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A Look Back at Thanksgiving in Camden Cottage

When Molly Tolaram decided to host a traditional American Thanksgiving in Bermuda in 2018, she did it with the skill, flair and creativity of a professional designer and event planner. That will come as no surprise to her friends and…


Vintage Growing up Bermudian

Growing up in Bermuda is like nowhere else in the world. Although lots has changed over the years, these snapshots of youngsters in times gone by are likely to strike a cord with anyone who is lucky enough to call…


It’s Time for The Garden Club of Bermuda’s Annual Event!

Don’t Miss Christmas Crafts from a Bermuda Garden   The Christmas lights seem to appear earlier and earlier every year, but for the ladies working at The Garden Club of Bermuda preparations for the festive season began in July. For…

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6 Questions Every Bermudian Has Been Asked

No matter where a Bermudian may travel to, the questions one receives from strangers are often the same. While it can get frustrating at times to dodge seemingly endless questions about the Bermuda Triangle, there is relief in knowing that…


How to Get Your Paws on Local Honey

Embrace your inner Winnie-the-pooh and seek out some Bermuda honey. Not only are you supporting local businesses and the environment when you do this, but you are supporting your health as well. Regular honey is highly processed and filtered and…

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Bermuda’s Caves Reimagined

After breaking down the best Beaches, Forts, and Parks, we're exploring local cave habitats and giving the scoop on which is best and why.   Accessibility - Crystal Caves The most classic Bermuda cave, attracting visitors and locals alike. The story goes…

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Conch Chowder with Gosling’s Black Rum

Once upon a time, milk and harbour conch proliferated in Hamilton Harbour. That was before regular cruise ship arrivals. Today, conch are among many protected species in Bermuda. However, you can occasionally get your hands on imported conch. If you aren't so lucky, substitute with…


Ultimate Thanksgiving Cheese Board

For an instagram-worthy appetiser that keeps people mingling (and snapping pics of that table scape you spent an hour on),  why not try our ultimate Thanksgiving Cheese Board. Roasted veggies upgrade this cheese board into a fully-fledged first course that…


Field Notes: Monstera Deliciosa

Written by Gordon R. Groves in February 1952 The botanical name of a plant is never readily accepted by the average person, but for want of a better term, the botanical name is frequently used in this case. Various other…


7 Times Spittal Pond Shocked Bermudians

Spittal Pond has hosted its fair share of surprises over the years. Bermudians have been shocked by ecological, historical, and even visual events that keep Spittal Pond always in the hearts and minds of locals. Photo courtesy of Ashley Monster…

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Vegetarian Chili

Coral Reef 101: What to Know About Our Underwater Ecosystem

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Pecan Pie Brownies