The 2012 Product and Service Awards celebrates the best in business.



Since the 2008 opening of Speciality Cinema, husband-and-wife team Shandon and Giovanna Easton have experienced great success, so much so that they spent the summer of 2012 building a second theatre at their small but bustling location. It shows that the Eastons’ hard work and dedication to making movie going a complete entertainment experience is paying off. 30 Queen St., Hamilton, 292-2135,

Computer Sales

In the great war of Apple versus every other brand, you must choose a side. Fortunately, Red Laser does not choose favourites. Their tech-savvy staff knows the ins and outs of all computing giants and helps you choose the best model for your needs (and preferences). 8 Bakery Lane, Pembroke, 296-6400,

Office Furniture

Sitting for eight hours a day, five days a week, is a tough job—seriously! Aching backs, stiff joints and sore eyes from blaring computer screens often make a 40-hour work week seem like an endurance competition. Rest assured, the “really knowledgeable and pleasant staff” (as one judge put it) at The Complete Office have the remedy in the form of comfortable and functional office furniture, earning them top honours in this category for 2012. Kenwood Bldg., 17 Reid St., Hamilton, 292-4333

Off-Site Meeting Facility

The ingredients for a successful business meeting include willing participants, the perfect location, appetizing food and, of course, an interesting agenda. Successful business people know that only number two and three actually count. For the best place to hold a meeting, look no further than Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, the winner in this category for the second consecutive year. With well-equipped meeting rooms, stunning views of Hamilton Harbour and the Harbourfront restaurant just steps away, it’s no secret why serious business takes place at the BUEI. East Broadway, Hamilton, 297-7257,

Internet Service Provider

Internet service is a necessity for survival. We admit that food and water are important, but the human species cannot live without engaging in Facebook, e-mail or Angry Birds at least a few times daily. Digicel meets both our wants and needs, providing Internet service plans to suit any business and device. 22 Church St., Hamilton, 535-3447,

Office Supplies

Do you know the office-supplies winner of 2012? They live on Bakery Lane! We’re not creating a nursery rhyme, but going in search of a competent supplier of pens, paper, computer equipment and other office gear can sometimes seem like a fairy tale. Thanks to Red Laser, the search means living happily ever after. 8 Bakery Ln., Pembroke, 296-6400,

IT Support

Even the most tech-savvy occasionally fall victim to their machines. On-screen errors, late-night computer crashes and strange noises can make anyone resort to caveman tactics. Next time, restrain yourself and call Data Tech Ltd.; their quick service and exceptional reputation will have you back up and running flawlessly in no time. 21 Bakery Ln., Pembroke, 293-1111

Travel Agency

Business travel can be grueling: late nights, early mornings and too many frequent-flyer miles. Sealing the deal with Meyer-Franklin Travel before you take flight insures a hassle-free travel experience, thanks to knowledgeable agents who can advise on the most reliable airlines and airports to keep you soaring smoothly. 35 Church St., Hamilton, 295-4176

Legal Services

Our judges decided that to crown the best of the best in legal services, they’d have to get specific. For corporate law, their favourite is Best of Bermuda 2012 recipient of the Tenacious Lawyer award, Marc Daniels (Charter Chambers Bermuda Ltd., Vallis Bldg., 58 Par-la-Ville Rd., Hamilton, 295-7957). Judges agreed that Juliana Snelling (Canterbury Law Ltd., Swan Building, 26 Victoria St., Hamilton, 296-8444) is the one to call for immigration or employment representation. For matters pertaining to property, our judges chose Michelle Stone (Wakefield Quin Limited, Victoria Place, 31 Victoria St., Hamilton, 494-4000). Michael Mello (Appleby Services Ltd., Canon’s Court, 22 Victoria St., Hamilton, 295-1443) is the man to beat when it comes to estates, wills and trusts.

Employment Agency

In a tough economy, employment agencies don’t lack for clients. With so many unemployed beating the pavement, the search for a job can be overwhelming. Having an expert beating the pavement on behalf of a client is an option many are choosing in this difficult time. Tempest Employment Agency has been successfully matching job seekers with employment opportunities, even during the tough economy. 37 Reid St., Hamilton, 295-8329

Advertising Agency

The expert team at AAC Saatchi and Saatchi is so clever, they could create an ad campaign that would persuade an Eskimo to buy a surfboard. Having spent the last 50 years creating successful advertising campaigns, AAC has supported international business and convinced local consumers to buy Bermuda and support the local economy. With their expertise, we’re sure they’ll continue to do the same for another 50 years. 29 Front St., Hamilton, 295-2626


Anyone residing in Bermuda knows that when shipping a package, the word “express” should be your guide. For those of us who care when, where and how our packages are delivered, FedEx is the only choice, according to our judges. FedEx keeps track of our precious cargo every step of the way and guarantees on-time delivery—something of a miracle if you’ve ever dealt with snail mail to or from Bermuda. 3 Mills Creek Rd., Pembroke, 295-3854

Commercial Real Estate

Staking out new turf in the City of Hamilton is not a job for the weak. Finding a reasonably priced location with views, ample parking and adequate security is more difficult than it should be for everyone except Rego Sotheby’s International Realty, who know the secrets of landing prime commercial real estate in Bermuda. Cavendish House, 2 Cavendish Rd., 292-3921,

Hotel/Guest House for Business Traveller

A guesthouse since before World War II, Rosedon Hotel has always been a popular destination for visitors, and particularly the business traveller, who needs proximity to offices and restaurants and seeks a quiet oasis for relaxation (and work) after hours. Though small in comparison to many of Bermuda’s tourist accommodations, Rosedon has it all, including extraordinarily friendly and accommodating staff. With over 70 years of experience, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Rosedon reigns supreme. 61 Pitt’s Bay Rd., Pembroke, 295-1640

Architect/Architectural Designer

His latest project, Oswego, gained top honours in The Bermudian’s 2012 Interior Design Awards, which is why it’s no surprise Jacob Hocking garnered support and praise from our panel of expert judges. Labeling him “everyone’s favourite,” our judges couldn’t help but rave about his exceptional personal and professional skills. It seems that Hocking is the man of the hour! CTX, 8 South Rd., Smith’s, 232-6038

Accounting Services

Accounting has come a long way since the days of the abacus. Particularly in a tough economy, accountants are called upon to give both financial and strategic business advice. Megan Nesbitt and the team at Abacus Ltd. provide such valuable services. And she shares her knowledge, having taught budgeting and bookkeeping at the Community Development Education programme. Abacus Ltd., 7 Park View Ln., Devonshire, 296-2372

Interior Designer/Decorator

When it comes to making your personal world a more beautiful place, there’s no one better suited to the job than Beth Macdonald, who also received the interior design award in the Best of Bermuda Awards 2010. Calling her “easy to work with” and “on your budget,” our judges priased Macdonald highly. They agreed: when it comes time for an interior facelift, call on Macdonald. 236-9459,

Functioning Website

Where can you go to buy a chair, sell a car, hire a babysitter and find the telephone number for a new restaurant on Front Street? Where else but, Bermuda’s online community, which has our island sharing resources in a whole new way. Hardly brand new, eMoo has been holding fingers to the keyboard for several years, but with new listings and items uploaded daily, it hasn’t taken eMoo long to become Bermuda’s one-stop shop for secondhand goods.

Morning Cup of Joe

“Ahhh!” That’s the sound you make when finally taking a seat after morning rush hour is over. After rising at dawn, getting out the door before eight, fighting traffic and circling for a parking spot, you deserve a good cup of coffee. At Java Jive, where they always remember your name and your order, you can enjoy a little peace, quiet and caffeine before you head back out into the madness. 29 Victoria St., Hamilton, 296-5050

Printing Company

For Island Press, providing quality service and cost-effective ways of printing company flyers, brochures and business cards always results in repeat customers. Just ask our judges, who gave the company “gold stars all the way around” for their exceptional sales and service.  19 Elliott St., Hamilton, 295-1944

Signs/Banner Maker

In a tough economy, business signs need to be bold, informative and persuasive to draw customers at a time when customers have never been more appreciated. Auto Bahn can produce a sign or banner that will result in potential customers coming in droves. 152 North Shore Rd., Pembroke, 292-6871

Takeout Lunch

Busy days mean less than glamorous lunch breaks, consisting of whatever is easy and scarfing it down in less time than it takes to purchase it. But thanks to Lemon Tree Café, delicious and award-winning wraps, sandwiches, salads and pies can be snatched in the blink of an eye, making takeout lunches a little more glam. 7 Queen St., Hamilton, 292-0235,

Client Lunch

Client lunches are all about sealing the deal. Everyone’s favourite lunch spot, Port O’Call, extends a gracious welcome and encourages guests to make themselves at home for as long as it takes to conduct whatever business is at hand. 87 Front St., Hamilton, 295-5373,

Corporate Staff Outing

When at the office, employees exhibit decorum and professionalism. When corporate staff outings arise, anything goes, like a day spent reliving one’s childhood at Dolphin Quest. The charming mammals can bring out the kid in anybody, even your boss (who might just kiss a dolphin on the nose in front of the whole company). 15 The Keep, Sandys, 234-4464

Best Company to Work For

Although schools are not a common winner in this category, our judges were so enamored with Warwick Academy and their mission to strive for excellence for students and teachers that they couldn’t resist recognizing the school. In particular, our judges were impressed with Warwick Academy’s Lipdub 2012 video celebrating the school’s 350th anniversary, calling the enthusiasm and school spirit “amazing.” Keep up the good work, Warwick Academy! 117 Middle Rd., Warwick, 236-1917,

Event Planning

Planning a corporate event can be a complicated affair, but Planning Factory Bermuda makes it look easy. Their international expertise and experience working with local companies such as HSBC Bermuda, Bacardi International and Bermuda Insurance Institute make their resume one of the best in the business. When you’re looking to host a corporate function, Planning Factory Bermuda should be the first vendor on your list.

Corporate Gifts

Who needs engraved crystal, sterling silver or even front-row seats when you can be rewarded with fine wines and liquors? Gosling’s Limited proudly sponsors many local fundraisers and events, and now, thanks to Gosling’s being named the best place to purchase corporate gifts, they’re also sponsoring your next holiday hangover. 9 Dundonald St., Hamilton, 295-1123

Floral Designer

Dress up your next event with beautiful arrangements by Flowers by GiMi that can transform any space for any occasion. Flowers by GiMi are amongst the most corporate-friendly companies, providing membership, service plans, discounts and products not available to regular customers. HSBC Harbourview Centre, 37 Front St., Hamilton, 297-4464,

Party Venue

Kick off your shoes, unbutton your blazer and feel the sand between your toes at Snorkel Park Beach, this year’s winner of best party venue. It’s not just great cocktails and laid-back vibes that make it such a great location for a corporate summer party, it’s also a great place for families, meaning you can avoid the hassle of trying to find a babysitter. 7 Maritime Ln., Dockyard, 234-6989,


Once upon a time, Four Star Pizza did one thing: pizza. Fast forward several years, and you’ll see that the Four Star Pizza of 2012 has mastered the art of Indian dishes, sushi and grilled favourites as well as Italian pies. They offer both takeout and catering. They may not be as glamorous as a five-star restaurant, but considering the current economic climate, maybe you can dispense with white tablecloths, crystal and silver and just enjoy the food. 6 North Shore Rd., Smith’s, 292-6503,

Happy Hour

After a long week spent in suits, talking business, refuge comes in the form of a loosened tied and a fresh cocktail, best served at Port O’Call. The hot spot’s happy hours are so successful that Friday evenings turn into Saturday mornings without much notice. 87 Front St., Hamilton, 295-5373,

Corporate Hospitality

The World Rugby Classic recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary, and after so many years its popularity has only grown, cementing its status as the most popular corporate-sponsored event in Bermuda. Indeed, the World Rugby Classic may feature the game of rugby, but many spectators spend their time playing a different game entirely, called How to Get into the Members Tent.

Corporate Transportation

Arrive in style at corporate functions in a car driven by Lloyd of CEO Transport. Lloyd’s pleasant attitude, punctuality and knowledge of Bermuda’s roads make him the best in the local transport business. And the luxury vehicles he drives aren’t too shabby, either. 234-4366,

Government Service

Tax codes and laws can be, frankly, utterly confusing. The Bermuda Tax Commission,, is available to answer any questions you may have. In addition, their website is helpful for downloading tax forms, reading helpful online guides and paying online. Paying company taxes couldn’t be simpler! 40 Church St., Hamilton, 295-5151

Recreational Activity to Entertain Clients

When clients visit Bermuda, particularly clients who live in bustling cities and cold climates, offering them a day out on the water exploring Bermuda’s marine environment is a must. In particular, a day spent aboard Beez Evans’s Rising Son catamaran is a sure-fire win when entertaining visiting clients. The crew’s humour and expert knowledge of the island, coupled with the salty sea breeze and gentle rocking of the boat, will persuade anyone to do their business in Bermuda. 236-1300,

Storage Facility

When things get a little cluttered, an off-site storage facility is often the answer for small or home offices. With package and delivery acceptance, wireless Internet available, commercial storage, office space and a wide variety of convenient payment methods, you and your extra stuff are in safe hands with Island Self Storage. 2 Mill Reach Ln., Pembroke, 297-8673,

Green Company

Go green and clean with cleaning products from Bermuda Janitorial Supply (in affiliation with Bermuda Cleaning Limited). Buffing floors, waxing furniture and washing windows are easy to take when the cleaning products are nontoxic to both people and the environment. Going green in the workplace has never been easier! 21 Serpentine Rd., Pembroke, 295-1378

Company Project

Tiny Tyler Butterfields and four-foot Flora Duffys take centre stage at Capital G’s Iron Kids Triathlon, approaching its 25th year. The fun sporting event aims at inspiring kids to be active while having fun at the same time. Indeed, after almost a quarter century of success, thousands of Bermuda’s schoolchildren have taken part, some of whom are now cheering on their own Iron Kids!

Clever Customer Initiative Programme

There’s nothing better than retail therapy, except of course, shopping for a good cause. Fortunately for consumers and local charities alike, Gibbons Company provides opportunities to do so. Several times a year, customers have the chance to support organizations such as Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, PRIDE, Bermuda Red Cross and more, by donating a minimum of $5 at the door for in-store discounts on clothing, accessories and housewares. It’s a win-win for all involved! 21 Reid St., Hamilton, 205-0022,