surprise when style and convenience go hand-in-hand!


Although there aren’t many local online shops in Bermuda, there really isn’t a need for more, as LovitBoutique.com (www.LoveitBoutique.com) does it all perfectly. By providing our island with brands like L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, House of Harlow 1960 and Pleasure Doing Business, it’s been a huge success since launching. They’re also available for private shopping nights and allow you to schedule pick-up from any location, islandwide.


It’s no coincidence why Calypso (45 Front St., Hamilton, 295-2112) beats out their tough competitors year after year in this category. Its excellent quality and stylish swimwear is trusted by Bermudian women to be the best, which is why they have no qualms about paying the high prices.


On Bermuda’s beaches, board shorts provide an eye-catching display of style and function (and the good-looking men wearing them are attention grabbers, too). It’s no doubt that the best place to pick up a new pair of board shorts is Makin’ Waves (73 Front St., Hamilton, 292-4609), and the best place to pick up a new board-shorts-wearing man is on or in the water!


Price Right (10 Mill Reach Lane., Pembroke, 295-7111) is known to have a great selection of warehouse-shopping goods, but what they aren’t known for (until now) is their great deals on T-shirts, sneakers, track suits and tank tops, perfect for the summer months. For the basics you’re always having to buy, Price Right is your new go-to place!


Allison DeMelo, pro shop assistant/beach hostess, Rosewood Tucker’s Point

Nicole Correia, primary teacher, Warwick Academy

Cha’Von K. Clarke, recruitment officer/author, poet & playwright





People's Choice Awards—Clothing & Accessories


This year—for the first time ever—The Bermudian magazine opened up the Best of Bermuda Awards to you, the people, in our People’s Choice Awards. We were overwhelmed by the response and thank everyone who participated. Here are the results:

Best Menswear: Wow, the people certainly love A. S. Cooper Man! The Best Menswear store took 35 percent of the vote, with the next choice, English Sports Shop, receiving 11.6 percent.


The Best Women’s Wear: This category was much closer, with A. S. Cooper’s again edging out the competition. They were closely followed by Gibbons Company, Boutique CC and Cecile, while those who wrote in their responses were passionate about Atelerie.


Best Kiddie Couture: When it comes to Kiddie Couture, Daisy & Mac is where it’s at! The Best of Bermuda Award of Excellence winner was also the hands-down favourite of our People’s Choice voters.


Best Accessories: Voters had a harder time choosing the Best Accessories, however. With a narrow margin of 11.8 percent to 11.1 percent, Atelerie sneaked ahead of Crisson Jewellers in this category. Following right behind them were Walker Christopher (8.6 percent), MAC Cosmetics (7.6 percent) and Lusso (7.3 percent).


Best Bargains, Deals, Discounts: We all love a good bargain (especially in this economy), and overwhelmingly our voters gave eMoo (www.emoo.com) the Best Bargains, Deals and Discounts Award with a whopping 41.6 percent of the vote.


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