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39 Reasons to Love Bermuda

How do we love thee Bermuda? Let us count the ways. Reasons 1 to 6 were written by Elizabeth Jones, Reasons 7 to 13 were written by Cassandra Ortega, Annabel Cooper writes Reasons 14 to 22. Reason 23 is written…

Our Bermuda

Exploring Bermuda’s African Diaspora Heritage Trail

It is estimated that around 60 percent of Bermudians have African ancestry with many directly descended from persons brought forcefully to the island from the West Indies and West Africa between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Today you can visit…

Our Bermuda

Into the Ocean

In the thick summer heat, we know that in Bermuda the ocean is the only place to be. We can cool down in crystal clear waves, playing endless rhapsodies in blue and turquoise. The only problem is deciding where to…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2022

2022 Bermuda Building & Interior Design Awards

From a contemporary home blended into natural rock, to breath-taking views from offices at the top of Point House, our 28th annual awards – sponsored by our good friends at Rowe Spurling Paint Company –feature the best in Bermuda architecture and interior design.…


Bermuda Beasts: Warwick Lizard

Although Bermuda may be better known for its plentiful marine life and large variety of birds, the island is also home to four species of lizards. Most locals are familiar with the famed Bermuda Skink as it is endemic to…

Sarah Wight

Chicken Tacos with Mango Avocado Salsa

Of all the dishes I have cooked up over the years these tacos have to be the most colourful to date. They are not only incredibly beautiful and delicious, but also so good for you, too. Eating a rainbow of…


Remembering Bermuda’s Queen

As she majestically made her way down North Shore announcing her arrival with a six-chime steam whistle as she slipped through Two Rock Passage, there wasn’t a soul on the island that didn’t know the Queen of Bermuda had arrived.…


Johnny Cake

It is generally agreed that Native Americans taught the English settlers how to make cornmeal cakes. Some link it to the Native  American word for joniken, while some called them "journey" cakes.    Ingredients: 1 cup flour 1 cup cornmeal…

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Vintage Aerial Photography of Bermuda

Bermuda is breathtaking from the air. Though today we have drones and planes available to us which makes taking aerial shots much easier, these photos, from when the practice was rarer, have a certain charm.   [caption id="attachment_17561" align="aligncenter" width="800"]…


We Should Be Seeing More Sharks Inshore: An Interview with Choy Aming

Sharks are undoubtedly one of the ocean’s most well known predators. Humans are always startled by the few threats in the natural world that we have not overcome, and which still pose a danger to us, and as such, the…

Made by Bermudians: Melanie Eddy

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Places to Discover: The Unfinished Church

Our Bermuda
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