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6 Things To Do This Weekend

Looking to have some fun this weekend? Here's what's going on around the island. INTERACTIONS OF COLOUR WITH CHRISTINA HUTCHINGS Artist Christina Hutchings explores colour theory as it relates to her practice and exercises from Josef Albers’ acclaimed book, “The…


Fruit Scoop Cake from Bermudian Cookery

Mostly sweet, Mrs. Meyers fruit cake recipe serves up a rich and dense combination of ingredients creating the traditional flavourful and textured cake.Recipe by Mrs. William Meyers, taken from Bermudian Cookery, a compilation of recipes from The Bermuda Junior Service…

Our Bermuda

Places to Discover: Tom Moore’s Tavern & Jungle

"But bless the little fairy isle! How sweetly, after all our ills. We saw the dewy morning smile Serenely o’er its fragrant hills!" Thomas Moore, a sentimental and romantic Irishman, penned these lines during the few months he lived in…


Kitty’s Bermuda Tomato Salad

A simply delicious summer side when there is an abundance of tomatoes at the market or in your garden. Ingredients:8 Bermuda tomatoes¼ cup parsley, finely chopped1 clove garlic, mashed1 tsp salt1 tsp sugar¼ tsp pepper½ cup oil2 tbs tarragon vinegar2…


Beef Short Ribs with Rum and Peaches

Gosling's Black rum and tinned peaches create the most deliciously sticky sweet sauce that coats these braised short ribs in a luscious glaze. Grab your favorite heatproof dutch oven and braise these ribs on the barbecue to create a smokey…


Everything You Need to Know About Coral Reefs

The coral reef is all around us: It serves as a water break so that our island isn’t pummelled with the full force of ocean waves. What’s more, it creates an enchanting underwater landscape that you can experience by snorkelling…


Field Notes: Oleander

One of the finest floral features of Bermuda is that provided by the Oleander. To fully appreciate the loveliness of the flowers they must be seen, for words can scarcely describe the dazzling brilliance of the Oleanders during the months…

Home & Garden

Busy Bees: Father and Son Beekeepers on Working Together to Protect the Island’s Buzzing Population

Lewell Woolridge Sr.’s foray into beekeeping was an unexpected one but one he learned to embrace. In the last 30 years, he and his son Lewell Woolridge Jr. have worked as a team to manage upwards of 150 hives and…

Bermuda Beasts

Why Are Squirrelfish Eyes So Big?

The tropical reef squirrelfish are easily identified thanks to their colourful bodies, spiny elongated fins, and huge eyes. Also called the Longspine Squirrelfish, these fish can grow up to 11 inches in length and tend to hang around docks, reefs,…

Bermuda Beasts

True or False: Sergeant Majors Can Grow Up To 1 Foot in Length?

Sergeant Majors are a kind of damsel fish that are commonly found in Bermuda waters. You’ll now have 6 interesting facts at hand the next time you spot one in a tide pool or snorkeling. 1. Sometimes called five finger…

Classic Crow's Nest

From the Crow’s Nest: Furness Withy 40th Anniversary

This article was taken from our archives. It originally appeared in the January 1960 issue of The Bermudian. It appears here exactly as it did originally.  Last month, as the island wound up its 350th Anniversary celebrations, Furness, Withy &…


Lunch for the Ladies: Empanadas and Stuffed Tomatoes from Bermudian Cookery

Call on your ladies, it is time to gather for an elegant display of lively conversation around a savoury and satisfying spread. This recipe features stuffed tomatoes* and Empanadas de Horno* (baked meat-filled pasties) with a side of watermelon and…

The Lost Island of Long Bird

Naturally Speaking

Admiralty House Park

A Beating (Re)Treat

The Consummate Bermudian
Ode to the Bermuda Vernacular

From Yacht to Freighter