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Dana Cooper’s Beach Poncho travels beyond the beaches of Bermuda…..

Greens, blues, pinks and yellows – the essence of Bermuda’s beauty is held within the array of colours which paint the landscape. These island hues provide the perfect palate for artists with fresh ideas like local artist and fashion designer, Dana Cooper. Those who attended the Bermuda Society of Arts 2010 “Bermuda Fashion Collective Show” in November, will recognize Dana Cooper’s name and her fabulous Beach Ponchos.  Her popular Baygrape leaf themes with bright colours combined with light, flowing fabrics create a natural, cool and comfortable cover-up which is flattering on all body types. Some have described her designs as being very “Pucci-esque”, referring to Cooper’s bold colour use, reminiscent of the late, great fashion designer Emilio Pucci. Cooper has kept busy creating new prints for 2011 including, a Dragonfly, Waterlily and Aurora themes.

Dana Cooper’s designs are a real success story. Sales of her summer ponchos have taken off, not only locally but within the Caribbean and New York City. The Baygrape leaf design was where it all began for Cooper. Developed in 2005 when painting as a spare-time hobby, Cooper’s bright Bay Grape leaves soon caught the attention of old friend and owner of fashion house Glamourpuss NYC.  And the rest, they say, is history. The Baygrape became Cooper’s signature motif, being a central theme for her beach sarongs (which were big sellers in Bermuda’s Calypso) and eventually in 2009, for her ponchos. Cooper says, “it wasn’t supposed to develop as much as it did; it really took on a life of its own!” This couldn’t be truer; the designs speak to fashionistas all over, this being confirmed after Vogue Magazine featured her designs in a June 2010 online write up.

As you probably expected, her past hobby has flourished into a full time job. We can give thanks to Bermuda’s environment which inspired Dana Cooper; she said “it gave me a natural inclination to design”.  Dana Cooper’s 2011 prints can be found on the summer ponchos, sarongs as well as crinkle silk, hand rolled hem, chiffon, silk and cashmere, rayon and voile scarves – a must have for your closet!

Dana Cooper Designs can be found in any of the numerous Glamourpuss NYC outlets in the U.S as well as Saks Fifth Avenue. To get your own Beach Poncho check out: www.glamourpussnyc.com or call 917 544 4084, or 917 680 8607.

Click here to read the Glamour Magazine article

Photos courtesy of Glamourpuss NYC

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