Jonny Roberts of Bolero, Photograph by Oliver Tucker.


Award of Excellence

Bolero Brasserie

There are few other ways to describe Bolero Brasserie than as a celebrated hub of truly transcendent Bermuda dining. Winner of The Daily Meal website’s 2014 award for 18th best restaurant in all of Latin America and the Caribbean, this critically acclaimed hideaway offers a bistro-style menu that changes four to five times a year, reflecting a commitment to creativity and a constant willingness to experiment with new flavours. Opened in 2007, Bolero has quickly become one of Bermuda’s most popular restaurants, priding itself on supremely friendly service and the ability to make guests feel comfortable enough to consider staff as “family.” With over 100 “Excellent” TripAdvisor reviews as of this writing, this brasserie’s appeal has extended to people all across North America and beyond, helping to make it legitimately world class. To add to the accolades, 2015 marks the second time Bolero has won the overall Award Of Excellence in our Food, Drink & Entertainment category. 

95 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-4507 


Best Bartender 

Ryan Gibbons

Having secured this award for the third time in four years, it should come as no surprise to those who’ve experienced his libations that Barracuda Grill’s Ryan Gibbons is a beverage master with vast reserves of charm and mixological knowledge. Not sure what you want? Tell him your favourite spirits and he’ll use them to make you something uniquely unforgettable. Up for a challenge? Tell him what you don’t like and he’ll concoct something with it that’ll make you rethink your own preferences. Combine these applied skills with his genuine passion for people and hospitality (he insists on calling his customers “guests”), and you’ve got a perfectly Bermudian imbibing experience.

 5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-1609



Coconuts at The Reefs Resort & Club

When it comes to romantic ambience, most would agree that few places are more sensual to dine than directly on a picturesque Bermuda beach. Knowing this full well, the management of Coconuts at The Reefs offers an unforgettably atmospheric lunch and dinner venue with fresh Caribbean-inspired dishes, abundant charm and an ever-changing backdrop. You can either eat inside the restaurant itself, or directly on the sand for a more fanciful setting that’s guaranteed to impress. The food is exquisite, the cocktails are to die for, and you’re patroniisng a resort that’s won a 2014 Conde Nast Traveler award for being one of the best beach hotels in the world.

56 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-0222


Fine Dining

Breezes Restaurant (Cambridge Beaches) 

For such a small island, Bermuda has a staggering number of world-class restaurants that put us on par with metropolitan food giants worldwide. Breezes at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, offering an upscale experience that unifies all the elements of what fine dining should be, helps explain why. Located on the resort’s private Long Bay Beach, the beachfront beauty of the venue itself is complemented by classically prepared delicacies like baked lobster tail, succulent rack of lamb and of course, an ever-changing catch of the day. Well worth an outing to the West End!

30 King’s Point Road, Somerset, 234-0331 


Place to Shake a Leg

The Pickled Onion Restaurant & Bar

A wildly popular venue for locals and tourists alike, The Pickled Onion Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place to unwind and show off your moves to an ever-enthusiastic crowd and animated staff. Two key advantages distinguish what’s affectionately known as “Pickled” from the rest in terms of dance-ability: its ability to deliver a distinctly casual “nightclub” vibe without being a full-on nightclub, and Graffiti Park, its infectiously entertaining live band. Rocking out five nights a week during high season, their energy, enthusiasm and impressive cross-genre library of songs just begs you to slide onto the floor and let loose like an absolute fool in front of your friends.

53 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-2263


“The Bermudian” cocktail at Barracuda Grill.


Creative Cocktails Menu

Barracuda Grill

Cocktail culture has come back in a big way, with adults of all ages tending to have their own personal favourite concoctions to express their identities. Enter Barracuda Grill with what is arguably the most meticulously crafted cocktail menu on island, thanks to an impressive stand-alone martini list, a newly redesigned list of signature creations and the guidance of master mixologist Ryan Gibbons. Whether you prefer sweet, strong or anything in between, Barracuda is guaranteed to have your next new favourite cocktail! 

5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-1609



Bouchee Bistro Francais

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Bouchee Bistro Francais has you covered when you’re in the mood for a hearty, expertly prepared morning meal. With loads of classic breakfast items to choose from, the chefs at Bouchee are the masters of  eggs benedict, offering them in several creative styles to appease your specific tastes. Of particular note is the “Couchon,” where homemade pork sausage patties are placed atop warm buttermilk biscuits and smothered in your choice of hollandaise sauce or sausage gravy. Bon appetit! 

75 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton, 295-5759


Mike Hind, Photograph by Colin Murdoch Studio.



Mike Hind

Known throughout Bermuda for his big personality, cheeky sense of humour and demonstrable talent with the ukulele, Mike Hind (aka “Uncle Elvis”) is one of the island’s busiest and most uniquely talented performers. With the notable ability to cover anything from rock and soul to modern pop music on his uke (his version of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” is a particular crowd favourite), he’s also got an album entitled This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things that showcases his originality and uplifting musical style. Having completed a highly successful overseas tour of the UK in early 2015, he’s also been featured on Ukulele Magazine’s website, indicating his popularity outside of Bermuda to complement a strong local following.



The Spot Restaurant

A legendary staple of casual Bermuda dining, The Spot Restaurant on Burnaby Street is approaching 75 years in business, thus establishing itself
as a testament to longevity in today’s rocky economic climate. The reasons for this are simple: mouth-watering comfort food done right, efficient service and possibly the most reasonable prices of any local restaurant in its category. Attracting a diverse crowd from all walks of life, The Spot is one of those rare places where you can see anyone from an eight-year-old to an 80-year-old enjoying one of their signature milkshakes, and there’s something about that that just feels right.

6 Burnaby Hill, 292-6293



Dorothy’s Cafe

It should come as no surprise to those who follow the Best of Bermuda Awards that Dorothy’s Cafe is yet again our winner for Best Burger in 2015. What else is there to say about this humble, low-key Chancery Lane establishment that hasn’t been said already? The vibe is casually laid back, the service is quick and capable, and the burgers are simply to die for. If you’re feeling extra ravenous, you can even upgrade to their “Monster” size, which is essentially two patties in one. As this year marks their 16th win (out of 24), it’s hard to imagine any other burger coming close on as regular a basis.

3 Chancery Lane, Hamilton, 292-4130


Hotel Restaurant


Part of the quaintly boutique Royal Palms hotel on Rosemont Avenue, Ascots’s stated mission is to resource the best product, energise creative minds and produce and serve the best food. As 2015’s winner for Best Hotel Restaurant, they’ve clearly achieved this through a mix of impeccable service, top quality ingredients and dazzling presentation. With a laundry list of stellar reviews from publications both local and international (including a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor), the reputation of this tucked-away spot humbly precedes itself.

 24 Rosemont Avenue, Hamilton, 295-9644


Sunday Brunch

The Reefs Resort & Club

Sunday brunch is a classic tradition for Bermuda families, and though there are loads of options to choose from across the island, it’s no surprise that The Reefs Resort & Club is taking home this award yet again in 2015. Where to start? The spread is overwhelmingly vast, with everything from seafood and sushi to classic home-style breakfast items and mouth-watering carved meats. Adding to the experience is the phenomenal view overlooking the gorgeous south shore from high atop a sea cliff. An absolute must for brunch aficionados everywhere!

56 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-0222


Cup of Java

Devil’s Isle Cafe

For some, a good cup of coffee is essential to productivity and day-to-day functionality in general. Devil’s Isle Cafe salutes these tireless caffeine warriors by offering a wide selection of fresh, locally roasted coffee products for palettes of all types at their new location on Burnaby Street. With an impressive eight blends to choose from, nothing but the finest 100 per cent Arabica beans are used to produce each variety, and when you take that aromatic first sip, you’ll see just what a difference it makes. 

19 Burnaby Street, Hamilton, 292-3284 


Rock Island Coffee, Photograph by Oliver Tucker.


Coolest Coffee Shop

Rock Island Coffee

A humble slice of bohemian culture in the heart of Hamilton, Rock Island Coffee is one of those places that emanate good vibes in every way. From the moment you walk in the door, you can’t help but be floored by a positive aura complemented by the sight of beautiful locally produced art and the smell of their various house-roasted beans (which they directly source themselves). As an added creative element, the ever-charming staff encourage tips via a two-sided box that poses a subjective question to customers (such as, “Coke or Pepsi?”), then gets them to toss their tip money in the answer box of their choice.

48 Reid Street, Hamilton, 296-5241


Place for a Power Lunch

Barracuda Grill

In a city like Hamilton, power-lunching is a time-honoured custom for busy professionals both local and visiting alike. Incidentally, a few elements have to be in place to make a power lunch successful: convenient location, excellent cuisine and service that’s speedy without sacrificing quality. Barracuda Grill exceeds all these criteria with one of the most creative lunch menus in Bermuda, a friendly staff that’s always attentive to your schedule and an advantageous placement right off Front Street. Grab your colleagues and your appetite and get down to business!

5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-1609


Best Musical Venue

Big Chill Locations

Though the winner of this category is typically contained to one physical location, we made an exception this year to recognise the extremely talented Big Chill entertainment group and their ability to completely transform the vibe of anywhere they happen to be playing. With a busy performance schedule including popular spots like Cafe Lido, The Dock at Waterlot Inn, and Dockyard’s Calico Jack’s, The Big Chill are constantly securing new venues through their unique combination of vocal, guitar and DJ sounds. The key to their performance style is starting out the night relaxed, then building up to a crescendo of high-energy dance music.

Venues across Bermuda, 334-8669


Gluten-free Menu

Angelo’s Bistro

Nestled comfortably in the Walker Arcade, connecting Front and Reid Streets, Angelo’s Bistro is somewhat of a hidden gem that just so happens to have a refreshingly wide selection of gluten-free items for the celiacs out there. Specialising in breakfast and Italian, seafood and vegetarian cuisine, Angelo’s ensures that you’ll never have to worry about your food accidentally coming in contact with wheat, a typical worry amongst those who are gluten-intolerant. Throw in phenomenally attentive service, ever-changing daily specials and an extremely high quality of fare, and you’ve got the perfect reason to break your typical dining routine and try something new.

Walker Arcade, Hamilton, 232-1000


Place to Hear Live Music

Chewstick Neo Griot Lounge

Though they’ve recently moved from their iconic location on the corner of Court & Elliot Streets, make no mistake, Chewstick is still the place to hear the widest range of music from the most talented local artists Bermuda has to offer. Whether hip hop, reggae, soft rock or anything else, they’ve got something for everyone. From their famous Sunday night open-mic jams to their impressive lineup of concerts and Griot Sessions, they also have a special knack for attracting well-known overseas talent on a regular basis. A hugely important piece of Bermuda’s cultural landscape, Chewstick offers a proudly Bermudian experience while giving back to the community as well.

81 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-2439


Fish Chowder

The Lobster Pot< /p>

Many would say that you’ve not experienced Bermuda until you’ve had a deliciously aromatic bowl of our local fish chowder, and they’d be right. Cue The Lobster Pot on Hamilton’s Gorham Road, where the chowder is nothing short of legendary and whose patrons are never disappointed. Using a secret recipe, this celebrated seafood restaurant consistently impresses even the most judgemental of connoisseurs, maintaining a perfect thickness and ideal spice ratio in their signature dish. Add in some black rum, sherry peppers and a roll for dipping, and you may just wonder where this luscious chowder has been all your life.

5 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, 292-6898


House of India.


Tasty Takeout

House of India

Sometimes you just don’t feel like making food at home, and that’s where House of India comes in with its friendly and speedy takeout service. Call in, place your order, wait hungrily, then zip into North Hamilton to grab some of the most delicious and fairly priced Indian food you’ll find anywhere in Bermuda. Don’t feel bad—you can always cook tomorrow night.

57 North Street, Hamilton, 205-6450


Dramatic Production

Beauty and the Beast (Troika)

Something often overlooked is the fact that, for our small size, Bermuda features a staggering amount of dramatic, dance and vocal talent. The public was given a pleasant reminder of this last year when local performing-arts charity Troika put on a well-received stage production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium. As part of their “Works in Progress” programme, the group pulled out all the stops to make it an unforgettable show that received near-universal positive reviews. Tsilala Brock Graham-Haynes in the lead role of Belle was particularly acclaimed, with the supporting cast being equally warm, hilarious and poignant.

 Venues across Bermuda, 531-1728


Place to Catch a Film

Speciality Cinema & Grill

Formerly named The Little Theatre before undergoing extensive renovations and the eventual addition of a second screen, Speciality Cinema & Grill has proven to be anything but little in the revamped execution of its product. Attracting movie-goers from all around the island eagerly anticipating their next big screen adventure, this popular culture hub manages to pull off what other local cinemas have a hard time doing: emulating the general feel of a North-American-style movie theatre. There is also quite an impressive food menu for a cinema, including an array of hot and cold treats for you to munch on while enjoying your film.

12 Church Street, Hamilton, 292-2135




The sushi wars are very real. When it comes to this popular Japanese delicacy, everyone in Bermuda has their favourite restaurant. This level of competition, while fierce, incentivises local sushi chefs to be creative with their menus, and this is a key reason why Pearl was chosen as this year’s winner. Specialty items like Rockfish Usuzukuri and the Kuruma Iseebi Pearl help Pearl stand out as exclusive, while traditional items like fresh sashimi and maki rolls prove that Pearl’s chefs are able to perfect the classics as well. 

87 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-9150


Place to Watch TV Sports

The Docksider Pub & Restaurant

Bermudians, expats and visitors alike love to watch sports, and true fans know that the atmosphere of where you catch the game is almost as important as the result itself. This in mind, it’s no surprise that The Docksider Pub & Restaurant (aka “Dockies”) is taking home this award in 2015. Reasonably priced drinks, home-style food, a lively staff and loads of big screens make this the perfect venue to hit with your friends and cheer on your favourite team. Whether your sports preference is NBA, NFL, MLB, English Premier League or anything in between, Dockies has you covered.  

121 Front Street, Hamilton, 296-3333


Hog Penny Restaurant & Pub.


Favourite Pub

Hog Penny Restaurant & Pub

Few places in Bermuda perfectly combine the distinct aura of a classic British pub with sensational fare and drink, but the Hog Penny Restaurant & Pub manages to pull it off beautifully. The original inspiration for the set in television’s Cheers, Hog Penny has been open since 1957, making it one of Bermuda’s oldest licensed establishments. Sitting around their classic wooden bar makes you feel as if you’ve taken a step back in time—and the tip-top service of bartending veteran Jason Bracewell (along with the rest of their amazing staff) makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-2534


Fresh Local Fish

Barracuda Grill

Fresh fish is so sought after in Bermuda that most restaurants offer some form of it, if even simply a catch of the day. Barracuda Grill stands out amongst the rest for having a regular supply of the finest set-menu seafood and daily fish specials on the entire island. Whether you’re craving fresh rockfish, snapper, mahi mahi or whatever else they happen to bring in on a given day, you’ll never be let down by your meal, and will always know that the fish got from the ocean to your plate the fastest way possible. 

5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-1609



Windybank Farm

Third generation owned and operated, Windybank Farm is Bermuda’s oldest egg and poultry provider, and proudly serves the island with a steady supply of fresh, delicious produce on a regular basis. Attracting a regular following of loyal weekly customers, this wonderful haven of food sustainability sells everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to baked goods, locally produced cheese, and even flowers. The owners are always eager to help you find what you’re looking for, and the overall environment is downright charming. Here’s a tip: try to get there early in the morning or all the good stuff might be gone!

#3 Windybank Road, Smith’s, 292-1587


Ethnic Cuisine

House of India

Due to our being such a multicultural little island, the people of Bermuda have eclectic taste in cuisine and are always looking to try different dishes from all around the world. One place that never fails to satisfy in this sense is House of India, which to this day remains one of the most iconic eateries in our 21 square miles. Specialising in both North Indian and South Indian cuisine, their menu features a broad selection of dishes to please any palate, and caters beautifully both to vegetarians and those who can’t handle spicy foods.

57 North Street, Hamilton, 205-6450


Wine/Liquor Sales


A name synonymous with Bermudian culture, Gosling’s has been a leader in wine and liquor sales for generation upon generation. Producers of the world-famous Black Seal Rum, they know what their customers want, and respond proactively by bringing in interesting new products on a regular basis while never compromising quality on the items that made them famous in the first place. Another thing that helps Gosling’s stand out from the competition is the Gosling’s Wine Cellar on Dundonald Street. In addition to acting as a temperature-controlled wine storage facility for private clients, the store in front has thousands of different varieties from which to choose, in a wide price range and addressing all tastes. 

9 Dundonald Street, Hamilton, 295-1123


Friendliest Wait Staff

Bolero Brasserie

While restaurants in Bermuda are generally renowned for having friendly, attentive wait staff, some spots just stand out from the rest. This year’s winner is Bolero Brasserie, where fantastic cuisine is buoyed by the most charming, amiable servers you could possibly ask for. Light-hearted and watchful without being overbearing, these professional people-pleasers genuinely love what they do—which is apparent to every one of Bolero’s dinner guests. Assistant manager Coles Diel is even known by the nickname “Sunshine” for his upbeat disposition and knack for treating each one of his customers like a king or a queen.

95 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-4507


Pick-up Bar

Cafe Cairo

Overlooking Front Street and Pier 6 from its busy second-floor balcony, Cafe Cairo is a notorious open-late venue for single partiers looking for someone to take home. Known for a fun dance atmosphere, ability to attract good-looking people and a high probability of playing host to public make-out sessions, it’s also one of the only places in Bermuda that rents hookahs for guests to smoke shisha on the balcony. Additionally, should you and your partner be looking for a quieter place to chat, there’s a side room where food is served late into the night.

93 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-5155


Maître D’

Alex Rech (Fourways Inn)

A quick Google search of “Alex Rech Fourways Inn” will reveal glowing testimonials on websites like TripAdvisor and Holiday Watchdog about this brilliant maître d’ and sommelier. Enthusiastic, charming and eternally helpful, Mr. Rech consistently bends over backwards to ensure that his guests experience nothing short of dining brilliance while eating at Fourways. Book a reservation and prepare to be pampered!

1 Middle Road, Paget, 236-6517 


Salad Bar

Nonna’s Kitchen

Salad bars are all the rage nowadays, and Nonna’s Kitchen on Bermudiana Road goes out of its way to ensure that customers have a wide variety of greens, toppings and dressings to help them create the ultimate lunch that’s both healthy and hearty. Using only the freshest ingredients, Nonna’s appeals to the health conscious in a way that few places in Bermuda have been able to do, and has consequently gained a large following since opening its doors only two years ago.

 4 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, 295-7687


Takeout Deli


If you pass by Washington Mall’s Delicious Deli at any point between 12 noon and 2 p.m. on a workday, you’ll likely notice a long line of hungry-looking people eagerly waiting for their turn to order. The reason for this is that Delicious seems to get everything right, both in terms of efficiency and quality of product. Speedy service, scrumptious signature creations and a wide selection of fresh deli meats make this centrally located lunch hub a must for busy professionals and casual diners alike. If you’re not in the mood for a traditional sandwich, they have other freshly made items, like Bermuda fish cakes and salads, as well.

Washington Mall, Hamilton, 295-5890



“The Mother Clucker” at Tribe Road Kitchen, Photograph by Scott Tucker.


Great Sandwich

“The Mother Clucker” (Tribe Road Kitchen)

Inspired by owner Karsten Krivenko’s experiences in the southern US and her love of fried chicken, “The Mother Clucker” is an epically awesome sandwich that has foodies coming back to Tribe Road Kitchen over and over again. Made with two-day marinated boneless chicken thighs and a special blend of flour and spices, and then topped with house-made North-Carolina-style BBQ sauce and mustard poppy seed slaw, this delicious monster of a sandwich is one of their most popular menu items—and looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

 Cavendish Road, Hamilton, 734-1637


Cake Maker

Sweet Saak Bakery

Sweet Saak Bakery in St. George’s is famous throughout Bermuda for its lusciously indulgent range of sweet treats, and their cake department is a huge contributor to this reputation. From bundt cakes and sweet breads to cupcakes and custom orders, they know exactly how to appeal to your sweet tooth, and even have an in-store menu which changes daily to keep things interesting. On top of that, if you’re looking to make cake like the pros, they offer baking classes for your learning pleasure!

 16 York Street, St. George’s, 297-0663


Private Dining Room

Port O Call Restaurant & Bar

When you’re throwing a private dinner party, you want a venue that has it all: tranquil ambience, a world-class menu, tiptop service and a convenient location. Port O Call covers all these bases, and can impressively accommodate up to 20 people in their spacious private dining room. Looking for something different? Request a customised menu based on the preferences of your guests, and even take advantage of fun perks, like satellite radio and unique wine pairings selected by their in-house sommelier.

87 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-5373


Kid-friendly Restaurant

La Trattoria

When you’ve got a family with children, it’s important to be able to dine out at a place that will be accommodating to their needs and truly treat them with care and respect. La Trattoria understands this, and makes a great effort to ensure that your little ones have a fun, delicious meal with the kid-friendliest service on island. With a simple children’s menu featuring classic favourites like hamburgers and chicken tenders alongside signature pastas like spaghetti and penne with pesto sauce, there’s something for every kid to enjoy. 

23 Washington Lane, Hamilton , 295-1877


Lunch on the Go

Miles Market

Even when you’re swamped at work and have no time, you still have to eat a decent lunch. Knowing this, Miles Market is here to save the day with a tantalising selection of prepared items for your speedy enjoyment. Offering options both hot and cold, they give you your choice of
sushi, pre-made sandwiches, quiches, an ever-changing lineup of soups, and much more. Need a convenient place to eat? Grab your lunch and sit right outside the store at one of their spacious wooden tables. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as a fast one.

 96 Pitts Bay Road, 295-1234


Local Fare

The MarketPlace Hamilton

The hot food section at The MarketPlace Hamilton is the stuff a hungry person’s dreams are made of. Featuring an almost overwhelming selection of ever-changing daily items, this sacred bastion of deliciousness serves everything from the healthy (oven-baked chicken, baked fish) to the hearty (roast beef with onion gravy, fried fish), and has a special knack for preparing beloved Bermuda items like cassava pie. Adding to the experience is the lively personality of “Chef Jerome,” who serves you offerings such as freshly carved meats, oxtails and fried bananas with a bright smile to liven up your day. Oh, and did we mention it’s less than $10 per pound?

42 Church Street, Hamilton, 295-6006


Codfish Breakfast

The Paraquet Restaurant

There are few experiences more patently “Bermudian” than chowing down on a full codfish and potato breakfast on a Sunday morning (or any day, for that matter), and The Paraquet Restaurant in Paget is this year’s champion for best platter. With a westerly location not too far outside of Hamilton, their smorgasbord of salted cod, boiled potato, onion sauce, egg, avocado and banana will hook you instantly, and likely have you coming back for more each week.

68 South Shore Road, Paget, 236-9742



The Supermart

There’s something distinctly classy about a high-quality butcher’s department, and The Supermart on Front Street is proof positive of this. Whether it’s custom cuts, exotic cheeses or mixed platters, the knowledgeable meat masters at this well-loved grocer go all out to ensure that you get exactly what you ask for, and will even recommend specialty items should you be looking to try something new. Another plus is the demeanour of the individual butchers themselves: they’ll always serve you with a smile and a cheeky sense of humour that will leave you in a great mood.

125 Front Street, Hamilton, 292-2064


Fish Sandwich

Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy

Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy represents the gold standard of Bermuda’s coveted fish sandwich culture. Having won this award multiple times in Best of Bermuda’s history, it’s almost certain that when you mention the words “Art Mel’s” around a hungry person, a switch goes off in their head that makes them start craving it immediately. Fried fish piled to the heavens, raisin toast, tartar sauce and whatever other toppings you desire make for a Bermudian hunger-crushing experience that can’t be beat. Can’t make it to town? Don’t worry…they have a St. George’s location, too! 

9 St. Monica’s Road, Pembroke, 295-3965




Porch & Patio Dining

1609 Bar & Restaurant

Having opened in 2014 as part of the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel’s ongoing multi-stage revamp, 1609 Bar & Restaurant boasts what is arguably the most unique location for a restaurant on the island—directly over the open water of Hamilton Harbour. Unprecedented in terms of surroundings, this up-and-coming venue oozes amorous charm, and acts as the ideal outdoor spot for anything from a romantic rendezvous to a casual lunch or dinner. With renovations on the attached hotel slated for completion in the near future, this popular patio spot is sure to blow up even more.

Fairmont Hamilton Princess Marina, Hamilton, 295-3000


The Kale Caesar at Devil’s Isle, Photograph by Scott Tucker.



Kale Caesar (Devil’s Isle Cafe)

Food-wise, being the new kid in town can be challenging, particularly when competing in a bustling city full of well-established cuisine hotspots. Enter Burnaby Street’s Devil’s Isle Cafe with its Kale Caesar, a simple, yet unexpected superfood version of everyone’s favourite salad. They use fresh kale and baby spinach instead of lettuce, and a Caesar vinaigrette to make it that much healthier than the original classic, and the customer can get somewhat creative by adding protein from a choice of chicken, tofu, pork, salmon or falafel. The Kale Caesar is available at either lunch or dinner, allowing you to conveniently grab one whenever the mood strikes.

19 Burnaby Street, Hamilton, 292-3284 


Keith’s Kitchen, Photograph by Oliver Tucker.


Lunch Truck

Keith’s Kitchen

Located in the Bermuda Athletic Association Car Park on Woodlands Road, Keith’s Kitchen has patiently developed a hearty cult following for its signature burgers, breakfast items, soups, fish chowder and a host of other indulgent treats. Extolled as a casual dining spot for over three decades, the fact that they’ve won this award yet again in the face of a quickly expanding local food truck culture says a lot, not only about their high- quality offerings but about Bermuda’s loyalty to the nostalgic places they’ve always loved.

48 Woodland Road, Hamilton, 295-1310


Small Plates

The Dock at The Waterlot Inn

Small plates are all the rage nowadays, and with more and more Bermudian eateries throwing their tapas hats into the ring, it’s important that chefs stand out to be successful. As this year’s winner, The Dock at Waterlot Inn follows the “simple is best” approach, taking great pains to perfect small plate classics with an unmistakable and exclusive Waterlot twist. Delicious, healthy classics like edamame with sea salt and lime fall alongside more adventurous items like burritos and tostadas, and the service is famously cordial—and to top it all off, you get to enjoy your bite-sized creations with a backdrop of a gorgeous view of Southampton’s Jew’s Bay.

101 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-8000


Happiest Happy Hour

Harry’s Restaurant & Bar

Attracting an upscale crowd of thirsty businesspeople from all age groups, Harry’s Restaurant & Bar appeared on the scene less than a decade ago but its now-legendary happy hour has amassed a notably large following in that time. Classy in atmosphere and well-stocked with unique beers, wines and spirits that can be difficult to find elsewhere on island, Harry’s knows its clientele, and goes out of its way to impress them with a helpful staff and  an impressive knowledge of the finer points of their offerings. The raspberry mojito is a par
ticular favourite, and Harry’s close proximity to Hamilton’s city centre makes it the perfect place to start your night before venturing into town.

96 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, 292-5533


Local Fruits & Vegetables

Wadson’s Farm

Regularly growing a large variety of crops that includes over 50 different fruits and vegetables, Wadson’s is a name synonymous with fresh Bermudian food. Since 1976, they’ve been reliably providing the island with high-quality produce that helps consumers eat more organically while supporting sustainable local agriculture. Equally admirable is their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) initiative, where buyers purchase “shares” of the farm’s produce to help them ensure a wide selection of fruits and vegetables for the coming season. This, in addition to interacting with the always-friendly farmers themselves, helps Bermuda consumers learn more about where their food is coming from.

10 Luke’s Pond Road, Southampton, 238-1862


Out-of-Town Eatery


Boasting the same team behind the popular Mad Hatters restaurant in Hamilton, Tempest sprung up in late 2014 to almost unanimous cheers amongst foodies and casual diners alike. Describing their cuisine as “French bistro-style” and having secured a charming location on St. George’s historic Water Street, this upscale eatery aims to enhance the Olde Towne’s food culture and provide an additional dining option for hungry visitors. Offering wildly creative specials like Caribbean fish fritters with banana ketchup and pepper salsa, they aim to serve dishes that are largely unprecedented in Bermuda’s restaurant market. The perfect excuse for your next trek out east!

22 Water Street, St. George’s, 297-0861


Well-chosen Wine List

Harry’s Restaurant & Bar

For many, a good meal isn’t complete without a well-paired glass of wine to accompany it. In this spirit, Harry’s Restaurant & Bar takes pleasure in bringing its customers a glorious selection of whites, reds and rosés for their imbibing pleasure. Feeling rogue? Indulge in some Chasing Lions Cabernet Sauvignon or an Archaval Ferrer Malbec. Something on the white side? Try a glass of Earth’s End Sauvignon Blanc or La Chablisienne “La Pierrelee” Chablis. Whatever you fancy, Harry’s has a broad selection for all you aficionados out there.

96 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, 292-5533