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Front Street: Then & Now

Bermuda has gone through significant transformations over the last few centuries. But for many of the landmarks, streets, and buildings that have made Front Street iconic, little has changed.    [twenty20 img1="25951" img2="25952" offset="0.5"]     [twenty20 img1="25945" img2="25946" offset="0.5"]…


Talking Shark Hash, Codfish and Coconut Cupcakes with Dolly Pitcher and Fernanda Pacheco

This article was taken from our archives. It first appeared in the May 2002 issue of The Bermudian. It appears here exactly as it did originally.  Dolly Pitcher is sitting in Fernanda Pacheco’s kitchen in St. David’s. It’s a cold,…


Bermuda Cherry Meringue Pie

The Bermuda Cherry or Surinam cherry, as it's more commonly known, became naturalised to Bermuda in the 19th century. It now makes up many of the hedgerows on our island and can often be found growing wild. Here is a…


The History of Smith’s Island, Bermuda’s First Colony

Smith's Island is an unassuming, often overlooked land mass in St. George's Harbour. Though it is sparsely developed today, it was the home of the very first Bermudian settlers - those few men who stayed behind while the Sea Venture…

Long Reads

How Bermuda’s Hills, Dales, Reefs and Byways Got Their Names

The legacy of a running feud between Bermuda’s government and some of its voters is preserved in Southampton’s Piecrust Place, a small cul-de-sac near St. Anne’s Church where the issue of what’s in a name once sparked an amusing rebellion.…

Our Bermuda

5 More Places In Bermuda You’ve Probably Never Been To, Even If You’re A Local

How many of these perhaps lesser known local attractions have you visited?   Admiral’s Cave, Hamilton Parish This cave is so named because a British admiral was known to use troops to excavate and send cave formations back to the…

Our Bermuda

A Guide to Bermuda’s Best Forts

If you haven't explored Bermuda's forts lately, now's the time to get reacquainted with a little bit of Bermuda's history.   Alexandra Battery This small fort is the perfect place to keep families with small children entertained all day. The…

Food & Drink

10 Wonderful Wild Bermuda Edibles

From luscious loquats and lemon grass, to rosemary and pawpaws, Bermuda’s homegrown wild treats – often found roadside -  are abundant. Here’s our top ten wild fruits and herbs, where they came from and how to eat them.   1.…


A Forgotton Chapter: Blacks in the Building of Dockyard

The construction of the Dockyard generated the largest military defence utilisation of money, manpower and materials in nineteenth century Bermuda. With bases already established at Antiqua (1743) and Halifax (1749), the building of the Yard provided a critical third prong…

News & Community

Students at The Berkeley Institute Benefit from New Collaboration

When Quincy Paynter, deputy principal at The Berkeley Institute—a public senior school in Bermuda—wanted to provide his students with team-building experiences that would also highlight key scientific concepts related to electives offered at his school, he knew where to turn:…

The Life Plant

Bermuda Beasts: 7 Facts About Whistling Frogs

Sarah Wight
Roasted Cherry Tomato, Cilantro and Lentil Salad