Our Favourite Ads

Our Favourite Ads

From Rum Runners and the memorable Blue Grotto Dolphin Show to Trimingham's and Dagger Punch, we offer some of our favourite ads that have run in The Bermudian magazine throughout the years.                                    


Nancy Anne Miller Book Signing

Bermudian poet Nancy Anne Miller will be signing her new book Somersault this Friday, April 24th at Brown & Co. With visual imagery that matches the vivid subject matter of her island home, Miller writes about a colonial childhood within…


The Bermudian Cooks: Goat’s Cheese

We were very happy to see fresh Tucker’s Farm Goat’s Cheese at the farm last week, back after a seemingly long winter hiatus.  Also bountiful at the vegetable stand and in the grocery stores of late, super nutritious locally grown…


The Bermudian Cooks: Salad with Nasturtium Flowers

Nasturtiums are blooming wildly around the island right now, which is always a pleasing sight. Liz Jones in “A Nose For Nasturtiums”, called the gorgeous flowers, “a feast to the sense of smell as well as sight”. She goes on…

Our Bermuda

First Swim

The Bermudian, May 1989 Winter is past, spring is flying past and so I want more than just to walk along the shore breathing the salty air, watching the blowing spume. Now, as the sea settles to a smooth gloss…


The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

I bet I know what you're doing right now. You're scratching your head trying to figure out what to get your mom for Mother's Day. Of course your dear mom is one of the most important people in your life…