Our 19th annual awards celebrate the best of the best in our island’s business world from real estate, technology and accounting to catering, party venues and your morning caffeine fix.

Throughout the last twenty-one very tough months, many of Bermuda’s businesses and the wider community have come together to go above and beyond to support each other and those in need. Members of the public voted. Then our expert team of judges examined the votes, adding their own personal experience and knowledge to finally determine the businesses that have stood out above all others for their excellent service, hard work and brilliant products.

There were the people and businesses who brought some much-needed fun back into our lives; technology retail and repair companies who kept colleagues and clients connected; restaurants and hotels that despite being particularly badly impacted by the pandemic still offer the best menus and service in the business.

We also celebrate some new winners and new businesses including a successful rum entrepreneur, an up-and-coming graphic designer, a non-profit solar energy company, and a new-on-scene wine connoisseur as well as those who continue to deliver the best year after year. Everyone has had to navigate changing situations, rules and regulations and we would like to thank our voting public and panel of judges for celebrating those who have achieved and delivered against all the odds.

Jo-Rena Davis, photographed by Jayde Gibbons

Award of Excellence: Wine Diva Select
Bermuda’s product and service award winners are all exceptional, but for 2021, one businesswoman stands out above all the rest. Not just because she offers great wine-tasting events. Not just because she knows everything there is to know about wine. Not just because she works extremely hard and is currently studying for her Level 4 qualification with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. But also because we are all ready to get back out there and have some fun, and that’s exactly what the Wine Diva, Jo-Rena Davis, provides. Her prices are accessible and her passion for what she does is infectious. Of all the votes that came in this year, the Wine Diva received by far the most. Her fans are both loyal and plentiful, and our judges are among that legion. They all agree that when it comes to entertainment, you will get nothing but excellence from Wine Diva Select. www.winedivaselect.com; Instagram: @winedivaselect 

Office supplies: AF Smith
Popular with the judges and our online voters, AF Smith comes up trumps every year. Be it for the actual office or your home office, whether you need furniture and photocopiers or paper clips and note pads, you will receive top-notch service and advice with a smile. Latest IT equipment from the best brands? Tick; flexible furniture for hybrid spaces? Tick; a picnic table for outdoor meetings? Tick. They literally have everything you could need for the modern way of working. 7 Tumkins Lane, Hamilton; 292-1882, www.afsmith.bm

HR Services: Performance Solutions Limited
The way we work and what employees expect from companies has changed dramatically in recent years, and at the heart of navigating this change are the human resources professionals. Founded by Kelly Francis over 20 years ago, Performance Solutions Limited has helped Bermuda’s international and local companies both large and small with all their staffing needs, be it immigration processes, talent management or outsourced HR professionals. During a time when companies and their employees need support like never before, Performance Solutions has risen to meet that challenge. 133 Front Street, Hamilton; 232-5270, www.psolutions.bm

Computer sales: RedLaser
Popular with the public, RedLaser is once again the best for computer sales. If you’re an expert, you’ll love their selection and opinions. If you don’t know your Android from your Galaxy, your MacBook Pro from your MacBook Air or your GBs from your TBs, their excellent sales staff can explain it in plain English. Something for the kids? They stock Kindles as well as the latest gaming equipment. They also offer online shopping and delivery. 12 Bakery Lane, Pembroke; 296-6400, www.redlaser.bm  

Interior Designer: Dawn Dunstan, L&S Design Ltd.
When companies want the best and latest office space design for their employees, visitors and guests, it is to L&S Design director and senior interior designer Dawn Dunstan that they turn. Now more than ever, office space needs to impress but be comfortable, be flexible but also serious, be unique but in keeping with international corporate standards. Whether it’s subtle incorporation of corporate colours and logos in flooring or lighting design, boardrooms that double up as entertaining space or private spaces in open-plan floor designs, Dawn Dunstan knows all the tricks of the trade. 3rd Floor West, Mechanics’ Building, 12 Church Street, Hamilton; 295-9160, www.lsdesignltd.com

Off-site Meeting facility: The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club
Another regular winner, The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club not only offers every size of room for every size of meeting, but it looks good too. Naturally they have all the corporate attire needed from technical equipment to furniture that suits everyone and keeps them comfortable while important decisions are made and information absorbed. They also offer that little bit extra. Stylish décor, incredible views and delicious food to help you relax and enjoy the company of your colleagues and clients. 76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke; 295-3000, www.thehamiltonprincess.com

IT Support: CPR Technology & Services
The hands-down winner for our judges, CPR Technology Services have not only been in the business for over 15 years but, says one, “They’ve worked consistently.” “CPR have done a lot with my mobile devices and I find them to be great,” adds another. Praised for their technical expertise and professionalism no matter what the problem, they cater to both small business and residential customers. They can set you up, give you advice, offer support, repair the problems and all in language everyone can understand. 4 Fort Hill Road, Devonshire; 295-5562, www.cpr.bm

Travel Agent/Agency for Corporate Travel: Travel Edge
In yet another horrendously challenging year for the corporate travel industry, Travel Edge has still managed to come out the clear winner for managing to move mountains—and travel arrangements—for their clients. It isn’t just airline schedules that change, but endless rules, regulations and testing requirements that are constantly evolving too. Travel Edge is on top of it all and has gone above and beyond to make international business travel as seamless as physically possible during the “unseamless” time of COVID. 35 Church Street, Hamilton; 292-3033, www.traveledge.bm

Francesca Rowlinson, Anna Laura Hocking and Avarie Graham, photographed by Meredith Andrews

Advertising or Marketing Agency: Strata-G
The judges were full of praise for Strata-G founder Anna Laura Hocking and her team, especially their creative and holistic approach to everything they do. “The Bermuda Triangle Challenge really stood out for me,” says one. “She went so deep into the history. The strategy was phenomenal.” Strata-G were also praised for the imaginative branding and design creations they came up with for Bermuda Gin Co,  including a label “that would capture the fresh and unspoiled beauty of Bermuda while also paying tribute to the island’s iconic white roofs.” 1st Floor, Innovation House, 46 Reid Street, Hamilton; 333-2341, www.strata-g.bm

Legal Services: Carey Olsen
A relatively new kid on the block, the Bermuda office of international offshore law firm Carey Olsen burst onto the island’s legal scene in November 2017, led by managing partner Michael Hanson. Since then it has grown dramatically, necessitating a move into larger offices in the Rosebank building on Bermudiana Road. As well as hiring locally, Hanson has also been lauded for recruiting a number of Bermudian lawyers from law firms overseas. Separately, in 2020, the firm launched a pupillage programme for “future lawyers.” 5th Floor, Rosebank Centre, 11 Bermudiana Road, Pembroke; 542-4500, www.careyolsen.com

Accounting Services: Abacus
As a small or growing business owner working all hours, it’s difficult to find the time for one of your most important administrative jobs—accounting. Enter Abacus! Under president Megan Nesbitt, they specialise in personalised accounting and bookkeeping for small to mid-sized organisations. Popular with the public and a regular winner year after year, the judges agree that Megan and her team are “really good.” Abacus also offers payroll services, management consulting and controller services. 296-2372, www.abacus.bm

Office Cleaning Service: Pro-Tone Cleaning Services Ltd.
There was a time when deep cleaning and regular sanitising was reserved for hospitals, doctors’ offices and veterinary practices. That time is gone. Deep cleaning, sanitising and generally scrubbing to within an inch of our lives has become the norm, and never has it been more important for businesses to have the best cleaning services available. Pro-Tone, say our judges, has outperformed all the rest in 2021 when it comes to excellent cleaning services and “nice” staff. Office block or hotel, large or small, Pro-Tone will have it sparkling. 20 Dundonald Street, Hamilton; 292-1456, www.pro-tone.bm

Courier: DHL
Very popular with the public as well as our judges, DHL was the hands-down winner as the best company to deliver the goods, with the best customer service. Not only do they have staff in Bermuda you can contact, but they will communicate with you every step of the way so you know when your package is due to arrive. Want to keep your distance? There’s an app for that. You can sign online and they’ll leave it wherever you request. 17 Cox’s Hill Road, Pembroke; 294-4848, www.dhl.com

Commercial Real Estate: Rego Sotheby’s International Realty
In the massive upheaval that has been the commercial real estate market over the last two years, Rego Sotheby’s commercial real estate practice has once again come out on top at all levels of the market, from large local and international companies looking for trophy buildings to niche operations looking for something small and flexible. Most notably, partner Penny MacIntyre has been the successful rental agent for Point House, even conducting video tours online when COVID restrictions made in-person visits impossible. 83–85 Front Street, Hamilton; 292-3921, www.regosothebysrealty.com

Photographed by Ann Spurling

Mornin’ Cup of Joe: Brew
It’s hard to imagine a Front Street without Brew. This now solid institution has become the place to go for a quick cuppa or leisurely morning coffee with friends, colleagues or clients. Popular with the judges and the online voters, everyone raves about the “really nice atmosphere.” Not only are the coffee offerings delicious and varied, whether hot, frozen or decaf, but the setting is fun and unique with indoor and outdoor seating, and their morning edible items are pretty spectacular too.  53 Front Street, Hamilton; 542-2739, www.irg.bm

Residential Real Estate: Keller Williams
The judges felt particularly strongly about this win for Keller Williams Bermuda. “They are really good,” they all agree. Formerly Moura Associates, founded by Albert and Debbie Moura, they became the Bermuda office of the Keller Williams international real estate franchise in 2017 and since then have gone from strength to strength, growing their team of agents along with their impressive sales and rental listings. They are regularly praised for their work by buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants during what can be a life-changing and emotive transaction. 9 Berry Hill Road, Paget, 236-1737; www.kwbermuda.com

Hotel/Guest House for Business Traveller: The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club
The place to stay and be seen for the discerning business traveller, the judges and the public love the Hamilton Princess not just for its comfortable and stylish rooms, delicious restaurants and world-renowned artwork, but also for the simple reason that it is a stone’s throw from the corporate hub in and around the City of Hamilton. After a long flight and a multitude of meetings, there is no better place for business travellers to call their home-away-from-home. 76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke; 295-3000, www.thehamiltonprincess.com

Web Designer: SJD World Ltd.           
A regular winner for best web designers in Bermuda, SJD World has done it again. “Stephan is such an amazing dude,” says one of our judges of the company’s founder, owner and creative director, Stephan Johnstone, whose team also includes creative director Anna Dill and programmer and developer Prasanth Govindankutty. A company’s web design has never been more important for their survival and SJD World have met this challenge head on. Their clients rave about the fact SJD World’s website design “exceeds expectations.” Somers Building, 15 Front Street, Hamilton; 295-7539, www.sjdworld.com

Domico Watson

Graphic Designer: Domico Watson
Domico Watson is a multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer who creates work in the areas of animation, print and digital design. Internationally, he has created animations and designs for films, television and commercials. Creating work for films such as TNT’s Animal Kingdom and Marvel’s Dr. Strange, along with commercials for Walt Disney World and UPS. Film studio credits include Disney, Marvel, DC Films and Netflix. Locally, Wats0n works with businesses on developing their marketing and creative ideas, collaborating with marketing and film production agencies Burnt House Films and Strata-G agency to design print, film and animation work for brands such as Goslings, Digicel, Bermuda Tourism Authority, TBi, BEDC and LOM. Most recently, Watson worked with Goslings and Burnt House productions to create the Flora Gold bottle design celebrating Bermuda’s first Olympic Gold medal winner. Email: domicowatson@gmail.com

Graphic Designer: Dahlano Simons
“He’s just coming on the scene. He’s done some pretty phenomenal work,” say our judges of the very creative Dahlano Simons. They generally praised him for being “very innovative” and having “an eye for particulars.” Simons is also a photographer and videographer who produces and manages creative projects. Other notable work includes Azura, the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club, BELCO and The Loren. The judges are also impressed by the fact that he is pushing himself. Instagram: @dahlano_simons, email: dahlano_simons@yahoo.com

Printing Company: Island Press Ltd.
Home of Bermuda Press, our judges have a lot of personal experience working with Island Press and agree that as a company, they go “above and beyond” for all their clients. From their great sales team to the unsurpassed quality and variety of their printing products, from business cards, flyers, annual reports and magazines to large posters, banners or signs. Commercial or personal, there are very few things they can’t print. They’ve even added !nkredible Eco Offset Ink to their offerings. 13 Addendum Lane, Pembroke; 295-1944, www.islandpress.bm

Sign/Banner Maker: Signworx
Popular with the public and our judges agree, singling out Nelson Pimentel for being a “great designer” and just all round “cool guy.” Signworx has been in the trade for nearly 30 years and it shows. Office signs, billboards, name plates, three-dimensional, backlit, LED light boxes, boat names or store front, if you can think of a type of sign design you want, chances are they can produce it for you. Customers rave about their “awesome service” and Signworx staff being “the best.” 21 Euclid Avenue, Pembroke; 296-2375, www.signworxltd.com

Breakfast Meeting: The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club
The Hamilton Princess can do no wrong! Whether you keep it casual at The Duchess Café or go large at the Crown & Anchor, there are options for every type of breakfast meeting. “If you want a small bite, Duchess is your place,” say our judges of the light, bright café which offers smoothies and shakes as well as coffee and pastries. If your meeting is bigger or your guests hungrier, however, the Crown & Anchor is, say the judges, “the one. They have a big buffet!” 76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke; 295-3000, www.thehamiltonprincess.com

Client Lunch: Harry’s
Corporate vibes meet waterfront vibes at Harry’s and this is where our judges like to take their clients when they want to impress. Whether it’s private dining in the restaurant’s wine cellar, al fresco or a table inside, Harry’s provides the ideal menus, setting and service to talk business and get deals done. They cater for every diet and allergy concern, do delicious wines by the glass and will follow that up with a strong coffee if there’s a risk of falling asleep at your desk. 96 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke; 292-5533, www.harrys.bm

PR Firm or Professional: Media Maven
“Love her,” say our judges, of Nadia Laws, the former Royal Gazette senior reporter who founded boutique communications and media consultancy company Media Maven in 2016. A maven is an expert or connoisseur and her clients agree that that is the perfect way to describe Nadia’s work. Clients include the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation and Bermuda Hospitals Board, as well as local companies, banks and (re)insurance companies. In addition to press releases, newsletters and PR campaigns, she also offers D.I.Y. PR—a five-week programme teaching Bermuda-based businesses the basics of PR. www.mediamavenbda.com

Take-out lunch: Delicious
The popular sandwich bar and hot food items at the newly renovated and relocated Delicious Deli & Buffet are favourites with our judges and the public. Formerly in the food court, but now found just inside the Reid Street entrance to the Washington Mall, it is the perfect spot for lunch on-the-go. Breakfast or lunch is made to order or for something more substantial, head straight for their hot buffet. They recently expanded their vegetarian options meaning there really is something for everyone. The Washington Mall, Hamilton; 505-2859

Best Lunchtime Workout Facility or Class: Court House
The judges love not just the variety of membership packages offered by Court House, but they also agree “their corporate rate is amazing, too.” Members can enjoy free and unlimited classes at both locations, and they will also tailor packages to a company’s needs, such as their CG Zest Wellness programme for CG’s premier health members. Their Victoria Street location is home to the island’s only rowing studio; their other popular classes include Pilates, HIIT, Ultimate Kettlebells, TRX and Legs & Glutes. They also have a bike studio at their Pitt’s Bay Road location. Court House Central, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton, 292-8357; Court House West, 71 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke, 295-3008; www.courthouse.bm

Catering: Fourways Catering
Once again, Fourways Catering Manager Tim Ritchie has been singled out for being the best of the best when it comes to all things catering. “Tim is amazing, he is one of the best,” agree all our judges who have personal experience of him and his team. They offer everything and anything to meet your corporate catering needs from small boxed lunches, working lunches, breakfast or afternoon tea, to plated dinners and buffets for hundreds. With their decades of experience and passion for what they do, you are guaranteed nothing but deliciousness and excellent service. 1 Middle Road, Paget; 236 6517, www.fourways.bm 

Corporate Happy Hour: The Birdcage
“The view!!!” Say all our judges, who add that it is “great there. It was gorgeous.” And our online voters agree. Describing themselves as the “ultimate ode to Bermudian cocktail culture,” their drinks selection won’t disappoint. What better way to end your busy day than by admiring the panoramic views of Hamilton Harbour while enjoying a Hibiscus Royale, Pomegranate Paloma or Pink House G&T with friends or colleagues. 6 Front Street, Hamilton; www.thebirdcagebda.com

Gil Nolan, Chioke Hayward, Claire Smith, Keeivin Bailey, Nick Hutchings, photographed by Jayde Gibbons

Green Company or Initiative: Sunny Side Solar
While the environmental benefit and energy bill savings of residential solar panels are well documented, so are the high installation costs. Enter Sunny Side Solar, founded by Nick Hutchings and Claire Smith in April. This non-profit company even provides a “DIY Solar” service whereby they will design, permit and source a warrantied solar system and deliver it with detailed installation instructions. For those not proficient in DIY, they will recommend independent installers. All net profits are donated to Habitat for Humanity. Did we mention they also donated a free solar system to Meals on Wheels? 735-1266, www.sunnysidesolar.org

Business Dinner: Ascots
Located slightly out of the way but still close to the city, Ascots, say our judges, isn’t just in “a great spot,” but colleagues, clients and visitors love the “old vibes” combined with “great food and amazing customer service.” For a more formal business dinner, you can enjoy their wine-adorned private dining room or for a more relaxed evening their bar and restaurant will impress even the most discerning of guests especially those who consider themselves wine and food connoisseurs. 24 Rosemont Avenue, Pembroke; 295-9644, www.ascots.bm

Floral Designer: Flowers by GiMi
Hands-down winners of the popular vote, the stunning, artistic and unique creations from Flowers by GiMi are once again unsurpassed. Weddings, boardrooms, reception areas, boats or just a random space that needs brightening up for a special occasion, Flowers by GiMi is the place to go. As well as offering a bespoke floral arrangement service, their regular collection features over 20 different designs and if you are on a budget or in a hurry, pick up a beautiful ready-made but no less impressive bunch at Miles Market. 37 Front Street, Hamilton; 297-4464, www.flowersbygimi.com

Gita Blakeney-Saltus abstained from this category.

Event Planning: Dasfete
In a year when events were cancelled, reduced, rearranged and restricted, the dynamic duo that is Selange Gitschner and Matthew Strong were still phenomenal in everything they did. Our judges praise them for being “even more sophisticated” and “interesting in terms of conceptual design.” Very popular with the public, Dasfete specialise in bespoke, sustainable and locally sourced events, at almost any location and their attention to detail is unsurpassed. Not only will the event run smoothly, but the décor and atmosphere Dasfete creates are gallery-worthy works of art. Somers Building, 15 Front Street, Hamilton; 400-5048, www.dasfete.com

Honourable Mention: Just Dreams
The judges are so proud of “this young company,” founded by Cyniqua Anderson, that they decided to give Just Dreams Event Planning & Décor an honourable mention. “Just Dreams are up and coming with a really exciting aesthetic,” they say, adding that Anderson has “just got this eye that’s amazing.” www.justdreamsbermuda.com

Party Venue: The Loren
It’s done it again! For the fourth year in a row! The judges and the public still “love” the Loren, especially their Thursday night BBQs. It’s a “really cool venue,” they add, while raving about the south shore views and beach club rotundas for a more private party setting. Indoors, outdoors, high up, low down or over several floors, there is an exquisite party option for every occasion. 116 South Road, Smith’s; 293-1666, www.thelorenhotel.com

Photography by D’Lamina Photography

Entrepreneur: 9 Parishes
“The Authentic Bermuda Rum Swizzle” company owned and created by Chris Furbert Jr. is, say the judges, “growing,” adding that they love the way “he’s been navigating the industry since he came on the scene.” The company launched in the summer of 2017 and within just a few years has expanded phenomenally, selling in over 30 locations around Bermuda. This summer, Furbert rebranded his bottles which, add the judges, are “absolutely gorgeous” and “scream Bermuda to you. Distribution and marketing are hard, and if you’re successful, kudos to that.” 535-6463, www.9parishesbda.com

Corporate Transportation Company: Quality Transport Ltd.
When you are travelling on business, nothing says “quality” like being met at the airport by a sophisticated and pristine car with a professional driver who knows who you are and where you need to get to. For international business visitors and Bermudian-based colleagues alike, our judges agree that the fleet and service provided by Quality Transport is the best. “This is airport, VIP, hotel. It’s an elevated experience when you get that person meeting you at the airport and they look great!” 337-2578, www.qualitybermuda.com

Recreational Activity: Wine Diva Select
The highest number of votes by far for any category was for Jo-Rena Davis, aka the Wine Diva, who launched her company, Wine Diva Select, in 2020 and already has a legion of fans. They love her for her extensive knowledge, her fun wine-tasting evenings and her determination to make wine less exclusive in Bermuda. Most recently, she has teamed up with the Little Venice Wine Bar to offer monthly wine tastings and also does bespoke in-person or virtual group events. “That was the best wine tasting that we have attended,” raves one of her many happy customers. www.winedivaselect.com; Instagram: @winedivaselect  

Corporate Staff Outing: Zara
If you want your staff to give their best, it’s important to treat them to the best and that’s what they get on the stunning 77-foot catamaran Zara. Owned and operated by Bermuda Yachts’ Justin and Jonathan Kempe, the Zara is a regular winner for its luxurious set-up, phenomenal staff and their fun water toys if you fancy a dip. Sailing and swimming cruises, sunset sails and even full sit-down meals are offered as well as outings tailored to exactly what your staff will enjoy the most. 516-5999, www.bermuda-yachts.com

Government Service: The Department of Workforce Development
Our judges were full of praise for the services offered by Workforce Development. Career counselling, resume writing assistance, interview preparation, job readiness programmes, professional development assistance and summer employment opportunities for college students. For businesses, in addition to running the Bermuda Job Board, they also provide employee referrals. “They’re professionals. They’re working for the client and the individual,” says one. “Tell them what you’re looking for, they give you a couple of resumes. If they don’t work out, you get more.” 23 Parliament Street, Hamilton; 297-7714, www.gov.bm/department/workforce-development

Storage Facility: Bermuda Public Storage
Popular for their central location, which is accessible 24 hours a day, Bermuda Public Storage offers a variety of different sized temperature-controlled units in their eight-story building. Whether it’s paper files, office equipment or valuables, their access code system “ensures the highest level of security.” If you only need short-term storage, units can be rented monthly or longer if that is what is needed. Need trucking, packing supplies or help importing your goods? They can cover that too. 21 Elliott Street, Hamilton; 295-5319, www.bdastorage.com

Company Community/Charity Project: Christ Church Feeding Programme
What started around ten years ago as a once-a-week offering of laundry, shower and breakfast for the homeless snowballed after March 2020 to an operation providing thousands of meals every month. At the helm is David Thompson, outreach convener at Christ Church in Warwick and his extensive team of volunteers who together ramped up their commercial kitchen as well as accepting help and donations from Bermudian restaurants, businesses and individuals. The judges agree that what they have achieved for the community when “it’s been very difficult over the last years” and “people have fallen on hardship” is unsurpassed. 96 Middle Road, Warwick; 236-1882, www.christchurch.bm

Clever Customer Incentive Programme: RUBiS
Filling up your car is boring but necessary, but getting rewarded for doing so, well that makes it much more fun. Simply tap the tag which is easily attached to your key ring and receive points for every dollar you spend. These are easily redeemed in their stores and put towards their Random Fuel Rewards where you can win thousands of dollars of free fuel. “You always have your RUBiS card,” say the judges. All it takes is that “little swipe.” www.rubis-bermuda.com

Company Christmas Party: Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club
When a venue is central, offers great views, protected outdoor space as well as great indoor areas, plenty of parking, excellent bar and has a generally awesome vibe, it is the perfect place for a celebration. For all these reasons and more, the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, aka The Dinghy Club, is the perfect place to wish your employees and colleagues a happy Christmas. Their event staff are brilliant and will arrange a cocktail party, sit-down lunch or dinner, large or small, whatever you need and whatever it takes to give it a “Ho, Ho, Ho.” 25 Pomander Road, Paget; 236-2250, www.rhadc.bm

Private Dining Room: Huckleberry
Both the judges and the public voted Huckleberry the best restaurant for private dining in Bermuda, especially if you really want to impress. Renowned for their exquisite menus and wine list, their six private dining rooms will live up to all expectations. Their Crystal Room on the first floor can seat up to 40 people, and their smaller rooms seat between 12 and 14. For something more intimate, they can also sit eight in the library. “It was magnificent,” says one judge. “The décor and light, it was phenomenal.” 61 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke; 478-2256, www.huckleberrybda.com

Photographed by Jayde Gibbons

AV Tech or business: ICT Bermuda
Our judges have personal experience with infrastructure cabling and technology company ICT Bermuda, established by Nikai Albuoy last year, and it is all exceptional. “They’re very knowledgeable about hook ups and their customer service is amazing,” says one. “They are fresh on the scene but experienced in the industry,” adds another. Their range of services is wide and includes cabling, camera installations, audio visual installations and wire management for homes and businesses. 57 Victoria Street, Hamilton; 591-6744, www.ictbermuda.com

Rental Company: Undercover Tent Rentals Ltd.
Victorious for the second year in a row, the judges agree that company owner Mark Bell is “wonderful.” Whether it’s a massive event such as the Ag Show or Rugby Classic, a large party or a more intimate celebration, Undercover will provide the cover you need and all the accessories you’ll want to go with it. They’re also confident in their own success because, in their own words, “We know we are doing a good job when 90 percent of our clientele is repeat business.” 2 Hermitage Road, Devonshire; 533-0127, www.undercovertentsbda.com

Gita Blakeney-Saltus – Executive director, Pathways Bermuda
Scott Tucker – Owner, BermyFresh
Leanna Lambert – Marketing and communications coordinator, Gosling’s Export (Bermuda) Limited
Angela Ambrosini – Head of marketing & client engagement, Freisenbruch-Meyer Insurance Services Ltd.