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Vintage Visitors in Bermuda

Bermuda is another world, full of caves, ocean and forest to explore. From perching atop the lighthouse flagpole, to taking a leisurely bicycle ride around the island, we've compiled a gallery of Bermuda tourist scenes.          …


The Significance of Spanish Point

From temporary settlements made by the Spanish in 1603 to the arrival of the naval Commander-in-Chief of the American and West Indies Station at Admiralty House, Spanish Point has had its role in Bermuda’s history. Look at Spanish Point on…


Bailey’s Bay Fish Sandwich

With the Atlantic Ocean on our doorstep, fresh local seafood is within reach year round - whether you catch it or someone else does. Depending on the weather, tuna and wahoo are most abundant in spring and fall, but they…

Our Bermuda

Around The Sound

Although Harrington Sound is a place of great scenic beauty, it is also unique from a biological and geological point of view. We Explore its distinctive waters, wildlife and surroundings. At first glance, Harrington Sound on a small tourist map…

Our Bermuda

Lusher’s Lens

This article was taken from our archives. It first appeared in the February 2005 issue of The Bermudian. The full text appears here in its original form.   Pioneer photographer N.E. Lusher captured the essence of Bermuda’s people in the late…

Our Bermuda

6 NATURAL Reasons to Love Bermuda

How do we love thee, Bermuda? Let us count the ways.    1. Bermuda Nights While Bermuda has long been praised for the vibrant brilliance of its daytime colours, it also has nighttime charms with special sound effects. Nightlife starts…


Chargrilled Tuna with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum Butter

Ingredients: Four 4 oz tuna steaks For the Black Rum Butter: 1 stem lemongrass 1 oz shallot 4 oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum 4 oz cream 2 tbs salted butter     Directions: In a saucepan, combine the lemongrass, shallots,…


Explore Seagrass Beds by Wading or Snorkeling

Seagrass beds are an ecosystem unique from coral reefs, but deserving of as much acclaim. They occupy inshore shallow waters, and act to trap marine sediments suspended in the water column, making our waters crystal clear. Their roots also stabilise…


Field Notes: Royal Poinciana

One of the finest shade trees which has made its home in Bermuda is the Royal Poinciana, or “The Flame of the Forest.” Known, botanically, as Poinciana regia, and a native of Madagascar, it was probably introduced to Bermuda about…

Banking, Investing & Accounting

Join HSBC Premier Banking and Enjoy an Experience at The St. Regis

HSBC Premier is the perfect choice for clients needing priority services, flexibility, 24/7 worldwide support, as well as access to a range of global services and solutions for themselves and those most important to them: their family.   Premier privileges…

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Pistachio and Herb Falafels