Like many native Bermudians, Dr. Burton Butterfield was born and raised on the island and then left to pursue his education and start his career, in this case in the USA. He worked in Los Angeles, California before returning to his homeland in 1984 to establish what has become a longstanding and highly respected General Medicine practice.

Dr. Butterfield works entirely with adult patients, treating everything from minor illness and injury to major chronic diseases like hypertension, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. He is also an advocate for patients in Bermuda through his passion for keeping healthcare on the island affordable, flexible and personal.

Dr. Butterfield has developed a practice that is fluid and responsive to patients’ needs. For example, he offers walk-in and same day service for patients to give them optimal flexibility. Working with office manager Linda Paynter, whom patients love, he has created a friendly environment where all of the patients’ needs are taken care of. Through consistent service, availability and successful outcomes, Dr. Butterfield and his team take care of their patients.  

Dr. Butterfield also continues to innovate. He is currently looking to implement Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care, two methods that will benefit those who do not have sufficient medical insurance or any coverage at all, but are in need of care. These approaches allow patients to pay a fixed premium once per month that is lower than insurance rates, yet they can be seen as often as needed without additional copay. Dr. Butterfield also teaches people how to be healthier through prevention and active, healthy living. He is also exploring providing classes to offer additional information for patients coping with chronic conditions such as diabetes.

As the world of healthcare becomes increasingly corporate, dominated by large entities and plagued by rising costs, Dr. Butterfield is an oasis of much-needed personal care and attention. He puts patients first, looks out for their interests at all times, and does all that he can to keep them healthy and active well into old age.  



Address: 25 Point Finger Road, Paget

Phone: 292-7737


Mailing Address: P.O. Box HM 2466 Hamilton HMJX

Services: General Practice Medicine 



Photographed: Linda Paynter, Dr. Burton Butterfield