Founded in 2002 by Tim McKittrick, a former primary school teacher, Tim’s Pools has established itself as a fixture in Bermuda’s pool and hot tub scene. Spotting Bermuda’s real need for meticulous pool care, Tim switched his teacher’s chalk for chlorine and a certification as a Pool & Spa Operator (CPO). Partnering with his wife, Keri, the two now oversee a team of four to provide the utmost care to their clients’ pools.

Armed with his CPO, Tim brings a scientific approach to pool management, ensuring that their pools are carefully balanced to ensure a healthy and safe environment. What’s more, they pride themselves on keeping abreast of industry advancements, sharing the latest news and developments with their clients and making sure they always have the best solution for their pool.

While weekly cleanings and chemical balancing form the backbone of Tim’s Pools services, the company goes far beyond routine maintenance. As a “full-service Pool” company, they strive to go the extra mile to provide their clients with a beautiful fully functional backyard by offering everything from power washing of decks, pathways, and teak furniture to plumbing and electrical services, pump repairs and replacements. In 2020, Tim’s Pools further expanded their client services by purchasing the dealership for Fox Pools Ltd allowing them to offer brand new Vinyl Pool Installations or new liner replacements.

Tim’s Pools believes in empowering their clients through education. “Pool maintenance is more than just dropping in chlorine tablets, giving it the occasional scrub and hoping for the best,” says Tim. “Understanding how sun, rain and debris can impact your pool will help you ensure that your pool is always the oasis you want it to be.” That means providing customers with pool water testing kits, ensuring all necessary chemicals and pool equipment are stored on site and being at the end of the phone to talk them through necessary steps in between pool maintenance visits or in events such as hurricanes or COVID lockdowns.

The company’s commitment to customer service extends to working with clients to help lower costs, particularly their BELCO bills, through effective pool pump, filter and salt cell management and maintenance. They can also offer natural alternatives to chlorine and clarifiers to ensure clear, sparkling water free of harsher chemicals for those who want a more holistic experience. For those ready to make a change, Tim’s Pools can assist in renovation projects, helping clients with every aspect of improving an existing pool: reshaping the pool, relocating stairs, installing new pool decks, repairing cracks, installing new tiles as well as plumbing lines. When needed, they can install new pool liners or convert an existing pool finish to fibreglass, providing a long-lasting investment of around 30 years if properly maintained.

For those who are looking to expand on their backyard dreamscape but don’t have space for a full pool, Tim’s Pools is Bermuda’s official dealership for Hot Spring Spas. These top-of-the-line hot tubs are popular with everyone, from Bermuda’s growing athletic community to those seeking therapeutic relief from conditions such as arthritis and autoimmune disease. Tim’s Pools can work with customers to pick their perfect relaxation tub and install it along with a concrete pad, decking, wiring and even a path, if needed. The company’s strong partnership with Hot Springs Spas ensures quick access to parts when needed and hot tubs delivered within eight to ten weeks.
“Your pool and deck shouldn’t be a cause of stress,” says Keri, “at Tim’s Pools, we can help you turn it into your family’s entertainment mecca, the place where you come together to celebrate, to relax and create a lifetime of unforgettable memories.”

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Services: Pool cleaning and repair, Hot Springs Spa sales and service, Fox Pools sales, pool liner and installation, pool renovation and fibreglassing