Bermudian Business Profiles

Computer & Technology Services

CCS Group Limited

CCS is one of Bermuda’s premier full service ICT solution providers, offering planning, design, implementation and ongoing support services ranging from the cloud to the keyboard. A major presence in the ICT industry in Bermuda, CCS is also connected to a network of customers across the English-speaking Caribbean and in Europe. Founded in 1982, CCS was originally a structured cabling company that was purchased by New Venture Holdings in the mid 1990s and transformed into a full service ICT provider. Following a period of rapid growth, t...

Banking, Investing & Accounting

Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) Ltd.

Oyster Consulting Bermuda provides regulatory compliance, operations and strategic management services to all regulated institutions in Bermuda. Oyster combines the sophistication, knowledge and expertise of a big firm with the flexibility, serv...

Architecture & Design

OBM International

In 1936, two ambitious architects from McGill University, Wilfred Onions and Valmer Bouchard, came to Bermuda to turn their creative visions into living, enduring history. Soon after, they were joined by John McCulloch and spent 20 years realisi...

Health Care

Dr. Burton Butterfield

Like many native Bermudians, Dr. Burton Butterfield was born and raised on the island and then left to pursue his education and start his career, in this case in the USA. He worked in Los Angeles, California before returning to his homeland in 1...

Health Care

Bermuda International Institute of Ophthalmology

Bermuda International Institute of Ophthalmology was founded in 1998 by Dr. Leonard Teye-Botchway, who has been the Medical Director since inception. The institute's mission is to deliver outstanding eye care through continuous enhancements in p...

Freight & Shipping

Joe Vieira Trucking Ltd.

If you are looking for the national leader in general trucking for Bermuda, you just have to spot the distinctive lime green and blue logo of the Island’s largest provider: Joe Vieira Trucking Ltd. The company’s growth is a tale of Bermud...