The first-ever recipe box service in Bermuda, Island Fresh delights its customers every week with pre-portioned locally sourced ingredients and beautiful, easy-to-follow recipe cards for three complete meals. Each convenient box delivered right to the front door reduces the hassle of planning and shopping while making dinner both simpler and more adventurous. Clients savour fresh meal ideas and ingredients.

Launched in October 2020, partly in response to pandemic restrictions, Island Fresh continues to fulfil its mission of getting Bermudians into the kitchen to cook, enjoy fine food and relax together.

“Each weekly box contains pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions to make three delicious meals,” says Rebecca Bateman, co-owner with Hayley Evans. “We found this was the sweet spot given our customers’ busy schedules, and many have even said they have leftovers for lunch the next day! They also tell us they appreciate our environmentally friendly packaging, as we re-use all the boxes and thermal bags.”

Customers can choose from delicious options such as pork katsu curry, beef tacos, lamb and fennel fettuccine, and much more, with vegan boxes arriving soon. It’s easy to scan meals and select menus online. “Customers tell us that they are trying new things, getting out of the ‘kitchen rut,’ and also learning a lot about food and preparation,” adds Hayley Evans. “They’re also becoming more aware of local products and more mindful about what they’re eating. Many even keep their recipe cards to recreate past meals.”

Island Fresh is proud of its partnerships with local businesses. Drop It provides prompt and reliable deliveries. Fresh ingredients are procured from Amaral’s Farm, J&J Produce, and Wadson’s Farm. The company has also partnered with Mad Hatters restaurant head chef Ben Jewett, curating restaurant-style dishes like ratatouille and roast duck.

Island Fresh loves to collect feedback from clients. Families have shared that decision-making has gotten easier when it comes to grocery store trips. Working parents say they are delighted to gain more time in their days. Some clients send videos and post on social media that they have their kids following the step-by-step directions with them. And couples have even reported that cooking together has brought date night back into their lives!

Here is how one family describes their Island Fresh experience:

“We absolutely love the convenience (and affordability) of the meal kit. We look forward to unpacking the weekly treasure of fresh meats, vegetables, spices and assorted goodies and to exploring the recipe cards. Island Fresh has taken the stress out of meal planning for our family while delivering a fun and delicious series of meals. We drink a little more wine than we used to (isn’t that a perk of cooking a gourmet meal?) but we are sincerely grateful for meals that are thoughtfully designed, delivered with care, and always delicious. What a perfect recipe!”

Island Fresh welcomes new customers who want to eat local, gain time and enjoy restaurant-curated meals in their own homes.