Bermudian Business Profiles

Freight & Shipping

Joe Vieira Trucking Ltd.

If you are looking for the national leader in general trucking for Bermuda, you just have to spot the distinctive lime green and blue logo of the Island’s largest provider: Joe Vieira Trucking Ltd. The company’s growth is a tale of Bermudian grit and homegrown resilience. Twenty-two years ago, Joe was working at his father’s landscaping business when he decided to enter the trucking business at age 18. He had a single truck and ran the business out of his garage. From that moment, the company flourished. Twelve years ago, it was i...

Freight & Shipping

BEST Shipping

Shipping is an essential part of the Bermudian economy, and BEST Shipping has been a key player in the industry since 1987. Over the years, while adapting to emerging trends in industrial, corporate and personal shipping, the company has grown i...

Freight & Shipping

Somers Isles Shipping Ltd. (SISL)

From the many boats on Bermuda’s waters to the plywood and materials used to build your house, Somers Isles probably had a role in many of the items you see and use daily. As the lone cargo service between Bermuda and the South East USA, SI...