Twenty years have passed since Heath Robinson departed from his stable job as a Systems Manager at an electrical company to embark on a new venture – the establishment of Precise Systems Integration Ltd (PSI). Reflecting on two decades of remarkable growth, he takes pride in the accomplishments of the company, while maintaining a forward-looking perspective.

PSI specializes in integrating various technologies for commercial and residential customers to provide seamless user experiences – handling everything from design and installation to ongoing maintenance of the necessary hardware and software. “We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive systems and solutions provider,” Robinson explains. “It’s been our core focus for the past two decades.”

PSI provides comprehensive solutions for lighting, audio control systems, internet infrastructure, networking connectivity, distributed video integration, TV integration, security systems, HVAC control, and pool control. “With our expertise on cutting-edge technology, all these systems can be conveniently controlled through a single app on your phone.” Robinson adds, “At PSI, we stay ahead of the curve by leveraging trends such as the Internet of Things, smart homes, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technology is like a powerful wave, and we ensure that you ride it at the top, rather than getting left behind at the bottom.”

Robinson, a skilled systems technician and former player for the Bermuda national rugby team, dedicated seventeen years of his career to Universal Electric. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in establishing a robust low-voltage division. He expresses eternal gratitude for the invaluable knowledge acquired during this time. Recognizing a market opportunity driven by the increasing demand for systems integration solutions, Robinson ventured out on his own in 2004, founding PSI. The key to their success was forged through an early partnership with Crestron Electronics, a renowned leader in the field based in the United States. “Our collaboration with Crestron has propelled us from mere conception to our award-winning present achievements,” Robinson remarked. “In fact, we have proudly earned our Crestron Elite Technology Professional designation, illustrating our high level of expertise in their technology solutions”. Whenever Crestron introduces new products, the PSI team undergo training to ensure they are well-equipped to bring and implement these innovations to Bermuda.

During its early days, PSI had a business mix consisting of 70 percent residential and 30 percent commercial clients. However, in recent years, these proportions have reversed. The majority of commercial customers come from international business and financial services sectors. Many of these projects are driven by a desire for a similar design to what is found in their offices in the United States or the United Kingdom. PSI also serves many clients in the restaurant, energy, and hotel industries. One popular solution provided by PSI is called sound masking, designed for companies with open-plan offices, or spaces where speech privacy is important, such as in banks or hospitals. Sound masking involves creating a subtle background sound using ceiling speakers to mask human speech and reduce distractions.

Handling custom requests is just another day of problem-solving for the PSI team. Robinson explains, “For instance, one client needed an intercom that seamlessly integrates with their elevator system. This way, someone on the fifth floor can grant access to someone on the ground floor, visually identify visitors, and even open the doors remotely. It’s a true integration of the card-swipe security system, elevator controls, and the intercom”.

Looking ahead, Robinson anticipates a growing demand from older individuals who have traditionally been hesitant about technology. PSI’s strength lies in simplifying technology control, making it more accessible for this demographic. “I see a tremendous market potential,” he affirms.

Five years ago, PSI welcomed a new partner who played a vital role in driving the company’s growth in the commercial sector. This partnership enabled the companies to streamline their administrative and project management functions, empowering PSI’s team to focus solely on customer service and expanding their business. Robinson is actively seeking talented and technically proficient individuals to enhance his team of technicians and meet the demands of his thriving enterprise.

With the rapid advancement of AI, the ability to control almost everything through voice commands has become a reality. And with even more exciting developments on the horizon, Robinson remains at the forefront of the technology wave. This ensures that PSI can consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions to Bermuda, keeping them at the forefront of innovation.

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