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Food & Drink

4 of the Best Places to Enjoy Bermuda Fish Chowder

Much like a codfish breakfast, one cannot get a real taste of Bermuda without experiencing a bowl of piping hot fish chowder. Legend has it that Bermuda fish chowder is as old as Bermuda, having become a diet staple of…


Fall Punch

Looking for a new cocktail recipe to try this season? This sweet, sparkling and spiced combination of fall flavours is sure to satisfy. Ingredients: 1 bottle sparkling wine ½ gallon apple cider 2 cans ginger beer 1 cup vodka 2-3…


Level Up Your Family Pizza Night

Start with Amy's, add a little flair, and you have the perfect recipe to make everyone happy on your family pizza night. The Veggie LoverMade with a blend of feta cheese, basil, organic spinach and topped with melty mozzarella, Amy's…


Bermuda’s Favourite Haunts: Bloomfield

I stood in rapt attention as I listened to Ethel Gosling one summers night in 1966 at Bloomfield in Paget. The story of Nancy Nelmes was a sad one which was recited in great detail and with much empathy and…

Where to Eat

Fourways Inn & Restaurant

Originally built in the 1720s and later established as an inn and restaurant in 1974, Fourways has remained unchanged at heart despite extensive renovations. According to legend, the establishment was named “Fourways” because of its unhurried yet persistent growth in…

Our Bermuda

Vintage Golf in Bermuda

With the 3rd Annual Butterfield Bermuda Championship approaching, we thought a trip down memory lane with some vintage photos of golf in Bermuda would be a timely escapade.   [caption id="attachment_28768" align="aligncenter" width="797"] Famous 16th hole at Port Royal Golf…


Bermuda Fish Chowder

A classic recipe for Bermuda fish chowder by Yeaton Outerbridge (ran April 1991).   Ingredients:  4 quarts water 1 ½ lbs white fish fillets salt, thyme, bay leaves, peppercorns, ground cloves 2 tbsp butter 2 tbsp oil 2 lbs potatoes,…


Discover Bermuda’s Historic Cemeteries of the East

More than just a place to get your spook on, cemeteries are peaceful, beautiful places where you can learn about the lives of people from Bermuda’s past.   St George's Military Cemeteries, Grenadier Lane and Secretary Road This was once…

Our Bermuda

Bermuda’s Best Parks and Nature Reserves

Think you've been to every Bermudian park worth going to? Think again!   Abbots Cliff This 18-acre park in Hamilton Parish boasts fantastic Cliffside views of Harrington Sound and an unmarked trail winds between agricultural land to the very top…


A History of Witchcraft in Bermuda

In the 1650s, Bermuda saw the execution by hanging of five people convicted as witches – four women and one man. From 1484-1750, 200,000 witches were executed in England. The so-called “witchfinder generall,” Matthew Hopkins, was on a literal witch…

Bermuda’s Favourite Haunts: Verdmont Cottage

Field Notes: Sage Bush

Pastéis De Nata

Where to Eat
Paraquet Restaurant