Here’s to another chance to celebrate the success and innovation of the island’s black-owned businesses. August is Black Business Month and we’ve compiled a list of Bermuda’s Best 2023.

Featured: Tuck Shop
If other stores tried stretching themselves in as many directions as Tuck Shop, they would probably collapse under the weight of it all. Yet Alicia Tucker’s store has not only succeeded at seemingly everything it has attempted, it is one of the best stores in Bermuda in multiple categories, competing with places that are nowhere near as varied. Going into Tuck Shop can mean you want baked goods, toys, fashion, beauty products and home accessories. None of these things would you associate with one another, but it’s all so lovingly put together that it works and makes for a unique place that nowhere else in Bermuda could even attempt to copy.
The store is dripping with her personality and her numerous passions and love for what she does. She’s able to put so much of herself into her store which might be the reason it’s become such a multifaceted place.
235 Middle Road, Southampton; 238-8825

Featured: Orange Bay Company
In 2023, our Best of Bermuda judges all agreed that the Award of Excellence winner had to provide an experience that engaged the senses. They wanted to highlight a store that made customers glad they hadn’t succumbed to the ease of online shopping. Orange Bay Company is a pioneer in creating ambiance. They routinely make some people’s trash look like others’ treasures, with joyful ease. The consignment store expertly weaves together a tapestry of second-hand finds – from furniture to Ferragno heels – that can entice even the most reticence shopper inside.Orange Bay Company was commended for bringing life into a whole other part of Hamilton and drawing shoppers to different parts of the city. Another judge recognized the owner Delight Morris “gives back to the community in a big way.” The retailer not only promotes the philosophy of cyclical fashion as a sustainable option, but they also give locals who consign with them extra revenue streams – a benefit that can’t be ignored in the current climate, both ecologically and economically.
45 Victoria Street, Hamilton;

Featured: Wilmot Trucking & Excavating
The winner of this year’s unsung-hero award, Paul Wilmot, represents the best of all Bermudians. He is the man who is “everybody’s favourite neighbour;” the man who “finds a yes in every situation to support and help;” the man who works hard and has his own business, Wilmot Trucking & Excavating, yet is always there when anyone needs him, or his truck, be it to collect trash, help move big, heavy items or just to be a friend.
He “represents the heart of Bermuda,” our Best of Bermuda judges agreed . “The way we used to be and the way we’re promising our future will be.” His kindness and generosity, they added, isn’t something that has simply emerged over time. “This is the person he has been from day one.”
“These times are very hard and we have someone who’s consistently doing things for people without expectation of reward. That’s something to aspire to. He’s always helping his fellow Bermudians.”

Food & Drink

Bermuda-Made Food: Oatbelievable
Oatbelievable is Bermuda’s best organic and gluten-free granola.  This cottage business came into existence in 2015 and is run by husband and wife team, Tyrone Smith and Joanna Jackson-Smith.  Their line includes healthy and playful flavours, designed to please the most discerning palate.  They are constantly experimenting with new flavour combinations so that you will always have an Oatbelievable experience! 
@Oatbelievable on Instagram and Facebook; 335-1975

Cake Maker: Frost Bites Cookie Co.
Run by home baker Linnea, Frost Bites has undeniably raised the bar for local cake design. Crafting celebratory tiered cakes for every occasion—from weddings to baby showers to birthdays—Linnea’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every one of her designs. Tempt yourself with breathtaking previews almost as appetising as the real thing on, where sweet tooths can also find expertly decorated cookies and mouthwatering baked goods in her portfolio.

Bermuda-Made Food: UMAMI Bermuda
Rinelle White, the “spiceologist” behind the brand, has carefully curated a collection of spice blends for home chefs over the last five years. “She has spices for everything!” comments one of our Best of Bermuda judges, nodding to her Starter Kit option for those wanting to experiment with several blends. “She’s so passionate about what she does,” adds another. Designed to make home cooking easier, tastier and healthier, UMAMI is hitting every mark, with one happy customer sharing, “I only cook because UMAMI exists.”

Bermuda-Made Booze: 9 Parishes
In the inaugural year for this category, 9 Parishes—the Authentic Bermuda Rum Swizzle—swept the public vote. Owner Chris Furbert is “doing a great job” recognising a niche to merchandise the island’s national drink. After fielding questions and demands from tourists for years during countless taxi rides, Furbert began his small-batch production in the summer of 2017. His marketing and his branding are sensational, and the signature rainbow-ombre bottle stands out on any shelf.

Vegan Food: Nourished Bermuda
Nourished is Bermuda’s plant-powered meal prep go-to, with nutrition and affordability at its core. Only $13.95 per meal, Nourished lets you choose and customise from five to ten everyday lunch and dinner dishes, making eating healthily easier and more affordable. Pick up your plant-based meals every Friday or Sunday, starting off your weekend or your week on a health kick.
@nourishedbermuda on Instagram;

Place to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Tuck Shop
There’s so much you can get at the Tuck Shop with cookies, cakes, scones and much more that whatever you’re craving you’ll leave satisfied. Everything is lovingly baked with natural ingredients, with plant-based options so you can eat sweets and feel good about it. And if you’re the kind that wants your food to look as good as it tastes, their plethora of decorations will be perfect for you!

Food Truck: Paco’s Tacos
Paco’s Tacos has quickly become a can’t-miss pitstop for hungry passersby along Front Street’s waterfront. Owned and operated by local duo Kryshae Furbert-Wilson and Tarreko Wilson, this Mexican-inspired food truck is serving up fresh and flavourful tacos in their unmissable white wagon. And they have sustainable packaging! With three tacos per box and unlimited toppings, Paco’s Tacos is a guaranteed quick fix for starving clientele.
Front Street, Hamilton; 704-TACO (8226)

Lunch on the Go: Soulfood Grill & Café
Soulfood Grill is an undeniable takeout and catering staple on Court Street, putting the “soul” in Soul Food for years. “They’re consistent and always busy,” one Best of Bermuda judge comments, adding, “I’ve never had a bad experience there.” This bustling hotspot serves up authentic island cuisine, like fish cakes and jerk chicken legs, and is respected as “great value for money,” a loyal patron shares.
53 Court Street, Hamilton; 292-0940

Diner: Island Cuisine
For the second year in a row, Island Cuisine claimed the title as the fan-favourite diner on the island. This family-friendly eatery prides itself on homestyle cooking, serving up breakfast all day in classic diner fashion. Stop into their unmissable blue storefront, grab a seat at the counter or in one of their signature booths and enjoy everything from fish cakes and eggs to French toast to chicken roti. No matter what time of day you go, you can’t go wrong at this stalwart spot in the west end.
235 Middle Road, Southampton; 238-3287

Place for Veggie Lovers: Alkaline Triangle
Alkaline Triangle is an eclectic vegan food truck, serving up creative plant-based dishes from the mind of the owner Jamel Minors. Minors is bringing a more health-conscious mentality to fast food on the island, and you can find him and his wagon on Front Street. If you’re looking for recommendations, some fan favourites include the Loaded Fries, made from plantain, exotic Jungle Salad and Volcano Wrap.
Front Street, Hamilton; 704-1100

Take-Out Seafood Restaurant: SeaSide Grill
SeaSide Grill is serving up some of the freshest, best seafood on the island, courtesy of sister company T.S. Fisheries. With two store locations open for pickup or delivery, SeaSide is a convenient hotspot for locally harvested seafood year-round. A Best of Bermuda winner for their loaded fish sandwich, SeaSide Grill boasts a fish sandwich highly recommended with the option to customise how you like your fish prepared, toppings and bread choice.
81 North Shore Road, Devonshire; 292-1241; 121 Horseshoe Road Southampton; 621-7000

After-Work Hot Spot: Place’s Place
This cash-only establishment is a lively neighbourhood bar tucked away on Dundonald Street, and if you’re lucky, you just might get a surprise visit from the Gombeys.
43 Dundonald Street, Hamilton; 293-9268

Breakfast: Temptations Café
Temptations Café is another beloved breakfast spot in the east end, serving up homey dishes in a laid-back environment. Take in harbour views while you enjoy your codfish breakfast.
18 Wellington Street, St. George’s; 297-1368

Fish Sandwich West: Woody’s Sports Bar & Restaurant
After trying Woody’s fish sandwich for the first time, one of our Best of Bermuda judges admitted: “I think my life has changed.” Prepared plain and simple with fresh wahoo or snapper, coleslaw and tartar sauce on raisin toast. In the summertime, mariners can dock across the street and walk in to order their fish sandwich. Whether you take it to go or choose to devour it at one of their open-air picnic tables, Woody’s “Famous Fish Sandwich” remains unrivalled in the west.
1 Woody’s Drive, Somerset, 234-6526

Ice Cream West: Scoops Ice Cream & Cupcake Cafe
For ice cream lovers of all ages in the west end, Scoops is your sugary sweet spot. Scoops is kid- and parent-approved, offering up classics from Cookies & Cream and Mint Chip Chocolate Swirl to funky flavours like Lucky Charms and Papa Smurf. With the humid summer months at hand, be sure to stop by for a taste when you’re in the neighbourhood!
237 Middle Road, Southampton, 238-5382

Drunk Food: Jor-Jays
A stalwart in this category, Jor-Jay’s does it again! Located across from Docksider’s, it’s the automatic perfect ending to any bar crawl along the “Front Street Mile.” The unmissable red and white truck has been a magnet to boozy clientele for years, and we’re confident that’s never going to change.
Front Street Parking Lot No. 40 (opposite The Supermart); 296 3114

Shopping & Services by Jahsh Durrant

Great Gifts: Tuck Shop
Seemingly everything that you would ever need can be found at Tuck Shop. Although you might go in expecting to only get some of their wide variety of sweets and desserts, you may come out with new clothes, fancy jewellery, and some toys for the kids. No matter who you’re shopping for there’s bound to be something on offer here that will interest them.

Book Store (Online): Royalty Book Store
What sets Royalty apart from other bookstores is a genuine incentive to encourage reading. Not only do they offer a solid selection of books to order online or purchase in person at the Botanical Gardens farmers market, but if you follow their various social media accounts, you will find descriptions of what they have in stock, and recommendations. We love the “salesmanship of the owner, the enthusiasm and creative social marketing.”

Book Store (Physical): Long Story Short
Few stores on the island are merchandised to feel as distinctly Bermudian as Long Story Short. Owner Kristin White has specifically curated her selection of books to highlight the works of women of colour, both local and from around the world. Many of the books featured speak to marginalised and lesser-heard voices, telling less-talked-about stories. Tucked away in St. George’s, Long Story Short is something unique
7 Water Street, St. George’s; 705-1838;

Fresh Flowers: Demco Florist
Demco stands out for its sheer consistency. With a variety of fresh flower arrangements and creative bouquets to choose from, the customer knows exactly what to expect. Online ordering and a great team of professionals onsite means that even if you’re a novice you can expect a high-quality experience with a personal touch.
14 South Road, Devonshire; 234-7777;

Musical Group: Working Title
Sweeping the public vote and earning our Best of Bermuda judges’ praises for their infectious energy and dogged work ethic, Working Title is a local band loved by crowds and hosts alike since 2008. Whether playing for adoring fans at a local venue, a private party or a wedding, Working Title “commands” their audience, our judges agree. This talented bunch of dedicated musicians take on everything from pop to reggae to rock, rhythm & blues and calypso. Looking to hire for your next event?

Plumber: Burrows Plumbing
Burrows Plumbing has been around for over a century and has built a reputation as the highest-quality and hardest-working plumbers you could have. Loved by the public, they are quick to help in any situation and at seemingly any moment.
9 Wellbottom, Southampton; 238-1079;

Place for Mani/Pedi: Orchid Nail Spa
Orchid Nail Spa has been around for a decade and continues to make an impression. Located in the heart of the City of Hamilton, it’s the perfect place for an escape from the hustle—at least for a short while. By providing a relaxing atmosphere and a clean storefront environment, they are able to bring out the beauty in your nails with professional service. Affordable, yet never sacrificing quality, Orchid Nail Spa is always a welcome place for nail treatment.
54 Par-La-Ville Road, Hamilton; 296-8696;

Fishing Charter: Mike Jones, Attitude Adjustment
For the sixth consecutive year, Mike Jones of Attitude Adjustment has claimed the award for best fishing charter. His seemingly unlimited knowledge of Bermuda’s waters makes every voyage with him an adventure regardless of whether your fishing trip is for business or leisure. A trip with Mike Jones will always mean finding the best spots to fish and enjoying the extraordinary beauty of Bermuda’s waters.

Barber: Luxury Cuts
There are few places that place as much emphasis on male personal care as Luxury Cuts, a barbershop that offers a clean shave and haircuts for any look imaginable. Luxury Cuts is one of the most reliable and hardworking services, and as one Best of Bermuda judge remembers, “on the day we had the blackout, they were out on Reid Street cutting hair.”
51 Reid Street, Hamilton; 261-5473;

Make-up Artist – Ráel Iman
Operating under the business name Iman Artistry, Ráel Iman can turn her hand at make-up for any occasion. This local entrepreneur is in high demand on the wedding circuit and the commercial photo shoot scene. A quick scroll down her Insta feed, and it’s not hard to see why Bermudians can’t get enough of Raél’s sleek cat eyes and sickening contour.
@iman.artistry on Instagram

Make-up Artist – Alana Dowling
On an island as small as Bermuda, reputation is everything and Alana’s perfect scorecard precedes her. Her Instagram is a highlight reel of cosmetic home runs where each client’s natural beauty has been glossed, shadowed, and blushed to perfection.
@alanamakeupartistry on Instagram

Clothing & Accessories

Bermuda-Made Clothing – Bermunitees
Bermunitees are the t-shirts that give back to the community by donating a portion of every sale to a local charity of the brand choice that changes every year. The brand’s original t-shirt with the simple-yet-effective imagery of the outline of Bermuda and the statement “Home.” captured Bermuda’s heart immortalizing Bermunitees in the Bermuda merchandise cannon.

Scents-ational Scents – Scents-a-lot
The customer service at Scent-a-lot, the scented body oil retailer tucked away in Paget, is as sweet as their fragrances. If you fall head-over-nose for one of Scent-a-lot’s scent profiles, they can even get it made into bath products. In range and prices, Scents-a-lot is coming up roses.
2 Lovers Lane, Paget; 238-3360

Local Designer – Inclusive Identity
By name and by nature, this brand advocates for greater diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity in fashion. Their campaigns often feature unrepresented groups and their eponymous “Identity” t-shirts are made in collaboration with Spectrum Designs – a printing company that employs people on the autism spectrum.

Local Designer Honorable Mention – Yaya Apparel
Established in 2011, Yaya Apparel has set the standard for Bermudian streetwear for over a decade. For lounge sets in eye-catching colors, to beachwear that raises the temperature – be sure to check out Yaya Apparel, stocked at 1609, next time you want to turn a look for the culture.
@yayaapparel on Instagram

Skin Care – Enzuri Beauty
Enzuri Beauty’s founder Kisha Tyrrell cultivated her love of skincare from a young age by experimenting with local natural ingredients like aloe, hibiscus, and seaweed. She now shares her passion with the rest of the island through her high-end line of skincare products inspired by Bermuda’s bounty. The product range may be paired back, but customers know this speaks to the efficacy of each glass-bottled potion.

Workout Wear – TriMik
Athleisure, popularized by off-duty models like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, is now a genre of fashion in its own right – and no one on the island is doing workout wear better than TriMik. Founded by two Bermudian women, Damika Swan, and her best friend Tri, this online retailer is best known for putting the “set” in trendsetting with their three and four-piece matching sets. 
9 Lusher Hill East, Warwick; 705-6452;

Bermuda Made Beauty Product – Dove & Butterfly
Dove & Butterfly, the local purveyor of natural body butters, oils, and whips, is not just a skincare brand, but a “self-care” brand. We “love the simplicity of ingredients” in each product – which are predominantly vegan and natural. This is a sell-out brand, and is raising the bar on Bermuda-made beauty.
92 Harrington Sound Road, Smiths; 533-2776;

Bermuda-Made Beauty Product – Sade Milan
Taking the reigns on Bermuda’s inmate skincare and feminine products, Sade Milan has carved out a necessary space for this once-taboo corner of the beauty industry. Founder Ashleigh Simmons started tinkering with local ingredients to treat her own ingrown hairs during lockdown. Now, customers fight tooth and nail to secure their bikini-line oils, body polishes, and dark spot treatments in hotly anticipated product drops.

Hair Accessories – Isabella Artuso
Danielle Paynter has thrown her hat, or headband, back into the ring to launch another business inspiring people to shop small and local. This time, the entrepeneur-turned-influencer has launched an artisan headband line with her mother, Patricia, to celebrate the colors of Cupmatch and the women of Bermuda. The bands, which take up to 5 hours to hand-make, are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Hand Bags  Bermuda Born
These intrinsically Bermudian bags are shaped by hand on the island by owner Patrice Morgan, before being shipped to artisan leather makers in Portugal. There is a variety of styles and colors offered on Bermuda Born’s website, all hosting the brand’s unmissable gold longtail logo.

Men’s Causal Wear – Choices Menswear
Choices Menswear may be tucked away in the Bermudiana Arcade, but their streetwear picks are far from low-profile. Men who are unafraid of bright prints and bold patterns are well-catered for at this Hamilton locale. We’d recommend hunting out Choices if you’re in the market for outfits that make an impact. Men struggling to get creative with their outfit choices need not fear – Choices’ Instagram features daily pre-selected combos of shorts, shirts, and trousers that shoppers can purchase in full for those with decision fatigue.
27 Queen Street, Hamilton; 296-9943

Men’s Causal Wear Honorable Mention – Linez Apparel
Shopping these days is all about creating an experience. And, in Flatts Village, Linez Apparel delivers. We think this may be the only place in Bermuda where men can get fresh clip and a fresh ‘fit all in one place. This barbershop and menswear boutique offers an extensive selection of hoodies, cargo pants, and graphic tees, that can also be found at their new Reid Street location.
20 North Shore Road, Flatts Village; 296-1362

Women’s Fashion – Urban Cottage
The “cool vibe” of Urban Cottage invites Bermuda’s shoppers in, but it’s the boutique’s high-couture selections that make it difficult to leave. Their stock spans clothes, accessories, homeware, and beauty products. Owner Nicole Golden has found her name-sake in this category, routinely taking home the gold for bringing high fashion options to the Front Street catwalk.
11 Front Street, Hamilton; 532-1152

Shoe Store – OneLife Sneaker Plug
OneLife Sneaker Plug does what it says on the tin: provides all the sneakerheads of Bermuda with a local one-stop shop for the hottest sneaker drops on the island. Whether it’s the latest colorway of Jordans, AirForce 1’s, or Dunks, this St. Georges storefront has you covered. They also provide a sneaker clinic to revive your most well-worn kicks.
109 Mullet Bay Road St. George’s; 777-3411; @onelife_sneakerlife on Instagram

Thrifty Fashion Finds – Orange Bay Company
Not a year goes by where the consignment store stalwart Orange Bay Company doesn’t make it onto this list. Sustainable, affordable, and exceptionally curated, owner Delight Morris is keeping this generation of Bermudians impeccably dressed, with the next generation of Bermudians in mind. With circular fashion at the forefront, here you can find designer pieces or high-street brands, all at discounted prices.
45 Victoria Street, Hamilton; 295-5400;

Everyday Jewellery – Satori Notes
Jewellry with a mission made to empower the people who wear it every day. 18-karat-plated gold and silver bangles and rings are embossed with inspirational messages that encourage self-love and respect. The messaging of this brand is baked into its prices with most pieces costing less than $30, so everyone can afford to spread the word.

People & Places

Unsung Hero: Paul Wilmot
There are people who do great things for our community, but the reason we know about them is because they share what they have done. What about those who don’t share what they’ve done? Those who quietly go out of their way to help anybody they can simply because they are kind people who care. Paul Wilmot is one of these people. The owner of Wilmot Trucking & Excavating has costs to bear and a living to earn, but that doesn’t stop him and his team from helping people move furniture, delivering water, clearing trash and supporting community clean-ups, free of charge.

Place for Falling in Love: Woody’s After Four Shots!
There is many a good story to be told after enjoying a few drinks at Woody’s, they couldn’t quite say what or who exactly you might fall in love with. Your delicious fish sandwich perhaps? Or the water views? Or maybe, just maybe, it could be the life partner of your dreams. Did they have four shots too, though?
1 Woody’s Drive, Sandys, 234-6526

Attraction for visitors: Whale Watching with Attitude Adjustment
Being able to watch Humpback whales enjoying Bermuda’s waters from January to early May is definitely a “bucket list” experience, but it can be a long and choppy day and those beasts are big. When they breach it is phenomenal! If you’re going to go whale watching, therefore, you need to do it properly. Captain Mike Jones of Attitude Adjustment Charters is the man to call.

Social Media Personality: Cal the Baker
With 181,000 followers and counting, Callie Jinadu, aka Cal the Baker, is of “very high caliber!” After years of training and working in restaurants at home and abroad, including four years working for pastry chef Naomi Gallego, the foodie entrepreneur set up her own business in 2017 and moved back to Bermuda in 2020. Her specialty is mini-desserts, and the videos and photographs on her Instagram page are nothing short of edible works of art. Vanilla lemon creams, salted caramel popcorn desserts, vanilla bean cheesecake shooters, s’mores mini shooters… anyone else feeling a big hungry?

Do you know a local black-owned business that should be on our list? Tell us about it by emailing Kristin at