Bermudian Business Profiles

Freight & Shipping

Somers Isles Shipping Ltd. (SISL)

From the many boats on Bermuda’s waters to the plywood and materials used to build your house, Somers Isles probably had a role in many of the items you see and use daily. As the lone cargo service between Bermuda and the South East USA, SISL has provided Bermuda with more than 30 years of consistent cargo delivery, with 35 voyages per year. That consistency is reflected in the long-serving staff as well, with some having served the company since…

Cleaning Services

Office & Home Cleaning Services

Office and Home Cleaning Services is a boutique cleaning service where they pride themselves on being a small, personalized and customisable solution to their clients – providing them with services above and beyond normal everyday cleaning duties. Office and Home…

Health Care

Dr. Sarath Anandagoda

The common presentation of a person with a psychiatric disorder is “I have everything going well for myself, yet I don't feel comfortable or normal.” They are often baffled as to why. The task of a psychiatrist is to resolve…

Health Care

Bermuda Eye Centre Ltd

The prospect of damaged vision or permanent blindness can be incredibly stressful, but when these issues arise in Bermuda, patients know that the Bermuda Eye Centre offers state-of-the-art surgical and medical ophthalmology in a warm and nurturing environment. The Centre…