Founded in 1996 by Tomas Smith as a drywall specialty and subcontracting company, Greymane has since expanded to offer a wide range of construction services, including managing large-scale, complex commercial and residential projects from start to finish. As a general contractor on construction projects, Greymane offers construction management and construction consulting in addition to having a builders’ supply warehouse selling building material products, tools and equipment to the public.

“At Greymane, we say we are building inspiration together,” says president Alex DeCouto. “We are driven by the desire to improve the built environment. The clients, architects and designers we work with share our passion to develop spaces and buildings that inspire their employees and customers.” While DeCouto and his team work to bring their vision to life, they are also committed to staff development and the health of the local construction industry, fostering a work environment that attracts and retains top talent. “Our people are by far our most valuable asset,” says DeCouto. “Their commitment and expertise—and the confidence they instill in our clients—ensure we get the repeat business that is so meaningful to us. Put simply, being asked to take on future work with an existing client is the ultimate endorsement of what we do and how well everyone here does it.”

Being early adopters of technology in the office and in the field has also set Greymane apart, making it possible to manage the most sophisticated projects for the most demanding clients. The excellence of its people, processes, services and outcomes—those beautiful, inspiring spaces—has resulted in Greymane winning many of The Bermudian design awards for commercial and residential projects. “We’ve built some amazing residences and commercial projects and hit some outrageous deadlines,” laughs DeCouto. “Sometimes we work through the night to hit a target. We’re driven by a desire to help our clients achieve their goals. When that happens, we know we have achieved ours too.”

Greymane’s core values of professionalism, dedication, commitment to quality and teamwork set a high standard for everything they do. That standard allows the company to build preferred relationships with designers, clients and building owners while tackling every project with a commitment to fairness and cooperation with everyone involved. While at the mercy of what is a very cyclical industry, sensitive to the ebbs and flows of the wider Bermuda economy, Greymane has become highly adept at identifying the right opportunities that deliver value to their clients. “There’s no doubt that the construction industry is experiencing a unique moment,” says DeCouto. “This is an unprecedented time where we are seeing a surge in real estate sales and residential construction. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in sales at our builders’ supply store. And even with working from home, large companies continue to renovate their offices. One of our strengths is our adaptability in unusual times.”
From three people with a truck installing drywall back in the ’90s to as many as 140 staff today, Greymane owes its growth to the faith their mainly commercial clients have in everything they offer, from clear and accurate briefs at the start of a project to regular updates, thoughtful advice, ability to meet deadlines and delivery of exceptional—and inspired—buildings and spaces. And it doesn’t hurt that Greymane has a reputation for innovation. The company anticipates change and adjusts its operations in advance of impending industry transformations, making it one of the most technologically advanced companies in the market today. From creating beautiful and functional spaces at Aon, Clarien, Hiscox and LF Wade International Airport, to name only a few, to their trusted partnerships and dynamic employee culture, Greymane offers a unique value proposition.

“It all comes back to our guiding philosophy of building inspiration together,” says DeCouto. “That defines who we are and what we do.”


12 Bakery Lane, Pembroke HM 07



P.O. Box HM 2705, Hamilton HM KX

Services: Construction, Builders’ Supply

Owner: Alex DeCouto

Employees: 45