Shopping & Services 2012


Words cannot describe the luxury that awaits you at the Willow Stream Spa, winner of our 2012 Award of Excellence. The facility, despite being the largest of its kind on the island, retains the personal touch and a Bermuda-inspired feel.

Overlooking the picturesque South Shore, the Willow Stream Spa is fully equipped with everything you need to relax and rejuvenate. In addition to an array of beautifully fitted treatment rooms, there is a couple’s massage suite, a fitness center and a wonderful indoor pool with a gently cascading waterfall that would make even the most tense and tetchy customer enter a state of bliss.

The outdoor Jacuzzi allows you to experience the island’s natural beauty from a serene and overwhelmingly peaceful vantage point. For a day of unparalleled well being and unrivaled contentment, we suggest you look no further than the Willow Stream Spa in the Fairmont Southampton Resort.


Brown & Co.

This veritable Aladdin’s cave of gifts and novelties offers something for everyone on your list, even those tricky man-who-has-everything types. From fashion accessories to home décor, Brown & Co. has it all, including more than a few unexpected and unique items. 35 Front St., Hamilton, 279-5442


Music Box

A great example of a successful independent business that marches to its own drum, Music Box is a one-stop shop for all things music related. According to their Facebook page, the Music Box has everything but the kitchen sink: “We sold out of those a while ago.” 58 Reid St., Hamilton, 295-4839


The Bermuda Bookstore

The Bermuda Bookstore is something of a literary institution on the island. But what really sets them apart is the care and attention they give their customers. The current owner, Hannah Wilmott, is a serious bibliophile and carries on the store’s rich legacy with charm and intelligence. Her staff really know books and will make every effort to assist you in finding the title you’re searching for. 3 Queen St., 295-3698


Phoenix Kidz and Annex Toys

Fall down the rabbit hole (or up the stairs in the Phoenix) and delve into a magical wonderland of juvenile delights. Two beautifully designed children’s stores, Phoenix Kidz and Annex Toys, await you here in this handy central location, offering anything you might need to care for your infant or make your child’s day extra special. 3 Reid St., 279-5450


Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

Nestled in the heart of the Botanical Gardens, this unique, purpose-built art gallery is one of our island’s treasures. The displays at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art are constantly changing, which keeps the atmosphere fresh and exciting. Masterworks also offers an extensive art-education programme, which gets creative juices flowing for kids and adults. Botanical Gardens, Paget, 236-2950


All Wrapped Up

Had your fill of sugary-sweet greetings that set your teeth on edge? Breathe a sigh of relief when you find refreshingly tasteful and delightfully witty personal greetings from Bermuda’s favourite card shop and second-time winner in the Best Greeting Cards category, All Wrapped Up. Washington Mall, 7 Reid St., 295-1969


Flowers by GiMi

Flowers by GiMi’s tailor-made bouquets and gift baskets are second to none, and the personal touch they receive will insure that any gift, function room or special event will have that Wow! factor. “Whenever I send flowers from Flowers by GiMi,” gushed one of our judges, “I always get a call from the recipient, thanking me and saying how much they love the arrangement!” HSBC Harbourview Centre, Front St., 297-4464



Gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies a person can have. You literally reap what you sow: beautiful flowers, plants and wonderful, healthy fruits and vegetables, not to mention all that lovely vitamin D your body takes in from working in the sunshine. Sousa’s can help get you kitted out for your horticultural quest, whether you already have a green thumb or you are just planting the seeds of a new pastime. Middle Rd. & Camp Hill, Southampton, 238-1797



When it comes to freshly baked treats, everyone is talking about Dangelini’s. This cute little café shares its home with the Hamilton Visitors’ Information Centre and is next door to the ferry terminal, so morning commuters and visitors alike stop in and partake of their ever-expanding menu of home-baked deliciousness. 8 Front St., Hamilton, 295-5272


People’s Pharmacy

The People’s Pharmacy returns this year as our judges’ top pick in this category. More than just a store, this business, which opened over 25 years ago, represents a vision: a Bermuda that welcomes all people, irrespective of wealth, ethnicity or social standing. On top of this, the range of products is outstanding, and the opening hours, including all day on Sunday, are very handy. 62 Victoria St., Hamilton, 292-7527


Noah’s Ark

“There’s no comparison to Noah’s Ark!” said one of our judges. This reliable family-run business has been operating for over 14 years as the premier place to find everything you need to feed, house, groom and pamper your pet. They keep on top of their game, sourcing the most up-to-date products on the market and bringing them to you for affordable prices. And if you need a gift for an animal lover, go no further—they have it all! 3 Marsh Lane, Devonshire, 236-1533



As we know from the jingle of their famous TV and radio commercials, Lindo’s opened over 50 years ago as a simple butcher’s shop. It has now grown into the most well-known and successful grocery chain on the island. They are most proud of their produce and meat sections, which, wherever possible, are stocked by local producers.  128 Middle Rd., Warwick, 236-1344, and 4 Watlington Rd., Devonshire, 236-5623


Fresh N’ New

Times are hard for many families on the island, and every little bit helps when it comes to saving on those everyday necessities. Buying in bulk is the way forward, and this rising trend is seeing people travel from as far as Somerset to shop at Fresh N’ New where the packaging is bigger and the price is right. Last Cup Match they opened a new store, Fresh N’ New Too, in Hamilton Parish. 5 Devil’s Hole Hill, Smith’s, 293-8072 and 16 Blue Hole Hill, St. George’s


International Imports

Whether you’re a wannabe Heston or an aspiring Nigella, International Imports, The Chefs Shop will have what you need to turn that dr
eam into reality. From Le Creuset to Krups, this store is equipped with all the highest-quality kitchen equipment you need to blow your friends away with your next at-home banquet. They also offer regular cooking seminars with top chefs that are not to be missed! 44 Par-La-Ville Rd., Hamilton, 292-1661


Sports R Us

The name says it all. Sports R Us carries everything a sporting type could need: the ideal cross trainers for the triathlon (they have the largest selection of running shoes on the island), weights that get you pumped for you cardio workout, stretchy gear to help your achieve the perfect yogic backbend, tennis rackets, golf clubs and much, much more. 61 Church St., 292-1891


Standard Hardware

“The staff knows where every nut, bolt and screw is in Standard Hardware!” said one of our judges. This is lucky, because not many of us know our way around a U-bend let alone differentiate a carriage bolt from a butterfly nut. Thankfully, each member of the Standard Hardware team receives extensive on the job training, which ensures that you are always met with a smile and leave with what you came for.  4 Bakery Lane, Pembroke, 292-3905


Gibbons Home Store

This relatively new store, owned by Gibbons Company but located in the nearby Washington Mall, has everything you need to turn your house into a home. Gibbons Home Store stocks both big name and unique bed, bath and home decor to suit every taste and budget so you can get busy nesting! 18 Church Street, Hamilton, 295-0022



Redlaser is the place to go for any tech gadget you might need. They’ve got laptops, desktops, Kindles, iPhones, iPads, monitors, modems, motherboards, microphones, hard drives, head sets, joy sticks, office furniture, CDs, DVDs, paper, ink cartridges, scanners, projectors, speakers…the list goes on. And you can order online at 8 Bakery Lane, Pembroke, 296-6400


Computer City

For friendly and helpful computer service, go no further than Computer City. They have been a consistent winner in this category for a few years now, and they really earn the praise they receive by always providing a level of efficiency and customer care that goes above and beyond the rest. 45 Victoria St., Hamilton, 292-1774


Big Savings Zone

Husband-and-wife team Liz and Alan Mayne make every effort to make your furniture shopping at Big Savings Zone as easy and pain free as possible, even giving you the option to shop online. Although it’s been open for a few years, many people are still surprised to find this great store tucked away at Southside, and our guess is that those in the know are trying to keep the super-low discounted prices a secret! 16 Waller’s Point Rd., Southside, 297-4440


RUBIS Dowling’s Marine Service Station

RUBIS Dowling’s Marine Service Station has been operated by the ultrafriendly and courteous descendants of the founder George Dowling Sr. for over 50 years. In addition to providing top-quality refueling for both auto and marine vehicles, Dowling’s gives back to the community, donating to organizations such as the St. George’s Foundation and PALS. 1 Penno’s Dr., St. George’s, 297-1914


M&M Landscaping

For reliable, friendly and cost-effective landscaping services, pick up the phone and call M&M Landscaping . One of our judges couldn’t recommend them enough, saying, “They’ve been doing my yard for 12 years, and they’re really great guys, and their prices are great, too!” 1 Old House Lane, Pembroke, 237-1137


P&M Electrical

Don’t want to blow your fuse trying to work out a tricky bit of circuitry? Call in P&M Electrical, who will get to the root of the problem and leave you re-energized. 2 Addendum Lane, Pembroke, 296-9524


West End Yachts

One judge fought tooth and nail for this category, and her passion persuaded the other judges that West End Yachts was obviously worth the award. With their headquarters handily placed in historic Dockyard, this company’s helpful and highly skilled staff really know the ropes when it comes to coming to the rescue of yachtsmen in need. 10 Smithery Lane, Royal Naval Dockyard, 234-1303


David Hayward

Our pick for best plumber, David Hayward has made a name for himself around the island for being a friendly and trustworthy character who will get the job done. “He charged me only $20 to fix my pump!” said one of our judges. “That was the first time I had ever used him, and I’ve used him ever since!” 28 Bostock Hill East, Paget, 232-4194


Water Now

Water Now has been making waves in the island’s trucking business by providing unparalleled service and high-tech support. They imported custom-built Green Machines, two of the largest water trucks on the island, that have the magical ability to fit into very tight spaces. “What’s the secret to our speedy service?” asks Water Now on their website. “Don’t tell immigration…but we hire very small ninjas!” 504-5555


Central Auto

Having car trouble? The guys at Central Auto  will hook you up. Always efficient and super helpful, these awesome car mechanics will get you back on your wheels in record time. 1 Parsons Rd., Pembroke, 292-5899


Cycles R Us

We love names that say it all. Like many Bermudians, the staff at Cycles R Us are completely obsessed with bikes. But this lot take it a step further by dedicating all their time and energy to ensuring that you and your “rodent” are nipping around in no time. 86 St. John’s Road, Pembroke, 292-0102


Creative Upholstery

Why waste money buying new furniture when the wonderful people at Creative Upholstery are on hand to help you revamp what you already have? Curtains, sofas, cushions—they do it all, and beautifully, while always paying attention to detail and insuring that the final result is exactly what you had imagined. 100 Middle Rd., Warwick, 236-6424


Janice Burke

Janice Burke of Eye 4 Design started her interior-design company back in 2004 and has gone from strength to strength. She always puts her heart and soul into making sure that the customer is happy and comfortable in their newly decorated home, and, where possible, she tries to reuse already existing items so the cost doesn’t go through the roof. 236-2495


Sandys 360

Sports and fitness should be for everyone, and no health club on the island believes this more than the Sandys 360 Sports, Aquatic and Enrichment Centre. This is a real community centre, offering its top-of-the-range facilities to the public with an aim to positively impact some of the social issues facing youth in our community. What could be more worthy than that? 21 Broome St., Sandys, 234-6195


Laureen Bassett

In these harsh economic times it can be hard to get a job, but Laureen Bassett showed us a thing or two about putting yourself out there. This gutsy woman took her job hunt public by standing on the edge of East Broadway handing out her CV next to signs saying Need Work, Have a Degree, and Excellent References. By the end of the day, she had more interviews than she knew what to do with!


Designed to be a for-the-people-by-the-people local news and information site, Bernews ( is quickly launching Bermuda into the modern age of journalism. Its constant stream of interactive media is updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the site brings people from all walks of life into discourse about matters that concern our community.


De Mako Charters

Their slogan is “Staying on top of it!” and that is what they do. De Mako Charters put their all into making your day out on the open seas as fun and safe as possible. They do this by tailoring the trip to your exact needs and specifications and always being prepared and equipped for every eventuality. 11 Abri Lane, Pembroke, 295-0835



Ubervida is your ultimate ride to Cup Match. A massive 70-foot celebration yacht, this catamaran is perfect for the height of booze-cruise season or a special event. The Tourism Board thought so, too, when they made it the official entertainment yacht for Bermuda Spring Break 2012. 236-2222


Rhonda Casling

Our pick for diligent real-estate agent, Rhonda Casling has been a fixture at Rego & Sotheby’s for more than 12 years. Her enthusiasm and expertise are what set her apart from all the rest. She works closely with her clients to come up with the most satisfactory financial outcome so they can get on with enjoying their new home. Rego & Sotheby’s, 2 Cavendish Rd., 299-1507


LOM Securities Ltd.

There will be no more “umming” and “ahhing” over investment choices after a trip to LOM Securities Ltd. Their highly qualified advisors will help you make the right decision to suit your lifestyle and budget. 27 Reid St., Hamilton, 292-5000


Caroline Jones

To tell you how long Caroline has been working at Bersalon would give away some secrets ladies never tell. That said, she is a favourite of many men across the island who sing the praises of her great haircuts and almost-too-close shaves. Front St. West, Hamilton, 292-8570


Salon Visage

Winner in this category for the second year in a row, Salon Visage is a cut above the rest. The hairdressers at this centrally-located salon always take care to listen to your individual desires and requirements so you leave every time feeling fabulous! 3 Bermuda House Lane, Hamilton, 292-8724


Dr. Constance Richards

This year’s pick for Best Healthcare Professsional, Dr. Constance Richards, M.D., spent many years working at the hospital and is now based at the Hamilton Pharmacy. Her years of experience and well-practiced bedside manner make her the person to go to for medical advice. Hamilton Pharmacy, 19 Parliament St., Hamilton, 295-4265


Flying Chef

Our judges’ pick in this category, the Flying Chef has been providing Bermuda with top-quality catering for over 20 years. When you call them in to cater for your event you can be sure you are getting the best possible food and service from a reliable company that has consistently turned out events of the highest calibre. 54 North St., Hamilton, 295-1595


Transport Control Department

Gone are the days of endless queues and surly customer service. The new Transport Control Department is a haven of order and tranquility, with new technology that guarantees you will get in and out in a timely manner. Their new website makes it easy to plan and schedule your visits, and the employees are refreshingly friendly and efficient. 11 North St., Hamilton, 292-1271


Gillian’s Face and Body Clinic

Gillian’s Face and Body Clinic is a great little spot, housed outside of town in a traditional Bermuda cottage. It is the island’s favourite spot for many relaxing treatments, but they work particular miracles with hands and feet. To experience the pinnacle of their excellence, try the Pedicure Supreme: green tea and mint are used to soften and exfoliate the feet, followed by a moisturizing mask and a luxurious massage. 14 South Shore Rd., Devonshire, 232-0496


Willow Stream Spa

Words cannot describe the luxury that awaits you at the Willow Stream Spa, winner of our 2012 Award of Excellence. The facility, despite being the largest of its kind on the island, retains the personal touch and a very Bermuda-inspired feel. Fairmont Southampton Resort, 101 South Shore Rd., Southampton, 238-8000



Whether it’s a luxury vacation resort you desire or a three-week trek in the Himalayas, the experienced travel advisors at C-Travel will make it happen for you. Call them up, look them up or head on down to their headquarters, and they will put in the legwork so you can enjoy your hitch-free holiday. Sutherland Place, 10/12 Burnaby St., Hamilton, 292-3033


Quinton Bean

Never later than five minutes early, Bermuda’s most dependable taxi driver is none other than Quinton Bean. Not only is he one of the most professional and friendliest drivers around, but he is also extremely knowledgeable about all things Bermudian. Many visitors to the island consider his scenic tour a highlight of their trip. 335-4689


Pro-Tone Cleaning Services

Is your home or office in need of a sprucing up? Call in the busy people at Pro-Tone Cleaning Services to scrub, buff and polish your space until it gleams. Not only will it look great, but you will also feel lighter and more relaxed knowing that everything is spic and span. 34 Dundonald St., Hamilton, 292-1456


M&M International

For over 30 years, M&M International has been providing Bermuda with the best choice, service and prices on electronic goods. They have a solid base of faithful customers who rave about the great audiovisual selection and fast turnaround on repairs. 61 Church St., Hamilton, 292-8158



In this fast-paced technological age, it’s important to be in touch. CellOne  makes this possible by offering the most sophisticated mobile-phone service on the island. They offer up-to-date cellular systems with the best customer support, a combination that keeps Bermudians and their phones buzzing. (Aziza Ahad Furbert abstained from voting in this category.) 18 Church St., 700-7000



Cécile is the place to go for women’s high-end fashion in Bermuda. But there is no top-model snobbery here. The employees of this beautiful little store are the picture of sweetness and light, always treating their customers with professionalism and respect. Our judges wanted to specifically mention one staff member, Tara Burgess, whose sunny disposition makes her the perfect ambassador for this prestigious boutique. 15 Front St., Hamilton, 295-1311


Ross “Blackie” Talbot Raffle

Our Wildcard winner for the Best Spent $20 in 2012 is the Ross “Blackie” Talbot Raffle. Prestigious international and local businesses donated prizes to this hugely successful venture, the proceeds of which went toward worthwhile charities such as the Bermuda
Hospitals Charitable Trust, Age Concern and Ross “Blackie” Talbot Foundation. “Imagine winning a brand new car for only $20!” said one of our judges. Imagine…

People’s Choice


Little Venice Group

Computer Sales & Service

Complete Office

Gas Station

Rubis East Broadway

“ALL the Rubis stations deserve this.”

Investment advice

Put it all under your mattress

“That’s the only place it is safe these days!”


Patrick A. James, Dairy and frozen manager, Miles Market

Karolina De Costa, Co-owner, Rowe Spurling Paint Co. Ltd.

Aziza Ahad Furbert, Marketing executive, Digicel Bermuda

Nikita Robinson, Radio personality, Hott 107.5

Don Burgess, Deputy editor, Bermuda Sun