During an economic climate that encourages eating in instead of dining out, Red Steakhouse & Bar has managed to do something truly incredible. Led by owners David Madeiros and Rick Olson, Red has distinguished itself with unique décor, extended hours and a creative yet simple menu. Since its launch in November 2012, this singular steakhouse has raised eyebrows, filled tables and attracted a passionate group of followers who are convinced that it is simply the Best of the Best. We are extremely pleased to recognize Red Steakhouse & Bar with an Award of Excellence for their unmatched commitment to culinary perfection and dedication to fine dining. Congratulations on a breakthrough first year!
Red Steakhouse & Bar
55 Front St., Hamilton, 292-7331

Cup of Java
Whether you need an early morning burst of energy or an afternoon pick-me-up, Dangelini’s coffee is hands down the best. This café offers not only a rich, flavourful pot of joe but also an unbeatable view of Hamilton Harbour; located next to the ferry terminal, Dangelini’s always has a bustling and lively atmosphere filled with happy customers and smiling staff. So stroll on in, enjoy the view and savor a cup (or two) of Bermuda’s finest coffee.
8 Front St., Hamilton, 295-5272

Fresh Breads & Pastries
Searching for a sweet treat? Look no further than Miles Market. Tucked away in the corner of this popular grocery store is a bright, expansive selection of flaky pastries, tender muffins and sweet, delicate breads. Particularly tasty are the thick, moist slices of marbled pound cake and delicate chocolate croissants. With so many baked goodies to choose from, you won’t be able to pick just one!
Miles Market
96 Pitt’s Bay Rd., Pembroke, 295-1234

Bargain Breakfast

An early-morning meal that doesn’t break the budget? Easier said than done! Prime’s Place delivers a reasonably priced selection of all our bargain breakfast favourites. Swing by and enjoy a generous plate of eggs, a stack of bacon and a cup of hot coffee—and still have change left over for lunch!
Prime’s Place
25 Victoria St., Hamilton, 295-6923

Favourite Pub
When it comes to providing a great overall pub experience, this year’s judges agree: The Docksider Pub does things right. A long-time fan favourite, Dockies has the friendliest bartenders, a great selection of beverages—bottled and on tap—and a pub menu fit for a king. Watch passersby from the Front Street patio or crack open a beer and enjoy the game inside. Plus darts and beer pong? We’ll see you at Dockies!
The Docksider Pub
121 Front St., Hamilton, 296-3333

Place for a Power Lunch

Successful client schmoozing requires the perfect atmosphere. With its striking red décor, impressive mirror-lined walls and impeccably dressed staff, Bolero Brasserie gives your power lunch a powerful punch. Dine with your client on the exclusive balcony while enjoying an unbeatable view of Front Street below. And did we mention the menu? Nothing says “sign here” like a lunchtime sampling of foie gras, rack of lamb and crème brûlée.
Bolero Brasserie
95 Front St., Hamilton, 292-4507

We love to try new restaurants, we really do. But when it comes to the best hamburger joint in Bermuda, our judges have voted for Dorothy’s Coffee Shop 14 out of 23 times. Hidden up a small alley called Chancery Lane, this classic lunch spot boasts the largest, most succulent patties the island has to offer. Reasonably priced and topped with all your favourite condiments, Dorothy’s burgers are always made fresh to order atop large blacktop stoves. Be sure to arrive early or call ahead—Dorothy’s counter stools are prime real estate during the lunchtime rush!
Dorothy’s Coffee Shop
3 Chancery Lane, Hamilton, 292-1430

Great Sandwich
Gone are the days when a restaurant could slap a couple of pieces of meat and cheese between two slices of bread and call it a day. If you’re looking for a sandwich that is built with love, our judges agree: Tribe Road Kitchen’s immense creations, including the Turkey with a Tan and the Birkenstock, are a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. Chill out in the garden and treat your taste buds to an imaginative menu featuring farm-fresh ingredients and gourmet flavours. Best of all is this lunch spot’s creativity; check out TRK’s active Facebook page for the latest daily updates and specials.
Tribe Road Kitchen
87 Reid St., Hamilton, 734-1637

Lunch Truck
The words “lunch truck” tend to conjure images of cheese-slathered burgers and a handful of greasy fries. Smokin’ Barrel raises the stakes on traditional mobile cuisine, replacing the expected fast-food menu with fresh, flavourful and exciting alternatives. Care for seasoned lamb or pulled pork? Perhaps a filet of local fish or a stack of grilled kebabs? Smokin’ Barrel delivers a menu that makes traditional BBQ look tame. And with incredible aromas always emanating from this big red truck, all you’ll need to do is follow your nose!
Smokin’ Barrel
1 Waterfront Park, Front St., Hamilton, 331-0211

Take-out Deli
It’s 12:15 in the afternoon. You’ve got a meeting at 12:30 and haven’t eaten yet. For a mouthwatering array of quick, tasty items to carry back to the office, there’s only one place to go: Delicious. Located just a short walk from almost anywhere in Hamilton, Bermuda’s best take-out deli offers a wide variety of salads, soups and sandwiches, all made fresh daily. Next thing you know you’ll be bringing back lunch for the whole office. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
20 Church St. (Washington Mall), Hamilton, 295-5890

Fast Food
Step aside, traditional eateries. Bermuda has a new fast food champion. Gold Coast Express in the Rubis Gas Station specializes in quick and convenient cuisine that tastes, as locals say, “vell.” The popular spot serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving everything from sandwiches, baked goods and codfish cakes made fresh daily. So the next time hunger strikes, swing by Gold Coast Express and hook yourself up with a delicious, speedy snack.
Gold Coast Express, Rubis Gas Station
76 South Road, Hill View, Warwick, 232-2020

“Homestyle” doesn’t do justice to the comfort-food classics whipped up at Bermuda’s best diner, The Spot Restaurant. With a simple menu, trusted daily specials and dirt-cheap prices, it’s no surprise that this tried-and-true favourite attracts hundreds of customers before other eateries open their doors. Just a short walk from the shops on Front Street, The Spot welcomes locals and tourists alike, whether it’s seven in the morning or seven in the evening. There’s only one spot to dine when you’re craving the quintessential home-cooked meal.
The Spot Restaurant
6 Burnaby St., Hamilton, 292-6293

Salad/Salad Bar
Healthy-lunch lovers agree: fresh ingredients and lots of variety set award-winning salads apart from the rest. Café 4 delivers not only crisp, leafy mixes but also a wide array of delicious toppings to complete any
creation. Whether you like chewy, crunchy, salty or sweet, there’s a dressing and a flavour combo for you. Forget premade; we choose the handmade salads served at Café 4.
Café 4
18 Queen Street, Windsor Place (Washington Mall), Hamilton, 295-8444

If the words “special roll” send shivers of excitement up your spine, it’s time you check out Bermuda’s best sushi restaurant, Beluga Bar. Serving elegantly wrapped bundles of sticky rice, thin slivers of exquisitely prepared fish and an array of original gourmet sauces, this unusual venue has taken oriental cuisine to a completely new level. The bar area, which wraps around the spiral staircase in the Washington Mall, even offers a one-of-a-kind dining location, perfect for a classy lunch or an elegant dinner. Beluga’s unsurpassed menu and unique atmosphere are sure to impress even the pickiest sushi connoisseur.
Beluga Bar
18 Church St. (Washington Mall), Hamilton, 542-2859

Believe it or not, but pizza is more than just crust, sauce and some cheese thrown on top. At Tribe Road Kitchen, gourmet pies are lovingly prepared from the bottom up, starting with the freshest dough and ending with the finest roasted veggies, seasoned meats and gooiest mozzarella and cheddar. Best of all is TRK’s variety: choose from a long list of creative toppings including bacon, fresh pineapple, onions and white truffle oil. With so many combinations to try, why not invent something new?
Tribe Road Kitchen
87 Reid St., Hamilton, 734-1637

Small Plates
Sea Breeze is a dream come true for the indecisive diner. Want to try a bit of everything without going home stuffed? Choose from an assortment of impeccably prepared tapas, each one gorgeously arranged and seasoned to please your eyes as well as your mouth. There’s no better place to share a meal (literally!) with your friends, family or that special someone.
Sea Breeze
Elbow Beach Hotel, 60 South Shore Road, Paget, 236-3535

Gluten-free Menu
Staying healthy is easy when you dine at Angelo’s Bistro, a relaxed eatery located off Front Street in the Walker Arcade. Angelo’s boasts the best array of delicious options for the gluten-conscious diner, including roasted aubergine salad and grilled salmon. They even serve gluten-free pastas! Yum!
Angelo’s Bistro
Walker Arcade, Front St., Hamilton, 232-1000

Ethnic Cuisine
Ask a Bermudian about “ethnic cuisine” and chances are they’ll start ranting and raving about House of India. For as long as anyone can remember, this fan favourite has championed eclectic, unbeatable Indian food with pages and pages of beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian options. Don’t miss out on the best samosas, curry and chicken tikka masala the island has to offer.  
The House of India
57 North St., Hamilton, 205-6450

Fine Dining

With vintage style and almost 350 years of experience, The Waterlot Inn embodies Bermudian fine dining. Select from a five-star assortment of succulent steaks, juicy chops, seafood classics and an array of masterfully crafted salads and sides; rest assured that each dish is prepared with painstaking care and attention to detail. When paired with an intimate and historic ambience, an incredible sunset view and even a piano serenade, your evening is bound to be unforgettable. Take it from us: The Waterlot Inn is worth every penny.
The Waterlot Inn
101 South Shore Rd., Southampton, 238-8000

Romantic Restaurant

Share a memorable evening with your sweetie at The Point Restaurant and Terrace, Bermuda’s best for a romantic dinner with the one you love. Comfortable chairs, fine linen and stunning murals contribute to an overall ambience that is simply out of this world. And, of course, there’s the gourmet menu; time and again, The Point’s devoted followers vouch for the chef’s fresh yellowfin tuna paired with wasabi mashed potatoes. Dine from one of the luxurious sound-view tables and we guarantee your meal will be one for the scrapbook.
The Point Restaurant & Terrace
60 Tucker’s Point Dr., Hamilton Parish, 298-4000

Enjoy a perfectly arranged table, impeccable décor and a charming yet sophisticated ambience at one of Bermuda’s newest restaurants, Red Steakhouse & Bar. Gaze out across Hamilton Harbour while sipping a martini or savor a heavenly three-course meal at an intimate table for two. No matter the occasion, we recommend Red for an all-around incredible dining experience.
Red Steakhouse & Bar
55 Front St., Hamilton, 292-7331

Hotel Restaurant
Let’s face it: award-winning hotel restaurants aren’t easy to come by. That’s why we recognize Fairmont Southampton’s Jasmine Lounge for its unparalleled selection, service and style. Meet and greet or sit and savor while enjoying live entertainment and a breathtaking view. Whether you’re looking for a few light entrees at lunch, traditional sweets at teatime or a quality dinner and martini at night, Jasmine Lounge is sure to please.
Jasmine Lounge
101 South Shore Rd., Southampton, 238-8000

Sunday Brunch
Highly regarded for their top-of-the-line tourist accommodations, The Reefs also offers the best Sunday brunch in Bermuda. Every weekend the bright, spacious dining room is transformed into an elegant celebration of fine food and great company. Sample a little bit of everything from their vast, themed buffets or choose from a few of their made-to-order stations. Full plates, friendly waiters and a fabulous view—what more could you want on a Sunday afternoon? Just don’t forget your mimosa!
The Reefs
56 South Shore Rd., Southampton, 238-0222

Kid-friendly Restaurant

Cheesy pizza and spaghetti, Shirley Temples and a crew of gung-ho wait staff—it’s no wonder La Trattoria has yet again been voted best on the island for kid-friendly dining. If you’re looking for an all-around enjoyable night out that will make the whole family happy, this Italian classic will hook you up. Need to plan a fun, stress-free birthday party? La Trattoria can help with that, too. Great food and lots of smiles are always on the menu.
La Trattoria
22 Washington Lane, Hamilton, 295-1871

Private Dining Room

The king of private dining has been crowned: yet again, Harry’s restaurant claims the title for their elite, reservations-only dining accommodations. Harry’s elegant and exclusive dinner area seats up to 10 and is perfect for a gathering of close friends, colleagues or business A-listers. Special parties are invited to enjoy an intimate private-dining experience surrounded by an extensive wine cellar and beautiful décor. Relish a secret meal at this one-of-a-kind venue and—shhh—don’t worry, we’ll never tell!
96 Pitt’s Bay Rd., Pembroke, 292-5533

Out-of-Hamilton Eatery
If you’re looking for great eats and are up for a trek, you must, must, must try Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio, Bermuda’s best out-of-Hamilton eatery. Located in St. George’s, this seafood restaurant offers the finest, freshest locally caught classics including lobster and (of course) wahoo. Indulge in the island’s favourite dish, fish chowder, or opt for something equally delicious like fish tacos or shrimp harissa. Getting to Wahoo’s may be a mission for some, but we’re sure your meal will be well worth the drive.
Wahoo’s Bistro & Pati
36 Water St., St. George’s, 297-1307

Place for an Al Fresco Meal

As the sun sets on another beautiful summer evening, enjoy an al fresco meal at the one-of-a-kind Mickey’s Bistro. Situated directly on the sand below Elbow Beach Hotel, Mickey’s offers a wide assortment of fresh fish, hearty pastas and tropical cocktails. The open-air restaurant even caters events. Our judges agree: there’s no better way to spend a special al fresco meal than with your loved one at Mickey’s on the beach.
Mickey’s Bistro
Elbow Beach Hotel, 60 South Shore Road, Paget, 236-9107

Cake Maker
From the delicate moist crumb to the last dollop of frosting, Sugar Rush has distinguished itself as Bermuda’s finest purveyor of indulgent desserts. Expertly crafted birthday, wedding and celebratory cakes are layered in smooth sheets of fondant, decorated with intricate swirls of icing and drizzled with gourmet glazes. No matter the occasion, Sugar Rush is sure to satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth.
Sugar Rush
2 Lusher Lane, Warwick, 236-6171

Fresh Local Fish
When it comes to offering fresh, local fish, Bermudians agree: Miles Market has a reputation for excellence. Choose from an array of expertly filleted ocean fare, ranging from wahoo and snapper to hogfish. Unparalleled attention to variety and freshness makes Miles indispensible when we just don’t have time to catch dinner ourselves.
Miles Market
96 Pitt’s Bay Rd., Pembroke, 295-1234

Local Fruits & Veg

If it comes from the ground, chances are Tom Wadson grows it. Spread across 20 acres of Bermudian soil, Wadson’s Farm cultivates over 50 different types of organic fruits and veggies. Bananas, broccoli, carrots and onions—pick out your own freshly harvested produce directly from the family farm in Southampton. A tasty variety of Wadson’s products can be found in supermarkets across the island as well as from their roadside stand in Whale Bay three days a week.
Wadson’s Home Farm Market
10 Luke’s Pond Rd., Southampton, 238-1862


Quick, helpful service and an unbeatable selection to boot—this year’s award for best butcher goes to our local one-stop shop, The Supermart. Whether you’re cooking a favourite dish for a crowd or trying something new, count on the hardworking crew manning the butcher’s block to provide excellent cuts and reasonable prices.
The Supermart
125 Front St., Hamilton 292-2064

In life there are passions and there are professions. For Randolph Furbert (AKA Beekeeper Number 5), making honey is both a great love and a lively business. Beginning with just a single apiary in late 1980s, Furbert has expanded his bee collection to include hives spread from St. George’s to Somerset. With unwavering dedication, he has singlehandedly helped to establish Bermudian honey as something altogether delectable and exotic. Pick up your own bottle of this golden delicacy from supermarkets across the island or directly from the Honey House in Bailey’s Bay.
Honey from “Beekeeper Number 5”
Chartwell Apiaries, Bailey’s Bay, 293-0031

Maitre D’
There can be only one winner in the always fierce, always competitive battle for Bermuda’s best Maitre D’. For the second year in a row, Maz Shabdeen at Port O’ Call has emerged victorious. Handling the hustle and bustle of restaurant business with efficiency and finesse, it’s no surprise that foodies trust Maz for an incredible dining experience every time.
Maz Shabdeen at Port O’ Call
87 Front St., Hamilton, 295-5373


The award for Bermuda’s best bartender is given only to the most boisterous, friendly, knowledgeable and attentive mixologist on the island. One thing’s for sure: this year’s winner, Robbie Tucker at Port O’ Call, can mix a mean cocktail. Early or late, weekday or weekend, we trust Robbie to blend the tastiest drinks this side of the Pecos.
Robbie Tucker at Port O’ Call
87 Front St., Hamilton, 295-5373

Friendliest Wait Staff

Waves, smiles and a chorus of warm hellos—from the moment you enter Bolero Brasserie, you are treated like royalty. Whether you’re planning a client lunch or a casual dinner, trust the outgoing and attentive crew at Bolero to take care of your every need.  
Bolero Brasserie
95 Front St., Hamilton, 292-4507

Creative Cocktails
Leave it to Barracuda Grill to concoct the most fanciful and inventive drinks Bermuda has ever seen. These creative cocktails aren’t just delicious, they’re also gorgeous, decadent and probably dangerous. Candied oranges in sweet vermouth? Strawberry, elderflower and green-tea liqueurs? Don’t ask what’s in it, just try something different. Go on, we dare you!
Barracuda Grill
5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-1609

Well-Chosen Wine List
Every savvy wine enthusiast knows that The Waterlot Inn boasts the best assortment of reds, whites and everything in between. A delicate swirl. A careful sniff. A long, thoughtful swish across the tongue. For a masterfully crafted selection of wines to complement an unmatched dining experience, look no further than the one and only Waterlot Inn.
The Waterlot Inn
101 South Shore Rd., Southampton, 238-8000

Place to Catch a Film
There’s no better way to escape the sweltering summer than to retreat indoors and enjoy a movie. Speciality Cinemas has yet again been crowned Bermuda’s best place to catch a film. The widest assortment of snacks and hot food, awesome seats with plenty of room and, most importantly, the latest and greatest new releases—we’ll meet you at Speciality!
Speciality Cinemas
12 Church St., Hamilton, 292-2135

Place to Watch Televised Sports
Wide screens. Check. High def. Check. Walls and walls of TVs showing every sport imaginable? Double check. Go ahead, peel yourself off your couch and join us at Flanagan’s Outback Sports Bar, the best place in Bermuda to share a drink and root for your team.
Flanagan’s Outback Sports Bar
Emporium Building, 69 Front St., Hamilton, 295-8299

Best Dramatic Production
This year’s best dramatic production was undoubtedly After Juliette, a brilliantly executed show by the talented students of Saltus Grammar School. The impressive production portrayed a unique and enjoyable twist on a familiar Shakespearean story and, our judges agree, was performed to perfection. To all those involved in the production: bravo! After Juliette was truly one of a kind.
After Juliette by Saltus Grammar School

Happiest Happy Hour
Celebrate the end of another successful week at Lemon Tree, the adored host of Bermuda’s happiest happy hour. Situated right on the corner of Front and Queen Streets, this boisterous bar boasts affordable drinks in a charming and unique park setting. Stroll by on a Friday around sundown and you’re bound to notice a lively and good-humoured ruckus. Lemon Tree is not only a great beginning to a night on the town but also a true “staple on the crawl.”
Lemon Tree
7 Queen St., Hamilton, 292-0235

Pick-up Bar
Bring a car or a bike and you’re almost guaranteed to score a new “friend” at Dockyard’s boastiest venue, Snorkel Park. Located at the very western tip of our (admittedly tiny) island, there’s no better spot to
capitalize on the drunk and the desperate. Sure, you could rely on your charm, your dance skills, your one-of-a-kind style and good looks, or you could just offer one of the many stranded ace girls (or ace boys) a ride home. Classy.
Snorkel Park
Snorkel Park Beach, Royal Naval Dockyard, 234-6989

Musician/Musical Group
This year’s award for Bermuda’s best musical group goes to the unusual and entertaining blues crew named Bones. Consisting of Graham Pewter, David Skinner, Andrew Chamberlain, Neil Burnie and Leroy Richardson, Bones blends instrumental and vocal stylings to produce a unique blend of funky and original tunes that are easy on the ear and good for the soul. Come out and catch one of their raucous live shows for a fun-filled night of memorable music and unforgettable entertainment.

Place to Shake a Leg

There’s a time for sports bars, a time for the movies and a time for an intimate meal. But when you have an insatiable urge to shake a leg, there’s no better place than The Cellar. With entertainingly retro décor and a hoppin’ LED dance floor, you can get your groove on in style at the Fairmont’s hottest nightclub.
The Cellar
Fairmont Southampton, 101 South Shore Rd., Southampton, 238-8000

Place to Hear Live Music

Sure you can catch a show or two at other bars around town, but no other venue competes with the variety of live music that Chewstick regularly has to offer. Bring a friend and grab a seat (or steal the stage on open-mic night) and experience the best of Bermuda’s eclectic musical culture. Everyone is invited!
28 Elliott St., Hamilton, 292-2439

Coolest Café

Known simply as CVs, this year’s coolest café has that special something that sets it apart from the rest. Could it be the décor? The waffles? Perhaps the bongos or poetry-reading sessions? One thing’s for sure: Conscious Vibes Café has a selection of coffees and blended drinks that will make your day irie.
Conscious Vibes Café
Water St., St. Georges, 297-0208

Tasty Take-Out

What’s better than take-out? Portofino’s take-out. Whether you’re craving a handmade pizza, fresh local fish or authentic Italian pasta, trust this fan favourite to be fast, friendly and flexible with your order. A delicious dinner really doesn’t get any easier!
Portofino Take Out
20 Bermudiana Rd., Hamilton, 292-2375

Codfish Breakfast

Codfish breakfast is serious business. Do it right and you’ll be loved, praised, even worshipped; do it wrong and locals are sure to give you a piece of their minds! The Paraquet delivers the perfect combination of salted, boiled codfish, fried onion and stewed tomatoes. Paired with various accompaniments such as banana, avocado and toast, there’s just no finer embodiment of Bermudian cuisine than a weekend codfish breakfast at Paraquet.
68 South Shore Rd., Southampton, 236-9742

Fish Chowder
We love codfish breakfast and adore “fish pon bun,” but heaven forbid we forget the time-honoured tradition of Bermudian fish chowder. This year we salute Wahoo’s Bistro for their perfectly simmered rendition of the island favourite. Stop by and enjoy a flavourful bowl of this dark, hearty soup. We guarantee it will be unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.
Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio
36 Water St., St. George’s, 297-1307

Fish Sandwich

Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy is the very definition of “hidden gem.” Year after year, this tiny eatery in Pembroke is recognized for its downright impressive fish sandwiches. Golden, deep-fried fish fillets are slathered with dollops of mayonnaise and tartar sauce and served with love between enormous slices of fresh bread. Finish just one of these babies and you’ll be stuffed for days!
Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy
9 St. Monica’s Rd., Pembroke, 295-3965

Local Fare (Real Bermuda Food)

When you’re in Bermuda, eat where the locals do at Black Horse Tavern, one of the island’s best-kept culinary secrets. Located at the very tip of St. David’s Island, Black Horse offers the gamut of traditional cuisine including fish chowder, fish sandwiches and even conch fritters. If you’re craving authentic, fresh Bermudian fare, take a drive down the country and experience “de real ting”!
Black Horse Tavern
101 St. David’s Road, St. David’s Island, 297-1991


Christopher Vanderhyden, Makeup artist, The Club

Ann Spencer Arscott, Director of Bermuda Red Cross

Marcus George, DJ Chubb at VIBE 103

Rachel Sawden, Founder of BermyDeals and Bermuda Loyalty

Robert Pantry, Event organizer, Burnt House Productions