Award of Excellence: Tuck Shop
If other stores tried stretching themselves in as many directions as Tuck Shop, they would probably collapse under the weight of it all. Yet Alicia Tucker’s store has not only succeeded at seemingly everything it has attempted, it is one of the best stores in Bermuda in multiple categories, competing with places that are nowhere near as varied. Going into Tuck Shop can mean you want baked goods, toys, fashion, beauty products and home accessories. None of these things would you associate with one another, but it’s all so lovingly put together that it works and makes for a unique place that nowhere else in Bermuda could even attempt to copy.
Who pulls it all together is Tucker, who one judge described as having “the coolest style.” The store is dripping with her personality and her numerous passions and love for what she does. She’s able to put so much of herself into her store which might be the reason it’s become such a multifaceted place.
235 Middle Road, Southampton; 238-8825

Great Gifts: Tuck Shop
Seemingly everything that you would ever need can be found at Tuck Shop. Although you might go in expecting to only get some of their wide variety of sweets and desserts, you may come out with new clothes, fancy jewellery, and some toys for the kids. No matter who you’re shopping for there’s bound to be something on offer here that will interest them.

Book Store (Online): Royalty Book Store
What sets Royalty apart from other bookstores is a genuine incentive to encourage reading. Not only do they offer a solid selection of books to order online or purchase in person at the Botanical Gardens farmers market, but if you follow their various social media accounts, you will find descriptions of what they have in stock, and recommendations. Never should you fear making a blind buy. One of our judges loved the “salesmanship of the owner, the enthusiasm and creative social marketing.”

Book Store (Physical): Long Story Short
Few stores on the island are merchandised to feel as distinctly Bermudian as Long Story Short. Owner Kristin White has specifically curated her selection of books to highlight the works of women of colour, both local and from around the world. Many of the books featured speak to marginalised and lesser-heard voices, telling less-talked-about stories. Tucked away in St. George’s, Long Story Short is something unique
7 Water Street, St. George’s; 705-1838;

Toy Store (Online): Bright Isle
If you have trouble shopping for kids’ toys, then Bright Isle is exactly what you’re looking for. Having possibly the largest variety of kids’ shopping in Bermuda, Bright Isle has an easy-to-use website carefully broken into categories so you can find something for any child. Fast island-wide delivery and the option for same-day pickup make for a quick and easy shopping experience, removing the stress.

Toy Store (Physical): People’s Pharmacy
Perfectly situated on Victoria Street with a sizeable parking lot, there are few places more conveniently located for getting quick gifts. People’s Pharmacy’s features a solid toy section, good baby options and one of the best selections of video games. As such, virtually all potential gift preferences for kids are covered. Nice and always helpful customer service completes this package of value.
62 Victoria Street, City of Hamilton; 292-7527;

Art Gallery: Masterworks
Situated within the Botanical Gardens, Masterworks embodies the natural beauty of Bermuda with an extensive collection of art stretching back over 200 years. Featuring artists, both local and those from abroad, whose work expresses the island’s culture and its people, Masterworks supports Bermuda’s artistic community and enriches the lives of locals and visitors alike.
183 South Road, Botanical Gardens, Paget; 299-4000;

Honourable Mention: Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
The art gallery at the Hamilton Princess is one of the less-talked-about aspects of this venerable hotel, and that’s too bad because it is surely one of its most outstanding achievements. One of our judges praised its diverse collection “which showcases locals,” saying, “It’s different, with good use of space and it feels like they’re always adding pieces.”
76 Pitt’s Bay Road; 295-3000;

Fresh Flowers: Demco Florist
Demco stands out for its sheer consistency. With a variety of fresh flower arrangements and creative bouquets to choose from, the customer knows exactly what to expect. Online ordering and a great team of professionals onsite means that even if you’re a novice you can expect a high-quality experience with a personal touch.
14 South Road, Devonshire; 234-7777;

Place to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Tuck Shop
There’s so much you can get at the Tuck Shop with cookies, cakes, scones and much more that whatever you’re craving you’ll leave satisfied. Everything is lovingly baked with natural ingredients, with plant-based options so you can eat sweets and feel good about it. And if you’re the kind that wants your food to look as good as it tastes, their plethora of decorations will be perfect for you!

Honourable Mention: Leslie’s Desserts
For our judges, the definitive evidence that Leslie’s truly is a great place is that it keeps Victoria Park open into the night and always has a long line. Its unique European desserts and various waffle-based sweets are more than worth waiting over an hour for. Leslie’s is a simple dessert-based food truck that allows for more customisable sweets tailored to your heart’s desire.
Victoria Park, Hamilton; 737-1999;

Pharmacy: It’s a Tie!
Robertson’s Drug Store

In the centre of the historic town of St. George’s, Robertson’s Drug Store feels like a bubble of modernity. Carrying all the standard toiletries and treats you expect at a drug store, Robertson’s also features a solid array of locally made hot sauces. It’s the gifts and souvenirs, many Bermuda-made, that make Robertson’s pharmacy worth going out of your way for.
24 York Street, St. George’s; 297-1828

Caesar’s Pharmacy
A family-run business in Somerset with excellent staff and pharmacists always ready to help, Caesar’s Pharmacy is a pharmacy with a loyal clientele. Informative seasonal events around health and wellness, demonstrate Caesar’s willingness to give back to their community.
30 Somerset Road, Sandys; 234-0851;

Pet Supplies: Noah’s Ark Feed and Supply
A fan favorite for years thanks to a large and varied selection, Noah’s Ark is once again on top with offerings that will satisfy no matter what kind of animal you’re shopping for, from cats and dogs to barnyard animals and even lizards. A solid awards programme also makes for a place where you can save more as you buy more, and this combined with their always friendly customer service makes Noah’s Ark a winner!
3 Marsh Lane, Devonshire; 236-1533;

Honourable Mention: Boats N Barks
Our judges cited the owner’s graciousness and love of dogs as a reason to make Boats N Barks a first choice for dog owners. A pet store where you can bring your dogs in to browse the aisles and where the owner’s own dogs regularly walk around, it’s aimed almost exclusively at dog owners but is a stand-out in that niche.
46 Crow Lane, Devonshire; 292-1843;

Grocery Store: Lindo’s
Our judges believe that there’s a definite culture to being a Lindo’s shopper. Both locations, in Devonshire and Warwick, are full of customers from opening to closing, seemingly every day, and both shops are filled with a solid supply of grocery items, including alternative foods from lesser-known brands. Lindo’s is also one of the only grocery stores on the island which has adopted self-checkouts for a faster shopping experience.

Warehouse-Style Shopping: Price Rite
Anyone looking for the best deal they can get should always have Price Rite near the top of their list of places to check out. Offering both quality and quantity with a diverse supply of bulk items that can fit into any budget, Price Rite can save you constant trips to and from the store.

Kitchen Tools and Accessories: International Imports Ltd, Chef Shop
The judges were unanimous that Chef Shop is (once again) the best place in Bermuda for kitchen appliances. The store, which has received international recognition from Kitchen Ware International, is bursting at the seams with every culinary essential, from all the best brands. A family-owned business, Chef Shop aims to delight professionals and home cooks alike.
44 Par-La-Ville Road, Hamilton; 292-1661;

Sports Store: Sports R Us
Our judges agreed that Sports R Us biggest advantage is that it’s Bermuda’s most all-encompassing sports store. Virtually every popular sport is accounted for with the right kind of gear and clothing necessary. In addition, they have an excellent supply of general workout and exercise equipment, in one convenient location.
61 Church Street East, Hamilton; 292-1891;

Hardware Store: Gorham’s
For over eighty years, Gorham’s has been trucking along in an ever-changing world as a premier hardware service. As a one-stop shop for all home improvement and repair needs, Gorham’s provides both competitive prices on all items and solid customer service.
62 St. John’s Road, Hamilton; 295-1550;

Computer and/or Digital Device Sales: Red Laser
Our judges and the public both agree that Red Laser is the best place if you’re looking for electronics or computer supplies. Red Laser has an incredible inventory of all essential gadgets, with regular discounts, and staff ready and willing to help and make recommendations. It’s incredibly accessible as well, with same day island-wide delivery so no matter how urgent you can get what you need when you need it.
12 Bakery Lane, Pembroke; 296-6400;

Computer and/or Digital Device Services: Prime Consultants
There are few places on-island that can claim to have as much innate knowledge of computers as Prime Consultants. An expert team, led by Sean Whiting and Sam Roberts, they can pinpoint and fix nearly any issue with your devices—with free consultation before making repairs. They also sell custom-built PCs and sometimes do laptop giveaways for students.
Washington Mall 1, 20 Church Street, Level B, Unit I-52; 333-0557;

Home Furnishings and Décor: ESC Limited & Escape Home
As one judge says, ESC is constantly “bringing in the things that people want for their homes,” showcasing all kinds of home furnishings from larger furniture and sets to smaller items of decor and lighting to fit the mood of any home. ESC also features a full electrical department for all kinds of appliances—and a cafe out-front. Even better, they plan to expand further in the future!
4 Mill Creek Road; 292-7269;

Gas Station: Terceira’s Warwick South Shore
While the Warwick station was considered the favourite due to the strong selection of items in the store, our judges considered this vote to be for Rubis stations as a whole. As a company, Rubis has maintained a consistently high-quality standard across all of their stations, and as one judge said, they “get it right with all of their hiring.” With 12 locations across the island, you can’t go wrong whenever you stop at a Rubis station.
76 South Road, Warwick; 236-4158

Landscaping Service (Commercial): Horti-Tec
Horti-Tec have been commended for their emphasis on technology and innovation in landscaping. Our judges were especially impressed by their award-winning and beautiful work on the gardens at Huckleberry Restaurant. They’re a team that has a clear and concise plan for how they operate on every property, leading to commercial work that’s clean-cut yet artful.
6 Tribe Road 6, Hill View; 595-0433

Landscaping Service (Residential): Solterra
The public agreed that Solterra was the best at taking care of their homes and their yards, in part thanks to their great professional team always delivering pristine lawn care in addition to full-on property maintenance and design services beyond the grass. For their loyal customer base everything is delivered to the highest quality for a nice-looking home.

Electrician: Niches Electrical
While it was one of the smaller services which were considered for this award, Niches Electrical offers a quick, consistent and dependable service to all who need it. They’ve brought people onto their side thanks in part to high skill and always being up to the task. Always on time and ready to sort out whatever electrical issues may arise, you can always trust Niches to get the lights back on.

Boat Repair: PW Marine
For over 30 years this family-owned business has been a go-to stop for Bermuda’s boating community for maintenance and service. PW Marine are a trusted team that can keep your boat in top shape in as efficient a manner as possible. One judge noted that they also love to help novices of any gender learn the ins and outs of boating without talking down to them, spreading the joys of the seas to anyone. 37 Serpentine Road, Hamilton; 295-3232;

Plumber: Burrows Plumbing
Burrows Plumbing has been around for over a century and has built a reputation as the highest-quality and hardest-working plumbers you could have. Loved equally by our judges and the public, they are quick to help in any situation and at seemingly any moment. One judge raved about how one employee (Matthew) was ready and willing to jump into action at short notice on a Sunday afternoon.
9 Wellbottom, Southampton; 238-1079;

Water Truck Service: iNeedWater
When it comes to convenient, easy and quick water service, iNeedWater comes out on top. Offering maintenance services, such as tank cleaning and power washing driveways, as well as tank filling, there are a number of reasons to book an appointment with iNeedWater. Even better, say our judges, is the fact that they are one of the only water services with whom you can book online without having to make a call.

Car Mechanic: It’s a TIE!
Bermuda Custom Mechanical

Affordable yet high-quality service has made Bermuda Custom Mechanical a favourite for all those with car troubles. A wide array of onsite parts makes service cheap and quick, and their offer of 24/7 drop off means that even in the dead of night you can still send in your vehicle.
28 Industrial Park Road, Southampton; 238-8266;

It’s now three years in a row that Rayclan has been voted best car mechanic, helping set a benchmark for what should be expected of car repair. Beloved for high-quality customer service and for the care and attention they pay to each individual vehicle. They continue to deliver first-class work for all of your automotive needs.
8 Addendum Lane South, Pembroke; 292-8383;

Bike Mechanic: Cardoso Customs & Repairs
Owned by Nicholas Cardoso, Cardoso Customs & Repairs (CCR) is Bermuda’s premier scooter and motorcycle repairs and customization shop, as well as the island’s first online store for bike parts. CCR is a one-stop shop for everything one needs to get their bike road-ready and their always friendly service means they have well-established relationships with local bike retailers and loyal repeat customers.
10 Bakery Lane, Pembroke; 538-5389;

Interior Designer: Designs for Living
Working solo, Kim Hughes of Designs for Living uses her unique artistic ingenuity to decorate interiors with fabulous results. She has focused her work on creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere that doesn’t sacrifice a home’s utility. As hard working a designer as any, she has moved on to work on a number of larger corporate interiors while still remaining strong in her work for the general public. Her goal is to turn your idea of home into a reality.

For Pool/Patio: Blue Water Pool Service
Blue Water is relatively new on the scene but has already made an impression with its strong and responsive work ethic. Having on offer pool installation, maintenance and cleaning, they are a one-stop shop for all your pool services. And this goes along with a professional attitude and great customer service. They also have a wide array of items for sale to maintain your pool and keep it up and running.

Shipping Services (Air): Mailboxes
Mailboxes has been the standard of package shipping into Bermuda ever since the service was introduced. They have simplified the process with their easy-to-use website, making the wait from order to having your parcel in your hand as quick and painless as possible. Even with the pandemic increasing the demand for online shopping, Mailboxes have been more than up to the task and have yet to slow down.
Rosebank Centre, 11 Bermudiana Road, Pembroke; 292-6563;

Shipping Services (Sea): Sea Venture
Everyone drives past Sea Venture on Front Street, such that it almost blends into the background. When you take advantage of Sea Venture, however, it’s clear why they are the best place for large scale shipping and moving. A well-run operation that feels small and personal yet still big enough to handle the moving of large freight, Sea Venture is as dependable as they come in getting your shipments in near perfect condition while being a very affordable option.
133 Front Street, Hamilton; 292-0334;

Event Planner: Dasfete
Whether you’re looking for fun weddings and parties or a more serious corporate event and fundraiser, Dasfete has you covered to create an experience you will always remember. Founders Selange Gitschner and Matthew Strong know exactly how to give your event a signature style and creative direction that will match perfectly the grandeur of your vision.

Health & Fitness Club: Alchemy Fitness
One quick peek inside should be all that it takes to realise that there is something special about Alchemy Fitness. More than just a gym, it fosters a caring and loving atmosphere that encourages people to aspire to a physically fit lifestyle. Alchemy Fitness trainers are supportive of your endeavors and prepare all of the training you’ll need for the body that you want.
22 Reid Street, 3rd Floor Masters, Hamilton; 295-9400;

Yoga Studio: Shamana Circle
Yoga has slowly been getting more popular in Bermuda for strength and conditioning, and Shamana Circle has for another year been a reason why. One judge believes that it is the only place on the island that rivals similar classes abroad and that the diversity of its clientele shows that it truly is for everyone. An accessible and understanding environment that is welcoming for all skill levels makes for the most relaxing place for yoga.
99 Front Street 3rd Floor, Hamilton; 707-0273;

Personal Trainer: Panzy Olander
If Alchemy Fitness is the best Fitness Club, it’s only natural that manager Panzy Olander stands as the top Personal Trainer. With her background in nutrition, she can coach and guide you through your entire fitness journey. Always motivating and with the kind of uplifting vibe that makes you want to exercise and get in the best shape of your life, Panzy will ensure you’ll never be discouraged from your workout.
22 Reid Street, 3rd Floor Masters, Hamilton; 295-9400;

Honourable Mention: Frances Smith
As the owner of ActivelyAging BDA, Frances Smith works with the elderly and people with Alzheimer’s to help them live fulfilling and healthy lifestyles. Within this crucial niche, she emphasises social activity and movement in addition to fitness to keep her classes fun and physical. By keeping her prices low so that her seniors can afford the cost, she’s become one of the island’s most well-loved trainers. 518-4756; Instagram: @activelyagingbda

Massage Therapy: Spa Oasis
If you feel uncomfortable or stressed out, then there is no better place than Spa Oasis to transport you to a world of comfortability. Their well-trained and experienced therapists will guide you through various treatments to heal your ailments and help you escape from tension. A favourite of our judges is the Asian Blend which combines many different massages for satisfying and relaxing results. It’s very affordable, with Monday specials that keep it within a modest budget.
14 Laffan Street, Hamilton; 297-2347;

Place for Mani/Pedi: Orchid Nail Spa
Orchid Nail Spa has been around for a decade and continues to make an impression. Located in the heart of the City of Hamilton, it’s the perfect place for an escape from the hustle—at least for a short while. By providing a relaxing atmosphere and a clean storefront environment, they are able to bring out the beauty in your nails with professional service. Affordable, yet never sacrificing quality, Orchid Nail Spa is always a welcome place for nail treatment.
54 Par-La-Ville Road, Hamilton; 296-8696;

Spa: The Retreat
While there are bigger spas than The Retreat, this spa uses a smaller space for a more tranquil and intimate setting that feels unique. Focusing on enhancing natural beauty, prepare for organic and eco-friendly treatment and products to bring out the best-looking you possible. The relaxing selection of facials, massages, nail and hair treatment administered by an experienced and knowledgeable team creates a spa experience like no other.
35 Tee Street, Devonshire; 541-3535;

Private Party Boat Charter: El Zorro
Get ready to party, mingle at a corporate event, or enjoy an exciting getaway on a large-scale yacht! This is a ship that in the past has travelled the world and impressed our judges by coming equipped with a fire pit, a hot tub and a sea pool. The perfect way to relax in Bermuda’s waters.
300-8692; @elzorrobermuda on Instagram

Photograph by Brandon Morrison

Fishing Charter: Mike Jones, Attitude Adjustment
For the sixth consecutive year, Mike Jones of Attitude Adjustment has claimed the award for best fishing charter. His seemingly unlimited knowledge of Bermuda’s waters makes every voyage with him an adventure regardless of whether your fishing trip is for business or leisure. A trip with Mike Jones will always mean finding the best spots to fish and enjoying the extraordinary beauty of Bermuda’s waters.

Realtor: Christina Georgopoulos, Rego Sotheby’s International Realty
A relatively new face on the real estate scene, Christina Georgopoulos has made an immediate impact and has endeared herself to buyers and sellers on the local market. Having a personable and likable personality, she is easy to engage with and can make her clients excited about the potential of her properties. She’s the perfect person to help match you with your future dream home.
83-85 Front Street, Hamilton; 299-1409

Photograph by Brandon Morrison

Barber: Luxury Cuts
There are few places that place as much emphasis on male personal care as Luxury Cuts, a barbershop that offers a clean shave and haircuts for any look imaginable. Luxury Cuts is one of the most reliable and hardworking services, and as one judge remembers, “on the day we had the blackout, they were out on Reid Street cutting hair.”
51 Reid Street, Hamilton; 261-5473;

Hair Salon: Salon Pink
No matter what kind of style or cut you may be looking for, you will no doubt leave Salon Pink satisfied. Opening in 2011 as Bermuda’s first training salon, Salon Pink has a consistently innovative team of young stylists thinking outside the box while still maintaining a core creative team of veteran, well-trained stylists. With service that will accommodate any reasonable request you make, there’s a guarantee you’ll come out looking beautiful.
Magnolia Towers, 15 Parliament Street, Hamilton; 295-7465;

Health Care Centre: Somers Medical Services
Being taken care of by Somers Medical will mean you will have as much attention paid to you and your medical needs as possible. Whether a its routine checkup or something more serious, Somers Medical always makes sure to give each and every patient full attention. Offering same day appointments, as well, makes this the ideal place when feeling sickly.
9 Victoria Street, Hamilton; 295-1110;

Holistic Health Care: Ocean Rock Wellness
Ocean Rock Wellness came about as a result of the belief held by its three founders that not enough medical practices were investigating the root causes of their patients’ medical issues. At Ocean Rock Wellness the focus is on improving the quality of living of their clients and promoting a healthy lifestyle by looking into environment, stress and other factors that impact their life.
25 Point Finger Road, Paget; 295-5100;

Caterer: Fourways Catering
One of the best and most historic places in Bermuda for fine dining is, unsurprisingly, also at the top for their catering services. Serving everyone, from meals for royalty to school lunches, no event is too big or too small. The top-class menu that Fourways has always been known for is combined with the flexibility to bring their high-class dining experience to the required location.
1 Middle Road, Paget; 236-6517;

Government Service: Child Health Clinic (Dr Saltus & Dr Talbot)
The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath have put an increased burden on health services, and the Child Health Clinic on Victoria Street has stepped up incredibly well to fill the gap. The judges especially want to note the contributions of Dr Saltus who has been instrumental in the success of the clinic, with its focus on providing immunisations for and assessments of youth and making sure parents are aware of their child’s health needs. Child Health Clinic has become an essential government service to make sure that the next generation of children are adequately taken care of and their parents aware of any potential health concerns.
67 Victoria Street, Hamilton; 278-6460

Cleaning Service Commercial: Pro-Tone Cleaning Services
With over 40 years in operation, Pro-Tone Cleaning is one of the go-to picks for corporate cleaning and janitorial work. Having over 750,000 square feet of property under their care, including The Reefs and Rosewood Bermuda, they know that a clean environment maintains a healthy workforce. Cleaning, waxing, trash removal and more, the highest quality work and a friendly attitude make them the perfect group to maintain your workspace.
20 Dundonald Street, Hamilton; 292-1456;

Cleaning Service Residential: Hibiscus Cleaning Company
A dedicated and hard-working group of local cleaners who will fulfil your requests and complete the set tasks, Hibiscus Cleaning and their staff of 15 stay on top of everything with detailed services aimed squarely at promoting health and safety through clean homes. Available both on a regular basis or for the occasional cleaning, they offer a cleaning service of the highest value.
30 St. Marks Road, Devonshire; 737-1066;

Custom Detailing: Ziebart
For some, having their vehicle look and feel good is just as important as how fast it goes and for them Ziebart is the place to go. With a highly professional team taking care of detailed treatments for both interiors and exteriors as well as paint coating and protection against rust, your vehicle will come out looking brand-new. One judge loved their commitment to their customers, exclaiming that “they also will follow-up like crazy,” making sure even months later that their detailing is still up to quality.
11 Mill Reach Lane, Pembroke; 295-2886;

Friendliest Customer Service: Ziebart, Rubis East Broadway, Tuck Shop, Klassiq Kidz Boutique, H2O Sports, Bermuda Cancer and Health, Josh at Lindo’s Warwick, Spine and Sport, and Portofino
As one judge said, “Bermuda you’ve shown up this year and you’re doing amazing.” The customer service from all of the above-named was singled out not just for its high quality but as a central reason for becoming a regular at these shops and services.

Bermuda-Made Product: Limestone & Cedar
There are few things as distinctly Bermudian as a candle from Limestone & Cedar which can bring that outdoor Bermudian fragrance indoors. Inspired by Bermuda’s own natural environment, each candle has been specifically crafted to recreate some aspect of the island from Pink Sand to Crystal Caves to even Tank Rain. Also available are wax melts and houseware to perfectly compliment the candles on offer, all of which create distinct aromas, and generate feelings, that can’t be found anywhere else.

Best Staycation: Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa
When you’re looking for a weekend getaway without leaving Bermuda, Cambridge Beaches has the most to offer any island local. With four private beaches, three on-site restaurants, a full-service spa and sports centre, the hotel has much to accommodate anyone looking for a break from home life.
30 King’s Point Road Somerset; 1 844-288-2121;

Home Appliances: Joshua Bate Trading Bermuda
Joshua Bate Trading already has an excellent selection of home appliances but, where they stand out, is that you can readily import whatever directly through them, providing a near unlimited inventory. Three decades worth of relationships with international suppliers makes them one of the best stops for appliances in Bermuda, along with solid customer service staff who take you through all the steps required to get your orders in your hand.
7 Marsh Lane, Devonshire; 236-7866;

Thrift Store: It’s a TIE!
Hidden Treasures
The stated goal of Hidden Treasures is to modernise the thrift shop experience, to feel “new” even if the products on sale aren’t. Nothing about what’s on sale or the style of the store gives off an “old” feeling, but rather feels like a good boutique storefront. Working as a charity as well as a for-profit store, Hidden Treasures has entrepreneurial programmes to support youth in business and it should only continue in its mission as it moves along.
60 Middle Road, Warwick;

Like Hidden Treasures, Restart was praised by the judges for its “retail store” feel. The store specialises in selling fashion and children’s toys while helping to assist Christian youth organisations. Clean, organised and with a varied selection, it’s a place any budget-minded shopper shouldn’t miss.
16 Harvey Road, Paget; 232-9673;

Car Sales: Auto Solutions
As one of the leading car dealers in Bermuda, Auto Solutions has once again been chosen as the best in car sales. They feature the widest selection of cars to pick from and feature most major car brands. A strong team of technicians will assist you in making the right choice for your needs.
61 St. John’s Road, Pembroke; 295-5000;

Bike Sales: Scooter Mart
For the fourth year in a row, you can’t beat Scooter Mart for your biking needs. Serving over 10,000 happy customers with its high-quality service selling bikes both new and used. One of the few places on-island where you can view their inventory and buy online if you wish, it is a convenient and varied source for a new ride.
2 Lover’s Lane, Paget; 232-2453;

Green Company or Initiative: Salt + Cedar
If you’re looking for beauty products that are naturally sourced and eco-friendly, then Salt + Cedar should be right up your alley. Founder Andrea Fubler specifically searches for the best products with the cleanest environmental impact, believing that you don’t have to sacrifice nature just to look and feel good. It’s a store that proves sustainability is easier to reach than many of us imagine.
Emporium Building, 69 Front Street; 824-7258;

Solar Panels: Greenlight Energy
Greenlight Energy hopes to make the process of going solar as easy and comprehensible as possible, not only selling solar panels but also helping to install them. Greenlight wishes to make room for energy that can be cheaper and more reliable than traditional fossil fuels.
Cavendish House, 2 Spurling Hill; 295-3033;

Pest Control: Eco Pest Bermuda
One of the downsides with Bermuda is sharing the island with various critters of all sizes. It is here that Eco Pest steps up—winning this award two years in a row—with a team of pros ready to walk into any home or business and carefully take care of any and all pest issues at an economic price point. And importantly, Eco Pest is the first of its kind in Bermuda to use the Green Control method.
3 Cemetery Road, Pembroke; 296,7378;

Plant Nursery: It’s a TIE!
Aberfeldy Nurseries
On their commutes into and out of town, many people see how beautiful Aberfeldy is which has made it a shining beacon for local gardeners. With six decades in business and a vast selection of plants and decor to pick from, you can walk around the gardens for hours without even buying anything and still have a grand time.
3 Pomander Road, Paget; 236-2927;

Green Thumb Bermuda
After reopening and finding new management last year, Green Thumb has arguably never been better. A full-service garden centre now open year-round with a diverse set of plants to pick from and knowledgeable staff to help you learn what must be done to take care of whatever you pick. A Bermudian staple has been rejuvenated and become lively again.
12 Brighton Lane, Devonshire; 236-5862

Julia Kempe – Head of sales and marketing at Riddell’s Bay

Vanessa Bean – Senior interior designer, OBMI
Abstained from voting in the Interior Designer category.

Lindsay Butterfield – General manager, ESC Limited
Abstained from voting in Home Furnishings and Décor category.

Rachael Petty – Freelance marketing strategist

Alexis Roberts – Director of sales and marketing, Cambridge Beaches
Abstained from voting in Best Staycation category.