Building & Interior Design Awards

Building & Interior Design Awards 2018

Residential Building Design Honourable Mention: Moongate

Designed with classic lines and modern sensibilities, the expansive Moongate house is elegant and timeless. Big, bold and beautiful, Moongate sits high above the south shore in Tucker’s Town. This six-bedroom, 8,500-square-foot house was designed by architect David Benevides of Benevides & Associates as a second home for his international client. “They wanted something classic and elegant in the Bermudian vernacular,” he said. “They wanted large rooms, high ceilings and classic detailing throughout the house.” The home previously on the…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2018

Commercial Building Design Winner: The Chapel Hamlet

Unwavering faith, passion, commitment and months of dedicated research—all before a single block was laid—have resulted in an award-worthy project for architect Harold Conyers and his clients. Located just east of the new marina at Caroline Bay, The Chapel Hamlet…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2018

Residential Interior Design Winner: Longtail House

Spacious yet understated, and designed for a growing family, Longtail House’s interior design combines classic, rustic and modern styles to create a relaxed and functional family home.   Successfully designing a beautiful and elegant “forever home” for a fun-loving and…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2018

Commercial Interior Design Winner: Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery Flagship Store

A beautiful new flagship store on Front Street is a dream come true for jewellery designer Alexandra Mosher. Every day is dreamy!” gushed jewellery artist Alexandra Mosher about her spectacular new flagship retail store and working studio now located on…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2018

Commercial Interior Design Honourable Mention: MS Amlin

MS Amlin’s new office was a challenge well met for L&S Design. When Amlin and MS Frontier (Bermuda) Limited merged in mid-2016, they brought on L&S Design Limited to redesign their existing offices to relocate the staff into one reconfigured…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2017

Residential Interior Design Honourable Mention: Searose

[caption id="attachment_5550" align="alignnone" width=""]Highlights of the open plan living area include an enormous fireplace and weathered ceiling beams.[/caption]It is a rare thing when the perfect team seamlessly joins forces to create a home designed to fulfill the unique vision of…