14 Things With Spencer Field

Spencer Field is a local beekeeper and owner of Passion Fields Maintenance and Beekeeping. He has over 100 hives throughout the island, as well as a dog, cat and girlfriend at home.   Questions: 1. What is your favourite Bermudian ...

Where to Eat

Where to Eat: Jasmine Cocktail Bar and Lounge

The Jasmine Cocktail Bar and Lounge has been around since the Fairmont Southampton first opened its doors in the 70’s, and has held its spot in Bermuda as one of the best lounges on the island ever since. While it is ostensibly a hotel lobb...

The Consummate Bermudian

The Bermuda Roof

One of the best things to tell people about Bermuda (and there are lots of them) is that we catch our fresh water from the sky and store it under our homes because we have no natural source of fresh water - like lakes, or rivers. Whilst often le...

STYLE by Rachel

Style by Rachel: Busy Prints

Trending heavily for fall 2018 are busy, busy prints - think leopard printed skirt with floral coat and and a striped purse. Mixing busy prints might not seem aesthetically pleasing but the trick to pulling off this look is to add at least one s...

Clean Eat Kates

Easy Green Smoothie

To me, there is nothing better than a wholesome, filling and nutritious green smoothie. I love the feeling of feeding my body with something that I know is beneficial and healing. Just by looking at a green smoothie you can tell that it’s prob...


Bermuda Beasts: 6 Facts About The Bermuda Cave Shrimp

Bermuda cave shrimp are small and very rarely seen. but with cave diving expertise and equipment, you may be able to see one of their small population in Crystal Caves, Green Bay Cave, Roadside Cave, and Tucker’s Town Cave. Below are six facts...

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