In an era where taking control of your personal health is becoming more of a central talking point in Bermuda, the general public is constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of what they put into their bodies. Aqua Care Limited, a new business founded by Bermudian entrepreneur Ananda Hill, promises to naturally and sustainably enhance the current local standard of the most important thing we put into our bodies on a daily basis: water.


“The idea for Aqua Care came from the dynamics of a lack of effective maintenance of microorganisms in the local water supply,” explains Hill. “Certain houses here would be deemed to have a higher bacteria content than some areas of India and Mexico.” Aqua Care uses what’s known as an “oxidising biocide”—a biodegradable alternative to chlorine—to sterilise residential and commercial water tanks in a way that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and most importantly, proven to eliminate E. coli. “E. coli from bird feces is the biggest contributor to water-borne illness in Bermuda. The treatment we use allows for the curbing of associated microorganism levels for three months, after which we recommend consistent quarterly treatments.”


Hill notes that Aqua Care’s all-Bermudian team truly values the level of service they offer, and are willing to negotiate on pricing depending on the level of microorganisms found in a given client’s tank. “A three-month treatment typically costs about $199, but this price point is relative to the amount of contamination from bacteria present in the water relative to its volume.” He also adds that his company will soon begin issuing certificates for establishments with public water access who have had their tanks treated using his service, as it would act as a positive incentive for patrons to know that they are consuming the safest quality of water possible. “For any business with public water access, I would encourage their patrons to ask what the state of their water is, and I would never object to any business owner contacting us to help them find out.”


To complement his immediate goal of continuing to offer tank- and well-cleaning services for interested clients, Hill’s long-term objective is to collaborate with government and insurance companies to make his services cheaper and more accessible to those retired, struggling with money, or living in government buildings. “We’re hoping to help hedge the costs for people on financial assistance, as well as make these water treatments an insurable service,” he says, pointing out that children and the elderly are most susceptible to the worst symptoms of contaminants like E. coli.


Aqua Care’s water testing process takes about two days to diagnose the level of microorganisms in a given water tank. Once diagnosed, Hill claims that the treatment phase only takes half an hour and produces virtually zero waste throughout the whole procedure. “I think deep down most people know how unsuitable some households’ water supplies are,” he concludes. “There is also a curiosity aspect: why wouldn’t you want to know if your water is contaminated with bacteria and/or E. coli?”