CCS is one of Bermuda’s premier full service ICT solution providers, offering planning, design, implementation and ongoing support services ranging from the cloud to the keyboard. A major presence in the ICT industry in Bermuda, CCS is also connected to a network of customers across the English-speaking Caribbean and in Europe.

Founded in 1982, CCS was originally a structured cabling company that was purchased by New Venture Holdings in the mid 1990s and transformed into a full service ICT provider. Following a period of rapid growth, the company was acquired by the BAS Group of Companies in 2007, which built CCS into the entity it is today.

Since its inception, CCS has constantly reinvented itself in sync with the perpetual evolution of the ICT industry, establishing a track record of innovation that speaks for itself. By remaining agile, adaptable and relevant, CCS helps customers implement leading-edge ICT solutions that are responsive to the tumultuous regulatory climate in Bermuda.

CCS’s approach to business is “Customer First,” delivering value by establishing a deep understanding of customer needs and developing customized solutions that resolve or mitigate issues and challenges. Led by Sales and Marketing Director Kory Logan, the dedicated team of ICT professionals at CCS is committed to collaboration and fueled by a passion for technology and customer service.

CCS has been responsible for many firsts in Bermuda across all of its business lines. One recent example is the development of Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates computer, storage, networking and virtualization resources. CCS introduced HCI to Bermuda with its partner Nutanix when very few people knew what it was, and it is now accepted as the paradigm in computer and storage.

CCS’s success is also evident in its new Software Defines Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solutions that will be introduced later this year. SD-WAN will deliver unprecedented agility and flexibility to business with multiple locations that rely heavily on their WAN. Industry analysts predict that the SD-WAN market will grow by 90% by 2020, and CCS has built a solution that is attracting widespread attention from industry leaders in a range of sectors.

Effective ICT solutions are integral to business success, and organizations across Bermuda increasingly look to CCS to help them adapt and grow.



Address: 2nd Floor, 19 Bakery Lane, HM07, Pembroke

Phone: 294-3400



Services: Application Development, Cloud Services, Enterprise Networking, Infrastructure Cabling and Fiber Optics, IT Consulting Services, Server Storage & Virtualization, Security, Service Provider Infrastructure, Unified Communications and Collaboration, AV Solutions

Leadership: Kory Logan, Sales and Marketing Director; Lesley-Jane Smith, Financial Controller

Year Founded: 1982

# of Employees: 46 total, 32 of which are Bermuda-based, full time positions







Photographed: In the conference room: Steve Dixson, Senior Account Executive; Kory Logan, Sales and Marketing Director; Chris Phillips, General Business Account Associate; On the screen, video conferencing in: Paulo Almeida, David Franjoso and Pedro Malheiro of the Portugal office