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Shipwreck Stories: History of the Cristobal Colon

Decadence, piracy, and political unrest surround the history of this fine Spanish cruise-liner. HistoryBuilt in 1923, the Cristobal Colon was the grandest ship of its time, but it ran aground on Bermudian reefs in 1936. It was a 499 foot luxury liner, and is now located at 32.4851 latitude and -64.7200 longitude underwater. No passengers were on the ship when it sank, just the crew of 160 men. The ship had recently completed a trip from Mexico to Spain with…

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The Definitive Guide to Snorkeling In Bermuda

If you're planning on spending time beneath the surface this summer, make sure you're prepared with our guide to snorkeling. Exploring the rocks, reefs and coves that house some of Bermuda's most colorful sea-life will be all the better if…

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Vintage: 6 Old Bermuda Cars

While now a common mode of transportation in Bermuda, cars were only imported to Bermuda in 1946. Here is a collection of some of the earliest automobiles to grace our shores.            

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Eat Like a Local in Somerset

Many tout the City of Hamilton as the home of all the best eateries in Bermuda, however, we'd argue that you will find authentic Bermudian cuisine and dining experiences in Somerset, where tourists and locals enjoy digging in. Woody's –…

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Best Summer Ever: Cocktail Crawl

We did a cocktail crawl so you don’t have to Sure you can do your own crawl from town to Dockyard and back, but if you don't have a whole day, 20 friends and a bus handy, take our word…


9 Things You Must Do in Bermuda This August

Go at your own pace with a self-guided tour of Hamilton's vibrant art scene, revel in the musical sounds of local artists at a lively summer showcase, and indulge in a glass of champagne at The Loren's dreamy MOËT Summer…