BEST Shipping is serious when it says: “No shipment is too large or too small.” The imports it handles range from small items purchased online by Bermuda residents, to pieces of fragile fine art, to huge turbines brought in for the construction of BELCO’s North Power Station in 2019.

BEST always puts the customer’s interest at the heart of what it does—something that is key to its success as it celebrates its 35th anniversary, says Joe Vieira, president and chief executive officer of the BEST Group.“Our mission is to ensure we always provide the best service possible at the best possible cost,” says Vieira. “We do not take our customers’ business for granted and we genuinely appreciate the trust they place in us to move their products and personal belongings.”

The roots of that customer-centric approach stretch back to the company’s beginnings. BEST Shipping was formed in 1987, originally as Bermuda Export Sea Transfer Ltd. Founding principals David Sousa and Judith Hagen, who are both still with the company, wanted to build full client relationships rather than simply provide a service. Word of mouth has driven growth, with additional expansion through mergers and acquisitions. In 2012, Vieira, the proprietor of Joe Vieira Trucking, bought a majority stake in BEST, and the business grew substantially with the acquisition of Bermuda Forwarders in 2018.

Today, the BEST Group of companies comprises BEST Shipping, BEST Direct, Joe Vieira Trucking, JV Transport, BEST Fleet Services and Minimax Forwarders, which provide services in the fleet, freight, logistics, shipping, trucking and warehousing industries. It has an all-Bermudian work-force of 75 employees. The combination of companies enables an all-round service. The group handles shipping by ocean or air, small packages or large, container haulage, heavy-lift and side-loader capabilities, and island-wide delivery, as well as full-service customs clearance and a bonded ware-house—allowing customers’ goods to be moved off the docks, stored and processed before customs clearance is complete.

“It’s a one-stop shop,” says Vieira. “We are probably the only company in Bermuda that provides every service without having to outsource. From the time you buy something, we can get it all the way to your house or business.”

BEST also manages relocations, both residential and business, as well as company-sponsored inbound and outbound moves enabled by a team of international moving specialists. The group is also experienced in packing and crating fine art pieces and antiques. Size is not an issue; the firm says it’s equally capable of dealing with a Fabergé egg or a three-ton sculpture. Bermuda residents and businesses can also access a “BEST Direct” US address, which enables reliable, fast importation of packages weighing up to 150 pounds by air. Customers can expect delivery between one and three business days from the time their package reaches the BEST Direct facility in New Jersey.

Vieira says the company’s future focus is on continuous improvement to meet customer needs through advances in technology, widening international relationships to facilitate more direct shipping, and increasing available warehouse space overseas—which already amounts to 50,000 square feet—to help clients store bulk purchases to be brought to Bermuda as needed. The company also has 20,000 square feet of warehouse space available locally.

Judy Hagen, BEST Group vice-president and director, says: “We are truly grateful to all of our customers over the past 35 years. Thank you for choosing us as your BEST Shipper and for giving us the opportunity to grow with you.”

The BEST Group
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