Keller Williams Bermuda is a full-service real estate agency focused on creating a solid team of professional agents equipped with the latest technology to serve their clients at the highest standards.

Albert and Debbie Moura founded the original company—Moura & Associates Real Estate Services Limited—in 2003. In 2017, they officially joined international real estate franchise company Keller Williams and changed their name to Keller Williams Bermuda. Since then, they have rapidly grown from a small team of five in 2016 to a strong 16-person group in 2019.

Founded in 1983, Keller Williams Worldwide has over 190,000 real estate agents operating in 1,000 offices across the globe. As one of the most dynamic real estate companies in the world, Keller Williams brings a wealth of technology, education and business-building opportunities to the Bermuda-based franchise.

“We are very client focused and believe our culture of having motivated, well trained agents, that work as a team, is critical to our success,” said Albert Moura. “Through our affiliation with Keller Williams, we offer six to eight hours of training to our agents per month plus localized training on legal, banking, AML (anti-money laundering) guidelines, etc. Training is well received and attended by at least seventy-five per cent of our agents.”

With a focus on building and motivating their expanding team of agents and support staff, Keller Williams Bermuda meets frequently to discuss their listings and help each other with suggestions on achieving success as well as planning regular company activities to keep motivation high.

“We further enhance the bond between our agents and administration by arranging activities outside the office such as wellness activities, quarterly celebrations for birthdays and achievements and Red Day, which is the second Thursday in May every year, where all Keller Williams agents worldwide spend the day on various community projects,” explained Moura. “Last year we designed and created a vegetable garden with the children at West Pembroke School. Maintaining this culture is very important to us.”

Moura says he is anticipating a good start to the year with consistent activity on sales and rentals from listing sellers, landlords and prospective buyers and tenants. Teamwork is the key to that success.

“We have a great team; it’s like a family. Everyone respects and supports each other,” he said. “When hiring, we look for people that can fit into our environment and are willing to constantly learn and improve.”

According to Moura, the company’s most valuable asset is without question its people. “Our success depends on them – that’s why as a company we are focused on maintaining our culture of always learning and improving and working as a team so that their clients receive the service they expect and then some.”

Keeping up with current real estate trends is also essential to the company’s success and the access to the latest technology is what makes Keller Williams stand out in the industry.

“The real estate industry is changing,” said Moura. “Over 25 years ago, when I started in the industry, everything was on paper—listing information, lot plans, pictures, agreements etc.; the fax machine was the big innovation; and no one did online searches for properties. Today’s agent has to be more technology savvy, they have to be more mobile and respond to client needs and inquiries much more rapidly.

“In North America the real estate market is changing very quickly, with real estate tech giants such as Zillow and Redfin leading the way. As a result, traditional real estate brokerages have had to focus on innovation and technology in a major way and Keller Williams is leading that charge.

“Independent brokerages do of course have access to technology—there are many companies that create products specifically for real estate. However, it is very difficult and expensive to find a solution that manages a transaction from the very first conversation, through the listing/selling/buying process, completion and many years beyond, and that is fully integrated. Keller Williams created such a solution with Keller Cloud, which is proprietary to and developed by Keller Williams, with the help of the agents that use it, and hosts all the tools an agent will need in one location.”

And there is even more to come later this year. “Keller Williams’ own, in-house developed, artificial intelligence, Kelle, will be available to us in late 2019 to help the company and our agents to manage our business,” said Moura.

“It is still a people business first, but agents’ being tech-enabled will become more and more important.”



Address: 9 Berry Hill Road, Paget

Telephone: 236-0737

Fax: 236-0413


Mailing Address: P.O. Box HM 3055, Hamilton HM NX


Services: Real estate sales, rentals & property management

Partners: Albert & Debbie Moura

# of Employees: 16