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1960’s Fashions

Whether they were chilling out with their friend or with their lover, visitors to Bermuda in the 1960's knew how to exist in style. Check out these 1960's fashions from various issues of that year from The Bermudian.

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What in the World are Seabeans?

Bermuda’s shorelines hold a multitude of treasures for those who only look closely. From sand dollars, the skeletons of sea urchins that have turned brittle and white, to mermaid’s purses, the black, wiry, dried egg sacs that used to hold ba...

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The Dark ‘n Stormy

The Dark ’n Stormy is the inexorable concoction of Bermuda’s British history, a literal fusion of our merchant and naval traditions. That it is today one of only four internationally trademarked cocktails further reflects Bermudians’ entre...

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#Bermuda Instagram Round-Up!

The weather over the past weekend was exceptional! Locals and visitors alike were out and about relishing in the summer sunshine and gorgeousness only Bermuda can provide. Here are our favourite #Bermuda Instagrams from the past week!   ...

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What To Do On A Rainy Day

Go swimming If you’re getting wet in the ocean anyway, why not go swimming in the rain? Exclusively swimming in the blazing sunshine is for tourists! If you’ve never gone to the beach in the rain, you’re missing out on the juxtaposition...

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A 1960’s Glimpse Into Bermuda’s Past

In the March 1960 issue of The Bermudian, a collection of vintage photographs was published. It's interesting to note that when these images were published, some of them were less than 20 years old. Nowadays, images like these of old Bermuda see...