Residential Winner: Casa de Mar
Building & Interior Design Awards 2012

Residential Winner: Casa de Mar

Renovation designs were already underway at Casa de Mar when a freak accident left the home’s owner, Nicholas Fagundo, in a wheelchair. The entire project had to be quickly reworked and adapted to meet the evolving needs of the client.     “I have a history of epilepsy,” explains Fagundo. “On August 2, 2009, after 11-plus years being seizure-free, while riding my bike to meet some friends, I had an epileptic seizure near the bottom of Store Hill. Luckily, being…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2012

Commercial Winner: 31 Reid

When the synergy between client and architect is both creative and inspired, award-winning projects are born. “[Architect] David Benevides and I clicked from the very beginning,” says Tim Marshall, managing director of Marshall Diel & Myers.     “He understood…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2012

Residential Runner Up: Morningside

Originally built the 1930s, Morningside, a quaint little house in Tucker’s Town, was used primarily as a short-term rental property throughout its history.     Without a full-time, live-in family, the home lacked continuity in its design and was generally…

Building & Interior Design Awards 2012

Honourable Mention: The Highlands

Bold design and dramatic architecture are an unending theme throughout The Highlands, a 10,330-square-foot home in Warwick designed by architectural firm Cooper Gardner. During the planning stages, the homeowners were adamant about designing and building a home that both functioned…

Product & Service Awards

2011 Product & Service Awards

The effects of the recession on local business should come as no surprise to anyone, yet unemployment and business closings are still startling. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that the economy was riding high and Bermuda was experiencing…

Building & Interior Design Awards

Residential Winner: Crow Lane House

With a penchant for travel art collecting and fine wine new owners renovate a home on harbour road for their family and their lifestyle. (more…)