Award of Excellence 

Every aspect of Marcus’ is beautifully conceptualised and perfectly executed, from its impeccably designed minimalistic interiors to the globally influenced cuisine, dense with Caribbean flavour. Even the establishment’s signature cocktail, Darker and Stormier, with its accoutrement of fresh ginger is a spirited exaggeration on the typical dining experience. Owner, chef and the restaurant’s namesake Marcus Samuelsson conceived of Marcus’ after the immense success of his pop-up restaurant, Samuelsson, at the same location, Hamilton Princess and Beach Club, in the summer of 2014. The menu at Marcus’ subtly pays homage to the unique gastronomy of the restaurant’s island home. Menu items include grilled Bermuda onion, fish chowder bites, the catch of the day cooked to perfection on a wood-burning grill, lobster tostadas and a local fish tartar. The dining experience at Marcus’ is entertaining but never outlandish and always speaks for itself, the narrative being that a great restaurant never comprises just one thing, rather it requires the perfect amalgamation of inspiration, flavour, setting and patronage, of all of which Marcus Samuelsson is master.
76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton, 295-3000


Coolest Coffee Shop 

Rock Island Coffee
Since its founding twenty years ago, Rock Island Coffee has been welcoming the masses with open doors and plenty of caffeinated beverages, many of which are brewed from artisanal in-house roasts. The hip establishment has always lent itself faultlessly to a younger, artsy crowd, but they aren’t the only ones enjoying Rock Island Coffee on a daily basis; in fact, the diversity of the coffee shop’s consumers is one of its best attributes. The little coffee shop on Reid seems to abide by an unspoken philosophy: Come as you are; everyone is welcome here.
48 Reid Street, Hamilton, 296-5241


Cup of Java 

Devil’s Isle Café
Triumphing in this category for the second consecutive year, Devil’s Isle Café prides itself on the superiority of its specialty coffees and its belief in simple, honest and real ingredients. Each of its blends is hand-roasted on-island and incorporates Arabica beans and organic, fair-trade ingredients, and is certified by the Rainbow Alliance and UTZ, global initiatives awarding products for their environmental, social and economic sustainability.
19 Burnaby Street, Hamilton, 292-3284


Fresh Breads and Pastries 

Miles Market
It’s impossible to make a good sandwich without the right bread, just as it’s impossible to start the morning successfully on coffee alone. The breads and pastries section at Miles Market reads like a Parisian patisserie, with macaroons, tarts, gateaux and all the scrumptious fresh breads waiting to be enjoyed. To anyone with a taste bud, there’s no question why Miles Market has come out on top in this category thrice since 2009.
96 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton, 295-1234



Tribe Road Kitchen
While we hurriedly consume any morsel we can before heading out the door on weekdays, taking time to enjoy breakfast has become an indulgence specific to the weekend and one that Tribe Road Kitchen has honed. Serving breakfast all day on Saturdays and Sundays, the chefs at TRK, as it’s lovingly known, serve up chicken and waffles, eggs Benedict, huevos rancheros and plenty of other good eats to their customers who reappear each weekend, ravenous and reliable.
Cavendish Road, Hamilton, 734-1637


Favourite Pub 

Hog Penny
Since 1957, the Hog Penny Restaurant and Pub has been the face of Burnaby Hill, turning out good fare and worthy cheer to all who revel in its old-school style. The classically British pub is adorned in dark wood, taxidermy and a lively patronage that turns out religiously for the rowdy atmosphere, made better by the sounds of resident rock and roller Will Black.
5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-2534


Power Lunch 

The Red Carpet Bar and Restaurant
Power lunch with the professionals at the Red Carpet Bar and Restaurant, perhaps Bermuda’s best-kept secret when it comes to lunchtime. Retrograde in its ambiance, the Red Carpet serves the who’s who of Bermuda, including the islands most tenacious lawyers and mighty politicians who choose the Reid Street establishment for the impeccable and timely service. When lunching requires efficiency and hearty meals, the Red Carpet serves it up powerfully.
37 Reid Street, Hamilton, 292-6195



Here ye, here ye, the award for best burger has found its new home, and that is at Marcus’. With the closure of Dorothy’s Coffee Shop, we wondered how long it would take our judges to honour a new winner in this category. The result: not very long. It seems the Pitt’s Bay Burger at Marcus’, a delectable blend of aged cheddar, world-famous rooster sauce and Neuskie’s bacon make this burger a cut above the rest.
76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton, 295-3000


Great Sandwich 

Hickory Stick
Piled high with your choice of filling, added accoutrements and extra mayo, the made-to-order sandwiches from Hickory Stick are renowned island-wide. Despite the wide scope of its ever-changing lunchtime competition, Hickory Stick remains true to its philosophy of great food at great value, defining exactly what a delicatessen should be.
2 Church Street, Hamilton, 292-1781

Photograph by Ann Spurling


Lunch Truck 

JorJay’s Takeout
Each day, never mind the time, there is a lineup for JorJay’s Takeout, the red-and-white lunch truck positioned in the parking lot across from The Supermart on Front Street. Flipping over one hundred patties per day, the family-run mobile eatery is appreciated for their Bermudian-influenced fast food, serving up burgers, fish cakes, sandwiches and fries to their hungry customers who stop by daily and even nightly, with the truck open until 4:00 a.m. on weekends—un-flippin’-believable!


Lunch on the Go 

Nonna’s Kitchen
Since opening their doors three years ago, Norma Thompson and her staff at Nonna’s Kitchen have perfected the art of delicious, healthy and conscious food on the fly. With hearty chili and soup, pot pies made fresh daily, an endless salad bar with all the trimmings and gluten-free cornbread that is legendary, even the busiest of people make time in their hectic schedules to visit Nonna’s Kitchen for a lunchtime fix.
4 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, 295-7687



The Paraquet Restaurant
Diner-style dining may not be as prevalent as it was in yesteryear but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Just ask the devoted consumer base of The Paraquet Restaurant, the family run eatery located in Paget. Each day from 8:00 a.m. until midnight, this much-loved local staple serves up home-style cooking with all the fixings, including codfish and potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers and ice-cream sundaes.
68 South Shore Road, Paget, 236-9742



The Waterlot Inn
Frequently praised for its steaks and chops, The Waterlot Inn has another culinary trick up its chef’s-jacket sleeve: the Waterlot Caesar, made tableside for two. Conceived as the perfect dish to compliment award-winning entrées, the restaurant’s Caesar has become a favourite dish in its own right. With salty anchovies, aromatic garlic, the finest romaine lettuce, grated Parmesan and crusty, golden croutons, this artful salad deserves every morsel of attention it receives.
Fairmont Southampton, 101 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-8000


Salad Bar 

Miles Market
The salad bar at Miles Market isn’t an ordinary salad bar. The salad bar at Miles Market is extraordinary—not unlike the store itself, in business since 1862. With daily offerings of spinach, pine nuts, dried cranberries, fresh mozzarella and pitted olives, among many other palatable options, the salad bar at Miles Market is straight-up fancy, the envy of all other salad bars.
96 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton, 295-1234



Beluga Bar
Matteo Gilardoni and Sammy Wong at Beluga Bar are a dynamic pair, having first introduced Bermuda to what they call “fusion sushi” in 2010. Their signature style incorporates traditional Japanese sushi with western flavours and an occasional nod to Bermudian cuisine. Always innovating and creating, Beluga Bar is favoured for their lionfish and hogfish sashimi, Japanese pizza and the chef’s namesake, the Sammy roll.
Washington Mall, 18 Church Street, Hamilton, 542-2859



Rustico Restaurant and Pizzeria
With pizza in its name, Rustico Restaurant and Pizzeria makes it known what its specialty is. In the heart of Flatts, Rustico’s chefs knead, sauce and top their pies to perfection with a selection of quality ingredients. From the simple (pizza Margherita) to the sublime (our judges’ favourite, the Rustico special, topped with tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham, rucola and shaved parmesan) the chefs at Rustico serve perfection every time.
8 North Shore Road, Flatts, 295-5212
Honourable Mention: Tribe Road Kitchen

Small Plates 

Sea Breeze
During the summer months, Sea Breeze in the Lido Complex at Elbow Beach is the most idyllic place to enjoy an alfresco meal. With the balmy summer air and panoramic views of the Atlantic, tucking into a glass of rosé and the restaurant’s award-winning tapas menu is obligatory. Meant to be shared, the sumptuous yet simple dishes like warm octopus, pork ribs, crostini and oysters are the perfect compliment to an already impressive amalgamation.
60 South Shore Road, Paget, 232-3999


Gluten-Free Menu 

The Dockyard Pastry Shop
Celiacs rejoice! Described by one judge as “the best place in Dockyard for food,” The Dockyard Pastry Shop is remarkable. The small restaurant is seemingly always busy, taking care to serve each customer with a friendly smile and darn good food. Catering specially to their celiac patrons, The Dockyard Pastry Shop has gluten-free sandwiches, cakes, tarts and fudge, and ensures that cross contamination is never a possibility.
12 Dockyard Terrace, Sandys, 232-2253

Photograph by Meredith Andrews


Ethnic Cuisine 

House of India
Bold flavours and magnificent blends of rich, aromatic spices are the staples of House of India, Bermuda’s premier Indian-dining eatery since it’s opening in 1995. The owners, husband and wife team Ashok Uppal and Geri Rodrigues, equate House of India’s success with their talented team of chefs and servers. In the last twenty years the restaurant, located on North Street in the City of Hamilton, has sustained a level of success many restaurants struggle to attain, providing a lunch buffet, as well as full-service dining and a bustling take-out service that never seems to cease.
57 North Street, Hamilton, 205-6450
Honourable Mention: Spring Garden Restaurant and Bar


Fine Dining 

The Waterlot Inn
Nearly as old as her island home, The Waterlot Inn is an icon in Bermuda. For nearly 350 years, the legendary fine-dining establishment has stayed relevant, garnering numerous awards and accolades (many from this publication), including AAA Four Diamond and Wine Spectator awards. The secret to The Waterlot Inn’s success is simple: Evolve over time—without losing sight of who and what you are. 
Fairmont Southampton, 101 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-8000


Romantic Restaurant 

The Dining Room
Question anyone who has been on a date at The Dining Room and they’ll tell you, it’s an arduous task not to fall in love with your dining partner. The setting atop Gibb’s Hill, with its views of white roofs dotting the landscape and the surrounding sprawling Atlantic, is enough to jolt even the hardest of hearts.
68 St Anne’s Road, Southampton, 238-8679



Red Steakhouse and Bar
The character and atmosphere at Red Steakhouse and Bar is akin to its philosophy of consolidating old-world charm and new-world dining. Adorned in its signature colour, Red Steakhouse and Bar is equal parts sophisticated and playful, with classic steakhouse options and an energetic lounge with an ample supply of elegance and panache. Whether lunchtime, late afternoon, evening or wee hours of the morning, Red Steakhouse turns out impeccable flair and unbeatable vibes.
55 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-7331


Hotel Restaurant 

Hamilton Princess and Beach Club has long been one of Bermuda’s best-loved hotels, but since it was acquired by the Green family and granted a comprehensive renovation, it has taken on a more youthful, contemporary identity, furthered by the opening of Marcus’ in May 2015. The start of the now-popular restaurant was marked by a celebration inclusive of fireworks and much fanfare. In the time since, the praise for the harbourside eatery has not ceased, garnering attention from Travel & Leisure, Forbes, and Costal Living magazines, not to mention anyone lucky enough to have been granted a reservation.
76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton, 295-3000


Sunday Brunch 

The Sunday brunch at Marcus’ is much like the restaurant itself: fresh, inspired and downright good. With a selection that includes codfish and potatoes, antipasto, a raw bar and bottomless champagne, Sunday brunch at Marcus’ is more contemporary and hip than the brunching frenzies we’re used to in Bermuda—and that’s just fine by us.
76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton, 295-300


Kid-Friendly Restaurant 

La Trattoria Restaurant and Pizzeria
Whether it’s a matter of actual kids or the overgrown variety, La Trattoria Restaurant and Pizzeria is undoubtedly the place for kids and kids-at-heart. Forever a winner in this category, nobody can seat a table of fifteen rambunctious children quite like the Tratt.
23 Washington Lane, Hamilton, 295-1877


Private Dining Room 

The Point, Rosewood Tucker’s Point
A private dining experience has to incorporate three things: magnificent service, a stunning setting and an artistic and well-executed menu. The Point at Rosewood Tucker’s Point, with its old-world charm and faultless silver service, is the rightful place for any private dining experience, no matter the occasion.
Rosewood Tucker’s Point, Tucker’s Town, 298-4070


Out-of-Town Eatery 

Tempest Bistro
Tempest Bistro excels in creating a magnificent dining experience, complete with delicious French cuisine and an old-world atmosphere lent to the restaurant by its old carriage house location on Water Street in St. George’s. Owned and run by the same team as award-winning Mad Hatters, Tempest Bistro has become a favourite in the little town and a primary reason to visit.
22 Water Street, St. George’s, 297-0861


Porch and Patio Dining 

Mickey’s Beach Bistro
Open seasonally from April until October, Mickey’s Beach Bistro brings together Bermuda’s most treasured natural elements. The sound of the waves rolling endlessly a mere few dozen feet from where you sit is complimented by the open-air setting, playing host to a warm salty breeze and the twinkly stars overhead. The menu at Mickey’s Beach Bistro perfectly reflects the restaurant’s natural setting, offering a fresh and appetizing seafood menu, many items from which are prepared using fish caught locally.
60 South Shore Road, Paget, 236-9107


Cake Maker 

Sweet P
Celebrated for serving a stunning afternoon tea twice weekly at The Bermuda Perfumery in St. George’s, Paula Hayward, the woman behind Sweet P, masterfully creates delectable and decadent cakes, macaroons and petit fours, piped intricately with creamy icing and decorated lavishly in silver and gold leaf. Each treat that emerges from Sweet P’s dreamy kitchen is a work of scrumptious art.

Photograph by Scott Tucker


Fresh Local Fish 

Jim and Blake West
Each morning before dawn, father and son, Blake and Jim West of Earlybird Charters, depart Bailey’s Bay aboard their boat Troubadour, heading to the banks to do what they do best, catch some fish. They are rewarded heavily for their long days out on the water, bringing home wahoo and yellow fin tuna, available for sale from their homestead, West Point, in Shelly Bay. Anyone who knows the Wests knows that fishing is not just an occupation for them; it is a way of life, and the father-and-son team commit to sustainable fishing practices, including using only hook and line to reel in their catches.


Local Fruits and Veg 

Windybank Farm
For three generations, the Smith family has owned and worked Windybank Farm, producing quality fruits and vegetables for local families and restaurants. Open Monday through Saturday, Windybank Farm’s own farm store is a source of seasonal produce, eggs from cage-free chickens, baked goods, flowers and more. Husband-and-wife team Malcolm and Julie are a dynamic pair, redefining farm-to-table in Bermuda.
3 Windybank Road, Smith’s, 292-1587



The Supermart
For long-time tradesmen, the butchers at The Supermart are adept at adjusting to the times, keeping up with contemporary tastes and primal cuts, earning them the top spot in this category twelve times in the last sixteen years.
125 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-2064


Maitre D’ 

Florian Neururer at Harbourfront Restaurant
Florian Neururer always remembers his customers, no matter how infrequently they visit Harbourfront Restaurant. Welcoming, hospitable and accommodating, Neururer runs the front-of-house like a well-oiled machine, seating guests, managing his staff and ensuring the quality of the dining experience at Harbourfront Restaurant, seemingly effortlessly.
40 Crow Lane, Hamilton, 295-4207



Ryan Gibbons
Ryan Gibbons, head bartender at Barracuda Grill, is a master mixologist, taking a culinary approach to creating cocktails. With cocktail culture firmly garnering limitless attention, being able to turn out consistently inspired and extraordinary concoctions as Gibbons does is no easy feat.
5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-1609


Friendliest Wait staff 

Harry’s Restaurant
While a restaurant’s wait staff are not culinary experts, they are masters in their own right.  Good wait staff focus their time on creating a kind of theatre of laying linens, seating their guests and serving them dinner, all culminating in a memorable event for the restaurant’s clientele. The wait staff at Harry’s Restaurant are individuals with a passion for creating well-balanced experiences. For any restaurant to be successful, both master chefs and master servers are essential.
96 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton, 292-5533


Creative Cocktail Menu 

Twisted Spoon Cocktail Co.
Bermuda’s first full-service mobile craft cocktail bar is the brainchild of local mixologists Stefan Gitschner and Somers Carr. Dubbed Twisted Spoon Cocktail Co., the bar and its always-innovative tenders is dedicated to creating unique libations using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Their menu is flush with hibiscus, homemade ginger beer and freshly concocted agaves and syrups using local berries and citrus picked by hand.


Well-Chosen Wine List 

The Waterlot Inn
A good meal is complimented by a well-chosen wine list, the best of which belongs to The Waterlot Inn. The award-winning repertoire is plump with a variety of selected wines from around the world, ranging in acidity, blend and body.
Fairmont Southampton, 101 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-8000


Place to Catch a Film 

Movies on the Beach
Bermuda’s Moonlight Movie Series is a seasonal outdoor cinema event, featuring family-friendly entertainment at Bermuda’s local parks and beaches. Families join in from near and far, with blankets, folded chairs and plenty of snacks to enjoy feature films at picturesque locations.


Place to Watch Televised Sports 

Flanagan’s Outback
Sport spectating requires a certain formula to be appreciated. The atmosphere needs to be lively, the drinks ever-flowing and the food, greasy and satisfying. Flanagan’s Outback, the Irish pub’s expansive backroom dedicated to sports reveling, gets it right consistently, making any day spectating worthwhile, win or lose.
96 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-8299


Best Dramatic Production 

The Bermuda National Trust and Gavin Wilson, “A Memorable Evening in Bermuda”
The Bermuda National Trust’s intimate candlelight dinner theatre featuring Bermuda’s own Gavin Wilson as Mark Twain was an incredible success. In production from January to April of this year, historical Verdmont was the perfect setting for Wilson’s production of Reminiscences and Other Lies. Drinks selected by Two Rock Wines and a buffet-style dinner by Fourways Catering followed by the performance. The show continues every Monday at the historic Fourways Inn restaurant. Bookings can be arranged  at


Happiest Happy Hour 

Place’s Place
What makes Place’s Place the host of the happiest and best happy hour in Bermuda? The centrally located watering hole serves up fancy-free libations at a fraction of the price of any of the other places in town. When clock-out rolls around on a Friday, Place’s Place is the home for happy, satisfied revelers, toasting the weekend.
43 Dundonald Street, Hamilton, 293-9268


Wine/Liquor Sales 

Gosling’s Wine Cellar
Gosling’s has been generously liberating locals since 1806. The producers of renowned and celebrated Black Seal Rum have long been a trusted source of all that is to be enjoyed by the over-18s, which is why their Wine Cellar on Dundonald Street is the best place on-island to stock up on booze bar-none.
9 Dundonald Street, Hamilton, 295-1123


Pick-Up Bar 

Café Cairo
When the end of the night is nearing and you’ve yet to fill your dance card, head to Café Cairo, the Mecca for single people. The Middle Eastern-themed restaurant and bar is flush with ornate furnishings, hookah pipes and excessive alcohol consumption, making it the perfect venue for late-night romps. For those who remember Rum Runners, the pick-up bar located in the same space decades previously, Café Cairo gives Rum Runners a run for its rum-soaked reputation.
93 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-5155


Musician/Musical Group 

The Wall Street Band
Bermuda’s own The Wall Street Band is an ensemble of some of our island’s best and most talented musicians. The ever-popular band, comprising twelve members, has graced the stages of some the island’s best community and cultural events. Head to The Chewstick Cultural Hub on Front Street in Hamilton to catch the popular band onstage.


Place to Shake a Leg 

The Spinning Wheel
Situated in the heart of Hamilton, The Spinning Wheel has consistently turned out a good time for late-night partiers since the 1970s. Founded by Charles Burgess and Gladwin Ming, the legendary club was named after the widely played song by Blood, Sweat and Tears. Comprising four bars, The Spinning Wheel caters to all at all hours of the night.
33 Court Street, Hamilton, 292-7799


Place to Hear Live Music 

The Chewstick Foundation
Since 2003, The Chewstick Foundation has provided a platform for local talent, hosting Open Mic nights and community events such as Beach Fest, Kite Fest and international tours. The vibes were turned way up at the start of 2015 when The Chewstick Cultural Hub found digs on Front Street, having since become a main attraction on one of Hamilton’s busiest streets. Their plethora of local talent graces the stage on a regular basis, providing Front Street with sounds of K.A.S.E., The Wall Street Band, and Jessie Seymour, with new artists emerging all the time.
81 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-2439


Concert Venue 

Bermuda National Sports Center
The Bermuda National Sports Center (the NSC, as it’s otherwise known) is not only a premier athletic facility, playing host to sporting events such as the Carifta Games, ICC Cricket and the World Rugby Classic, but is a large-scale outdoor entertainment complex, having hosted Tarrus Riley and Black Soil Band as recently as March 2016. With a capacity of 7,000, the NSC was where Beyonce herself graced the stage for the 2008 Bermuda Music Festival. If the NSC is good enough for Queen Bey, it’s good enough for anyone.
50 Frog Lane, Devonshire, 295-8085


Tasty Take-Out 

House of India
Although the dining room at House of India is never empty, the beloved eatery is really appreciated for its take-out service. Each order, seemingly no matter the size, is usually ready within twenty minutes, warm and aromatic and ready to be taken home and devoured.
57 North Street, Hamilton, 205-6450

Photograph by Ann Spurling



Tucker’s Farm Goat Cheese
Tucker’s Farm, located at Hungry Bay, Paget, is home to a small herd of dairy goats, six milkers and one billy. Raised on grains, natural pasture, forage and hay, the goats at Tucker’s Farm produce the essential ingredient for Tucker’s Farm goat cheese. Available in a variety of flavours, the ever-popular goat’s cheese can be found at supermarkets and farm stands island-wide, as well as in a variety of dishes served up in some of Bermuda’s best restaurants.
9 Lagoon Drive Paget, 337-7548
Honourable Mention: Alex & Pete’s Bermuda Artisan Ice Cream


Codfish Breakfast 

Prime’s Place
Indulging in a codfish breakfast is an exploration of Bermudian culture. Each palate-pleasing bite of salty cod and boiled potato is complimented by the accoutrement of onion sauce, egg, avocado and banana. The keeper of the cultural dish this year is Prime’s Place, which valiantly serves up hearty codfish breakfasts every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.
25 Victoria Street, Hamilton, 295-6923


Fish Chowder 

Wahoo’s Bistro and Patio
Much like a codfish breakfast, one cannot get a real taste of Bermuda without experiencing a bowl of piping hot fish chowder. More specifically, one cannot get a real taste of fish chowder without indulging in a bowl from Wahoo’s Bistro and Patio, a first-time winner in this category.
36 Water Street, St. George’s, 297-1307


Fish Sandwich 

Art Mel’s Spicey Dicey
In April of this year, Bermuda lost the beacon of Bermudian culinary culture, Arthur “Butchie” Smith, the man behind Art Mel’s Spicey Dicey and long time favoured fish sandwich. Even Marcus Samuelsson was a fan, telling Forbes magazine in 2014 that the iconic sandwich is “the biggest and best fish sandwich I have ever had.” Over the years, Art Mel’s Spicey Dicey has collected too many Best of Bermuda Awards to count, each one well-deserved and each one an honour to give. 9 St. Monica’s Road, Pembroke, 295-3965


Local Fare 

Lost in the Triangle
Having opened in July 2015, Lost in the Triangle may have set the record for shortest time to Best of Bermuda Award fame. The family-style seafood restaurant located at the old Captain’s Lounge serves up dish after dish of quality local fare at unbeatable prices. Even more deserving of recognition is 15 per cent off for service people, including local police, firefighters, teachers, BELCO and TELCO workers, hotel workers and government and union workers.
13 Reid Street, Hamilton, 296-0094


Smoothie/Juice Bar 

Down to Earth
Those who are on-the-go, and in need of functional food, pick up smoothies and juices made fresh at Down to Earth Health Food. Simply let it be known what you’re in need of, be it a normalised thyroid, alkalised body, stimulated metabolism or just a juicy fix, and the helpful staff at Down to Earth will fix you something the doctor probably did not order, but should have.
56 Reid Street, Hamilton, 292-5639


Social Media 

Sweet SAAK Bakery
With over 4,200 Instagram followers, we dare anyone to question the legitimacy of Sweek SAAK Bakery taking home the gold in this category. Owned and operated by Kamilah Cannonier, Sweet SAAK is a small bakery with a lot of bite. Cannonier is renowned for her cinnamon buns, which are a favourite of Bermuda’s Premier, the Honourable Michael H. Dunkley, JP MP. #WeLoveSweetSAAK
16 York Street, St. George’s, 297-0663



Jonny Roberts and Jessica at Bolero Brasserie
Jonny Roberts and head chef Jessica at Bolero Brasserie are dynamic chefs, working together succinctly to run one of Bermuda’s best and busiest restaurants. Located in an alley just off Front Street, Bolero is not literally a secret but it sure feels like it. The magnificence of each meal is not shouted from the white roofs dotting the island’s landscape; rather, it is something thought about quietly, even long after the meal is finished. For five years, chefs Jonny and Jessica have written the menus, controlled the stock and trained the staff, all culminating in a magnificent experience for the diners of Bolero Brasserie.
9 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-4507


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