The common presentation of a person with a psychiatric disorder is “I have everything going well for myself, yet I don’t feel comfortable or normal.” They are often baffled as to why. The task of a psychiatrist is to resolve this dilemma by helping the patient to understand the underlying reason, using rational and easy to comprehend illustrations and analogies. Attempting to explain the problem by seeking refuge in scientific theory and terminology does not bring about understanding, which is critical to agreement to treatment and compliance. 

The brain functions along the principles and organization of a computer. The neurones and their connections transmit messages that bring about responses to what is going on around a person. The hallmark of “normal” function is that the psychological reactions are felt as “appropriate’’ and within the “control” of the person. A lack of appropriateness signals a psychiatric disorder, which is caused by a defect in the brain. The correction of the flaw is the objective of psychiatric treatment. 

In his private, confidential and comfortable clinic, Dr. Anandagoda helps patients to understand the difference between a psychiatric illness and a normal psychological reaction. By identifying the features that point to a diagnosis, he can provide patients with a rational explanation of how their symptoms combine into a cohesive whole to form an illness. He is thus able to assist patients in achieving an understanding of their psychiatric disorder. He then complements these insights with the rational use of medications of proven effectiveness while operating strictly within the boundaries of safety.  

A distinctive feature of Dr. Anandagoda’s practice is that it is an independent service unrelated to hospital, government or other organizations. This autonomy enables him to ensure complete confidentiality and privacy to his patients. He attends to every detail to attain this on behalf of his patients, including locating his office within an existing clinic in the Sea Venture Building so that his patients can come and go without exposure to visiting a psychiatric clinic. This provides a low-profile option in the broader mental health landscape on the Island. 

He has a highly ethical approach to his clinical practice and a strong rapport with patients. He has practiced as a psychiatrist for close to 30 years in Bermuda. 



Address: 1A, Sea Venture Building, 19 Parliament Street, Hamilton, HM12 

Phone: 295-9963  

Fax: 295-6569 



Photographed: Dr. Sarath Anandagoda