Bermudian Business Profiles

Banking, Investing & Accounting

Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) Ltd.

Oyster Consulting Bermuda provides regulatory compliance, operations and strategic management services to all regulated institutions in Bermuda. Oyster combines the sophistication, knowledge and expertise of a big firm with the flexibility, service and lower cost of an entrepreneur. Since its inception, Oyster has built a reputation for creating simplicity in a complex environment. Oyster was founded in March 2012 by Managing Director Alison Morrison in partnership with fellow Bermudians Robert Hall and his father Brian Hall. Oyster is af...

Banking, Investing & Accounting

R&H (Bermuda) Limited

In May 2017, Georgina Francoeur teamed up with Rawlinson & Hunter to form R&H (Bermuda) Limited (“RHB”). Francine Mason, a Partner of Rawlinson & Hunter, and Georgina have combined their areas of expertise to build RHB’s client...

Banking, Investing & Accounting

Butterfield Asset Management

Established in 1858 as Bermuda’s first bank, Butterfield remains at the vanguard of financial services on the island. Under the direction of a new management team, and on the heels of a highly successful initial public offering in the US in 20...