Of all the years to come together and celebrate the best in Bermuda, 2020 is that year. Our 18th annual Product & Service Awards are like no other. We have the restaurant that couldn’t serve customers, so it served up thousands of free meals to those in need instead. We have a government COVID-19 testing programme that is the envy of nations much larger than us. The grocery store that went above and beyond to keep its customers safe in-store and most vulnerable customers safe at home. The Bermuda Community Foundation’s Emergency Fund that brought together a phenomenal sum of donations from the largest companies down to individual islanders, who all wanted to take care of those less fortunate than themselves.

Innovation and flexibility have also been at the forefront of many successful Bermudian businesses this year. The printing company that began producing face masks and sneeze guards. The travel company that repatriated those stranded by airport closures. The clothing company that created Bermudian-themed face masks as corporate gifts. The restaurant that built a whole new outdoor dining area to comply with social distancing requirements.

Thank you very much to our panel of judges and all our readers who voted for the best products and services in Bermuda in 2020. And a very special thank you to Butterfield for sponsoring these awards, we couldn’t do it without you!


Award of Excellence: The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club
A multiple winner in this year’s Product and Service Awards, The Hamilton Princess and Beach Club excels at everything it does. “There is something for everyone,” say our judges. “They’re the one place constantly doing creative things and thinking of different ways of doing things. They really understand their location. They’re a hot spot.” The judges also praised the hotel for their community support to alleviate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. During shelter-in-place, they hosted a drive-through meal programme for frontline hospital workers, first responders and the Bermuda Regiment. They also kept entertainment on the agenda with the Crown & Anchor Quiz Nights hosted by Mike Bishop via Zoom. When it came time to reopen their restaurants and facilities, they didn’t rush and were “very responsible,” says one judge, adding that they are doing it “safely,” and that “everything they do, they do well.” 76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton; 295-3000; www.thehamiltonprincess.com


Office Supplies: AF Smith
A unanimous win for the place where you can get absolutely anything you need for your working life. For those working from home you can kit out a small office space in style. If you’re furnishing an office block, just tell them your business and they’ll find you the solution. Furniture, computers, printers and scanners down to desk organisers, staplers, pens and paper clips. AF Smith is a stationary-lover’s dream. 7 Tumkins Lane, Hamilton; 292-1882; www.afsmith.bm


Off-site Meeting Facility: The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club
The judges love the Hamilton Princess not just for its size, but also for the fact you can host everything from a large AGM to a small management meeting in style and comfort, and with state-of-the-art technology. The views, amenities and artwork on display will also impress any out-of-town business guests. The 8,400-square-foot Harbourview Ballroom gives up to 1,000 guests views across Hamilton Harbour, and the light and bright Twain and Churchill boardrooms are ideal for smaller numbers. Waterside outdoor meeting areas are perfect for more casual discussions. 76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton; 295-3000; www.thehamiltonprincess.com


Computer Sales: Redlaser
Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the judges liked Red Laser for their excellent customer service and good-quality, well-priced stock, but when everyone had to work in unfamiliar territory, they rose to the occasion. “They were very good with my company,” says one. “I ordered and it arrived the next day.” They have all the best computer brands and accessories. Don’t know what to get? Just ask. They won’t always steer you to the most expensive. Their priority is to help you get the best you need. Ground Floor, 12 Bakery Lane, Pembroke; 296-6400; www.redlaser.bm


IT Support: MobileTech
Very much the people’s winner, MobileTech is a “one-stop shop” for any IT problems—large or small, corporate or personal. While they have specific brand specialists, they also offer full technical support and servicing for any brand of device. Bring your broken item in to be fixed, request an in-person service or download the TeamViewer app and they will remote-service your computer. Their staff are friendly, helpful and most importantly will do everything they can to get your IT back on track as quickly as possible. 21 Euclid Avenue, Pembroke; 542-8324 www.mobiletech.bm


HR Services: Frontier
Frontier has been a leading member of Bermuda’s human resources scene for nearly twenty years and in that time has provided not only the highest level of service to its clients, but has also practised what it preaches by investing in its own employees, as it is regularly voted one of the best places to work. “I’ve had a really good experience of people getting jobs through Frontier,” says one judge, who added that it was highly rated for its services in the areas of accounting and finance. 45 Reid Street, Hamilton; 295-7653; www.frontier.bm


Travel Agency/Agency for Corporate Travel: Travel Edge
Regular award winners for their excellent corporate travel services, 2020 has been a difficult year for Travel Edge. They didn’t, however, let an airport closure prevent them from taking care of their clients. They arranged three commercial charter flights to bring Bermuda residents home and repatriate US and Canadian citizens stranded in Bermuda, reuniting over 450 families. They also organised private executive charter flights for smaller groups of clients as well as working tirelessly to keep on top of ever-changing flight schedules and travel restrictions. 35 Church Street, Hamilton; 292 3033; www.traveledge.bm


Legal Services: Conyers
The first offshore law firm in Bermuda is still the best, say our judges of the firm that is a regular winner of “Offshore Law Firm of the Year” and “Bermuda Law Firm of the Year” in international legal publications. Their top-notch team of lawyers in Bermuda is complemented by offices in the Cayman Islands, BVI, Hong Kong, Singapore and London, and they are at the forefront of ever-changing legislation governing offshore jurisdictions. Clients praise them for “clear, concise and accessible” advice and for understanding “the urgency and demanding nature of the deals that we were working on.” Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton; 295-1422 www.conyers.com


Accounting Service: Abacus
Not only did Abacus win the popular vote, but the judges singled out president Megan Nesbitt for her extensive experience and loved the fact they are a small business that, unlike the huge multi-national accounting companies, focused on personalised accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, training and advisory services for small to mid-sized organisations. Earlier this year, Abacus added “technology advisory services” to their list of offerings with the appointment of Daryl Fubler as COO. 296-2372; www.abacus.bm


Office Cleaning Service: Bermuda Cleaning
Bermuda Cleaning is “taking COVID very seriously,” says one judge who praised them for how thorough they were when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting every part of the office, adding that they do it “with a smile…The same woman comes every time and she’s lovely.” They can also steam clean your carpets and provide a “green cleaning” service which only uses Green Seal Certified products and reduces waste “through the use of micro-fibre cloths and refillable bottles.” 23 Serpentine Road, Pembroke; 295-1378; www.bermudacleaning.bm


Courier: DHL
Efficient courier services are a lifeline for businesses on a small island in the middle of the ocean, whether you are an entrepreneur on a tight deadline or a large international company shipping sensitive items around the world. The judges praised DHL for their speed and flexibility. “I love that DHL texts you!” exclaims one, who added how useful it is that you can arrange for them to leave your package somewhere if you are out or change the time if you need to receive it personally. 294-4848; www.dhl.com.bm




Interior Designer/Decorator: Jenn Butterworth Interiors
Famed for her “Boxed Interior” concept, Jenn Butterworth not only helps her clients design the perfect space, but she does it in a user-friendly, cost-effective way, which gives even those with limited budgets access to beautiful interior designs. Give her your measurements and then everything can be done online through virtual 3D models. She will even provide a curated shopping list of products with links and your own personal mood board. www.jennbutterworthinteriors.com


Commercial Real Estate: Rego Sotheby’s International Realty
When it comes to navigating commercial real estate needs in a year where working from home became the norm, Rego’s still managed to excel. Partner Penny MacIntyre explains that commercial activity has actually “picked up significantly,” driven by demand from international companies seeking to set up or relocate operations and employees to Bermuda in a “flight to air and life quality within a less dense population.” She also adds that they are seeing “more global technology businesses entering our market.” International or local, large or small, private or open-plan—Rego’s is the best. 83-85 Front Street, Hamilton; 292-3921; www.regosothebysrealty.com


Residential Real Estate: Platinum Realty
Winner of the popular vote, this boutique residential real estate agency was popular with our judges too, not just because of their great listings but because broker Tamika Todd shares her 20-plus years of experience through informative online articles and social media posts, which also promote Bermuda. She offers consultations for landlords with tenant concerns and for tenants with landlord concerns, as well as no-holds-barred advice on what you need to know before buying a property in Bermuda. 238-6037; www.platinumrealty.bm




Hotel or Guesthouse for the Business Traveller: Rosedon Hotel
Although the hotel, but not Huckleberry, had to temporarily close during the COVID-19 pandemic, that didn’t stop our voters or judges raving about this charming establishment on the edge of the city, in particular for its response to the pandemic. “They were really giving back during COVID,” says one. Huckleberry Restaurant’s Community Feeding Programme committed to preparing up to one thousand meals per week in partnership with the Bermuda Community Foundation, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Christ Church Warwick and the Eliza DoLittle Society. 61 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke; 295-5904; www.rosedon.com




Advertising/Marketing Agency: The Brand Lion
Public relations director Zina Edwards and creative director Nikki Fagan didn’t let a pandemic diminish their dynamic ability to keep their clients’ brands at the forefront of their target audience. This year, 2020, has been a year of change for the creative duo who have developed a series of programmes focusing on women entrepreneurs. “It’s quite an intense multi-day, six-session programme, where we build a framework for their business based on who they really are,” explains Fagan. “It’s become way more personal.” It’s about “brand building from the core up” because, she continues, “You can sell from your soul and it can connect with the audience.” 13 Allspice Gardens, Warwick; 236-2015; www.thebrandlion.com
Aziza Furbert abstained from this category.




Web Designer: SJD World
In the year when absolutely everything went online, having the highest-quality, most creative but easy-to-use web design was, for many, the only thing keeping an organisation alive. In these high-stakes times, one Bermudian web designer stood out above all others—SJD World. Founded in 2004 by Stephan Johnstone, his team of creative director Anna Dill and programmer and developer Prasanth Govindankutty have designed websites for some of Bermuda’s best-known names. A 2020 highlight was their work on the Bermuda Education Network’s new website that provided support for parents and teachers during “shelter-in-place.” Somers Building, 15 Front Street, Hamilton; 295-7539; www.sjdworld.com
Aziza Furbert abstained from this category.




Graphic Designer: Avarie Graham at Strata-G
Lead Designer at award-winning Strata-G, Avarie Graham’s creative talents know no bounds. “Her website is amazing,” rave the judges. Her ability to tell a whole story with one picture or design for clients, such as Eettafel, whose owner is “in love with the stationary almost a year later,” Island Boat Club and Bermuda Gin Co., is unrivalled. She even designed T-shirts for the Bermuda National Gallery’s 2020 Art + Tech Summer Camp. Innovation House, 46 Reid Street, Hamilton; avariegraham@hotmail.com; www.strata-g.bm.
Aziza Furbert abstained from this category.


Print Company: Bermuda Blueprinting
A great job at a great price, Bermuda Blueprinting is no stranger to winning awards for their services and they can print almost anything on almost anything. Brochures, business cards, flyers, books, photobooks, and messages on T-shirts, vinyl, canvas, magnets, photo or any other material you can find. They really came into their own, however, when COVID-19 took hold of the island and together with their sister company, Island Embroidery, added face masks to their list of service options. 20 Bakery Lane, Pembroke; 292-4128; www.bdablue.com


Sign/Banner Maker: Bermuda Blueprinting
A double winner, Bermuda Blueprinting are “fast, reliable and accommodating,” say our judges. “They went into that business determined to be the best that they can be at that business,” and they succeeded. When COVID-19 arrived, their reaction wasn’t to panic, instead they asked, “What can we do to help?” In addition to their face masks, they also designed and produced sneeze guards and COVID-19 signage. 20 Bakery Lane, Pembroke; 292-4128; www.bdablue.com




Mornin’ Cup of Joe: Dangelini’s Café
There was no contest for this category. Dangelini’s was the people’s and the judges’ choice for best cup of coffee on your way to work or for a quick break from the office. “It’s a great place,” they say. “They have good cookies. They have great coffee too.” The minute they were allowed to open up, the judges point out, “there was a line down the street when everyone had to order from outside.” 8 Front Street, Hamilton; 295-5272 www.dangeliniscafe.com


Breakfast or Brunch Meeting: Huckleberry
“They’re amazing!” exclaim the judges. “They do Cronuts! We got them the day they were released and oh my gosh! You have to book them the night before because they sell out!” It was, therefore, no contest. If you have out-of-town business visitors you would like to impress or just want a delicious pick-me-up while negotiating mid-morning business deals, Huckleberry is a must. Their freshly baked scones and chocolate baton croissants are pretty amazing too. 61 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke; 478-2256; www.huckleberrybda.com


Client Lunch: Barracuda Grill
“So consistently good,” says a judge of the Barracuda Grill. “It’s right in the middle of town and that’s where I go.” This Burnaby Street establishment has long been a popular venue for impressing clients with their excellent service and delicious local favourites, but when social distancing laws came into effect some restaurants panicked. Not Barracuda. Up went the scaffolding and thanks to creative flowers and greenery, the excellent food and service could continue on their al fresco “sky deck.” 5 Burnaby Street, Hamilton; 292-1609; www.irg.bm/barracuda-grill


Take-out Lunch: Devil’s Isle
When a busy day means you have to eat “al desko” or you just fancy taking your lunch to the park, Devil’s Isle is the place to go. “I love their salads and coffee,” says one judge. “Devil’s Isle has a great chef”, adds another, who also appreciates their separate “take-out wing.” Catering to almost every dietary requirement imaginable, a salad, sandwich, sushi tray, bowl, smoothie or coffee will provide a tasty break in the middle of your working day and power you through the rest of the afternoon. 19 Burnaby Street, Hamilton; 292-3284; www.devilsislecoffee.bm


Best Lunchtime Workout Facility or Class: Exhale’s Barre Class
There was no contest in this category. “Barre at Exhale I love,” says one of the judges and the rest agreed it was by far the best lunchtime workout class. Based at the Exhale Bermuda spa in the Hamilton Princess, the three lunchtime classes per week are taught by lead teacher Jessica Frith, who is described as being “very powerful,” having “great energy,” and being a “motivating person.” Her class is suitable for any age and is tailored towards her individual students. 76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton; 298-6046; www.thehamiltonprincess.com/spa/


Catering: Fourways/MEF
COVID-19 hit the catering industry hard, but that didn’t stop the MEF team at Fourways Inn using their initiative to deliver great customer service. Already well known for their delicious talents, the judges praised them for their “broad menu,” adding that they can “count on them.” In particular, they singled out catering manager Tim Ritchie, explaining that he and his team helped out a client supporting the #ChooseBDA campaign by packaging and delivering gift bags filled with locally sourced “treats” to 85 local brokers. 1 Middle Road, Paget; 236 6517; www.fourways.bm


Place for a Corporate Happy Hour: Harry’s
There’s only one place to be at “wine o’clock”—or beer or champagne or any “drink o’clock”—and that’s Harry’s. A saviour for that end-of-a-long-day-in-the-office feeling, their outdoor area is perfect for chatting with friends and colleagues in our socially distanced world and if you really want to make a night of it, try Harry’s Special Rum Blend or an Old Cuban signature cocktail. 96 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke; 292-5533; www.harrys.bm


Business Dinner: Port O Call
All the judges agreed that if you need to entertain businesspeople, especially those from out of town, Port O Call is a great place to take them. “They have really good specials and if you want sushi, you can order from Pearl upstairs,” says one. “Port O Call cheesecake is the best,” adds another, who also raved about their range of mocktails, which are ideal for teetotalers and the designated driver. 87 Front Street, Hamilton; 295-5373; www.portocall.bm




Corporate Gifts: Coral Coast Clothing
There’s no better way to show your clients how much you truly appreciate them than with something authentically Bermudian. Enter Coral Coast, founded in 2014 by Adam Petty and Sam Outerbridge. “Clients love the Coral Coast hats,” raved one judge, who said the island, map and fish motifs on the baseball hats were a winner. As soon as face masks became mandatory, they had Bermuda-themed versions on offer to their corporate partners almost instantly and, add the judges, “they were really good.” 15 Front Street, Hamilton; 400-5030; www.coralcoastclothing.com


Floral Designer: Flowers by GiMi
Whether it’s to congratulate a colleague, brighten up your front desk or decorate a boardroom, both the people’s and the judges’ vote went to Flowers by GiMi for their “beautiful designs,” great customer service and “convenient location.” And they don’t just specialise in fresh flowers. For those who want something equally beautiful, but longer lasting and low maintenance, they also have a “bespoke faux” range of combined silk and dried flower arrangements. 37 Front Street, Hamilton; 297-4464; www.flowersbygimi.bm




Event Planning: Dasfete
Regular winners in this category, the people and our judges are still bowled over by the “amazing work” produced by Selange Gitschner and Matthew Strong of Dasfete. “She’s very creative,” they rave. “If there’s anyone doing anything international, they always ask for her,” adds another. Large or small, simple or spectacular, “They’re the best,” they all say. Every event is bespoke, locally sourced, and produced with sustainability in mind. Somers Building, 15 Front Street, Hamilton; 400-5048; www.dasfete.com





Party Venue: The Loren
It’s hard to believe that four years ago, the Loren didn’t exist, yet this is the third win in as many years for the exquisite property that overlooks south shore in Tucker’s Town. “I’ve been to great parties there,” says one judge. “They do a really good New Year’s party over three floors,” adds another. Whether you want sit-down dining, casual cocktails and canapés, smart or casual there are seven different venue options and the food, drink, service, views and ambience will ensure you and your guests enjoy a party to remember. 116 South Road, Tucker’s Town; 293-1666; www.thelorenhotel.com


Corporate Transportation Company: Maharlika Transport Services
Known colloquially as MTS, this small, two-person transportation service is big when it comes to service and reliability. “Very responsive,” says one judge, who regularly uses them for events, adding that they are a great option if you want to provide a shuttle service for your guests or employees when hosting an out-of-town event. If business visitors want to see more of the island than the route between their hotel and the office, MTS also provides an island tour service. 703-0617; enjoybermuda@aol.com


Recreational Activity to Entertain Clients: Zara
If you have people you need to impress, there’s only way to show them how much you care about their business and that’s a trip on the 77-foot luxury sailing catamaran Zara—the envy of every other vessel on the water. One of our judges said they use Zara regularly for broker appreciation events, and the rest agreed that with Zara’s huge open deck and the crew’s exceptional service, Justin and Jonathan Kempe know how to give your clients an excellent experience. 516-5999; www.bermuda-yachts.com


Corporate Staff Outing: Zara
It’s a double win for this star of the sea. Not only is this beautiful sailing catamaran the best for entertaining your clients, it’s also, say our judges, the best way to show your staff how much you appreciate all their hard work. Day tour, evening cocktail cruise or a trip tailored to your exact specifications—sit back, relax or jump into the water. It’s almost impossible for your staff not to have fun. 516-5999; www.bermuda-yachts.com


Dr. Carika Weldon, photographed by Alexander Masters


Government Service: COVID Testing
As the rest of the world scrambled to get to grips with efficient and effective COVID-19 testing capabilities, Bermuda’s government put in a call to Dr Carika Weldon. The hard-working Bermudian promptly left her lab at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics at Oxford University in the UK and came home to successfully develop a COVID-19 laboratory able to handle mass testing. Thanks to her team and all the health-care professionals working at the various testing sites around Bermuda, our island’s COVID status has remained “Sporadic Cases,” and positive cases are quickly identified and isolated.


Storage Facility: Island Self Storage
“They’re the big guys,” say the judges, who all agree that for the second year in a row Island Self Storage is the best place to store everything you need to temporarily re-house or can’t fit in your home or office. Be it inventory, furniture, recreational equipment, sensitive paperwork or even wine. Their 16,000-square-foot facility has 299 storage units, offers 24-hour access, has a freight elevator with a capacity of 8,000 pounds and even a wine storage area with its own climate control system. 3rd Floor, 3 Mill Creek Road, Pembroke; 297-8673; www.islandselfstorage.bm


Entrepreneur: Colin Rego of Sargasso Sea
It’s hard to believe it’s been less than two years since Colin Rego launched the food delivery app Sargasso Sea, yet many of us now can’t imagine life without it. “He found a niche in the market and during COVID really rose to the occasion,” says a judge. “People really needed it. It embodies the spirit of an entrepreneur and a small business operating during COVID.” The judges also praised the company for “employing so many people” and for never failing to deliver exceptional service. www.sargassosea.app




Green Company or Initiative: Be Solar
The staff at Be Solar are passionate about what they do. Yes, they are an efficiently run, customer-centric business, but at the heart of it, they genuinely care about the impact fossil fuels are having on our environment and are dedicated to promoting the use of renewable energy for the betterment of Bermuda. Their solar panels come with excellent warranties, and before you invest, you are given a conservative estimate of how much you will save on your BELCO bills. If the upfront cost is too much, they have partnered with Clarien Bank to help with that. 48 St. John’s Road, Pembroke; 279-5907 www.besolar.bm


Company Community/Charity Project: Bermuda Community Foundation’s Covid-19 Emergency Fund
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, philanthropic foundations were quick off the mark to establish a safety net for the most vulnerable in our community. Without jobs, people needed food, shelter and medical help. The Bermuda Community Foundation set up the COVID-19 Bermuda Emergency Fund and private sector donors gave $2.5 million to support delivery of critical services to the community. In addition, the Coordinated Crisis Response Effort assessed nonprofit sector needs, collaborated with the EMO and connected people with services needed. The Emergency Fund provided the essential services providers with the resources to take care of those in need. This level of third sector coordination was unprecedented. www.bcf.bm.


Clever Customer Incentive Programme: People’s Loyalty Card
A lot of points programmes and incentive cards promise prizes and savings but deliver very little. Not so, say our judges, if you sign up for the rainbow-coloured People’s Loyalty Card. For every $100 spend, you earn a $5 reward. “I’ve got money back,” says one happy judge. “They are very consistent,” adds another. “They prompt you, you can use your card even if you’ve forgotten it and when you use their online checkout.” 62 Victoria Street/51 Church Street, Hamilton; 292-7527; www.peoples.bm


Company Christmas Party Venue: Café Lido
This was a tough category to win, but after much debate the judges agreed Café Lido at Elbow Beach was the best place at which to wish your colleagues and employees a happy Christmas, because it offered everything. Pre-dinner drinks on the beautiful Seabreeze Terrace, delicious sit-down dinner options for large or small numbers, excellent staff and service, great space for dancing afterwards and lots of parking. “Lido’s is fun because they have the nightclub,” says a judge. “You can have dinner in Lido and the after-party in a separate area.” 60 South Shore Road, Paget; 236-9884; www.lido.bm


PR Firm or Professional: Sian Blackmore, Small Fry PR
A seasoned public relations professional, Sian Blackmore has been PR and reputation manager at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club for little more than two years, and in that short space of time, the hotel’s reputation has boomed. She also runs her own PR and social media consultancy, Small Fry, whose clients include Lindo’s and Massachusetts General Hospital. Whether it’s timely and professional responses to media inquiries or creating unique and impactful stories, Sian is never less than professional and a pleasure to work with. Sian.Blackmore@fairmont.com; sian@smallfrypr.com


Private Dining Room: The Rum Room at Tucker’s Point
The epitome of old-school elegance and sophistication, the walls of The Rum Room at the Island Brasserie in Tucker’s Point look like they’ve heard their fair share of business secrets over the years. The thousands of bottles of wine and rum lining the walls give this private dining room the ideal ambiance for a business dinner away from prying eyes and ears. “Beautiful,” say the judges when describing the room. Delicious food too. 60 Tucker’s Point Drive, Hamilton Parish; 298-4000; www.tuckerspoint.com/rosewood-bermuda/


A/V Tech or Business: Sound Decision
Formerly M&M, Sound Decision has set the bar for all things electronic and A/V in Bermuda for the last 30 years. The judges have personal experience of their custom installation talents saying, “They came to do our whole floor, to deck it out with a speaker system. They were really good!” Customers also rave about their fantastic service, particularly during shelter-in-place. “The customer service is phenomenal,” says one. “Excellent online ordering process,” adds another. 61 Church Street, Hamilton; 292-8158; www.sounddecision.bm


Rental Company: Undercover Rentals
At a time when outside is considered safer than inside, Undercover Tent Rentals should be your go-to for any gathering, say our judges, and the people agree. Not only do they have a huge selection of tents in a variety of shapes and sizes, they also have all the extra equipment you might need—tables, chairs, portable fans, lighting and dance floors. “Hats off to Undercover Tent Rentals,” says one recent happy customer. “From start to finish they have the best customer service.” 533-0127; www.undercovertentsbda.com


COVID-Related Charitable Initiative: Christ Church Feeding Programme
As early as March 2020, one heartbreaking consequence of COVID-19 became immediately apparent to David Thompson, outreach convener at Christ Church in Warwick. More and more people were desperately in need of support to feed themselves and their families. Thanks to generous donations of time and money, he and his team of volunteer cooks and delivery drivers began preparing and delivering hot meals to those in need every day of the week. By August 25 they had reached the incredible milestone of 20,000 meals served. 96 Middle Road, Warwick; 236-1882; www.christchurch.bm


COVID-Related Best Retailer Response: Lindo’s
Grocery delivery services in Bermuda were still in their infancy at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, but when vulnerable people had to isolate themselves, recent travelers had to quarantine and eventually all of us were limited to two grocery shopping days a week, Lindo’s came through. Not only did they offer earlier opening hours and extra discount days but, say the judges, they were “awesome getting their online shopping going straight away.” One added that when they used it, personally, “their waiting times were shorter, and I still use it.” Lindo’s Market, 4 Watlington Road, Devonshire; 236-5623; Lindo’s Family Foods, 128 Middle Road, Warwick; 236-1344; www.lindos.bm