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A History of Witchcraft in Bermuda

In the 1650s, Bermuda saw the execution by hanging of five people convicted as witches – four women and one man. From 1484-1750, 200,000 witches were executed in England. The so-called “witchfinder generall,” Matthew Hopkins, was on a literal witch…

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The Ultimate Bermudian Bar Cart

As Bootsie so famously sang, "Bermudians love to drink" and while our community is working together to limit the drinking and driving culture that so plagues our tiny island, we'll always enjoy indulging in a tipple or two at home…

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A Guide to Visiting Bermuda’s Best Forts

If you haven't explored Bermuda's forts lately, now's the time to get reacquainted with a little bit of Bermuda's history.   Alexandra Battery This small fort is the perfect place to keep families with small children entertained all day. The…

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5 Little Known Facts About Paget Parish

Thanks to the location of Bermuda's only hospital, most of us can say that we were born in Paget, but how much do we really know about the small central parish?   1. Paget was named after William Paget, 4th…


Bermuda Pumpkin and Stilton Soup

Bermuda-grown pumpkins are green and white on the outside, and bright orange within. For an easy side dish, simply steam, mash and season (with salt, pepper, allspice and lots of butter.)   Ingredients: 3 lbs Bermuda pumpkin, peeled and cubed…


Talking Shark Hash, Codfish and Coconut Cupcakes with Dolly Pitcher and Fernanda Pacheco

This article was taken from our archives. It first appeared in the May 2002 issue of The Bermudian. It appears here exactly as it did originally.  Dolly Pitcher is sitting in Fernanda Pacheco’s kitchen in St. David’s. It’s a cold,…


The Lili Bermuda Perfume Factory

Along Bailey’s Bay road a low white house stands behind a semicircular wall against which a flower border is gay the year round. A flagged walk leads under a trellis drooping with passion-vine. On trim lawns a tall white cedar…

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5 Historical Facts about Darrell’s Island

How much do you know about the history of Darrell’s Island? 1. Once upon a time, it was known as Captain Tucker’s Island for the Governor of Bermuda from 1616-1619. In the 1621 version of Richard Norwood's map of Bermuda…


In the Garden: Fall

As is well known to Bermudians, summertime in Bermuda brings relentless heat that is particularly hard on gardens of all sorts. Lawns may easily brown under the scorching sun, and fruit trees and vegetable gardens yield little produce. As a…


Field Notes: The Paw Paw Tree

This article was taken from our archives. It first appeared in the October 1952 issue of The Bermudian. It appears here exactly as it did originally. A well-known plant found in most tropical and sub-tropical countries is the Papaw or…

Coral Reefs 101: What to Know About Our Underwater Ecosystem

The Origins of African-Bermudians by Cyril Packwood

Bermuda Bananas: No-Bake Banana Cream Cheesecakes

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