Overall Winner and Food & Drink Winner: Bermuda Cookie Company

“Genius!” is how the judges described the Bermuda Cookie Company’s line of frozen cookie dough that won over their hearts—and tummies—in this year’s awards. “Not only were the cookies delicious and already pre-rolled into balls ready to bake, the concept is genius,” said one of the judges. “Anyone can take them home and make the perfect Bermuda cookie.”

The product has been widely successful for the two owner/operators—Bermudian moms Alicia Resnik, the baker, and Silvia Darling, the marketing expert—since they started the company in March of 2016. “We decided to combine our talents to create a unique product for the island,” said the duo in their entry statement for the awards. “We offer traditional cookie dough like chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar, and dough with a Bermudian twist: Half Hot, Want More, With the Works and Hog Wilde About Chocolate. Gluten-Free? No problem! We also offer scoops of frozen gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough.”

The dough is all made from scratch with only natural ingredients and no added preservatives or fillers. “Our cookies are 100 percent homemade and 100 percent delicious!” they said. “We’ve done all the work. Simply take a few of the frozen dough scoops (or all of them) from our unique container, place them on your baking sheet, bake and enjoy homemade cookies in 15 minutes!”

The cookie dough is available in nine different flavours: Half Hot Ginger with Black Rum Glaze; Butt Kicking Peanut Butter; Classic Sugar; Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip; Hog Wilde About Chocolate (double chocolate); Ms. Alicia’s Chocolate Chip; Silvia’s Chocolate Caramel Decadence (with dark chocolate, caramel and fudge); Want More (with caramel, chocolate chip and coconut); With the Works (featuring oatmeal, quinoa, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and raisins); Coco Limon; and Merry Merry Mint (with chocolate and mint chips, available at Christmas time). With 12 to 15 scoops in each container, you can simply take out a few or the whole batch and bake them as per the included directions for fresh, homemade cookies in minutes.

“The Bermuda Cookie Company won on innovation,” explained one of the judges. “The concept is brilliant.” They were also impressed by the attention to detail, the quality of the packaging as well as the use of clever Bermuda-inspired names. Offering a gluten-free option was a bonus, too.

The frozen doughs are available in the freezer section of Lindo’s in Warwick and Devonshire, Harrington Hundreds, Miles and The Supermart on Front Street. The Bermuda Cookie Company will also cater personal and corporate events and specialises in cookie trays, treat bags, baskets and even a dessert cookie bar for private events.

www.bermudacookieco.com | bermudacookiecompany@gmail.com | 236-9218/238-1148



Clothing & Accessories Winner: Rebecca Little

Rebecca Little’s Nautical Knots jewellery collection was unanimously selected as the winner in the Clothing & Accessories category this year. A finalist in the 2015 awards and a Best of Bermuda Award winner that same year, Little’s work has been garnering attention since the designer returned home from the UK in 2012.

Using classic sailing knots and rigging as her inspiration, Little says she uses “repeated patterns of hand knotted and twisted wire integrated with delicate, natural freshwater pearls and shimmering, faceted gemstones. Some of [my] pieces are reminiscent of piles of old, faded ropes that can be found hanging alongside boats in Dockyard or found washed ashore by the waves.”

Besides her nautical line, Little also has several other collections including a popular Bermuda Triangle line, abstract linear and geometric collections as well as delicate fabric-inspired pieces. Working mainly in silver, 14k yellow and rose gold, her distinct style is striking, edgy and unfussy and ranges from casual, everyday-wear pieces to bespoke engagement rings and wedding jewellery.

The judges applauded her “original and very Bermuda” designs, great workmanship and variety. “She’s an excellent jewellery maker and very good at her craft,” stated one judge. Another commented: “She has noticeably developed her craft and her brand in the last couple of years.” They also praised her for an “impressively cohesive collection that embodies Bermuda without being literal.”

Little’s jewellery is currently available for sale in several UK boutiques as well as locally at TABS, & Partners, Modblu and Urban Cottage. She also does custom commissions and can be contacted via her website.

www.rebeccalittlejewellery.com 704-0766 | info@rebeccalittlejewellery.com



Home Winner: CC Designs

“Love that these knives are both practical and beautiful,” stated one judge about the stainless steel Damascus knives by CC Design. The artist, Chris L. Chiappa, uses Japanese steel featuring one-of-a-kind designs and fits on a Bermuda cedar handle cut from 200-year-old beams. The handle is hand-sculpted, sanded and sealed with organic, food-grade linseed oil to preserve the wood without using chemicals, while allowing the distinct scent of the Bermuda cedar to remain.

“Each knife is made with steel forged in Japan for quality and cost effectiveness,” explained Chiappa. “[Each blade has] 67 layers making a unique folded pattern and they sandwich a super hard VG-10 stainless core. This core has a Rockwell hardness around 61 that retains an excellent cutting edge.”

“VG-10” refers to a particular type of stainless steel produced in Japan and widely used for knives that are known for their ability to hold an edge and withstand rust. The “G” stands for gold, which refers to the gold standard this steel is considered to have met.

Chiappa sells the knives through International Imports (The Chef Shop) on Par-la-Ville Road, and custom knives—including carry knives, fillet, tanto and more—are available directly from the owner. He also offers sharpening and knife restoration services.

The judges noted the “high quality” of the knives, which they also called “very impressive.” And, as one judge put it best, “Who wouldn’t want one of these?”

44 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton; chris16180@gmail.com



Craft Winner: NettleInk Stationery

The judges were blown away by Nettleink’s uniquely Bermudian line of greeting cards, notelets, gift cards and invitation sets all designed to celebrate local culture, history and our urban vibe.

Launched in 201
4 and sold out of Urban Cottage on Front Street, the company’s various stationery lines are infused with Bermudian dialect and nostalgia. One line features their collection of vintage postcards with images of old Hamilton streets, the Devil’s Hole Aquarium, vintage cards, sailboats and horses and carriages with sayings like “Up de road…Ron de corner & over de hill” and “Hook, Line & Sinker.” Another uses mainly words to create graphic images for special occasions like Father’s Day (“Pa, Papa, Dada, Pops, Deddy, Dad… Regardless You the Man”), as well as everyday designs featuring Bermudjan Verds like “um um, whodat, wahyahsayin, dun, ’sup yo!” Finally, the Naughty Nettle line is a little more tongue-in-cheek, slightly rude and not for the easily offended.

“Our stationery options, including the recent launch of our ‘Naughty Nettle’ line, have proven to be a popular go-to for locals and visitors alike,” said Nettleink designer Andrea Lopes. “The process of pigment to pattern to print is truly second to none and we are still in awe—inspired by the culmination of identity to subject, implementation of craft, application of industry techniques and ultimately satisfaction of final product for retail. Each given our seal of approval.”

“The range is superb,” stated one of the judges, while another praised the creativity and the “top-notch quality” of the product. “The craftsmanship is excellent,” said another judge. “I can appreciate the difficulty in sourcing the right vintage photo and combining it with the right saying and typography. It’s a first-class made-in-Bermuda product.”

Urban Cottage, Front Street, Hamilton nettleinkbda@logic.bm | www.nettleinkbda.com


Iconic Bermuda Award: The Island Shop

Iconic: widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence —Merriam Webster

Only the exceptional rise to the definition of iconic, as above, and only Barbara Finsness’s signature collection for The Island Shop was acknowledged as such with an Iconic Bermuda Award this year.

With its exceptional quality hand-painted ceramics, glassware and linens, significant local patronage and numerous Best of Bermuda Awards over the years to support it, the gift store on Queen Street is uniquely deserving of the recognition say our judges. They described her signature collection as “innovative” and “very uniquely Bermudian” and praised her “distinct style” and “high quality materials.”

The collection features the artist’s own floral, architectural and nautical designs in her original painterly style. These include everything from little buttery-roofed houses to delicate sea horses, turtles, parrotfish, tree frogs, lobsters, longtails, gombeys, Bermuda flora… and the list goes on. And with everything from ceramic drawer knobs to tea sets, linen tea towels to pillow covers, wine glasses and wooden trays available in-store, the list of unique giftware is nearly endless. Of course, the artist also has a Christmas collection and was an official 35th America’s Cup licensee with her custom Auld Mug-design melamine trays, napkins, coasters, note cards and prints, too.

3 Queen Street, Hamilton | 292-5292 | www.islandexports.com Branch Stores: Somers Wharf, St. George’s and Fairmont Southampton Resort

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