An up-and-coming business that has made true strides in its industry, Dasfete offers only the best professional, innovative service in event coordination and design, décor sourcing, interior styling and more. This creative event and style production house has come up with a concept that truly fills a niche in Bermuda, as one judge observed.

Founders Selange Gitschner and Matthew Strong creatively use a set of extraordinary skills to offer an energetic, efficient, professional and overall exceptional level of service that customers will never forget. In a business that is entirely service oriented, such dedication is commendable.

In addition to its impressive service, Dasfete also takes pride in its high-quality sources for materials and in its constant incorporation of Bermuda’s natural beauty into its final results. The team is enthusiastic about partnering with local businesses to support other local vendors and to keep the environment in mind, no matter what the occasion or project.

Dasfete is a truly outstanding Best of Bermuda Award winner. As one judge aptly summed up their merit: “There’s nothing second rate about them.”

Somers Building, 15 Front Street, Hamilton, 400-5048


Bermuda Bookstore

Once again voted best in its category, Bermuda Bookstore offers a well-curated collection of American and British books, enviable prices and superior service. The knowledgeable staff is happy to special order specific titles or offer insightful suggestions if needed. This small shop in the heart of Hamilton has been open since the 1930s and its owners know a thing or two about the business. A single stop into this quaint but generously stocked bookstore is sure to leave you impressed.

3 Queen Street, Hamilton, 295-3698


Robertson’s Drug Store

Although a pharmacy by definition, Robertson’s boasts a wonderful selection of toys that the kids will love! You’re sure to find something that you might not find elsewhere, whether it’s a little treat to fill an Easter basket or Christmas stocking, or a reward for a good grade earned at school. This off-the-beaten-track shop fills the niche, both with its well-chosen assortment
of toys and its friendly and efficient service.

24 York Street, St. George, 297-1828


Bermuda National Gallery

Popular among our judges for its willingness to accommodate local artists, Bermuda National Gallery strives to be the leader in the display of local art and in the encouragement of Bermudian artists. It’s use of various types of exhibit, educational programmes and volunteer work engages the community on many levels. And the staff is energetic, always pushing “to promote innovative, contemporary local work,” often through creative uses of the gallery space. No matter what their areas of craft may be, local artists are supported and admired at Bermuda National Gallery.

17 Church Street, Hamilton, 295-9428


Sousa’s Landscape Management Co. Ltd.

This family-run business has been open for more than 40 years and never fails to offer an impressive selection of garden gear, not to mention friendly and efficient customer service. Also worthy of praise are Sousa’s high quality Christmas trees and the superior service that comes with them. This company always makes an effort to be innovative, even when working with a limited budget.

2 Camp Hill Road, Southampton, 238-1797


The Dockyard Pastry Shop

Always winning its customers over with a selection of decadent pastries and baked goods is The Dockyard Pastry Shop. If you’re craving something sweet, this small but enticing cafe is the perfect spot to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and a sweet indulgence. The shop’s strategic location just beyond the bustle of Dockyard gives customers a chance to relax while watching passersby.

12 Dockyard Terrace, Sandys, 232-CAKE (2253)


Collector’s Hill Apothecary

Highly praised by our judges for the outstanding service of its pharmacists is Collector’s Hill Apothecary. As one judge commented, the pharmacists are always willing to come out from behind the counter to help you find what you’re looking for and are happy to help with any query. And, of course, there is also an impressive selection of beauty and personal care products and easy parking to help sway your shopping decision.

2 South Road, Smiths, 279-5513


June Harris at The Groom Room

Looking for the perfect place to take your pet for a grooming? Look no further than The Groom Room. June Harris provides great service, reasonable pricing and a final result that’s sure to please. Even the pets will look forward to the experience!

29 Ewing Street, Hamilton, 292-0981

Gifts from The Island Shop. Photo credit: Ann Spurling



The Island Shop

Featuring a variety of uniquely Bermuda-themed gift items, from embroidered pillows to stationery and tableware, The Island Shop appeals to the taste of visitor and local alike. Whether you’re in search of the perfect gift or looking for something to complement your own home décor, The Island Shop is the place to find it. All the gifts are crafted in the artistic style of shop owner Barbara Finsness and reflect the island’s architectural, floral and marine elements.

3 Queen Street, Hamilton, 292-5292
*Barbara Finsness abstained from voting


Noah’s Ark

Once again Noah’s Ark has claimed the title for Best Pet Supplies. And it’s no wonder! Our judges agree—they offer not only a great selection of the essentials for any pet, but also a variety of treats and toys. And to top it off, the friendly staff treats customers like family and is always researching the latest products in pet care and health, so that your pet has only the best.

3 Marsh Lane, Devonshire, 236-1533


Lindo’s Market in Devonshire

With an always well-stocked selection of items and staff members who know regular customers by name, you can’t go wrong by choosing Lindo’s in Devonshire. If you have any trouble finding what you need, the accommodating staff is more than happy to point you in the right direction or make helpful suggestions. And with the newly added seniors’ discount day on Tuesday, there’s a chance for everyone to save, without the store becoming too crowded!

4 Watlington Road, Devonshire, 236-5623


Price Rite

There’s no denying it. Price Rite is the place to go for bulk shopping. From household products to electronics, this store has a big selection that’s sure to include what you need. Plus, they offer impressive customer service, and as one judge commented: “Staff members are willing to replace items without question and will order items custom.” When you consider the convenient opening hours and ample parking, you’re sure to be persuaded!

22 Middle Road Warwick. 232-0010.
10 Mill Reach Road, Pembroke, 295-7111


Sports R Us

Acknowledged and appreciated for its great service is Sports R Us. The shop caters to a wide variety of sports and offers a huge selection of merchandise, from kids sporting gear to workout clothes and running shoes. One judge commented that staff are willing to go the extra mile to help, and once even remembered an item a customer was looking for and called him three months later when they had found the product.

61 Church Street, Hamilton, 292-1891



Recognised for its great pricing, speedy service and accommodating staff, Demco was once again voted the place to go for fresh flowers. The always tastefully arranged bouquets and centrepieces come at competitive prices, and one judge was impressed with the ease of placing an order over the phone. No matter what the occasion, Demco’s large selection of flowers is sure to provide the perfect arrangement.

14 South Road, Devonshire. 234-7777
26 Church Street, Hamilton, 293-3626


Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre Ltd.

Truly dedicated to improving the health and lifestyles of its customers, Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre was chosen by our judges for its cleanliness, affordability and always-enthusiastic staff. Whether it’s finding the right workout for you or offering advice to improve your eating habits, the team is more than happy to offer guidance. This high-quality yet affordable health centre is a gem both for the St. George’s community and for residents islandwide.

14 Wallers Point Road, St. George, 297-0438


Yoga Flow Bermuda

Voted by our judges as Bermuda’s Best Yoga Studio, Yoga Flow Bermuda offers Vinyasa, Yin and prenatal yoga for yogis of all levels. Business owner and instructor Bec is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that all her students are satisfied, no matter what their motivations for taking a class. Sessions are reasonably priced and are available both privately and in groups. So, whether you’re in search of relaxation, improved fitness or a better connection with your baby, Yoga Flow Bermuda is the answer.



Beta Cycles

Whether you’re looking for a bike repair or even a rental, Beta Cycles is the company to trust. The team can repair any type of bike, no matter the make or model, and the shop is conveniently open seven days a week all year long. A new and up-and-coming company, Beta Cycles goes above and beyond to make customers happy and is even willing to collect broken-down bikes and transport them back to the shop to repair.

61 Middle Road, Sandys, 234-0126



With a hard-working staff and well-stocked selection of items, Gorham’s is the place to go for your hardware needs. Whether you’re in need of a basic household product or tools for a particular project, one of the helpful staff members will be happy to assist. And the store offers everything from barbecues and other outdoor equipment to kitchen supplies and cleaning
products, making Gorham’s a true one-stop shop.

62 St. John’s Road, Pembroke, 295-1550


Red Laser

When it comes to picking out a new computer or digital device, Red Laser is the top choice of our judges. They offer an impressive selection of the best quality products, and their free, same-day islandwide delivery is never forgotten by a happy customer. If you’re not sure which product is right for you, turn to their knowledgeable team for advice. You’ll never have to worry about how to make your next tech-related purchase again.

12 Bakery Lane, Pembroke, 296-6400


The Irish Linen Shop

Perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of furniture, The Irish Linen shop does in fact offer a great selection of high-quality pieces. And, of course, they also offer a beautiful, hand-selected collection of home décor items, from fine linens to tableware. The shop will happily custom-order special furnishings to suit your needs, no matter what type of project you may have, and will even personally deliver them. So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or redecorating a room, The Irish Linen shop is a sure bet!

31 Front Street, Hamilton, 295-4089


Dowling’s Marine Service Station in St. George

This family-owned business was praised by our judges for its “old-school” Bermuda-style service. The staff are so accommodating that when they realised one customer’s windshield wiper was broken, they replaced it for her free of charge. This gas station also offers reasonable prices that, when combined with such great service, are just too rewarding to pass up.

Penno’s Drive, St. George, 297-1914


Beth MacDonald

Beth MacDonald Interior Decorating offers complete interior decorating services for all types of clients and projects. Down to the last lighting component and fabric choice, Beth will perfectly coordinate your next home or commercial space to fit your exact needs. The company takes pride in its ability to transform any space and in its trusted suppliers for all materials, letting you feel confident every step of the way. So whether you’re in need of a few simple changes or a complete redesign, this business is a sure bet.

62 Spice Hill Road, Warwick, 236-9459


Greg Peters, Macworcs

Highly praised by our judges for his exceptionally fast service and skill when it comes to computer repair is Greg Peters at Macworcs. Whether you have a Mac or a PC that needs to be fixed or revived completely, Macworcs is the place to take it. Greg goes above and beyond to assist his customers and also offers incredibly reasonable prices.


Alex Jones, iRepair

Offering service for any type of device, from cell phones to iPads and tablets, Alex Jones at iRepair is ready to help with your next digital fix. Whether the glitch is a simple screen repair or something more complex, iRepair is sure to have the solution. The shop keeps a large selection of parts from various brands in stock, so that no matter what the problem or what type of device you have, Alex can help. With service that’s not only efficient, but also timely, you can’t go wrong.

Washington Lane, Hamilton, 297-6464


Ground Effects Ltd.

For complete landscape care, Ground Effects offers speedy, extremely reliable service and an overall high quality of work. No matter what type of property or job they are given, the members of the team get the work done so well and so quickly that customers are often left wondering how it happened. Whether your back yard needs maintenance or a makeover, turn to Ground Effects knowing that the task is in good hands.

P.O. Box SN 552, Southampton, SNBX, 238-0077


Niche’s Electrical

With quick, dependable service, Niche’s Electrical is the company to trust with all your electrical needs. As one judge commented, they are efficient, tidy and quick to show up, no matter how busy the day’s schedule might be. They have even won over long-time customers, thanks to their consistent professionalism and impeccable skill. There’s no doubt about it: Niche’s Electrical prides itself on its happy customers.

6 Nursery Lane, Sandys, 747-0580

Patio and pool furniture from Island Trading. Photo credit: Ann Spurling



Island Trading

From outdoor furniture and accessories to pool maintenance supplies, Island Trading proudly offers an extensive selection of patio and pool products. Recognised by our judges for its friendly service and reasonable rates, Island Trading never fails to leave its customers satisfied. All items are hand-selected by the owners, ensuring that a variety of tasteful options is available to suit each customer. Turn to Island Trading for the perfect piece to complete your patio, or for its great gift potential.

93 Reid Street East, Hamilton, 292-0400


Andrew Cottingham at Harbourside Marine

Harbourside Marine offers all manner of boat repair and maintenance services and all at reasonable rates. Strongly voted as a true Best in Bermuda by one of our judges, Andrew Cottingham is recognised as being both incredibly knowledgeable and incredibly popular in his field. The company handles all boat-related jobs, from hauling and towing to engine and electrical repairs. So no matter what type of service you need, Harbourside Marine is sure to deliver quality results and exceptional service.

12 Parkview Lane, Pembroke, 505-7965


Fox’s Water Service

When you need water, you need it right away. Fox’s Water Service was voted best in this category for their honesty, efficiency and great service. In one customer’s experience, Fox’s was called to refill the tank, but when the team spotted a crack, they helped the customer to resolve the issue before refilling, saving the customer water and money in the process! Fox’s is willing to help with any type of job and to come at any hour, always leaving customers happy.

9 Aurora Lane, Southampton, 335-5400


Auto Solutions

With a highly trained team and a broad selection of quality brands, Auto Solutions was unanimously voted Bermuda’s best in car sales. The company prides itself on the quality of its products, its superior, comprehensive service and its consistent customer satisfaction. The team members are friendly, approachable and ready to offer advice when needed. When you’re in the market for a new car, Auto Solutions will ensure that you end up satisfied with all aspects of your decision.

61 St. John’s Road, Pembroke, 295-5000


Anslie’s Interior Decor

Specialising in all aspects of interior decorating, from consultations to upholstery, Anslie’s is sure to impress. Boasting nearly 30 years of experience, the company offers services for both residential and commercial projects, and the accommodating team is happy to assist with any questions you may have. Recognised and appreciated by its customers for its stellar service, reasonable prices and honesty, Anslie’s is the place to turn to with your next decorating project.

1 Tee Street, Devonshire, 236-9993


Pole Fitness at Aerial Therapy

Recently opened in 2015 is Aerial Therapy, a new type of fitness centre focusing on pole fitness. In their new location, a container that has been transformed into a beautiful studio, the team offers classes at very affordable prices and great package deals. Aerial Therapy strives to foster empowerment, healthful lifestyle and self-acceptance and encourages people of all fitness levels to take part. For a fun workout and a great means of self-expression, a pole fitness class at Aerial Media is the perfect solution.

16 Market Lane, Hamilton, 703-MOVE (6683)



For your next special occasion, trust freelance makeup artist Aphrodite to make you feel your best. Customers appreciate Aphrodite’s consistently beautiful results and wonderful service. She is happy to offer her services for all types of special events, from corporate occasions to weddings. And no matter what your style or intended look, Aphrodite is sure to leave you feeling glamorous.



Hilton Brown Plumbing

If you have a leaky tap or a broken pump, call on Hilton Brown Plumbing. Recognised for their consistently good service and long-time happy customers, this company can handle any job, whether residential or commercial, and no matter the size or complexity. Hilton Brown is both very knowledgeable and reliable and will be there to assist you at any time, even on holidays.

7 North Shore Road, Devonshire, 293-6117

Kitchen tools and accessories from International Imports.
Photo credit: Ann Spurling


International Imports

When it comes to supplies for the kitchen, our judges agreed unanimously—International Imports is outstanding. The shop offers everything from Le Creuset pots and KitchenAid mixers to handy cooking gadgets and dishware. All their products are of the best quality, and the helpful staff is happy to assist or offer advice when your choice comes down to two products. Their convenient Par-la-Ville Road location makes popping in easy whenever you’re in town.

44 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton, 292-1661


Tommy Stratton at Willow Stream Spa

When it comes to working out, each person has different goals and motivations. Tommy Stratton of Willow Stream Spa appreciates those differences and uses his credentials and experience to work with each of his clients to create the perfect fitness programme at just the right level of intensity. And Tommy isn’t limited to working only with those who are young and fit; he happily takes on clients of all ages and fitness levels. As one judge commented, he makes working out pleasurable, giving much needed motivation to those who are not the most athletic.

101 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-8000 (Willow Stream)


Glen Robinson, Ashlan Clinic

Whether you’re seeking relief from a sports injury or are just in need of some relaxation, Glen Robinson, the owner of Ashlan Clinic, can help. A certified massage and neuromuscular therapist, Glen will get to the root of the problem, no matter how particular, and will leaving you feeling renewed. Recognised by our judges for his consistently good reviews, Glen is said to have “magic in his fingertips.”

48 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton, 292-6830


Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Southampton

Renowned for its phenomenal service and facilities is Willow Stream Spa. For a true luxury experience at an international standard, Willow Stream offers a complete range of specialised beauty and body treatments, all featuring natural elements of Bermuda. Take advantage of their couples’ treatments, exceptional manicures and pedicures and even a menu of healthful lunch and snack options for a day well spent.

101 South Shore Road, Southampton, 238-8000


Bermuda Tourism Authority

Always striving to foster Bermuda’s growth as an internationally ranked tourist destination, the Bermuda Tourism Authority has made huge progress in its critical task. And such hard work has not gone unnoticed. The BTA was recently awarded a Public Relations Platinum Award at the 60th Adrian Awards Ceremony, the world’s most distinguished travel marketing competition. And for the “Bermuda: Finding an Island’s Adventurous Side” campaign, the award was in turn given a “Best of Show” honour. Distinguished even further, the BTA was also named winner of Gold and Silver Adrian Awards for its brand and print advertising. The BTA’s impressive advertising campaigns can now be seen overseas, bringing much-needed international publicity for Bermuda.

22 Church Street, Hamilton, 296-9200


Fish N’ Tings

For the casual get-together with friends, Fish N’ Tings is the caterer of choice. Boasting a great reputation for its outstanding Jamaican cuisine, Fish N’ Tings can provide you with mouth-watering food and quality service for your next low-key party. Their flavourful cuisine is sure to be a hit with guests, and their efficient catering team will take care of all the details, leaving you free to enjoy the fun.

45 Angle Street, Hamilton, 292-7389


Precious Wilson at Saphora Hair & Nail Salon

Offering cuts and styling for both women and men is Precious Wilson. Appreciated by our judges for her consistently great haircuts and personable demeanour, Precious is accommodating for every customer. She is also happy to work with young boys and even dedicates every Wednesday completely to their haircuts. For your next barber’s appointment, Precious is sure to impress.

33 Ewing Street, Hamilton, 295-8235



With nearly 30 years in business, Tangles was voted this year’s best hair salon for its constant innovation, pleasant facilities and excellent customer service. Tangles is a Paul Mitchell concept salon that offers a full range of cuts, colouring and styling for men, women and children. The highly qualified team prides itself on always being up to date on the latest products and techniques and its excellent communication with customers. Count on Tangles for a truly professional and enjoyable experience.

3 Burnaby Street, Hamilton, 292-8294

Milton Hill’s ship models. Photo creidt: Ann Spurling



Milton Hill’s Ship Models

With years of experience and a passion for his craft, Milton Hill won over our judges for his exquisitely made Bermuda cedar models of ships. Mr. Hill is a shipwright and sailor by trade, and his experience and in-depth knowledge of boats make his models all the more realistic and captivating. The models are made in the ways of those used to begin building a ship and are so beautifully crafted that they have been commissioned for the British monarchy, the Bermuda Historical Society and the Bermuda Sloop Foundation.



Allan and Delvin Bean, Paradise One

For your next deep-sea fishing excursion, brothers Allan and Delvin Bean of Paradise One will provide an experience you’re bound to enjoy. The brothers aim to give only the best service and offer trips to fish for a variety of species, including tuna, wahoo, marlin and snapper. With years of experience, the brothers have won several tournaments and supply many local restaurants with freshly caught fish. Charter their 54-foot sport fishing catamaran, Paradise One, for a professional and rewarding experience.



Adam Birch

Our judges agree: Adam Birch, a rental representative at Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty is an outstanding real estate agent. No matter what your budget or preferences, Adam is sure to help you find the perfect fit and is happy to offer tips on finding a new home. Described as diligent, hard-working and punctual, Adam is sure to make your next real estate experience headache free.

11 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton, 505-5157,


Rising Son II

Boasting the number-one catamaran tour in the world, according to TripAdvisor, Rising Son Cruises was highly praised by our judges for its high quality of entertainment and accommodating service. The company offers all types of charters, from cocktail cruises to wedding celebrations and corporate events. And Captain Steve Smith and his highly trained crew will ensure that your experience lives up to your expectations. Charter Rising Son II, a custom-built 60-foot Simonis sailing catamaran, and rest assured your next event will be a success.

236-1300 (Island Tour Centre)


Island Health Services

Appreciated for its great service and personable doctors, Island Health Services is dedicated to the health of each of its patients. With quality health care as its philosophy, the practice offers a variety of services, from annual physical examinations to vaccinations and medical exams for immigration and TCD. If you’re in need of a family doctor, any one of the team at Island Health Services will leave you feeling confident that your health is in good hands.

40 & 42 Point Finger Road, Paget. 236-0084. 14 Dundonald Street, Hamilton, 296-9733


Otto Kummer, Private Dining

Highly recommended by our judges, Otto Kummer of Private Dining is a professional chef recognised for his skill in fine cuisine. Otto will happily cater small to medium-sized events, no matter what the occasion. For your next dinner party or other special event, trust Otto to deliver delicious dishes and a catering service that is sure to delight both you and your guests.




Thanks to its hugely improved level of service and new nodeclare line at the airport, the customs department has claimed the title of Best Government Service. Its helpful information hotline and friendly staff have also contributed to its transformation. And also worthy of praise is that this improvement comes along with a hugely increased workload for the staff in anticipation of America’s Cup. What was once a hair-pulling experience has now become one that gives a great first impression of the island.

*Malcolm Martin abstained from voting.


Anna Burns at Ani’s Nail & Beauty Lounge

Ani’s Nail & Beauty Lounge offers a full range of beauty and spa treatments, from manicures to massage, and is known for its stellar reviews. The company prides itself on offering a luxury spa experience that is personalised for each customer. As one judge raved, “Ani is the epitome of customer service” and her manicures, professionalism and quality service garner countless repeat customers. Pop into the conveniently located Victoria Street oasis for your next nail appointment and you won’t be disappointed.

31 Victoria Street (Courtyard Level), Hamilton, 292-0700

Yolanda at Salon Visage

When it comes to manicures, Yolanda at Salon Visage is the person to see. Receiving rave reviews from one of our judges, Yolanda has earned long-time happy customers for her incredible service. Her years of experience, paired with her willingness to accommodate customers, make her a true Best of Bermuda winner. She’ll help you choose the exact shade to suit your mood or occasion, and will even help you match your nails to an important outfit.

54 Reid Street, Hamilton, 292-8724

Photo credit: Scott Tucker



Yo Cherry

At Yo Cherry, you’re always sure to enjoy service with a smile. Offering frozen yogurt in a variety of flavours, as well as other delicious treats, the shop encourages customers to sample as many flavours as they like before choosing. As one judge commented, no matter which location you visit, which staff member you meet or what time you go, you’re always guaranteed great service. And their selection of tasty options and two convenient locations seals the deal; Yo Cherry never fails to keep customers happy.

8 Vallis Building, Bermudiana Road, Hamilton. 292-2020. 38 York Street, St. George, 292-2022


Pro-Tone Cleaning Services Ltd.

When it comes to professional cleaning, Pro-Tone Cleaning Services was unanimously named Bermuda’s best. With more than 35 years of experience, the company offers always up-to-date commercial and residential cleaning services and will tailor them to suit any budget and job size. From one-time jobs or maintenance to construction site cleanup, Pro-Tone does it all. It’s no surprise that the professional, highly trained staff have garnered many repeat customers. And for even more points, Pro-Tone offers its first-rate service using only eco-friendly products.

34 Dundonald Street, Hamilton, 292-1456


Audio Visual

Appreciated by its customers for its great selection of products and knowledgeable staff, Audio Visual is the place to find your next electronic purchase. They sell everything from televisions and DVD players to home audio devices, phones and tablets. And all their products are always the latest models and brands. Audio Visual’s second location in Somerset makes shopping with them a breeze.

4 Washington Street, Hamilton. 292-1354. 29 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset, 234-3305


Matthew Strong and Selange Gitschner, Dasfete

Offering service in everything from wedding planning to luxury concierge service and décor sourcing, Dasfete strives to ensure that clients are left with a beautiful event and a memorable experience. The weddings coordinated by Selange and Matthew are of the highest quality, with no detail left unattended. The team makes a true effort to incorporate local beauty into each event and always operates with the goal of working sustainably whenever possible. For an event as important as your wedding, Dasfete is the one to trust.

Somers Building, 15 Front Street, Hamilton, 400-5048


Bag of Fresh Vegetables from Manuel DeSilva Jr.

You can’t go wrong with a bag of fresh Bermuda produce. From Bermuda onions to carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and much more, Mr. DeSilva has just what you need, no matter which dish you’re cooking. And for $25, you’re sure to get a good selection and generous quantity to make the purchase worth your while. Our judges recommend Manuel DeSilva’s farm stand at the Botanical Gardens Farmers’ Market for the very best of what Bermuda has to offer and a well-spent $25.



Malcolm Martin
Customs Officer, H.M. Customs

Barbara Finsness
Designer, The Island Shop

Allison L Smith
The Cookie Lady, Confections

Natalie Dyrli
Office manager, Westport Architecture

Peter Lapsley


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