The prospect of damaged vision or permanent blindness can be incredibly stressful, but when these issues arise in Bermuda, patients know that the Bermuda Eye Centre offers state-of-the-art surgical and medical ophthalmology in a warm and nurturing environment.

The Centre Director is Dr. Alicia Stovell-Washington, who came to Bermuda in 2003 and has been in practice for 25 years. She is Board Certified to practice in the United States and spent the first half of her career working in highly successful low-income clinics in New York City and Chicago. Dr. Stovell-Washington is known for her precision, expertise and caring approach to client relations. She treats a wide range of conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetes-related eye damage along with keratoconus and issues affecting children, such as lazy eyes.

Her partner is Dr. Prashant Yadav, an oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the areas around the eye. Dr. Yadav trained at Harvard and had a thriving practice in the US before arriving in Bermuda two years ago. With his expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Yadav performs services ranging from Botox treatments and eyelid tucks to repairs of fractures resulting from trauma.

Everyone at the Bermuda Eye Centre considers it an honour that patients entrust them with their vision. A defining feature of the centre is the time physicians and staff spend with patients to ensure they understand their condition and the recommended course of action. This commitment to patient involvement is a core belief of the Centre. A willingness to attend to patient needs is valued equally with the skills and qualifications that each and every team member offers.

From the first consultation, the physicians and staff get to know their patients as people. They also capitalize on the close-knit community in Bermuda to know various family doctors, insurers and organizations on the Island. As a result, patients receive care that is highly personalized and leads to long-term trusting relationships.

The Bermuda Eye Centre is constantly acquiring the latest technology to ensure that patients have access to everything they could receive elsewhere in the world. The Centre also innovates with new treatments. For example, it began offering the effective cariconis treatment for diabetes-related eye damage two years before it was widely available in the United States.



Address: 17 Point Finger Road, Paget, DV 04

Phone: 232-9800

Fax: 232-5959



Services: Ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgical and medical eye care

Director: Dr. Alicia Stovell-Washington

# of Employees: 6

Year Founded: 2003



Photographed: Dr. Alicia Stovell-Washington (centre) and her team