Welcome to the 33rd annual Best of Bermuda Awards, where the voting public and our distinguished panel of expert judges came together to award the best and most prolific people, places, businesses and organisations that help make our island what it is.

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Award of Excellence: Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio
Food, Drink & Fun

Receiving the most mentions amongst voters and wins in three additional categories this year, Wahoo’s rightfully earns the coveted Award of Excellence for its consistency, friendly waitstaff and “staple” status. Tucked along St. George’s historic Water Street, Wahoo’s invites patrons to dine on the outdoor deck and take in waterfront views overlooking St. George’s Harbour. Owned and operated by Alfred Konrad and Geza Wolf, Wahoo’s won the admiration of our judges for the owners’ “personable” presence at the establishment. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or are a regular, Wahoo’s is “always busy” no matter the season, agree the judges. With fresh fish guaranteed daily in signature dishes like Wahoo Nuggets, Rockfish Picasso and their celebrated fish chowder, “Wahoo’s is the place to be,” as one judge quite simply puts it.
36 Water Street, St. George’s; 297-1307

Award of Excellence: Tuck Shop
Shopping & Services

If other stores tried stretching themselves in as many directions as Tuck Shop, they would probably collapse under the weight of it all. Yet Alicia Tucker’s store has not only succeeded at seemingly everything it has attempted, it is one of the best stores in Bermuda in multiple categories, competing with places that are nowhere near as varied. Going into Tuck Shop can mean you want baked goods, toys, fashion, beauty products and home accessories. None of these things would you associate with one another, but it’s all so lovingly put together that it works and makes for a unique place that nowhere else in Bermuda could even attempt to copy.
Who pulls it all together is Tucker, who one judge described as having “the coolest style.” The store is dripping with her personality and her numerous passions and love for what she does. She’s able to put so much of herself into her store which might be the reason it’s become such a multifaceted place.
235 Middle Road, Southampton; 238-8825

Award of Excellence: Paul Wilmot
People & Places

The winner of this year’s unsung-hero award, Paul Wilmot, represents the best of all Bermudians. He is the man who is “everybody’s favourite neighbour;” the man who “finds a yes in every situation to support and help;” the man who works hard and has his own business, Wilmot Trucking & Excavating, yet is always there when anyone needs him, or his truck, be it to collect trash, help move big, heavy items or just to be a friend.
He “represents the heart of Bermuda,” our judges agreed . “The way we used to be and the way we’re promising our future will be.” His kindness and generosity, they added, isn’t something that has simply emerged over time. “This is the person he has been from day one.”
“These times are very hard and we have someone who’s consistently doing things for people without expectation of reward. That’s something to aspire to. He’s always helping his fellow Bermudians.”

Award of Excellence: Orange Bay Company
Clothing & Accessories

In 2023, our judges all agreed that the Award of Excellence winner had to provide an experience that engaged the senses. They wanted to highlight a store that made customers glad they hadn’t succumbed to the ease of online shopping. Orange Bay Company is a pioneer in creating ambiance. They routinely make some people’s trash look like others’ treasures, with joyful ease. The consignment store expertly weaves together a tapestry of second-hand finds – from furniture to Ferragamo heels – that can entice even the most reticence shopper inside.
Orange Bay Company was commended for bringing life into a whole other part of Hamilton and drawing shoppers to different parts of the city. Another judge recognized the owner Delight Morris “gives back to the community in a big way.” The retailer not only promotes the philosophy of cyclical fashion as a sustainable option, but they also give locals who consign with them extra revenue streams – a benefit that can’t be ignored in the current climate, both ecologically and economically.
45 Victoria Street, Hamilton; 295-5400; www.orangebaycompany.com