It’s been more than 25 years since Angelo Armano and Edmund Smith opened the doors to Ascots Restaurant and welcomed in a loyal patronage and abundant legacy of gastronomic success. The well-established restaurant, on the lush grounds of the Royal Palms Hotel, is a local favourite, ranked number one in Bermuda by TripAdvisor. The menu, described as a gastronomic amalgamation of progressive continental and Mediterranean cuisines, utilises the island’s natural resources, including fresh produce from Bermuda’s farmers and fresh seafood, caught daily. The chefs’ expertise in preparing each ingredient and incorporating it into the daily menu is not without skillful consideration and copious amounts of inspiration.

Ascots is no stranger to Best of Bermuda; we have awarded the restaurant abundantly throughout the years but The Bermudian isn’t the only voice singing its praises: Ascots received the Department of Tourism’s prestigious Bermuda Longtail Merit Award and Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence” recognising the restaurant’s wine list as one of the most outstanding in the world. Ascots not only defines fine dining in Bermuda, it’s a restaurant worthy of praise and honour on a global scale.

24 Rosemont Avenue, Pembroke, 295-9644



Never underestimate the power of a good brew. Sure, in the moment, it tastes good but the influence of a good cup of coffee is so much more than taste alone. It’s the way a good cup of coffee transforms an early morning or a sluggish afternoon into worthy and productive time. Deals are done on a good cup of joe; the best deals are done on a cup of Dangelini’s.

8 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-5272
* Shalini Tucker abstained from voting in this category


Rock Island Coffee

This is the 15th Best of Bermuda Award for Rock Island Coffee (a fourth win in this category alone)—a feat that isn’t surprising to those who frequent the coffee house on Reid. What sets Rock Island Coffee apart from the others isn’t its central location or indoor/outdoor seating—Rock Island is a haven for everyone; the walls, the staff, the patrons don’t discriminate. Everyone is welcome and everyone is embraced. Stepping into Rock Island is a chance to swap stories with someone unfamiliar or bend the ear of a local MP or sit back and take it all in. Simply put, Rock Island is more than just a coffee shop: it’s a community.

48 Reid Street, Hamilton, 296-5241
* Shalini Tucker abstained from voting in this category


Sweet Saak Bakery

Since opening its doors in the little town of St. George in 2012, Sweet Saak Bakery has enjoyed a cult following of sorts. Hungry patrons flock from all parts of the island, not minding the long drive if their sweet cravings are satisfied by warm, sticky cinnamon buns and fresh, homemade breads, scones and croissants. Owner and boss lady Kamilah Cannonier works tirelessly to bake quickly enough to keep up with the high demand, quite a feat when the whole island shows up at your doorstep, salivating and ready to devour.

16 York Street, St. George, 297-0663


Bouchêe Bistro Français

There is “breakfast”: a meal eaten at the start of the day, usually nondescript in appearance, lacking in taste and often consumed in a hurried fashion or in the car on the way to work. And there is “breakfasting”: the act of purposefully sitting down to dine on a delectable spread in the accompaniment of friends, a pleasurable experience. When you’re in search of a break from the monotony of breakfast, take your place at Bouchêe Bistro Français and indulge in “breakfasting”— the right way.

75 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton, 295-5759


Flanagan’s Irish Pub

Although seemingly subtle, the differences between a bar and a pub are mammoth. A pub is not where you go to order specialty cocktails or to schmooze. A pub is where you go pull up a chair,order a pint and catch up with the friends you only ever see atop a barstool. Flanagan’s Irish Pub is the best in Bermuda for the umpteenth time for its beers on tap and incomparable pub-style atmosphere.

Emporium Building, 69 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-8299


Barracuda Grill

Power lunchers amalgamate at Barracuda Grill, Bermuda’s seafood and chops restaurant. More than just an eatery, the always bustling Hamilton lunch spot is the setting for many a business deal, offering a quiet, intimate setting, perfect for a private meeting or client lunch. When deals need to be made, contracts signed and power wielded, Barracuda Grill is the place to lunch and get it done.

5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-1609

Photo credit: Meredith Andrews



Devil’s Isle

“They make kale taste good,” said one judge, when discussing the feats achieved by the chefs at Devil’s Isle. The Burnaby Street hot spot is a lunchtime destination for the who’s who of Bermuda, who often can be seen tucking into the restaurant’s popular salads, including the harvest bowl, Korean bowl and kale Caesar. The restaurant’s commitment to quality, locally sourced, real food means that dining at Devil’s Isle isn’t just trendy and award winning, it’s good for you too.

19 Burnaby Street, Hamilton, 292-3284



Hold it right there, there’s a new sheriff in town and he goes by the name of Bulli: Bulli.Social. Founded on a desire to produce gourmet, perfectly stacked burgers, partners Tyler Nearon and chef Johnny Roberts, owner of Bolero Brasserie, opened Bulli.Social in the summer of 2016. Since then, the Queen Street eatery has shepherded in thousands of ravenous patrons, filling orders of grass fed beef burgers topped with everything from Bermuda Smokehouse brisket, to brie, to poutine, halloumi, bacon jam, fried eggs, sauerkraut and copious amounts of Bulli sauce.

7 Queen Street, Hamilton, 232-BULL


Beluga Bar

Having garnered six Best of Bermuda Awards since opening their doors in 2010, the dynamic duo Matteo Gilardoni and Sammy Wong of Beluga Bar are experts in gastronomic success, blending traditional Japanese sushi with western flavours and Bermuda favourites. Situated conveniently in the Washington Mall, Beluga Bar is acknowledged famously for their Japanese pizza and lionfish sashimi.

Washington Mall, 18 Church Street, Hamilton, 542-2859


Bite Food Truck

Serving up Bermudian-fusion cuisine and home-style cooking, the Bite Food Truck utilises produce from local farms in an effort to support the local farm-totable crusade. Making itself at home on Middle Road, Sandys, at the old Oleander Cycles livery, hungry patrons stop by daily for the truck’s savoury Bermuda fish sandwiches, homemade breads, garden salads, pulled pork sandwiches and traditional Bermuda fish cakes.

8 Middle Road, Sandys, 500-2721


Waterlot Inn

Almost 350 years in the making, the Waterlot Inn at the Fairmont Southampton certainly has historic value, but that doesn’t mean that the restaurant is old-fashioned or passé. In fact, its prestige is noted in its AAA Four Diamond and Wine Spectator awards, solidifying the Waterlot Inn’s position as one of Bermuda’s best to date.

101 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-8000



Any occasion worthy of a celebration is worthy of Ascots’s Wine Dining Room, a private dining room with seating capacity for fourteen. Surrounded by bottles of wine from across the globe, relish the Ascots experience without being interrupted by the restaurant’s general population.

24 Rosemont Avenue, Pembroke, 295-9644


The Spot Restaurant

Nostalgia runs deep at The Spot Restaurant, one of the island’s longest continually operating restaurants, having served worthy sustenance since 1941. Known especially for their hot turkey sandwiches, fish chowder and traditional codfish and potato breakfast, The Spot is a mecca for people of all ages, backgrounds and appetites, no matter how insatiable.

6 Burnaby Street, Hamilton, 292-0962


Nonna’s Kitchen

Healthy lunch-goers on-the-go know the salad bar at Nonna’s Kitchen top to bottom, chock full of fresh produce, found locally when available, protein, nuts, seeds and homemade dressings. Their active clientele load up on their healthy offerings daily in a quest to remain true to a nourishing and wholesome lifestyle, complete with a helping of homemade, gluten-free cornbread for added measure.

4 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, 295-7687


Portofino Restaurant

For 40 years, the Maranzana family have shared their love of Italian food with their patrons, successfully serving up hearty helpings of aromatic pizzas, piled high with an arrangement of sweet and savoury toppings. Their origins were humble, having started out making their now-famous pizzas out of a brick oven at home before establishing the family restaurant on Bermudiana Road. When it comes to pizza, the Maranzanas take it seriously, kneading, saucing and topping perfection for close to a half century.

20 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, 296-0606


Hickory Stick

“Great Sandwich” is an understatement. When it comes to Hamilton’s much-loved and always-busy Hickory Stick, a better-suited award might read: “Truly colossal sandwich, defying the laws of gravity and economy because there’s absolutely no way anyone could find a better value for money islandwide, because ‘Holy cow (pun absolutely intended) that’s a lot of filling for only $5.’” But for the sake of simplicity, “Great Sandwich” will have to do.

2 Church Street, Hamilton, 292-1781


House of India

Sometime in the near future, House of India will have to construct additional wall space to showcase their ever-growing collection of Best of Bermuda Awards—25 to date! Since opening their doors in 1995, husband and wife team Ashok Uppal and Geri Rodrigues have strived to operate a family-friendly restaurant that is big on flavour, quality and service. Their restaurant has maintained a level of success that most restauranteurs only dream of reaching and there’s no indication of their intent to slow down.

57 North Street, Hamilton, 205-6450


The Reefs

On Sundays, Bermudians rise early, dress hurriedly and prepare for battle—brunching battle, to be precise. Their forks and knives at the ready, they dig in, savouring each morsel of every well deserved dish on offer, a feast for the ages. Only one brunch spot takes brunching as seriously as its regulars: The Reefs, worth battling over year after year.

56 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-0222


La Trattoria

Whether you’re with a legitimate group of children or dining late-night with a group behaving like children, the wait staff at the much-loved La Trattoria successfully accommodates everyone. With a healthy menu designed with the littlest (and pickiest) eaters in mind, La Trattoria is kidapproved and deserving of every pint-sized thumbs up!

23 Washington Lane, Hamilton, 295-1877

Angelo and Fatima of Angelo’s Bistro. Photo credit: Meredith Andrews



Angelo’s Bistro

Good food sans gluten is hard to find—that is, if you’re dining anywhere but Angelo’s Bistro. Local chef and owner Angelo Buglione and his wife Fatima welcome patrons to their family-run restaurant in the Walker Arcade for healthy servings of eggs benedict, local fish, salads, homemade pastas, seafood specials and homemade Bermuda fish chowder. Their full gluten-free menu is the star of the show, providing local celiacs with wholesome food unavailable elsewhere.

Walker Arcade, Front Street, Hamilton, 232-1000



When it comes to fine dining, it’s not all about the food, nor is it simply to do with the service. Rather, it’s a blend, a perfect combination of magnificent food, carefully chosen wine, award-winning ambiance and impeccable service—and none spoils their patrons more perfectly than the staff at Ascots. Located on the beautiful property of the Royal Palms Hotel, the dining experience at Ascots is renowned and certainly worthy of notoriety.

24 Rosemont Avenue, Pembroke, 295-9644



With decades of experience in the restaurant business, Amre Elsayed unveiled his latest venture, Casablanca, in September 2016 and has relished much success since. The Washington Lane take-away focusses on Middle Eastern fare, serving up meats fresh from the shawarma grill, couscous and aromatic rice dishes. Elsayed prefers to use only locally caught, fresh fish and believes that the secret to a prosperous restaurant is the union of quality food, affordable pricing and efficient, kindly service.

18 Washington Lane, Hamilton, 295-9999


Coconuts at The Reefs

Overlooking Bermuda’s famed south shore is Coconuts, the island’s most romantic restaurant. Boasting insurmountable views of the vast Atlantic with seating along a wooden deck, it’s the atmosphere that garners Coconuts its substantial attention, but the menu, rich in Caribbean-inspired dishes, is just as much a reason to fall in love.

56 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-0222


Mad Hatters

A small restaurant with big personality, Mad Hatters is fashioned on playfulness and the joy of eating. Adorned in an array of silly hats and caps, the restaurant encourages its diners to let loose and play dress-up throughout their meal, celebrating the performance of feasting and the coming together to break bread. Of course, their never-ending list of specials and award-winning menu items only aid the jolly atmosphere and pleasurable dining experience.

22 Richmond Road, Pembroke, 297-6231


Tempest Bistro

For the third consecutive year, Tempest Bistro is Bermuda’s favourite out-of-town eatery. Situated on Water Street, St. George, Tempest excels at merging French cuisine with old-Bermuda charm, in a way not seen locally. Under the exposed brick archways of a former military warehouse and overlooking St. George’s Harbour, diners enjoy an array of bistro-style dishes, including escargots, oysters Rockefeller and cedar-baked salmon. Owned and managed by the same team as award-winning Mad Hatters, Tempest Bistro gives us one more reason to visit St. George’s.

22 Water Street, St. George, 297-0861

J&J Produce. Photo credit: Scott Tucker



J&J Produce

Rain, blow or shine, Patty and Junior Hill of J&J Produce are stationed dependably at their vegetable stand in Devonshire assisting their customers to select the right fruits and vegetables to take home and enjoy. Since 1979, the family-run business has been providing the island with the very best in homegrown produce.

49 South Road, Warwick, 236-8616


The Beach House at Blackbeard’s

Overlooking Achilles Bay is The Beach House at Blackbeard’s, a summertime destination. Delight in al fresco dining with vast views of the Atlantic and neighbouring Fort St. Catherine. This seasonal restaurant is open from April through to the end of October and specialises in succulent seafood dishes and Mediterranean-style cuisine.

6 Rose Hill, St. George, 297-1400


The Lobster Pot

For more than 40 years, The Lobster Pot has been the go-between for fisherman and seafood enthusiast. With daily deliveries of fresh fish from local fishermen, the chefs at The Lobster Pot are revered for their skillful preparation and execution of Bermuda’s much-loved seafood dishes, like pan-fried Bermuda rockfish, baked snapper, Bermuda guinea chicks and, of course, their award-winning fish chowder.

5 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, 292-6898


Sweet Saak Bakery

Sweet Saak isn’t famous for run-of-the-mill, garden-variety cakes. No, Kamilah Cannonier and her team of diligent bakers are revered for their beautiful custom-ordered cakes and cupcakes, accented with intricate designs and light, fluffy frostings.

16 York Street, St. George, 297-0663


The Supermart

Victorious in this category every year since 2011, the butchers at The Supermart are masters of meat; their ability to slice, tenderise and prepare their stock is unrivaled. Whether you’re looking for a specific cut of meat, a platter of superior cheeses or a fillet of local fish, the butchers at The Supermart manage their meats winningly.

125 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-2064


Captain Cragin of Reel Addiction

For a lifetime, Captain Cragin, known affectionately as “Curly,” has fished Bermuda waters winning numerous local tournaments, including the 2016 Billfish Blast and the coveted Triple Crown—he’s the only Bermuda boat captain to have done so. When looking to go out and catch your own fish, hop aboard Captain Curly’s boat and reel in your own fish worthy of an addiction.



Lost in the Triangle (LITT)

Owned by local fishermen Delvin and Allan Bean, Lost in the Triangle (LITT) specialises in preparing local fish the Bermudian way. The menu is ripe with shark hash, conch fritters, Bermuda spiny lobster, traditional codfish and potatoes, and every Bermudian’s favourite, fish chowder with a generous helping of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.

13 Reid Street, Hamilton, 296-0094


Jonny Roberts, Bolero Brasserie

For the second consecutive year, Jonny Roberts at Bolero Brasserie is Bermuda’s best chef, expertly managing his staff and restaurant daily while somehow finding the time to actually cook. One of Bermuda’s best and busiest establishments, Bolero Brasserie continues to produce magnificence year after year because of Roberts’s genius and diligence.

9 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-4507


Matteo Gilardoni, Beluga Bar

No matter how infrequently you dine, Matteo remembers everyone, recalling your last visit and your preferred dish. His hospitality and expert knowledge of his customers is a side dish best served warm and friendly.

Washington Mall, 18 Church Street, Hamilton, 542-2859


Andrew Spencer-Arscott, Hog Penny Restaurant and Pub

When it comes to pleasing patrons, none does it better than Andrew Spencer-Arscott of Hog Penny Restaurant and Pub. Playing host to the legendary restaurant’s lively bar-goers, Spencer-Arscott is both an expert in his bar and in its patronage, serving up experiences as positive as his drinks.

5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-2534
* Steven Spencer-Arscott abstained from voting in this category


Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio

“Each staff member brings their own flavour to the dining experience, enhancing it in their own personal way,” said one judge. “They’re always so friendly, so personable!” said another. For an authentic Bermudian experience of both people and food, Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio serves it up, perfectly.

36 Water Street, St. George, 297-1307


The Lobster Pot

Taking the cake, or bowl rather, a whopping nine times in this category since the year 2000 is The Lobster Pot. Perhaps it’s their expertise in preparing seafood, or their daily order of fresh fish from local fishermen or their commitment to good, quality food; whatever it is, it’s working and we’re happy to keep rewarding them for it.

5 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, 292-6898


Flanagan’s Outback Sports Bar

Sport spectating requires a certain formula to be awardworthy: the atmosphere needs to be lively, the drinks (preferably on-tap) need to be ever-flowing and the food, fried to perfection and in large quantity. Flanagan’s Outback Sports Bar is expansive enough for large and boisterous groups and with secluded booths (equipped with individual TVs) it’s also private enough for smaller gatherings.

96 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-8299


Little Venice Wine Bar

The Little Venice Wine bar is home to more than 800 bottles of wine, the best and largest selection on the island. Featuring the finest whites, reds and rosés from around the world, the Little Venice Wine Bar attracts wine enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds who find comradery at the bottom of every bottle.

32 Bermudian Road, Hamilton, 295-3503


Speciality Cinema & Grill

Specialty Cinema & Grill is the only movie theatre onisland to house two separate screening rooms, quite a feat for a movie theatre once called “Little”! The popular theatre has more contemporary features than its older counterparts, providing a more genuine North American style movie theatre atmosphere, right down to the wide array of snacks and drinks to enjoy during the show.

12 Church Street, Hamilton, 292-2135

The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club



Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Friday evenings are punctuated by Happy Hour: the start of the weekend, a celebratory event. No other establishment rejoices in Friday more vigorously than the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. With three restaurants (Marcus’, Crown & Anchor and Marina Nights at 1609 Bar & Restaurant) and a bevy of unsurpassable settings and accompanying vantage points, saying goodbye to the work week and hello to the weekend has never been filled with so much pomp and pageantry.

76 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, 295-3000



After the fire on Front Street in July 2016, The Chewstick Foundation, alas, has been without a home and without a place to hold their weekly Neo-Grio jam sessions. But the Chewstick veterans are still out there, performing on a regular basis and flying the flag high for the foundation that gave them a stage and a start. So while Chewstick may not have a physical place for the time being, the foundation and the love is still very much alive. Catch the #ChewFam performing at various locations around the island: D.I.A. performs at the Blue Water Anglers Club and Marcus’; Mike Hind plays at 1609 Bar & Restaurant and The Dock at Waterlot Inn during the summer months; and various members of the Chewstick family will grace the stage as part of the 35th America’s Cup festivities.


Henry VIII Restaurant

Wildly popular with adults of all ages, Henry VIII Restaurant is the perfect place to unwind and show ‘em what you’ve got. While the large space plays host to the lunch and dinner crowd during the day and early evening, once the sun goes down the party is on and the hot spot is swingin’. With a roster of musicians and DJs performing weekly, Henry VIII is the place to be to cut the rug and party until the wee hours of the morning.

69 South Road, Southampton, Tel: 238-1977


Corkscrews Beer, Wine & Spirits

Conveniently located outside the hustle and bustle of Hamilton is Corkscrews Beer, Wine & Spirits liquor store, small in size but big in variety. Everything from rum to wine to beer and soda is housed neatly at the roadside store and the friendly staff are always on hand to recommend a particular blend or bottle.

31 Middle Road, Smiths, 293-0656



Taylor Rankin and his violin “Leroy” took listeners on a melodious journey through five different worlds in June 2016 in an exploration of music and the imagination. Audiences were treated to performances at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo; the caves at Grotto Bay; the Bermuda National Gallery; the Botanical Gardens—and through the streets of Hamilton with Rankin leading the way.


Island Cuisine

When it comes to serving up the time-honoured traditional codfish breakfast, you had better do it rightly. With ease and deliciousness, Island Cuisine turns out plates of glorious, salty cod, boiled potatoes and all the added yet necessary fixings, perfecting one of the island’s most favoured dishes.

235 Middle Road, Southampton, 238-3287


The Colour Purple

Featuring an all-star Bermudian cast, including Candace Furbert and Tsilala Brock as Celie, Troika Bermuda’s production of The Colour Purple was an outstanding success, having made two show runs in the last year. The Tony-winning Broadway hit debuted in Bermuda in August 2016 to rave reviews and a standing ovation. Bravo to Troika Bermuda for bringing Broadway to Bermuda shores.


Bermuda Smokehouse

Founded by James Mitchell and Brendan Huttick over a shared love of barbeque, Bermuda Smokehouse has propelled the island’s homegrown food repertoire forward, smoking wahoo and salmon, brisket and pork ribs, halloumi and feta to outright gastronomic perfection. Their loyal consumers turn out religiously for their smoky yields, purchasing from Miles Market, Bermy Fresh Farm Market and the weekly Farmers’ Market at the Botanical Gardens.



BermyFresh’s founding farmer, Scott Tucker, had a dream: to introduce vertical, hydroponic farming to Bermuda in an effort to provide grocery stores and consumers with locally grown, nutritious microgreens, baby salad greens and mushrooms. Since the birth of BermyFresh in 2015, the farm has grown to include a farm market and a farm box programme, a subscription service whereby consumers receive a weekly box laden with BermyFresh’s finest produce, all of which is always grown in the absence of GMOs, pesticides and herbicides.

15 Well Bottom Road, Southampton, 236-3400

Musician Mike Hind. Photo credit: Colin Murdoch


Mike Hind

Ukuleleist Mike Hind, a.k.a. Uncle Elvis, is undoubtedly one of Bermuda’s busiest performers, playing a wide range of audiences and venues on a regular basis. Known widely for his ability to accurately cover any song (including Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”), Hind is always a welcome addition at local events. Catch Mike Hind this summer at 1609 Bar & Restaurant on Thursday and Sunday evenings from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and at The Dock at Waterlot Inn on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.


The Dock at Waterlot Inn

For 2017, this category should be renamed “Colossal Creative Cocktails” in homage to The Docks’s Ridiculous Caesar, a larger-than-life take on the classic drink. The $99 cocktail, made with vodka, clamato juice, tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce, is garnished with (wait for it) chicken wings, Italian sausage, oysters, shrimp, a lobster claw, mini Wagyu burger, seared scallops, lobster tail and three ounces of Wagyu sirloin.

101 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-8000


Art Mel’s Spicey Dicey

Do we even need to say it? Bermuda’s most iconic sandwich has been awarded more times than we can count and for good reason: the much-praised beacon of Bermudian food culture is rich in battered fish, piled high on raisin bread and lovingly topped with coleslaw. If you must ask, you should be ashamed.

9 St. Monica’s Road, Pembroke, 295-3965

Rosa’s. Photo credit: Meredith Andrews



Bringing the best of the Southwest to Bermuda for decades, Rosa’s is unbeatable when it comes to a great meal for a great price. With an extensive and well-priced menu catering to a wide variety of tastes, Rosa’s is the place to go for a family meal that won’t break the bank.

121 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-1912


Buzz Café

Our judges were enamoured with the extensive smoothie menu at Buzz Café, which includes 100 percent real fruit concoctions like the Tahiti Green (mango, green tea and frozen yogurt), the Kick Azz (raspberry, blueberry, orange and cranberry), and the Banago (banana, mango, honey and plain yogurt).



Highlighting Bermudian food culture through its wide-scoping online presence is Bermunchies, an off-shoot of infamous Bermemes. Calling itself a “visual hub of Bermuda’s foodie scene,” Bermunchies excels at providing its viewership with recipes for local favourites, like loquat liqueur, Johnny bread and traditional Bermuda fishcakes.


Jamaican Grill

When it comes to tasty takeout, Jamaican Grill is a mecca, serving up piping hot portions of jerk chicken, rice and peas, and beef patties from 6:30 a.m. until midnight. The eatery expertly combines the elements of both Jamaican and West Indian food cultures and serves it up deliciously to the people of Bermuda.

32 Court Street, Hamilton, 296-6577


Ambiance Lounge

Whether you’ve successfully picked anyone up at Ambiance Lounge or not, everyone has certainly tried. The last stop on a night out, Ambiance boasts a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere worthy of a last-ditch effort to find a special someone, even if just for the night.

42 Angle Street, Pembroke, 535-9662


Jenna Viera-West
Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Simply Well, Bermuda

Melvin Nusum
Business Development Analyst, HSBC Global Asset Management Bermuda

Jill Henneberger
Senior Interior designer/Partner, By Design ltd.

Shalini Tucker
Owner/ Manager, Dangelini’s Cafe

Steven Spencer-Arscott
COO, Total Marketing & Communications


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