Cassine’s mission is to bring acclaimed beauty-and-lifestyle products to Bermuda that are all-natural, reef-safe and good for the environment. Its skincare, makeup, fragrance, shampoo, candles and many other goods have been meticulously researched for their harm-free ingredients, proven results, sustainability, biodegradable packaging, and even how the source companies take care of their staff and communities.

Shopping with Cassine means knowing that the natural beauty of the island, its oceans and reefs and all its living creatures are respected, protected and preserved for a healthy future. A portion of all Cassine sales is even donated to the Living Reefs Foundation’s Coral Gardening projects. “We only align ourselves with brands that fit within our very specific criteria,” says founder and native Bermudian Jennifer Page. “We offer great products, next-day delivery and peace of mind when it comes to protecting our beautiful island. We have sourced some of the ‘best in green’ clean beauty-and-lifestyle products to protect what we are so lucky to call our own backyard here in Bermuda.”

Cassine knows that beauty is a very personal matter, which is why the staff gets to know each client, learns from them and directs them to products that fit their unique needs. Blogs on our website offer insights and education—on clean beauty, sunscreen ingredients, ocean health and many other topics—and ordering is simple and straightforward. Cassine makes green beauty an easy choice, from its innovative renewable packaging to its clinical testing and reef-safe guarantee.

“Our company runs on passion,” says Page. “We love engaging with our amazing clients. We love providing trustworthy products that build health and beauty. We love taking care of the natural life of Bermuda. Our mission is to ban toxic sunscreens and personal-care products as well as single-use plastics. We are here for this vibrant place and its people, today and in the future.”

Cassine is also committed to using local talent—photographers, models, artisans—as part of its sustainable philosophy. With rapid growth since its founding, the company is excited to increase its range of green products, expand its environmentalism and advocacy, and eventually hire Bermudians to be part of the core team.

To shop at Cassine is to care for yourself, your loved ones and your beautiful land and ocean spaces all at once.