Oyster Consulting Bermuda provides regulatory compliance, operations and strategic management services to all regulated institutions in Bermuda. Oyster combines the sophistication, knowledge and expertise of a big firm with the flexibility, service and lower cost of an entrepreneur. Since its inception, Oyster has built a reputation for creating simplicity in a complex environment.

Oyster was founded in March 2012 by Managing Director Alison Morrison in partnership with fellow Bermudians Robert Hall and his father Brian Hall. Oyster is affiliated with Oyster Consulting LLC based in Richmond, Virginia, which provides access to over 50 industry professionals ranging from Senior Executives to Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts. The majority of Oyster’s consultants have over 20 years of operational experience and have sat in the same seat as their clients.

Oyster develops meaningful and lasting relationships with clients by assessing their lines of business, understanding how their needs can be met, and developing and implementing tailored solutions to help them navigate the increasingly challenging regulatory landscape. Oyster is responsive to their clients’ needs and guides them in establishing a compliance framework and culture in their organisations.

With a particular focus on compliance, anti-money laundering and risk management, Oyster works in all industry sectors, including Banking, Insurance, Trusts, Corporate Service Providers, Law Firms, Fund Administration and Investment Management. Oyster is also very involved in the emerging ILS industry.

The company also offers outsourcing services, providing officers for roles such as Compliance and Money Laundering Reporting, giving firms access to advanced industry knowledge without the burden of full-time employment costs.

Oyster also offers Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorist Financing training from Henry Komansky, a service that has developed quite a following across the island. In addition, Oyster also provides enhanced due diligence background searches for clients and AML Audit services to ensure that clients comply with new regulatory requirements.

With its commitment to innovation, high standard of service and track record of exceeding expectations, Oyster has become a trusted advisor for regulated businesses in Bermuda that seek to manage growth while constantly adapting to ongoing changes in the regulatory climate.



Address: Cumberland House, 7th Floor, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 11

Phone: 541 5036

Email: alison.morrison@oyster.bm 

Mailing Address: Suite 1655, 48 Par-La-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11

Services: Comprehensive compliance services for regulated financial institutions.

Partner: Alison Morrison, Founding Partner and Managing Director

# of Employees: 10

Year Founded: 2012






Photographed: Blaine Outerbridge, Henry Komansky, Alison Morrison, Ian Mutch