The month of July is shaping up to be all about fashion! Prior to the annual Bermuda Fashion Festival, July 10–16, Gino Group and former international model and Bermudian Amir X are presenting the Bermuda International Collections, a lineup of events scheduled for July 4–9 at Cedarbridge Academy that fashion-lovers will not want to miss.

A total of 12 leading innovative designers, international models and celebrity personalities, including Aminat Ayinde and Lu Celania Sierra, will be on island for the inaugural Bermuda International Collections, providing a myriad of creative opportunities for local artists, designers and retail establishments in Bermuda.

“I am happy to introduce Bermuda to seasoned professionals I have worked with over the years—and share them with the local talent,” says executive producer of the event, Amir X. “My hope is to inspire others to be free, creatively, and to help initiate a more creative Bermuda.”


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