From the many boats on Bermuda’s waters to the plywood and materials used to build your house, Somers Isles probably had a role in many of the items you see and use daily.

As the lone cargo service between Bermuda and the South East USA, SISL has provided Bermuda with more than 30 years of consistent cargo delivery, with 35 voyages per year.

That consistency is reflected in the long-serving staff as well, with some having served the company since day one. Agents and managers pride themselves on the very close working relationships with clients both big and small, and can be easily reached via phone, email, and even Facebook.

Operating between Fernandina Beach, Florida and Hamilton, Bermuda, SISL cargo hauls can include 20-foot dry and refrigerated containers, a variety of specialized equipment including Flatrack, bulk, and open tops, vehicles, boats and breakbulk cargo of all sizes.

SISL commenced operations in July, 1985, offering a direct service between Jacksonville, Florida and Hamilton, Bermuda. The first few voyages were operated with the vessel “Clifford R. Simmons” but in August that year it was replaced by the time chartered “Somers Isles”, the fifth vessel of this name is now in service. In 1986, the U.S. port was changed to Fernandina Beach, Florida which is approximately 40 miles north of Jacksonville. The ‘Somers Isles’ was the first vessel to call at the Forest Products Terminal operated by Nassau Terminals Inc. in Fernandina Beach.

Since forming, cargo out of Florida has steadily increased, with many clients finding the similar climate to Bermuda an advantage, making it easier to source products year round.  To keep up with the growing demand, SISL has chartered newer and faster vessels, with their current vessel the newest in the Bermuda trade.

As the only regular container caller in the port of Fernandina, SISL is able to offer one on one service, including help with storage of goods if you are not quite ready to receive them in Bermuda.  SISL agents know what you want and will do all they can to assist with getting your container cleared.



Telephone: 296-9798

Fax: 295-4556



Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2266, Hamilton HM JX

Services: Ocean cargo delivery between Fernandina Beach, Florida and Hamilton, Bermuda

# of Employees: 15






Photographed: George Butterfield, Hendrik Basynya, Kathy Somner