Building & Interior Design Awards

Building & Interior Design Awards 2016

From Basic to Beautiful: Seashell

Sometimes it only takes a small change to completely transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. And when done with precise attention to detail, quality workmanship and a whole lot of love, a simple backyard renovation becomes award-worthy. Such is the case for Seashell, a lovely family home in Hamilton Parish whose owners added on a relatively modest but well-designed pool and patio and turned a largely unused backyard into a perfect retreat for relaxation and entertaining. “We have quite a…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2016

A Designer's Dream: Twenty Seven

When it comes to building, a series of collaborations between the architect, builders and client often results in compromises on all sides with the main objective being a satisfying outcome for the client. However, when the designer is also the…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2016

A Dockyard Revival: Crown & Anchor

  Nautical history, classic design and a new Bermudian clothing label perfectly blend together in Crown & Anchor’s flagship store in the Royal Naval Dockyard. Owned by Laura and William Pitt and renovated by David Benevides at Benevides and Associates,…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2016

Risk and Reward: Hamilton Insurance Group

All work and no play makes for very unhappy employees these days. Such is certainly not the case for Hamilton Insurance Group which puts an emphasis on balancing the productivity of its hard-working staff with the need to recharge and…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2016

Sustainable Success

After 23 years of our Building Design Awards, we at The Bermudian felt the time had come for us to acknowledge excellence in the use of renewable energies and sustainable products for those architects and developers who are consciously ensuring…