Since 1930, the Bermuda Bookstore has been supplying bibliophiles
islandwide with books to get lost in. Located at the corner of Queen and Front Streets in Hamilton, the building that houses the award-winning shop has hardly changed in 83 years. Current owner Hannah Willmott grew up immersing herself in the pages of the books she found on the ceiling-high shelves of the little store. Now she helps her customers find interesting reads. The Bermuda Bookstore is perhaps one of the most-loved stores in Hamilton with a customer base so loyal they choose to wait for books to arrive on the store’s shelves rather than purchase an e-version to read immediately. Indeed, most books today are found on computers, tablets and phones, but the Bermuda Bookstore refuses to change with changing times; they believe that holding and reading a real book is an experience that can’t be duplicated on e-readers. In the words of Willmott, “carpe librum” or “seize the book.” 

The next time you’re hunting for the perfect gift, consider Brown & Co. as your one-stop shop. The plethora of interesting finds are apparent as soon as you enter, and time spent searching the displays from top to bottom yields great results. Then you can pick up a card, wrapping paper or a gift bag, all in the same convenient location.
35 Front St., Hamilton, 279-5442

Take refuge from the busy streets of Hamilton in the Bermuda Bookstore, winner of best bookstore every year since 2005. With wooden floors, mix-matched shelves laden with books and a quirky staff, the cozy environment lends itself to a pleasant and relaxing experience not often found in the twenty-first century.
3 Queen St., 295-3698

Revisit childhood in the wonderland of unique and award-winning toys at Little People’s Toys. This family-run business is never surprised when they win this title year after year, but that doesn’t stop them from working diligently at providing Bermuda’s children with the greatest selection of toys. Their helpful hours (open seven days a week) and convenient parking make it a win for moms, too!
62 Victoria St., Hamilton, 292-7527

If there’s anywhere on the island to experience Bermuda-inspired artwork, it’s Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, winner of this category for the fifth consecutive year. Under the direction of Tom Butterfield, Masterworks has spent 25 years ensuring that artwork by Bermudian artists and Bermuda-inspired art by international artists takes up residence for all to enjoy. Among the gallery’s most prized possessions are works by Winslow Homer and Georgia O’Keefe. Masterworks also fosters an appreciation of art in Bermuda’s schoolchildren through their well-received art programs and projects. Masterworks’s annual Charman Prize encourages resident artists to compete for recognition and share their vision and talent with other Bermudians.
Botanical Gardens, Paget, 236-2950

These days we can connect to our friends and loved ones in an instant. Through Facebook, e-mail and Skype, we can chat at the drop of a hat, but how special is our message when it’s hastily sent and received through a computer screen? Special moments deserve more than a virtual message; they deserve Flowers by GiMi. The team at Flowers by GiMi have a fresh take on floral arrangements and allow their customers to make an old-fashioned gesture with a modern twist.
HSBC Harbourview Centre, Front St., 297-4464

Green thumbs are cultivated at Aberfeldy Nurseries. Plants, tools and expert knowledge are dished out in abundance at the gardening store, helping you create your perfect piece of paradise!
3 Pomander Rd., Paget, 236-2927

Treats of Bermuda is so much more than a candy store: it is where children frolic and adults feel like a kid again. It allows customers to look wide-eyed at the displays and carefully select their favorite sweets to drop into small, white paper bags. Sure, it’s easy to stop at the grocery store and pick up a pre-packaged bag of candy, but choosing piece by piece is so much more satisfying.
7 Reid St., Hamilton, 296-1123

The staff at People’s Pharmacy can clear space on the wall for yet another Best of Bermuda Award. We’ve lost count of how many awards we’ve given to People’s Pharmacy in the past 23 years, but we’re beginning to think we’re creating one-of-a-kind wallpaper for the store. Nevertheless, each one is well deserved as People’s Pharmacy has been providing the best products for the best prices with the best service for 23 years.
62 Victoria St., Hamilton, 292-7527

Provide for your furry or feathered friends with essentials from Noah’s Ark. Whether it barks, meows, tweets or neighs, everything you need can be found in this family-run store that has been a favourite in this category since 2007.
3 Marsh Lane, Devonshire, 236-1533

Does it surprise you that for as long as this category has run in the Best of Bermuda Awards, Lindo’s Group of Companies has won it? Their wide variety of fresh produce, choice cuts and products from all over the world are priced fairly and displayed conveniently, including products to meet special dietary requirements. With 50 years experience in feeding Bermuda, Lindo’s has proved that the way to the heart is through the stomach.
128 Middle Rd., Warwick, 236-1344, and 4 Watlington Rd., Devonshire, 236-5623

In a tough economy, buying in bulk makes perfect cents. Price Rite offers shoppers (and their weary wallets) relief, providing quality goods in large quantity for a fraction of the price. Load up on all the necessities, including frozen food, toiletries and lunchbox essentials and see how much you can buy without breaking the bank.
10 Mill Reach Lane, Pembroke, 295-7111


Your level of expertise in the kitchen largely determines what you’ll find interesting at International Imports. Those who have worked tirelessly to perfect their soufflé will most likely head to the back of the store where the state-of-the-art gadgets proudly reside. Those who struggle to figure out how to turn the oven on will rejoice in the basics every budding chef requires. Moral of the story? Whatever your skill set in the kitchen, there’s something for everyone at International Imports.
44 Par-La-Ville Rd., Hamilton, 292-1661

Place one foot within the confines of Sports R Us and already you are motivated to feel the burn! In the arena of sporting-good stores on the island, Sports R Us is ranked number one. With gear to conquer any sport and a staff friendly and knowledgeable enough to teach you how to use it all, there’s no reason why we all shouldn’t be star athletes.
61 Church St., 292-1891

If you’re tightening a screw or renovating a house, Gorham’s is the Mecca of DIY. With a huge selection of basics for home repair as well a
s the latest gadgets to make the job quick and easy, Gorham’s has just what you want, and their friendly and helpful staff are always around the corner, waiting to assist.
62 St. Johns Rd., Pembroke, 295-1550

Taking up residence in the brand-new phase of the Washington Mall, Gibbons Home is better than ever. Our judges agreed that no other store on the island comes close to providing as much variety as Gibbons Home, making it a sure-fire win in this category.
18 Church Street, Hamilton, 295-0022

Don’t deny it: almost everything of importance in your life is stored on your computer. Your finances, insurance information, family photos from the last 10 years and contact names and numbers you couldn’t live without make your computer one of the most valuable things you own. But what happens when you need a new one? Your best bet is Red Laser, with the best selection of computers on the island. They will transfer data from your old to your new computer in no time, offering you peace of mind to go with your new hardware.
8 Bakery Lane, Pembroke, 296-6400

Without CCS Group Limited, Bermuda wouldn’t operate as efficiently. Providing networking options, servers, online storage and security measures to businesses all across the island, CCS helps provide reliable and safe Internet solutions. In the rapid and ever-evolving realm of information technology, no one provides better service to the online community than CCS.
19 Bakery Lane, Pembroke, 294-3400

Furnishing a home is a daunting task, especially when it’s your first place. Often, discouragement comes in the form of high prices, less than impressive selection and not knowing how to pull it all together. Take refuge at Furniture Walk, where the vast selection, competitive pricing and helpful staff inspire customers and help them tie everything together.
12 Harvey Road, Paget, 292-5209

Customers of Raynor’s Rubis Gas Station hit the road knowing their car is running smoothly, thanks to the friendly and helpful staff who are always willing to go the extra mile.
217 Middle Rd., Southampton, 238-3492

In this new category, open to landscapers, gardeners and garden-supply stores across the island, our judges agreed it’s more cost effective in this economy to purchase supplies from Aberfeldy Nurseries and do it yourself than pay someone to do it for you. For the benefit of novice gardeners, the staff at Aberfeldy are always willing to help, providing in-store assistance and online planting guides, ensuring the grass is always greener in Bermuda.
3 Pomander Rd., Paget, 236-2927

There are some things better left to professionals and circuitry is one. See the light with C & C Solutions. Their service is simply electrifying!

It’s no secret that boats are costly to maintain. When making such an investment, place your water baby in the hands of Andrew Cottingham of Harbourside Marine. As one judge insisted, “He’s the best! I know so many people who will only hire him!”

Of course, a plumbing problem never occurs when you have plenty of spare time to deal with it. No, a leak will spring when you’re half way out the door and already running late, sending you into a fury trying to find the number for a plumber. When you do have leaky pipes, call Batson Mobile Plumbing. Their great team of experienced plumbers work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year, ensuring all systems are in working order. You can even make an appointment for an estimate or a repair online, making the process simpler than ever.

Water is a precious resource and when you run out, you’d consider sacrificing your right arm if it meant you didn’t have to go without. Fortunately, James Water Services makes sure you keep all extremities intact while filling your tank with the good stuff.
238-0046, 238-0311 or 238-1666


Cardoza’s Auto Garage has always been a trusted name in car repair. Having opened its doors in 1946, Cardoza’s is the oldest garage on the island. It has served several generations already and we’re sure many more to come.

Keep your two wheels running smoothly with a tune-up at Howard’s Cycle Pick Up and Repair. No matter the issue, the mechanics at Howard’s will set you straight and have you back on the road again in no time.
75 Victoria Street, Hamilton, 292-3828


Instead of shelling out for brand-new furniture, look to Creative Upholstery and give existing furniture new life. Choose from an array of beautiful fabrics, or supply your own, and leave it to the skilled upholsterers at Creative; they’ll ensure that no one will be able to tell that your gorgeous sofa is in fact older than anyone who chooses to sit on it. 
100 Middle Rd., Warwick, 236-6424


Since 2011, Gregory Nelmes Interior Design has been making Bermuda more beautiful, one lick of fresh paint at a time. Having designed and decorated offices at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and Coldwell Banker and numerous private homes across the island, our judges agreed that Gregory Nelmes and his diligent team have an eye for design that cannot be beaten.
*Sandra Madeiros abstained from voting in this category.

Outdoor living is an integral part of the Bermudian lifestyle. Stylish loungers, teak tables and all the bells and whistles needed for the swimming pool are available at Island Trading. In 2013, the company welcomed Laura Farge, the eldest daughter of business owner Gillian Farge, to the team as well as new eco-friendly products.
93 Reid St., Hamilton, 292-0400


In today’s world, exercise and a healthy diet are only the tip of the wellness iceberg. To achieve the ultimate healthy body, one must take care of the spirit as well, which can be accomplished through alternative medicine and exercise at Lotus. Indulge in Pilates, yoga and homeopathy and achieve a sense of self you never believed possible.
46 Victoria St., Hamilton, 296-5900

The best Bermuda beach bodies work their derrieres into shape at Courthouse Squash and Wellness Club. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, members are treated to state-of-the-art equipment, squash courts and a variety of fitness classes from an expert team of professionals, all located in the heart of Hamilton.
31 Victoria St., Hamilton, 292-8357


The diligent team at AAC Saatchi & Saatchi outdid themselves when they produced Blaze the Northrock Superhero for Northrock Communications. The superhero, clad in Northrock’s corporate colours (purple and green), was specifically designed to save the island from overpriced and subpar Internet providers. Of course, Blaze recommends Northrock Communications as Bermuda’s go-to choice for Internet service provider, but whether you agree with him or not, he’s certainly attracted the island’s attention.
Northrock Communications: 29 Front St., Hamilton, 295-2626
AAC Saatchi & Saatchi: 29 Front St., Hamilton, 295-2626)


asing breaking news before anyone else, Bernews is one of Bermuda’s most trusted sources for online news reporting. Simple in its aesthetic, Bernews is user friendly and content rich, making it the number-one place where Bermudians go to get their news fix.

Ahoy there, matey! Catch a ride on Overproof  with Captain Peter Rans, and set out for the big blue to reel in a marlin or two! The 42-foot boat is equipped with all the latest gear to enable its crew to reel in the big fish. Also on board are bathrooms, air conditioners and plenty of food and drink to make a day at sea truly worthwhile.

Hop aboard the UberVida for a fun night (or day) on the water. The 70-foot-long catamaran includes a bar and DJ area, making the Ubervida the ultimate party vessel. Charter it and enjoy what calling Bermuda home truly means.

Penny MacIntyre, executive vice president at Rego Sotheby’s International Realty, has made some big sales in her career, but in 2013 she sold the South Beaches Development (former Sonesta hotel site) to the Green family, after it had laid dormant for years. Our judges agreed that MacIntyre’s ability to sell such a large piece of property in such a tough economy is worthy of recognition. 
Rego Sotheby’s, 2 Cavendish Rd., 299-1507

Weathering the financial storm is difficult. Those who survive do so because they take financial advice from Capital G.
19 Reid St., Hamilton

The dynamic team at The Cutting Room do more than cut men’s hair: they change lives. Helen and Jeannette take their services across the island in support of cancer research, shaving heads at Saltus for St. Baldrick’s and working with the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre to provide clean shaves to the gents who successfully grow out their mustaches for Movember.
37 Reid St., Hamilton, 292-0577

In a little over a year, Salon Pink has made quite the impression. Owned by well-known hair stylist Pinky, Salon Pink offer deals and discounts in addition to their already competitive prices. Hair Miles, the company’s loyalty program, offers incentives to returning customers in addition to coupons and giveaways offered through their Facebook page. Salon Pink is reinforcing the notion that you don’t have to spend a lot to look like a million bucks.
15 Parliament St., Hamilton, 295-7465

You know what they say: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what if you don’t mind a visit to the doctor’s office? If you’re a patient of The Family Practice, that’s probably true for you, in which case, go on and schedule yourself a check-up.
7 The Lane, Paget, 236-0001

One of the most important aspects of a good party is good food. Kirk Wilks has proven countless times that he’s the one to call for your next celebration. As a three-time Best of Bermuda Award winner, Wilks was also named Best Caterer in The Bermudian’s 2011 Product and Service Awards.

It’s a tough job and we’re really glad the Bermuda Government’s Department of Waste Management ensures that our trash is collected and disposed of, without residents doing much more than putting it out on the side of the road.

When your digits need doing, head down to Orchid Nail Spa. Located in the heart of Hamilton, Orchid is open seven days a week, offering numerous services that can either have you out in a jiffy or sitting in relaxation for the better part of an afternoon.

With sweeping views of the South Shore, award-winning facilities and a spa menu that encourages relaxation, who wouldn’t fall in love with La Serena Spa at The Reefs? Favored by hotel visitors as well as Bermuda residents seeking an afternoon of bliss, La Serena Spa offers monthly specials and a loyalty program, ensuring your spa experience isn’t ruined when you sign the bill.
56 South Shore Rd., Southampton, 239-0184

There’s nothing better than a taxi ride with Nadanja Bailey, a professional comedian who keeps his customers entertained with his personality and hilarious one-liners.

Get your home or office squeaky clean without much more than lifting a finger to call ACE Cleaning & Landscaping Ltd. Their hardworking staff will banish the most stubborn dust bunnies from your space, leaving behind nothing but the sweet smell of cleanliness.

When it comes to home entertainment, Bermudians don’t mess around. Those in the know trust M&M International to hook up their home-entertainment spaces with the most advanced systems, all at the right price.
61 Church St., Hamilton, 292-8158

Can you hear me now? Dropped calls, static reception and anything less than 4G data speeds are simply unheard of at CellOne, which once again (third consecutive year!) provides the best cell-phone sales and service in Bermuda. With a bigger home in the Washington Mall, a bigger network and more deals and packages than ever before, clearly, there’s nowhere but up for CellOne.
18 Church St., 700-7000

Everyone and their grandmother has dined at The Spot Restaurant at some point. In a place where the food is always good and the prices are always unbeatable, the real standout is the friendly staff, who seem never to age and are happy to call you “dahlin’” and “sweetheart” from the time you sit down until the time you bid farewell.
6 Burnaby St., Hamilton, 292-6293)

Art Mel’s fish sandwich. We have a feeling that even if the price were double, our judges would agree it was money well spent.


Sandra Madeiros, Interior Design Coordinator, By Design Ltd.

Dr. Edwin Smith, Senior Lecturer of Art and Design, Bermuda College

NeKisha Tyrrell, Assistant Underwriter, HSBC Insurance (Bermuda)

Gavin Howarth, Photographer