Award-winning photographer Jayde Gibbons explores the enduring power of family bonds in a new exhibition at the National Museum of Bermuda.

Award-winning photographer Jayde Gibbons is back with a poignant and moving exhibition that showcases a side of Bermuda’s social culture often unseen. FAMILY (FAM, I Love You) is Gibbons’s artistic response to the National Museum of Bermuda’s Bermuda Family Scrapbook. In it, she chronicles the tender, intimate moments shared among five local families as they say goodbye to and celebrate the lives of the people they love. With a keen eye for emotion, Gibbons has captured, beautifully and intimately, the enduring power of family bonds in the face of profound sorrow and bereavement at the funerals of Charles Bascome, Osagi Bascome, Miguel Butterfield, Jan Martin, and Charles Thomas.

Jayde’s images hold immense social significance, transcending cultural boundaries. The tender, intimate moments she so expertly captures serve as cultural retentions that contribute to identity formation, cultural resilience, and the preservation of heritage, especially within African, Afro-Bermudian, and other African diaspora communities.

FAMILY (FAM, I Love You) is to serve as a visual reminder of the importance of family, and the human connection we all share,” says Gibbons. “When families come together to celebrate the loss of a loved one, it’s usually a bittersweet family reunion. Although the reason for the union is somber, this short moment of time is often spent embracing one another, catching up and enjoying libations in the form of food and alcohol in honour of gaining an ancestor.

“Grief,” she says, “is a part of the human experience and despite our personal, cultural and/or economic differences, this exhibit serves as a reminder of how precious life is and how one person can impact many. My goal is to encourage you to reflect and question your own actions regarding how you show up in the world, how you value your own life, and how you love your loved ones.

FAMILY (FAM, I Love You) is on exhibit now at the National Museum of Bermuda. The exhibitionis in conjunction with NMB’s ongoing, award-winning community education programme Tracing Our Roots/Routes. The exhibit is possible thanks to the families of Charles Bascome, Osagi Bascome, Miguel Butterfield, Jan Martin, and Charles Thomas who granted permission to share these deeply personal moments.

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