Historic Masterpiece – CTX restores Bellevue to its former glory
By Salt & CTX Design Group

Sitting atop a hill in Paget, this historical property has been lovingly restored and modernised to become a family home embracing character and personality. While the interiors are full of show-stopping features, standing out against them all are the original refinished and repaired carpentry and mouldings, and some stunning tiles.

Managing the interior design process, was Madeline White of CTX Design Group who was charged with creating an “open, family home that they could grow into,” with “colour, character and as many natural finishes as possible.” In addition to the carpenters from contractor Paramount Construction, BS&R also handled much of the restoration work including the intricate “dental mouldings” in the formal living room. “All these individual teeth, a lot of those were rotting and hadn’t been restored for a long time, so they had to be taken out by hand, refinished and put back in,” explains White, adding “BS&R did that. It was a labour of love.”

Also remaining in this room is the original fireplace tile, which had to be restored too. New hearths were then added to make the fireplace code compliant with the wood flooring.

Top intricate moldings in the formal living room were expertly restored to their original glory by BS&R.

Contrasting with, but complementing this stately room is modern, statement furniture, sourced by CTX. “[The owner] was open to unique furniture pieces,” says White. “We had some custom tables built. The chairs are from Lulu and Georgia, the couch is from Soho Home. This little side table with the spherical base is from &Tradition.”

As this is an historical home, wood is a prominent feature throughout the house, in particular all the windows and doors which have also been restored or replaced. In the newly opened kitchen, all the original cedar beams in the ceiling, which are the joists for the floor above, have been exposed and refinished, as have all the original cedar mouldings and features throughout the rest of the downstairs rooms. They also kept the original handrail for the staircase but, explains White, it was “refinished to be in keeping with the more modern iron pickets that we did.”

The home’s kitchen is bright and sophisticated and while it features modern appliances, its design is till in keeping with the historic property.

“The owner was very open to doing colours, marbles and textures,” continues White, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the bathrooms, where all the statement tiles come from Artistic. In the master bathroom, for example, the walls and floor of the large walk-in shower as well the whole bathroom floor are bedecked in a textured light pink floral and diamond pattern, with complementary marble countertop, backsplash and windowsill. A dramatic turquoise mosaic-style tile covers a wall in the guest bathroom, and for their daughters’ bathroom, a custom dragonfly-patterned tile was picked for the shower.

Wood features prominently at Bellevue, and all of the existing windows and doors were either restored or replaced, as were the original cedar beams in the kitchen.

Spectacular tile wasn’t just reserved for the bathrooms, however. As you walk into the house, you are greeted by a handmade white and grey square Zellige floor tile, which has been used throughout the hallway, powder room and laundry, and looks like it has always been there. Custom-made Christiana cabinetry, in navy for the island and white for the surrounding cabinets, has been used in the kitchen, where modern appliances from Sub Zero and Wolf contrast with traditional inset cabinet doors and bronze and brass hardware from Rocky Mountain Hardware. The countertops and even the sink, which is from deVOL, are solid marble. “The sink was carved from one piece of stone, with the flute detail on the front,” says White. “It was about 900 pounds, making it very interesting to get into the cabinetry!”

Lighting the space are custom pendants from a seller on Etsy, along with high wall sconces from Blueprint Lighting. Other fun details include a brass faucet for the main sink, and old-fashioned style taps on the secondary sink, both of which are also from deVOL.

Bellevue is full of so many intricate details, colours and textures, that have involved painstaking thought and restoration work. Say our judges, “I think people underestimate how important that is to our heritage.”