Artist and interior designer Michele Smith was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to Bermuda in 1985 to work at OBMI. Fittingly, her subject matter primarily features local architecture and landscapes and she is a member of the Plein Air Group. Michele has been married to Colin Smith for 25 years and has two children, Ben and Jacqui.



What work do you most enjoying doing?

I primarily paint in oils on board but also enjoy watercolour. I enjoy painting on larger canvases with large brushes and have started integrating palette knife painting into my work. 



How do you work? 

Very quickly


Describe a real-life situation that inspired you…

My grandfather painted as do many of my Ukrainian/Canadian cousins, which is on my dad’s side. There is some underlying talent in this family and I love watching all of us grow. 



What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Love your bold colours and brush strokes. I get that a lot.



Favourite or most inspirational place?

The ocean and the mountains


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

What ever you do, always give it your best shot. You don’t always get second chances.



Do you have a favourite artist? If yes, what draws you to that person’s work? 

Van Gogh. His emotions draw me to his work and his use of colour and shape and light. I could stand in front of his portraits for hours just trying to think of what he was thinking. I recently visited Amsterdam and his museum. I was so inspired by his work and his tragic life.


How do you challenge yourself in your work?

I love using large brushes. I keep trying new techniques with composition, light and colour. Painting in studio vs plein air also challenges my technique.



What is the main challenge you face when beginning a painting?

I see the finished product in my head but ultimately it never turns out that way. So I try to just jet the artistic juices flow naturally.


How has painting influenced your life?

I look at life as a gift everyday and painting just allows me to express my love for life and the world around me.



How do you manage balancing work/life?

With my husband’s support, he’s the best!


If someone wanted to purchase your work or commission you how can they best contact you? 

Pop by my house and I can show you my studio. Or visit my Facebook page:



Where can people see your work? 

Currently at Dockyard Art Centre and Windjammer. And I have a few solo shows lined up for 2015, including one at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Arts Homers Cafe and Dockyard.