Paw Paw Paradise

Paw Paw Paradise

It’s summertime in Bermuda, and pawpaws are ripe for the picking. The colour of the fruit, both inside and out, is a beautiful golden orange as warm as the summer’s setting sun.   The pawpaw tree can produce fruit all year round, so you probably had pawpaws on your tree all winter when they were green and considered a vegetable; now, however, the pawpaw can entice you with its deliciously sweet, musky taste and butterlike consistency. In fact, they are…


Bermuda Onions!

The famous Bermuda onion, popular the world over, is known for its sweet taste and a flavour so mild some say you can eat them like apples!       Although Bermuda farmers no longer produce enough to export, this…


Avocado Gelato

This could be our new favourite summer sweet treat! It may not be the healthiest of desserts but it sure is tasty and sometimes it's good to indulge, right?   Ingredients: 1/2 cup whole milk 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 1/2…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2014

Interior Design Awards

In this, our 9th annual Interior Design Awards, a dreamy private island retreat and a chic new office bathed in natural light with envious views earned the top residential and commercial awards respectively. Celebrating the best in local interior design…

Best of Bermuda Awards

Best of Bermuda Awards 2013

The Bermudians Magazine has been celebrating all that is best about Bermuda for twenty-two years now. Each year The Best of Bermuda Awards gathers our diligent judges who, after much work and deliberation, declare the gold standard in everything from…


Building Design Awards 2014

For the past 19 years, The Bermudian magazine has been celebrating the best in Bermuda’s architecture with our annual Building Design Awards. (more…)