Product & Service Awards

2011 Product & Service Awards

The effects of the recession on local business should come as no surprise to anyone, yet unemployment and business closings are still startling. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that the economy was riding high and Bermuda was experiencing an economic boom like never before, but those days could not seem further away. (more…)

Building & Interior Design Awards

Residential Winner: Crow Lane House

With a penchant for travel art collecting and fine wine new owners renovate a home on harbour road for their family and their lifestyle. (more…)

Building & Interior Design Awards 2011

Commercial Winner: Catlin

With an open plan and light filled design catlins new offices are a thoroughly modern work environment. (more…)

Building & Interior Design Awards 2011

Commercial Runner Up: North Rock Communications

with a clever use of space and clean finishes and furnishings north rocks new customer service centre is both inviting and unique. (more…)

Building & Interior Design Awards 2011

Commercial Honourable Mention: Cafe Cairo

The impressive new design for cafe cairo provides an easy transition from themed restaurant and bar to happening front street nightclub (more…)

Building & Interior Design Awards 2011

Residential Honourable Mention: Windsong

With a spectacular south shore ocean view as her focal point interior designer brendalyn stempel created a relaxed beach house retreat. (more…)