Well-known manager of the Harbourfront Restaurant at BUEI, Pierangelo Lanfranchi is steadily building a name for himself on the local art scene with his stunning landscape photography. Originally from Lake Como, Italy, Lanfranchi is equally passionate about food, photography and Bermuda. Here, he talks to The Bermudian about how he got started, his inspirations and his future goals. 





How did you first get started in photography?

I always wanted to be a photographer since I can remember, but the turning point was when Time Magazine published two of my pictures in the September 11 anniversary issue in 2002 with my first and last name printed with them. There was no turning back on my hobby.



Why do you do what you do?

I am very passionate about what I do at work and at home with my hobby photography.



How/when do you work?
I tend to take picture almost every day.

I always have two cameras with me at all times.



How has your practice changed over time?

If I look back at when I started taking pictures, I think I have grown tremendously. There is so much more room for improvement that I find it challenges me in wanting to be better at it all the time.




What themes do you pursue?

I love landscape photography. I sometimes use ND filters to slow down the shutter speed and I love shooting during the Blue Hour. I am also exploring portraiture and wildlife photography. Bermuda is truly a paradise for photography.



Who/what are your inspirations?

First of all I am the one who is getting my inspirations following the work of others before me. I learnt so much from National Geographic, I even took a trip to the Galapagos with them—what an incredible experience!



Favourite or most inspirational place?

I am originally from Lake Como and I’ve lived in Bermuda for 30-odd years. What can one say? I am truly blessed with the two places that made me who I am.



Professionally, what’s your goal?

Professionally, running a restaurant is very much similar to the way I treat photography. I always want to improve myself and I am not afraid of travelling to places to sample new trends in the culinary industry and take pictures of the places I am in. That is an added bonus.



Do you worry more about being liked or about being honest?

I don’t really dwell on whether I am liked or not. I must stay honest to myself and always improve.



Where can people find your work?

I would like to create an interest in my photography and that is the reason I share my work. I often post them on my Facebook page but I also have my web site at www.pierangelolanfranchi.com for which I would like to thank Amy Peniston who helped me with the layout and uploading.