Heart of the Home – Anything but ordinary, the kitchen at Cooper’s Landing is both functional and stylish
By Deuce Coop Designs

Literally and figuratively the centrepiece of this contemporary home overlooking the waters of Evans Bay in Southampton, the kitchen at Coopers Landing takes open plan living to new heights.

With no traditional walls and the same monochrome palette as the rest of this award-winning house, the kitchen is also a dining room, TV room, entertaining room and “pool house,” due to the full-width bifold doors which open out to meet the swimming pool and garden. Because of this, it is simply referred to as the “great room.”

Designed by the home’s owner Kris Hedges, founder of Deuce Coop Designs, an “appliance wall” has floor-to-ceiling lacquered white paint cabinetry and houses more than just the double ovens. The doors open out or fold back to reveal shelving, small appliances and pantry storage, and despite the minimal look, there’s room for everything. “When you do full height cabinets like that, there’s a lot of volume because they have the same depth as traditional lower cabinets,” he explains. At 26 inches, however, they are slightly deeper than traditional cabinets, which usually come in at 24 inches. The millwork was all done through Convoy Custom Interiors and together with the kitchen island is all designed, he says, “to be one system that flows together.” To complete the smooth look, the cabinets are all “touch open,” so no clunky hardware.

Designed to be one system that flows together, the “appliance wall” at Cooper’s Landing houses shelving small appliances, pantry storage and double ovens.

Hedges’s kitchen island design is particularly unique. The counter and “enclosure” are Corian because he “wanted something bullet proof for humidity and children,” with metal panels for the “kicker.” To house the cooktop and sink, he used concrete inserts created by Simon Leighton at Concrete Works. The concrete, he says, “sets the working part of the kitchen apart from the rest.” With the working part of the kitchen deliberately facing out towards a mesmerising view across the pool and the bay, however, it’s impressive that the owners get any actual cooking, or work, done at all.

The geometry of the island design is very much a standout feature and is a smooth shape that evolved to work with the function and space around it. It had initially been designed as a peninsular, but with the main entrance on one side and a library and courtyard dining room on the other, the final style created a much better flow. Like the “appliance wall,” the island has a lot of functionality packed into it. In addition to the seating, sink and cooktop, there are two dishwashers, a wine cooler and enough storage space for cutlery and glassware.

Hedges chose Gaggenau for all the kitchen appliances, with the exception of the fridge freezer, which is Thermidor. This is because, he says, “they’re ageless,” describing them as “like a Land Rover. It evolves, but you can always see the progression. The hope is that it doesn’t look dated in a few years.”

Made of Corian, the kitchen island includes concrete inserts that house the cooktop and sink, as well as two dishwashers, a wine cooler and storage space for cutlery and glassware.

Elsewhere throughout this “great room” all the fixtures and fittings are contemporary, monochrome, creative, yet functional, and in keeping with the rest of the palette throughout the house. The only mild exception to this are the colourful, but still complementary, Moustache chairs, which sit around a long Kanji dining table from Paola Lenti. Bravely, considering they have two young boys, there is also a very comfortable-looking white modular seating arrangement which, says Hedges, is “a natural outdoor fabric” so should hopefully remain white. The seating arrangement is from Living Divani and provides very stylish multi-directional seating, whereby you can gather in front of the fire and the television, sit facing the pool and the view or relax and watch someone else do all the cooking, without having to move a single seat.

Necessities and luxuries such as lighting, fans and speakers have been discreetly nestled into the high-pitched ceiling where three white beams add character to the otherwise sparse area.

Our judges have high praise for how “well thought out” the kitchen in Coopers Landing is, but the star of the show is the island detailing because, they say, “it is just so different.”