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6 Historical Facts About Fairylands

Located on the west of Pitt’s Bay Road, this concentration of old and expensive houses and properties covers the two peninsulas of Mill Shares and Point Shares. Named Fairyland or Fairylands depending on which map you’re checking, this charming neighbourhood…

Where to Eat

Flanagan’s Irish Pub, Outback Sports Bar & The Snug Cafe

Locals and tourists alike flock to Trip Advisor favourite, Flanagan’s Irish Pub, to enjoy hearty meals in a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Originally founded by Jack Flanagan, an Irishman, in 1988, the restaurant has earned a reputation for its warm,…

The Newsroom By Freisenbruch-Meyer

Your Personal Net Worth Statement

In order to plan for your future, it is important to know exactly where you are in life today! Your finances are no different. Have you ever taken the time to determine exactly how much you are financially worth? Are…

The Newsroom By Freisenbruch-Meyer

What if I Already Have Life Insurance Through My Employer?

Securing your family’s financial future with life insurance can ensure they are taken care of in the event of your sudden death. In Bermuda, there are two types available to us—group life and individual life; but most of us don’t…


Loquat Liqueur

For this undeniably Bermudian 're-frashment', gather ye loquats while ye may, from late January 'til March. Then make this aromatic concoction which should be perfect by the fall of the same year. This traditional potion was the origin of Bermuda…


The President Who Loved Bermuda

This article was taken from our archives. It first appeared in the January 1955 issue of The Bermudian. It appears here exactly as it did originally. Probably no one in its long history ever loved Bermuda more than Woodrow Wilson,…


Famous Visitors in Bermuda

Famous visitors to Bermuda date back to Princess Louise, whose visits in the late 1800s helped promote Bermuda as a tourist destination. By the time The Bermudian was founded in 1930, tourism was well underway, and the magazine, designed to…


6 Important Bermudian Civil Rights Leaders

Bermuda's history is marred by its inclusion in the African Slave Trade and the subsequent inequality and segregation of black Bermudians and while we like to think the atrocities of our past are well, in the past, we can't forget…


4 of the Best Dog Walks in Bermuda

Bermuda is a small island and many of us may find ourselves without any new places to explore. Worse still, even our dogs seem to be growing tired of walking the same routes and sniffing the same smells. With only…


Where I Grew Up: Emma Ingham, Warwick Parish

This article comes from the Fall 2012 issue of the Bermudian. It appears here exactly as it did originally. Emma Ingham’s first home was in Southampton, but the first house she remembers was Breezy Hollow on Cobb’s Hill Road. “The…

6 Ways Bermuda Led the World in Conservation

Seasonal Ingredient: Nasturtiums

The Black Seafarer: Mariner, Merchant, Enslaved Person

Almond Loquat Cake